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A Business Planning Analysis Commerce Essay

Pret A Manger is one of the United Kingdom ‘s most dominant participants in the nutrient industry. This sandwich trade name is so good known that it has opened subdivisions throughout the universe. The writer has been working part-time as a Pret employee in one of its London subdivisions, and believes that the company is able to take attention of its employees and still pull off to gain banging net incomes. With this, this paper will undertake the sector ‘s concern planning part, specify the function and potency of concern planning for Pret A Manger, place system factors which influences success and failures of the concern programs, place Pret ‘s restrictions as an organisation, review issues of stableness, feasibleness, and achievability against available resources, and name two important alterations in the market during the last twelvemonth which affected the organisation.

Table of Contentss

Part 1 – Business Plans and Pret A Manger

A. An overview of concern programs


B. Role of concern planning


C. Potential part of concern planning


Part 2 – Analysis of Pret A Manger ‘s Key Concepts


A. Competition

B. Monetary values

C. Economic alterations


D. Staff

E. Weather

Part 3 – Organizational Restrictions


A. Selling


B. Finance


C. Management

Part 4 – Evaluation of concern programs


A. Evaluation signifier

B. Determining if the aims are met


C. Determining net income and shortage

D. Determine if the activity is successful or a failure

E. Group forum

Part 5 – Analysis of Environmental Changes which affects the growing of Pret


A. Prohibition on Tuna

B. Expansion


Part 6 – Decision and Recommendation




List of Figures

Figure 1 Business Plan Cycle


Figure 2 Evaluation Procedure


Part 1 – Business Plans and Pret A Manger

It could be said that Pret A Manger is one of the United Kingdom ‘s most outstanding sandwich stores of all clip. Though there are many sandwich stores, food shop, and coffeehouse in the United Kingdom which sells the same merchandises and same services, Pret A Manger ‘s dedication to supplying healthy and fresh sandwiches go matchless. Throughout the old ages that Pret has been unfastened, there figure of its frequenters continue to turn by the twenty-four hours, and will still go on to multiply as the old ages base on balls by.

The company ‘s mission and aim is simple plenty. Laminitiss Julian Metcalfe and Sinclair Beecham met in college, and wanted to eat fresh sandwiches as a healthy option to oily and oily fast nutrient repasts. This is why Pret A Manger serrves fresh, echt, and healthy sandwiches without preservatives, additives, and chemicals[ 1 ]. The co-founders loaned a whooping sum of ?17,000, bought the rights to a shop that was about to be closed, and opened their first Pret A Manger store which was located in Victoria Street, London[ 2 ].

Literally translated, Pret A Manger means “ ready to eat ” , which is why most of its frequenters are people on the spell who are grateful for the fast service and delightful nutrient. At the start the two friends do non hold the financess to pay for their keen gustatory sensations in guaranting that every merchandise is created fresh and made of organic stuffs, which is why during the company ‘s first two old ages, even the sires of Pret A Manger rolled up their arms to flip a cheese sandwich and fix the sandwiches themselves. Yet through the old ages, the two of them has mastered the perfect expression in making the Pret sandwiches as they are now known throughout the universe.

Though there is no official record of the sandwich concatenation ‘s concern programs, the writer is privileged in cognizing internal issues of the concatenation since he works at one of the eating house ‘s subdivisions in London. The writer works half-time as a Pret staff, and is trained in the Pret attitude and Pret life style. With this parttime employment, the writer was able to garner information about how concern programs were developed and implemented. Besides, the writer asked for the subdivision director ‘s consent for an interview, which will solidify the other parts of this paper.

Each Pret A Manger subdivision is alone in footings of the complete bill of fare each subdivision serves, every bit good as the footings of an employee ‘s attitude towards the work itself. Yet the common denominator in all Pret stores are the enthusiasm of employees, and their high energy which makes each visit to Pret A Manger an gratifying experience.

The writer will use his anterior experiences in Pret A Manger as the focal point for the analysis of this paper, every bit good as the other parts of the coursework which would all go around around how concern programs were created, evaluated, and other factors, in Pret A Manger. The writer will go on to measure concern planning ‘s function, possible, and part to this peculiar Pret A Manger shop in one of its London subdivisions.

A. An overview of concern programs

Basically, concern programs work in such a manner that it outlines the company ‘s cardinal constructs, sum-up, services, market analysis, scheme and execution, direction, and fiscal program for the approaching footings. A concern program is supposed to pave manner for making constructs which would lure more clients, produce more merchandises, and in bend gather more income for the company.

A concern program is defined as a papers which sums up of import operational and fiscal aims of an organisation, and includes all elaborate programs and budgets for the hereafter which would imply how each aim will be fulfilled by an organisation[ 3 ]. Others would state that a concern program could good depict a concern, and its pertinent information such as its selling and communications, fundss, and possible income and shortages[ 4 ].

It serves as a roadmap wherein stakeholders, the direction, and major subscribers in the company could mention to as a usher and mention for their determinations. A well-created concern program could do a company more income than they had in old ages. Provided that the program was decently devised, and each scheme is decently implemented, a corporation could ne’er travel incorrect with a well-thought of concern program.

B. Role of concern planning

The function of concern planning could be said as a channel wherein all concerned parties could mention to from clip to clip. It contains information such as possible incomes and losingss, the position of the company ‘s fundss, selling programs, among many others. It has all the major information needed in order to do the concern run smoother.

Business forces normally rely on good concern planning in order to win in their Fieldss. When an organisation has a well-planned, well-implemented plans and sum-ups, they would travel frontward in the corporate universe. A concern program could do or interrupt a company, as a icky program could do bankruptcy, whilst a good program could gain the organisation 1000000s.

In an organisation such as Pret A Manger, it is clear that proper concern planning could give the company more room for growing and foster their net incomes.

C. Potential part of concern planning

The writer believes that a concern program which is good designed and was decently executed could make more gross for an organisation. For Pret A Manger, holding a great concern program could make nil but better the company ‘s gross revenues. Since Pret A Manger is already an established company with a batch of followings, it would be really easy in their concern planning squad to come up with better programs to maintain bring forthing more income for the company.

Since Pret already has a batch of experience in footings of selling their merchandises, their commissions could easy find how to increase gross revenues. The Pret staff is besides renowned for being a happy clump, which could easy implement all the necessary alterations and guarantee that they are followed.

Part 2 – Analysis of Pret A Manger ‘s Key Concepts

There are many things that influence a company ‘s success and failures in footings of implementing concern programs. Even though Pret A Manger is an established company, there are still many things which could impede its programs from booming. This portion of the paper would be dedicated to placing and measuring cardinal “ difficult ” and “ soft ” system factors which could act upon Pret ‘s success and failures in the proper executing of its concern program.

The sector of Pret A Manger ever revolves around a broad scope of consumes. Business work forces and adult females enjoy eating at this sandwich store because of the diverse nutrient picks. Pret has a fast service, which is why it is besides the best topographic point for those people on the spell. Yet there could be many things which could turn a elaborate concern program into a floating-point operation. Below are some of these hindrances to Pret ‘s success, and possible grounds for failure:

Competition. In this modern scene, there are many rivals who are selling sandwiches on the spell. Peoples who have stopped encompassing healthy life styles have turned to angle and french friess for their repasts. Fish and french friess stores could be seen in about every street of the United Kingdom. In London, Pret is positively viing against McDonalds which now sells sandwiches, Subway, and other fast nutrients. Pret ‘s dogged vision of supplying healthy options to debris nutrients could merely travel every bit much. If the selling and publicity strategies thought up by the originative Pret staff were inferior to those of other companies, so Pret could lose its costumiers to the more alluring advertizements and publicities of other nutrient articulations.

Monetary values. It is no secret that all of Pret A Manger ‘s nutrients are prepared on that same twenty-four hours that they are sold. All unsold nutrients at the terminal of the twenty-four hours are given away. On every individual twenty-four hours, Pret employees and staff create fresh merchandises, which are made on each shop. With the rising prices, monetary values are lifting, and purchasing organic and healthy options to those on the market are going more and more expensive. The minds at Pret A Manger have to set up a manner which would guarantee that they are acquiring inexpensive natural stuffs, yet are non compromising the unity and quality of the eating house ‘s nutrient.

Economic alterations. The economic system changes every now and so. A latter portion would be dedicated to reciting these alterations, but for now it will do to state that though the executing of Pret ‘s concern program could travel out swimmingly, if it somehow coincides with economic alterations, so the concern could travel flop. Such an illustration of this is when a outstanding figure died at Itsu, a Pret A Manger subordinate. The frequenter died due to chemical toxic condition, which he incurred before traveling to the Itsu subdivision. Though it was proven that the direction and the staff of Itsu were non the cause of the adult male ‘s decease, there were unfavorable judgments environing the shop, and before long it was pronounced as an unmentionable dinner location. The economic system and the love of the frequenters all turned around in one twenty-four hours for that individual event

Staff. Though Pret A Manger merely employs happy people, there could be a subdivision wherein this rigorous protocol is non followed. That one employee could put a Domino gesture for all employees wherein they would be uninspired to work and be happy in their workplace. Though Pret ensures that the employees are happy at their possible state of affairss, a company could merely make for every bit much.

Weather. This is an tormenting factor that could impact the concern programs of Pret A Manger. Since the company has established itself as selling fresh, unadulterated altogether stuffs which are free from chemicals, preservatives, and any additives, a batch relies on the bringings made by each provider. There are cases wherein the monetary values would lift due to the conditions, such as when there are storms and the monetary values of veggies would turn unnecessarily high. If for illustration the Pret shop would schedule their concern program to hold stuffs for the following month by a certain day of the month, a conditions perturbation could detain such programs and the company would hold to incur the losingss.

These are the cardinal difficult and soft system factors which could act upon Pret A Manger ‘s rise or autumn. Though bulk of them are circumstantial in nature, an organisation should be able to fix for these worst instance scenarios. After all, a individual bad fortune with the conditions could detain a whole month ‘s net income, and topographic point the shop in shortage for the whole month. Or an boisterous staff member could be a liability in an event, and the bully temper could catch up upon the other members. At all costs, these behaviours should be prohibited and limited, as they would merely do the company expression in a bad visible radiation. Last, though these factors are outside of the staff ‘s range, they should be addressed should each incident go on to fix the organisation, and assist it travel frontward alternatively of losing more gross.

Part 3 – Organizational Restrictions

Every organisation has a permanent secret as to how they manage to gain a batch of gross. For Pret A Manger, the reply lies within their employees. Head of Communications Jay Chapman[ 5 ]mentioned their secret lies in gross. In guaranting that their shops get the quality service they demand from all Pret employees, they have come up with the Pret attitude[ 6 ]. The Pret attitude refers to the happy, bubbly, and talented clump of persons in each shop which makes a visit to Pret A Manger a genuinely extraordinary experience.

Since sixty per centum[ 7 ]of the mid direction to higher direction of the Pret A Manger household were comprised of executives who worked themselves up the corporate ladder. As an astoundingly big figure of executives have firsthand experience in the Pret A Manger experience from land up, they know how their subsidiaries are handling clients, and how each staff should move. With this valuable cognition, it is easy to see how each concern program is shaped. Though the writer is non familiar with the upper direction and methods of Pret A Manger, it is apparent that teamwork and cooperation with one ‘s co-workers plays an of import portion in each shop ‘s concern program.

The procedure for making a concern program in the Pret A Manger subdivision in London follows the undermentioned paradigm:

Figure 1 Business Plan CycleMarketing. Possibly it could be said that the selling squad plays the most critical portion in developing a concern program for Pret A Manger. The first undertaking for the selling squad is to reconnoiter nearby stores and find which 1s are rivals and oppositions in the conflict of acquiring the most figure of clients, every bit good as reconnoitering their thoughts for publicities. Each menace should be treated closely and consequently, as each menace has a alone solution. For illustration, if a McDonalds ‘ opened up along the street, so Pret must fix to rock the clients with their healthy sandwiches. Meanwhile, if they see how the clients are sponsoring the fish and french friess store along the corner, so the Pret A Manger store could sell fish and french friess at a lower monetary value. After finding these factors, the selling squad so collaborates on how to advance the shop better. They would speak about possible activities and events which could raise gross for the company, every bit good as entice the clients to be more faithful to Pret ‘s merchandises.

Finance. After the selling squad has finished their proposals, the finance squad would so look into each activity and see if it is executable or non. Each concern program would be scrutinized in footings of its fiscal advantage. The finance squad would look into if the outgos for a peculiar event or program is worth the possible growing and income that would be generated. Likewise, they will inform the selling squad of the budget, and would at all costs safeguard the determinations about the budget which could do the subdivision lose money. In this manner, non all proposals are accepted, and merely the most executable 1s are processed for funding citations.

Management. The last stage of the concern program is in the managerial degree, wherein the proposal is given to the direction, and the subdivision director would use the necessary alterations. If it is a simple suggestion, so the director would be able to O.K. it on one spell. However, if it requires a large determination, so the direction would send on it to the caput office for their determination.

Since Pret A Manger is a large company, each subdivision plans its concern program and send on them to the caput office for proper certification. However, each subdivision director has the power to O.K. or reject proposals as seen to be appropriate for a subdivision.

For a Pret A Manger subdivision in London, there are many rivals in the country. In London entirely, there are several Pret A Manger shop, since the company aims to distribute its range in order to garner the most figure of clients. However, if there is another Pret shop merely a few blocks off from one ‘s location, so there could be a scrimmage over a definite figure of clients.

The organisation is limited by the fact that Pret A Manger in London would still necessitate blessing from the caput office. Since the subdivision ‘s publicities and activities would reflect upon the Pret A Manger trade name as a whole, it is necessary that each subdivision is able to follow with the criterions set by the sires. This could restrict creativeness and a possibility for researching new methods of publicity.

In the writer ‘s sentiment, one believes that being portion of a large corporation could restrict the productiveness and creativeness of a little subdivision. Since a peculiar subdivision is an extension of the bigger image, it is necessary that all safeguards be made in order to guarantee that the subdivision ‘s ideals are upheld and non exploited. Such restrictions could halter the advancing tactics of a smaller subdivision.

Part 4 – Evaluation of concern programs

As mentioned in the old portion, each Pret A Manger shop has a alone manner of finding if their activities and publicities were effectual or non. For the peculiar organisation wherein the writer belongs, the undermentioned figure determines the success of an event or publicity:

Figure 2 Evaluation Procedure

The rating procedure follows the undermentioned rhythm:

Evaluation signifier. Participants will be given rating forms a few proceedingss before the event. Oftentimes these rating signifiers would non be wholly filled by participants. However, these signifiers carry pertinent information which are important in finding if the aims of an activity are met.

Determining if the aims are met. Each activity has a different set of aims. For illustration, this peculiar Pret A Manger subdivision in London contracted theoretical accounts to give away circulars in a major promenade in London. These circulars contain information as to how to order online the new Pret web site. The Information Technology squad of the specific Pret store found a manner to find the figure of orders which followed the instructions provided by the circulars. This manner, it was easy determined how many people ordered on-line by following the instructions provided by each circular.

Determining net income and shortage. Likewise, each activity has each ain budget. For the peculiar event mentioned above, the company had to pay for theoretical accounts, the printing of circulars, and the specialised squad which monitored the orders via the new web site. With this, it was easier to see how many orders came from those people who received circulars in the promenade, and which orders were made by the client ‘s ain pick. The Finance Team was instantly able to entree how much the subdivision earned for that peculiar activity, and was able to see if the activity was successful in footings of distributing the word that the subdivision has a new publicity and order strategy.

Determine if the activity is successful or a failure. Once the squads determine if the activity has generated net income or shortage, it could be determined if the activity is successful or a failure. If an activity brought about a windfall of money, or had call it even with the sum spent for the activity, so it is successful. However, if the activity caused more money than what was allocated for it, and has non generated the jutting sum of net income, so it is a failure, and the organisation would hold to shoulder the losingss.

Group forum. The last measure of rating for the Pret A Manger store in London wherein the writer worked is to carry on a group forum wherein members will aerate out their concerns about the jobs incurred during the activity. Then as a group, the squads would make up one’s mind what methods should be done in order to avoid such jobs in the hereafter, and how to better their services during possible activities in the hereafter.

These five stairss aid that peculiar Pret shop in order to estimate and measure if the concern program and proposed activities has been successful. However, given that there are issues of suitableness for each concern program, possibly there were methods and points that were missed by the organisers and executioners of the plan. Though each concern program and proposed activities were checked and assessed before they were executed, there are standards which should be considered before each activity. Such is the handiness of resources, which means to state that are at that place adequate resources for the concern program? Will the likely income which is to be generated by the concern program suffice to cover the disbursals incurred by implementing the program?

Besides, another factor to be considered in measuring concern programs are look intoing if they conform to the time-related ends and aims set by an organisation. For a certain Pret A Manger subdivision in London, the subdivision ‘s chief short-run end is to bring forth the figure of clients in the country, and to increase the gross alternatively of losing the clients to other Pret subdivisions. This end should be met before the one-fourth ends ; in able to find if the concern program is effectual.

These mileposts are important for finding if the ends and aims of a concern program are met or non.

Part 5 – Analysis of Environmental Changes which affects the growing of Pret

Yet no affair how good a concern program is, there are still external forces which could impede the growing of an organisation. For Pret A Manger, since it is a portion of a big corporation which has 100s of subdivisions throughout the universe, this is a definite job since one job at a subdivision could trip the diminution for all the other subdivisions. Below are some of the recent environmental alterations during the last twelvemonth:

Ban on Tuna

One of the celebrated formulas of Pret A Manger is its tuna and Cucumis sativus sandwich. Yet last twelvemonth, an environmental docudrama entitled ‘The End of the Line ‘ showed how the current fishing tendencies are destructing the pelagic ecosystem[ 8 ]. The movie mentioned the bluefin tuna, which is an endangered species due to its scarceness. Most eating houses use it since it is a really tasty daintiness. Unfortunately, Pret A Manger is one of those eating houses.

After the premiere of ‘The End of the Line ‘ Pret Founder Julian Metcalfe issued a statement which says that the bluefin tuna is now banned from all Pret shops, along with Itsu, Pret ‘s subordinate which is a sushi house. Though Pret shops besides have sushi boxes, Metcalfe banned tuna in both shops. He supported the movie ‘s protagonism against fishing endangered species and compromising the pelagic ecosystem[ 9 ].

In another statement, Metcalfe admitted that though the Pret concatenation could lose possible clients over its determination to take a base against the illegal fishing of endangered fishes, it is a hazard he is willing to take[ 10 ].

This scenario clearly displays how influential the concern environment is to an organisation. Though selling tuna in Itsu and Pret A Manger subdivisions were included in a exhaustively researched concern program, unanticipated fortunes made this determination redundant and unneeded. The company had to pocket the disbursals incurred in altering their unsustainable tuna with those that are sustainable, and in altering their provider for the fish. Aside from this, the company besides has to shoulder the losingss which would go on when loyal tuna and Cucumis sativus frequenters would reassign to other shops which sell this merchandise.

This tuna-ban was non merely applied to Itsu shops, but to all Pret A Manger subdivisions every bit good. For the peculiar Pret subdivision wherein the writer works, bulk of the stocks were the ingredients for tuna and Cucumis sativus sandwich. Those stocks were wasted, as loyal frequenters of the sandwich demanded that they be given the tuna and Cucumis sativus sandwich despite its prohibition. For the remainder of 2009, the subdivision battled with the Tuna Ban, and converting consumers that the replacing was merely every bit good as the bluefin tuna.


On a more positive note, it has been said this twelvemonth has ‘favorable belongings markers[ 11 ]‘ . Since the concern environment deems that it would be a wise move to get belongings, Pret took advantage of this observation and went to be after the enlargement of more stores.

Pret A Manger has been turning steadily. In 2009, there were a sum of 232 mercantile establishments. With the promise of cheaper belongings, it is no admiration that the laminitiss decided to spread out more. Though there are precisely two twelve stores in the United States, and there are more than two 100 mercantile establishments in the United Kingdom, the laminitiss are looking into opening stores in the North of England.

This shows that since the concern environment dictates that it would be a wise move to put on belongings to open new subdivisions, the concern program for that twelvemonth was influenced, and therefore, the Pret A Manger corporation decided to spread out more. The environment showed how much an organisation could gain one time they develop their markets in other countries.

The writer gave two premier illustrations of how external forces could act upon a company in its concern programs and execution. The market dictated that it would be a good pick to put on belongingss, and Pret seized that chance to raise its net incomes.

Part 6 – Decision and Recommendation

The writer notes that a concern program serves as a roadmap for the future enterprises of a company. It should incorporate pertinent information about an organisation such as its market sum-up which should include its rivals, their major publicities, and other points of comparing ; its fiscal sum-up which contains the company ‘s fiscal standing ; and other information which could turn out to be polar in a development concern.

Each concern has its alone standards for developing a concern program. In Pret A Manger, each concern program is one of a sort in a sense that minor concern programs are created by each subdivision. In the subdivision wherein the writer worked before, the minor concern program is created by the selling squad directing out lookouts to look into rivals and their publicities, and possible mark market which they could lure to back up the subdivision via the new publicities. Then the selling squad would compose proposals for the concern program about their findings, and proposed activities, and purposes, and would go through it along the fiscal section for their input sing the fundss of the subdivision. The fiscal squad would seek to see what the possible income each activity could bring forth, and what disbursals the subdivision would hold to pay in order to do each activity possible. After this, the proposal would be given to the Branch Manager, who would do the necessary alterations and would so O.K. it if it is a simple event, or addition blessing from the caput office if it is a large event.

Similarly, each company has its ain methods of finding if a concern program is effectual or non. Such rating calls for proper comparing of the mileposts or set ends and purposes, aboard with the sustainability and other pertinent affairs which could impact an organisation. For this peculiar Pret subdivision, the rating is determined by passing out signifiers to all participants of an event or activity, and so size uping the replies and the consequences of the activity after it is finished.

Last, no affair how well-planned and well-thought of a concern program is, there are external forces which could impede its programs to accomplishing complete fulfilment. The illustrations provided in this paper are the environmental alterations experienced by Pret A Manger as a whole in the last twelvemonth. During 2009, there was an issue with the bluefin tuna which was dominantly used in Itsu the sushi saloon, and in Pret A Manger ‘s ain sushi box. Every individual tuna was removed from the food shop and from Itsu, and the direction had to happen a manner to hold an alternate to bluefin tuna which would still savor good for the consumers. Pret originator Metcalfe even admitted that there would be current losingss for that twelvemonth because of the tuna has to be recalled, and loyal frequenters of the tuna and Cucumis sativus sandwich would be upset and could lose their backing to other sandwich bars which has tuna sandwiches. Another illustration provided in this paper is about the positive economic feedback which deemed that 2010 is a twelvemonth for a comfortable belongings market. After hearing of this good intelligence, the laminitiss and leaders of Pret A Manger decided to further spread out their thriving concern into the North of England, and in other countries which will give them the chance to make more people.

Overall, a concern program has a immense impact in an organisation, and it could potentially profit an organisation in a really large manner in footings of being able to anticipate possible income and possible losingss due to outgos and incorrect determinations. However, if a concern program is decently created and implemented, so there is no stating merely how far a company might surge.

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