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A Review Of Slumdog Millionaire Film Studies Essay

Dubbed the feel good movie of the decennary, “ Slumdog Millionaire ” is the movie to see. Excitement, calamity, love and detest it ‘s all featured together. The movie starts by demoing the poorness in India. The manner that it does this is in a humourous but serious manner and therefore still acquiring the point across. The movie so goes onto show how the hapless and rich are populating together ; side by side and how there is a big divide between categories. Two Brothers Jamal Malik ( Dev Patel ) and Salim Malik ( Mahur Mittal ) are taken in by a scoundrel who forces the kids to implore so that he makes money. They escape from this scoundrel go forthing behind them there friend Latika ( Freida Pinto ) . After populating rough the brothers manage to happen Latika but they so become detached. Jamal ends up working in a call Centre as a tea male child and this is how he locates his brother. He so knows that if he gets onto “ Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ” Latika will see him. Working at the call Centre is so his gateway to “ Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ” .

The manner that Jamal gets onto “ Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ” shows how the caste system has been undermined in the movie. Because Jamal grew up in the slums there should be no manner that he could acquire a occupation at the call Centre. Even though he had the lowest occupation there was, functioning tea to people this was still even higher that his position in the caste system. If the caste system had non been undermined he would non hold got onto “ Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. ”

Before watching the movie my premises of India were that it was a really loud, vivacious and colorful state and this was shown to be true but what I did non anticipate to see was how hapless the state really is. There are people populating everyplace in 3rd universe conditions particularly in the slums that make up a big portion of India. The biggest daze was that there are really rich people populating right following door to slums.

The movie was based on the book “ Slumdog Millionaire ” wrote by Vikas Swarup. The Director of the movie is Danny Boyle who besides directed “ Train staining ” and “ Millions ” . The entire cost to bring forth the movie was 15.1 million dollars which was lower than the entire budget of 20 million dollars. The movie was released on 31 October 2008 at the London movie festival it was so released to the remainder of the populace on 9th January 2009. All of the movie was filmed and based in India.

The chief thing that I learnt about India is that it is a land of immense contrasts and for everything good thing that happens there is something bad traveling on non excessively far off. There are beautiful edifices such as the Taj Mahal but if you walk for a twosome of proceedingss you will happen yourself in the slums that fill up any spread of land that has nil in it. This truly showed me that my premises about India were so far from the truth. I mean I knew there were hapless people but did non anticipate there to be as many slums as there is and I surely did non anticipate them to be every bit huge as they are.

Even though India is beautiful, there will be something that is barbarous traveling on non excessively far off. For illustration, in the movie the kids are made blind so that when they are sent onto the streets to implore they make more money. This scene in the movie makes people cringe and besides experience huffy that this is traveling on. But the people in India see this all the clip and to them it is there manner of life and they ca n’t assist the kids as they need to concentrate on maintaining themselves alive.

There is a scene in the movie where Jamal had taken an American household for a circuit of the country near the Taj Mahal and when they return to the auto it has been stripped of its wheels and everything in the auto that had any value has been taken. Immediately Jamal gets accused by a local Indian adult male of be aftering this and he merely took them on the circuit as a recreation. The adult male starts to crush Jamal up but much to the adult male ‘s surprise the American household stops this and gives Jamal some money and cheque that he is all right. This is an illustration of the manner that the poorest people ever get the incrimination. Besides the American household believes that money will screen everything out and do everything better merely like that. This is because the American household are rather nescient to the state of affairs and make non understand how bad the poorness is.

I believe the mark audience for the movie is everybody that likes something that is easy watching and fundamentally the type of people that watch “ Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ” and other game shows. I besides think people that enjoy movies with a batch of tenseness and do them believe would besides bask the movie. Young grownups are more likely to watch the movie but it would be merely as suited for the older audience.

My favorite portion of the movie is at the start where the kids are being chased through the slums by the constabulary officers as it truly shows you what the slums are like directly off. Even though this scene gives a really good penetration into the slums it is decidedly non tiring. It makes you sit on the border of your place trusting that the kids are non caught as it truly illustrates how the people do non hold any rights as if the constabulary caught the kids they would crush them up and there would be no bound on how much force could be used.

Another scene that makes you sit on the border of your sit is when Jamal is at the train station waiting for Latika and when she turns up you can see how much they love each other. Then Salim, Jamal ‘s brother turns up to halt Latika from get awaying with Jamal and takes her dorsum to her “ proprietor ” . This scene truly shows how money means everything to people in India as Salim even betrayed his ain brother merely so he could go rich. This is another illustration of what I like about the movie, it is really educational and shows us the existent India but it ne’er gets deadening or makes you want to halt observation.

Normally in a movie you would merely acquire to see portion of person ‘s life over a few hebdomad or yearss. This is where “ Slumdog Millionaire ” is different it shows all of Jamal ‘s life. The manner that this is done is by demoing flash dorsums throughout the question when the constabulary believe Jamal must hold been rip offing as non even physicians could win this much money. This is really effectual as it shows the audience what it is like turning up in India instead than merely what it is like to populate at that place.

Music has been used really efficaciously in the movie to truly do the audience feel involved. In scenes where tenseness is being built up for illustration when the constabulary are trailing the kids through the slums the music is really fast but has tonss of bass to it so that you feel the sound and it is about like a fast pulse.

Sound has besides been used really efficaciously in the scene where Jamal uses “ phone a friend ” as Latika ‘s Mobile is pealing but she is far off from it. As she runs towards it the movie keeps exchanging between Jamal, Latika and the Mobile, every clip it goes to the phone we hear the pealing tone once more. This is really effectual in doing the audience hope that Latika gets to the phone in clip and truly makes the audiences hairs base on terminal.

Something that I did non like about the movie was that it did n’t truly demo that money good things in India. Even though it tried to demo the contrast between the good facets and the bad it chiefly concentrated on the bad which could be seen as a bad thing. In a manner I see the movie as an advert stating people non to travel to India and that it is non a safe topographic point.

Filming in the slums would usually be a great challenge as people would teem around the crew if they thought there would be a opportunity of run intoing an histrion or celebrated individual. It is besides really awkward to maneuver the camera equipment through the narrow streets that make up the slums. The manner that the crew of Slumdog got around this issue was by utilizing little semi-professional digital cameras that were a fraction of the size of the normal size professional movie cameras. This made the scenes that were filmed in the slums natural as we got to see what people would usually be making as they were non distracted by the movie crew.

The pursuit right at the start of the movie through the slums is a great illustration of how the camera work was truly effectual in the movie. This is because the manner this scene was filmed was as if the camera was one of the kids being chased so when watching the movie it was as if you were one of the characters in the movie. The portion of this scene that was most effectual when being filmed in this manner was when the kids jumped from the roof and the camera jumped with them.

Jamal is evidently the chief character in the movie as the whole movie is about his life. Jamal is really of import in the movie as he illustrates to us how people that are from the slums are expected to acquire nowhere in life. It is a monolithic daze to everyone when he wins every bit much money as he does as even the most educated people ne’er win this much money. From the minute he sets eyes on Latika he falls in love with her and it is like the scene in “ Romeo and Juliet ” where they foremost meet. The audience are supposed to see that he is the good cat compared to his brother and that he will make anything to maintain Latika safe.

India ‘s “ Chris Tarrant ” Prem Kapur ( Anil Kapoor ) is besides a character that plays a big function in the movie as he is the host of “ Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. ” This is evidently the chief thing in the movie as it is what everything is based around but I think he is an of import character every bit good. I think this because he is the individual that calls the constabulary believing Jamal must be rip offing. This truly illustrates to the audience how cipher trusts anyone that comes from the slums. He is besides really huffy at the terminal of the movie as before Jamal he was the lone individual that has won that much money before. The manner that he gets huffy shows us how of import position is to people in India. Now he can non state that he was the lone individual to win that much money, his position has been lowered. What makes it even worse is that it was by person from the slums which if the caste system was being followed he should non hold been on the show to get down with.

In decision I think the movie is a must see. It gives a powerful penetration into India. The movie does non save any item and shows about every facet of Indian civilization from both the rich and the hapless. The ground that the movie is advertised as a feel good movie is because it gives you a warming feeling at the terminal of the movie demoing that there is hope for kids in the slums. Throughout the movie our premises of India are challenged and this seems to do the audience feel educated by the movie and besides non believe what they are seeing and in a manner gives us a wakeup call into the rough world of the manner some people live. I would give Slumdog millionaire ten out of 10.

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