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An analysis of the Burberry Corporation

The transnational company Burberry was established in Wales in twelvemonth 1856 and on their 150years anniversary they announced the closing down of their company in Wales, and this closing down affected 310 workers and this loss had a immense impact on the community. Therefore this study tried to analyze the political, economic, societal, technological and environmental factors act uponing a major transnational company Burberry during the procedure of resettlement to china. Another major issue for HR directors in a company such as Burberry is that any resettlement must besides take into history the effects on the employee ethical motives and other pension costs in the local environment in UK. PESTE analysis has been conducted to analyze all of these issues. All the HR issues have been examined in item, taking to a comprehensive action program for the HR director at Burberry. One of the chief decisions was that the Chinese market nowadayss companies with new chances, nevertheless besides presents a figure of challenges, which HR directors must take into history when inventing future schemes.



Political Factors

The political scenario in China is such that there exist communism where the authorities exercises command over everything ( Shafiq, 2008 ) . There is a mentality that anyone working in china work for the state and the authorities of China ( Ban, 2011 ) . Since the authorities in China is inhibitory, there could be a batch of agitation in China and this can present as one of the menaces for Burberry to run in China. It can be argued that facet of stableness in China is due to the fact that the citizens do non hold any engagement in authorities ‘s say ( Bloom, 2011 ) . At the same clip there is industrial and concern growing in China due to cheap labour ( Ditmanson, 2011 ) . It might be hard for Burberry to come in into Chinese market because the authorities imposes rigorous ordinances for concerns from other states ( Reny, 2011 ) .

Economic Factors

China has got a high income revenue enhancement rate and at the same clip its corporate revenue enhancement rate is rather moderate ( Campbell, 2010 ) . Due to the prevalence of low corporate revenue enhancement rate, it is an chance for Burberry to come in into Chinese market and run their concern ( Hui, 2009 ) . But one of the jobs that can be posed in footings of economic factors is that the authorities has direct control over its fiscal establishments by jurisprudence which can be a menace in footings of how Burberry raise their capital ( Kang, 2010 ) . But on the other manus, the chance for Burberry to travel in China is greater because there is no income revenue enhancement on involvement on bank sedimentations ( Lin, 2010 ) . The rate of rising prices in China is rather moderate and hence in China there is a mixture of both free and controlled market ( Turvey et al. , 2010 ) . From one position it can be argued that the in certain instances authorities intervenes to command the monetary values of goods and services and hence it can perchance impact Burberry in demanding sky lifting monetary values ( Wong et al. , 2010 ) . The rising prices rate has dropped drastically in China from 2008 to 2009 due to stable currency of China ( Wong et al. , 2010 ) .

Social Factors

It can be argued that demographic of China is such that there are many different types of linguistic communications that are spoken for communicating. It can present as major job for Burberry because of the communicating spread. One of the other jobs for Burberry would be if there exist skilled labours in China already that can get down the operation right off. One of the other jobs could be converting the available skilled labour in Britain to travel to china for new operations. The company will hold to incur high preparation cost in supplying accomplishments to the labour from China and acquire them acquainted to the operations and quality control steps of Burberry in Wales. One of the other menaces for Burberry could be that with ephemeral clip, the life costs and criterions in China is now lifting and the company might hold to offer better chances to pull the skilled labour.

Technological Factor

Historically it can be seen that China has excelled in technological excellence and this can function as one of the chances for Burberry to come in in a technologically competitory market ( Gai et al. , 2011 ) . This excellence in engineering in China has made life easier and quicker ( Hubler, 2011 ) . Due to the handiness of efficient engineering, Burberry can capitalise on the chance of operating at the economic systems of graduated table and hence will let them to cut down their operations cost ( Liu et al. , 2011 ) . The chance of come ining Chinese market is attractive for Burberry because Chinese authorities is apportioning tonss of budget on research and development ( Lu et al. , 2011, MacKinnon, 2011, Shao, 2011 ) .

Environmental Factors

It can be argued that the authorities of China is actively involved in go throughing ordinances and Torahs to protect the environment ( Bu et al. , 2011 ) . The authorities of China has passed many ordinances to commanding the industrial pollution ( Cai et al. , 2011 ) . In many cases the authorities of China has collaborated with NGOs to take steps to forbid any pollution that makes the environment contaminated ( Wang et al. , 2011, Zhao et al. , 2011 ) .

One of the chances that Burberry can capitalise on in traveling their works to china is that the cost of labour in China is low as compared to their operating and labour cost in Wales. This will salvage Burberry a great trade of money. Since the general life, operations cost in China is much more cheaper than Britain, Burberry can take advantage of it and follow a more inexpensive supply concatenation, but on the other manus there is a hazard that Burberry can stop up falsifying their reputational relationship with their current providers. The menaces that Burberry will confront with their move to China is that the clients perceive it as being a high category trade name ( with the idea that it ‘s a high terminal British trade name ) and traveling to china can thin its trade name image, with people now been more disbelieving about their quality control. The environmental wellness and safety control measures in China is non every bit good as in Britain and therefore Burberry can endure from reputational harm.


If Burberry makes the determination of closing down their operations in Wales and travel to china there will be subsequent HR related issues for the company in both states. In holding to travel from Wales to china, Burberry will hold the force per unit area of brotherhoods. It is apparent from the instance survey that the brotherhoods in order to halt Burberry`s determination to travel to Chinas have resulted in work stoppages in many other states where Burberry is available. Union run will defy this motion because it operates to guard the involvement of employees working in Wales. One of the biggest loss associated to their motion is the redundancy and unemployment job. If Burberry moves to china, it will go forth many of the British unemployed which will impact the economic system. Traveling to china will affect many appraisals for Burberry, because the reallocation costs will be excessively high.

On the other manus, if Burberry decides to do a move to china, one of the foremost jobs for the HR director would be the job of apportioning and set uping for skilled labour. Many of the workers or employees of Burberry might defy traveling to china, due to relatively high life criterions and installations available in Britain. It will be hard for employees to travel because there is a job of linguistic communication. The communicating spread that exists between the two civilizations is rather high and in order for the HR to develop their labour in order to acquire acquainted to Chinese linguistic communication is a drawn-out procedure. On the other manus, if Burberry hires employees from China, the sum of clip and the cost of developing the employees will be high. The HR director will hold the duty to plan new wage programs for the new employees and wagess systems to actuate them.


After reexamining all the relevant literature available it can be concluded that Burberry will hold to take into history a figure of factors that will impact its operations in China. Traveling Burberry ‘s operations to China will function as an chance for the company due to its low labour and operational costs involved in China. Burberry will hold an chance to capitalise on economic systems of graduated table due to high R & A ; D investing in China. However, it should be kept in head that Burberry can perchance hold the menace of political agitation where the communist authorities exercisings control over all the establishments of the state. It can be concluded that Burberry can perchance come in the Chinese market with fluctuating monetary values. The company can plane the market for the rich and sell at lower monetary values the in-between category, which would be one of the cardinal decisions of this research. Another decision is that people related issues must be undertaken with extreme sensitiveness, as any negative HR issues can be extremely damaging to the repute of a luxury trade name.


As an HR director an extended program of action that will be followed both for Wales and China is as follows

Action Plan for Wales



1 Information assemblage on determinations made by the Company

The HR director will keep meetings and conferences with the board of managers of Burberry to garner all relevant information on their determinations on what the company is meaning to make in the close hereafter

2 Employee information airing

The HR director will circulate all the relevant information among current employees on what the company ‘s determination will be on the closing of subdivision in Wales. This will be done through set uping meetings, seminars and focused groups.

3 Employee keeping

The employees will be advised by the HR director about any available chances within the company to travel either to China and if otherwise the HR will rede them on other available chances in the market. This will be done through keeping meetings and focused group seminars.

4 Pension and Benefits

The HR section will keep meetings on circulating information on what benefits and pensions the employees are apt to redundancy.

Action Plan for China



1 Need assemblage

This will be the appraisal by the HR director on how many employees are required and any peculiar accomplishments are involved for the occupation. This will be done through advertizements in documents and trade magazines.

2 Evaluation of current employee

The HR director will measure the figure of employees that will stay with the company and will travel to china. This will let the HR director to entree any employee demand. This will be done treatments with the current employees and reciprocally make up one’s minding on how many more labours are required to go on the operations in China.

3 Contracts and advisers

The HR director will besides make up one’s mind here on whom to engage for the supply concatenation for operations purpose. The company may besides indulge in engaging advisers to outsource their services

4 Recruitment scheme

HR director will make up one’s mind on what specific regulation and processs will be followed to enroll new labour. This will clearly province the eligibility standard for application of the vacancies.

5 Motivation

Through meeting and treatments the HR director will set forth the motive schemes and programs to labour for better public presentation.

6 Health and safety

HR director is responsible for clearly saying the regulations on wellness and safety steps. Meetings will be called for this intent.

7 Equal chances

Meetings will be arranged to advance the equal chances for both adult females and monitory groups.


A figure of recommendations have besides been drawn out for HR directors at the company. The directors at the company must take a long term strategic position of cutting costs, as they need to be more competitory with similar trade names who have moved to China. Another cardinal recommendation for the directors is to affect the assorted employee representative actively during the resettlement procedure, which may take to less opposition and more proactive participant attack to the procedure. Burberry should hold a bound to its maximal monetary values due to authorities ‘s discretion of intervene and command the monetary values. Traveling of the company to China can thin their image and the clients might tie in the trade name to be of a lower quality merely due to the fact that is now manufactured in China. In order to get the better of that the company needs to come up with more graphic selling schemes in order to do their image stronger and to advance themselves as a high quality luxury trade name.

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