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An Introduction To Criminology English Language Essay

( 1 ) What are the grounds normally given to explicate gender differences in the offense rate? If males are more violent than females, does that intend offense has a biological instead than a societal footing ( because males and females portion a similar environment ) ? What is meant by the term “ new female felon ” and how accurate is that description?

( 2 ) After analysing the research on “ juvenile mental illness, ” explain why this concept is so controversial with respect to young person.

( 3 ) Summarize and analyse the current academic research on the current relationship between persons who have a mental upset and their engagement in force. Discourse the Canadian jurisprudence ( NCRMD – “ Not Criminally Responsible because of a Mental Disorder ) associated with this concept.

( 4 ) Although all sex wrongdoers are non likewise, theoreticians and research workers have identified common elements in the acquisition and care of aberrant sexual behaviour and have rejected other elements. What are the common factors in the etiology of sex offending, and what factors are improbable to account significantly for this offending.

Paper Guidelines

Each of the undermentioned constituents should be included in your paper. You may take to utilize headers but you are non obligated to make so. That pick belongs to you.

Title Page

The rubric of your paper should convey the capable affair in 15 words or less. Make non name it anything like “ Crim 101 ” ( this gives no information about content ) , or “ A Contented Analysis ” ( non specific plenty ) . Your rubric should capture what the paper is about. Your name, pupil figure, rubric of the class, and the day of the month should look someplace on this screen page.


The debut should make precisely like that – it introduces your subject and contextualizes it within the broader literature as appropriate, states your nonsubjective and should stop with an lineation of what your paper discusses. Most significantly, it should supply a utile model to the paper. My advice is to be specific about the subject you are turn toing. Depending on how much literature you use in the debut it should be about A? page in length.

Definition of the Topic

You will necessitate to joint definition ( s ) of your subject. These may be included in the debut or look instantly following the introductory subdivision. Make certain that you decently cite beginnings of the information.

Including Academic Beginnings

Academic mentions MUST be included throughout the paper. Outside research will beef up your paper and show your apprehension of the subject. Further it allows you to research the thoughts of others. You need to admit differing positions and guarantee that you discuss them “ critically. ” Remember that unfavorable judgment is non needfully negative. A critical treatment means that you consider the other sides of the statements and positions you present. It frequently besides means that you acknowledge the strengths and failings of the statements. Students MUST Use A MINIMUM OF FIVE ( 5 ) ACADEMIC SOURCES ( journal articles and books ) OUTSIDE OF THE TEXTBOOK. FURTHER, STUDENTS CAN NOT RELY ON ONE SOURCE OR THE TEXTBOOK FOR THIS PAPER. THE TERM PAPER MUST OFFER A All-around ANALYSIS USING VARIOUS ACADEMIC SOURCES.

Direct Quotation marks

A upper limit of TWO DIRECT QUOTES will be accepted in this paper.


The decision should supply a nice sum-up of what you found. Having examined the literature and comparing it to the media beginnings you found, what can you reason about your subject? Are the inquiries that remain unreciprocated? If so, be certain to discourse them briefly.

Mention Page

Pursuant to APA Guidelines, all term documents must include a Reference Page ( bibliography ) listed all your academic beginnings.


Your paper is due on or before 6:00 p.m. on August 5, 2010. Late Documents RECEIVED AFTER 6:00 p.m. WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

1General Criteria for Rating Documents

Understanding and incorporation of class stuffs ;

Appropriate usage of outside stuff ;

Meets instructions rhenium: Undertaking Guidelines provided below

Grammar, sentence structure, spelling, organisation

Proper referencing and commendations ( See Instructions for Referencing in Written Assignments below )

Please note the undermentioned of import points:

If you are unsure how to cite your work, see the A.P.A. usher on the School of Criminology web site at hypertext transfer protocol: // or the SFU library web site at hypertext transfer protocol: //

Your paper will be graded for its content, construction, grammar, and critical idea.

1Instructions for Referencing in Written Assignments

The APA ‘s statement that a page figure is optional is non acceptable in this category. Page Numberss are required for both citations and paraphrasiss.

Footnotes, endnotes, mentions and bibliographies must be complete. Any societal scientific discipline or legal format is acceptable.

All other direct citations in your paper must be in citation Markss. If you omit a few words or pages in a citation, put the quotation mark in citation Markss and link the two sections by eclipsiss ( i.e. , three points ) . If you change one or two words in a citation put your word ( s ) in square brackets. Phrases which are direct quotation marks should be put in citation Markss.

A citation must be followed by its beginning and the page at which it is located. When citing or rephrasing instances with paragraph Numberss, use the parity. figure ( e.g. parity. 142 ) . When citing from an article that uses paragraph Numberss alternatively of the page figure, you may utilize paragraph figure. If utilizing online articles use PDF versions whenever possible so that a page figure is available. If a PDF version is non available, utilize the pages as they appear when the online article is printed in HTML format.

A paraphrasis ( a restatement of person ‘s thought in your words ) must be followed by a mention to the beginning and page ( or parity. figure, if a instance and for some online articles ) of the thought. Suggestion: if your paraphrasis is about indistinguishable to the original beginning, utilize a direct citation. When rephrasing you may utilize the paragraph figure alternatively of the page figure, where it exists. Note: The APA format which states that a page figure is optional is non acceptable in this category. Page Numberss are required for both citations and paraphrasiss.

Supply a complete commendation ( name of writer and article ) and a website reference for all stuff obtained from the web when a PDF version is non available. Extra information sing web commendations are found in the APA Manual referenced above.

A note about web mentions. The writer of the web site should be used within the organic structure of the paper. The mention provided in your mention list you should include the website reference. The following as an illustration.

British Columbia Ministry of Attorney General. ( 2000 ) . Violence against Women in Relationships Policy. Retrieved April, 2003, from the World Wide Web: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Acknowledge the usage of secondary beginnings ( e.g. Smith, 1986 as quoted in Black, 1988 at 24 ) although whenever possible you should mention to the primary beginning.

Submiting the same or similar assignments in two different classs is a signifier of academic dishonesty, even if you wrote the paper.

I will presume that you have read and understood the above instructions. If you do non understand these instructions, delight make non waver to discourse them with me BEFORE you manus in your paper for rating.

If you are composing your paper and taking notes or citations from articles, books, the web, or instances, my advice is to set them in citation Markss and note the specific page Numberss the first clip about. If you are rephrasing, note the page from where you have obtained the thoughts. This attack will salvage you a batch of clip and maintain you from plagiarising stuff.

Checklist for Final Paper

Ensure that your paper is firmly fastened together. If you do non hold a stapling machine that is equal usage a cartridge holder that is really unafraid and will non acquire caught on other documents or fall off easy.

Please make non utilize binders or plastic screens, duotangs, booklets or other similar things in seting your paper together. These merely make the heap of documents heavier and by and large do the documents to fall all over the topographic point when they are in hemorrhoids.

Margins: between 1.00-1.25 inches

Use Arial 11 fount or Times Roman 12 fount merely.

Your paper must be dual spaced

Please make non publish on both sides of the paper – I may desire excess infinite to compose remarks

Number your pages

Spell cheque and proofread/edit: a good fast one to detect spelling/grammar mistakes is to read the paper from the dorsum to look

Use Canadian spellings – retrieve this is a Canadian university

Use paragraphs: there should be more than one paragraph on each page, divide your ideas utilizing paragraphs

Stay off from informal linguistic communication, colloquialisms, and contractions ( e.g. , usage kids, non childs ; make non instead than do n’t ) ; you are composing a formal, academic paper. Note: it ‘s agencies it is – it should non look in your paper.

Be careful with assumptions/interpretations – you should supply grounds of your statements with specific beginnings from the academic literature.

Avoid value loaded linguistic communication, particularly when it comes to race and gender ( e.g. , girls refers to female kids ; do n’t utilize misss or ladies in mention to adult females ; if you use work forces so use adult females, if you use male, utilize female ) .

Watch your subject/verb understanding – The verb that you use must hold with the topic of the phrase ( e.g. , they are traveling ; s/he is traveling )

Watch your noun/pronoun understanding – If your topic is plural so a plural pronoun is required ( e.g. , the pronoun for participants [ plural ] is they ; the pronoun for participant [ singular ] is s/he ) .

Note: i.e. means ‘that is ‘ , e.g. agencies ‘for illustration ‘

Do n’t presume I know what you mean when you use etc. If you have more to state please be specific.

Write out Numberss that are less than 10s and avoid get downing sentences with Numberss ( e.g. , 24 of the participants were female is better written as there were 24 female participants ) .

Be originative with your rubric and headers but guarantee that they follow the general regulations of grammar and proper English.

Avoid utilizing long lists of writers and rubrics of books/articles in your text. This is a infinite filler and unneeded with a decently cited paper and mention page. In general, place all writers of a cited work in the first mention and replace all but the first writer with “ et Al. ” for subsequent commendations.

You MUST include the page figure in your commendations when you are citing and rephrasing ; guarantee that your commendations are equal and complete.

Direct quotes that are over 35 words or 4 lines of text should be placed in block paragraphs with.5 inch indents on both sides and individual spaced.

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