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Being A Leader Of Coca Cola Company Business Essay

First of all a brief debut to the company everyone could wish to work with such an organisation is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola has the most expensive trade name name in the universe and, as one of the most seeable companies worldwide, has a fantastic chance to stand out in all proportions of concern public presentation. Though, over the last decennary, the house has fought back to achieve its fiscal aims and has been allied with a figure of ethical crises. The Coca-Cola Company is the universe ‘s largest drink company, and markets four of the universe ‘s top five prima soft drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, and Sprite. It besides sells other trade names including PowerAde, Minute Maid, and Dasani bottled H2O. The company maneuvers the largest distribution system in the universe, which makes it possible to function clients and concerns in more than two 100 states. Coca-Cola has appraisal that more than 1 billion of their drinks are consumed on day-to-day footing about. Coca-Cola and its opposition, PepsiCo, have long fought the “ Cola wars ” in the United States, but Coca-Cola, acknowledging extra market potency, pursued international chances in an attempt to govern the planetary soft-drink industry ( Coca-Cola strategic direction )

The difference between a director and a leader: an of import phenomenon to understand

It is really necessary to understand the difference between a director and a leader. Managing is about efficiency and leading is about effectivity. Leadership is about introducing and originating. Talking about pull offing it is about how while leading is about what and why. Management is about controls, systems, processs, policies, and construction and leading is about trust and about people. Management is about copying, about pull offing the position quo. Leadership is inventive, adaptative, and agile. Leadership looks at the skyline, non merely the bottom line. A leader is person who has the ability to bring forth a forceful vision that takes people to a new topographic point, and to construe that vision into action. Leaderships draw other people to them by inscribing them in their vision. What leaders do is inspire people, authorise them. I one time read a quotation mark on the difference between a director and a leader that stated: “ A Manager “ does the thing right ” and a Leader “ does the right thing. ” ( Johnson, The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager )

The basic features of strategic leader of our company are:

Our leader quickly and smartly comprehends the complex state of affairss and prognosiss all the possible solutions to salvage the organisation from being in to hot H2O, before the state of affairs worsens. He creates the chances to minimise the effects of the state of affairs. He defines the long scope schemes to aline the shooting tem and long footings ends to be aligned with the vision and mission of the organisation. He identifies, explores and exploits the new chances in the environment for his organisations and devises new ways to make the good things. He can proactively be after to do parallel agreements and colonies between different stakeholders of the organisation, builds the capablenesss and mobilizes the resources to accomplish hard and complex aims. He can anticipate the gifted and valuable employees in the organisation and mends the ways to pull, retain, develop that endowment and makes certain that the best people stay with the organisation. He builds the route towards the end accomplishment by making a passion for the hereafter and creates the committedness in all concerned to do the hereafter accomplishable and bright. He has the capableness to believe in the broadest positions and beyond the local restrictions. He keeps abreast with the latest developments and integrates the information from all resources to develop a well idea, diverse position that can be used to maximise the public presentation of the organisation. He knows good that alteration is the lone invariable and alterations are for good. He creates a flexible environment that has the capableness to accept and commit the alteration. He makes brave determinations that guarantee the stockholders ‘ value and involvement.

The leaders of our organisation are to the full devoted towards their work and they really contribute in all waies or can they analyze their capablenesss, place their strengths and failings and guarantee that there are people in the organisation to make full in for their failings and make the appropriate organisational balance. The greatest illustration of the people working within the organisation who has potency to set a balance in the organisation while placing their chances yet non burying their possible moralss of right and wrong was when an employee of COCA COLA was being arrested by FBI for selling the most secret information to the PEPSICO and his this action was reported and identified by the COCA COLA ‘s executive administrative helper Joya Williams, Coca-Cola ‘s planetary trade name manager in Atlanta, who had entree to some information and stuffs described by “ Dirk. ” Employees should ‘be held responsible for protecting rational belongings and this breach of assurance by a Coca-Cola employee was a serious ethical issue. And yet company recovered from its crises under the great leading even when the company was traveling through ruinous fortunes. Which included many issues for the company such as: breach of the trust by the employee, competition with PepsiCo, taint issue in which some kids got ill after devouring the merchandises of COCA COLA, the problem with the distributers and brotherhoods etc. beside all these facts the leaders of the company ne’er stopped seeking and believing that the company could travel at the top and they yet put their full attempt towards it and the company besides fulfilled it societal duty all the clip. Coca-Cola has made local instruction and community development plans a top precedency for its philanthropic plans. The company is practical on local issues, such as HIV / AIDS in Africa, and has amalgamated with UNAIDS and other NGO ‘s to set into topographic point important enterprises and plans to assist contend the threat of the HIV / AIDS eruption. Coca-Cola besides offers support to assorted colleges and universities in more than half of the United States, every bit good as several international grants. Additionally Coca-Cola provides scholarships to more than 170 colleges, and this figure is likely to turn to 287 over the following four old ages. The company recognizes its duties internationally and continues to take action to prolong this duty, such as taking stairss non to damage the environment while obtaining goods and puting up installations.

In malice of Coca-Cola ‘s problems, clients surveyed after the European contagious disease indicated they felt that Coca-Cola would still execute in the sanctioned mode during times of crises. The company besides ranked 3rd globally in a PricewaterhouseCoopers study of most-respected companies. Coca-Cola managed to maintain its strong ranking while other companies confronting reverses, including Colgate- Palmolive and Procter & A ; Gamble, were dropped or fell well in the rankings. And this all happened merely because of the strategic leading in true agencies. Good strategic leaders can take the company out of the crisis and could non allow down the morale of their people and takes the company through the rough times like a skilled crewman.

The motivational theories and the leaders:

Talking about the morale we have to speak about the motive techniques about the company which we think are the of import factor for the employees and staff working at every degree of the company. There are different types of the motive theories among which some are the Herzberg ‘s hygiene theory which is related to the hygiene and the on the job conditions of the workplace and it is related to the transformational leading manner, there are two leading manners related to the motive of the employees the transactional and the transformational and to understand their difference is truly of import, the transactional leading as seen from the name is the 1 in which the leader basically motivates subsidiaries by interchanging wagess for public presentation. And in the transformational leading the leader goes farther than pull offing daily operations and trades schemes for taking his company, section or work squad to the following degree of public presentation and success. Transformational leading focuses on team-building, inspiration and teamwork with employees at diverse degrees of an organisation to accomplish alteration for the sweetening. Transformational leaders set ends and inducements to force their helpers to higher public presentation degrees, while supplying chances for personal and professional growing for each employee. The other motivational theories are the Maslow ‘s hierarchy and the ERG theory of motive. The Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demands is related to the both transactional and the transformational leading the demand of the shelter, and money is a transactional leader ‘s concern to supply the employees with the inducement which is really related to their personal demand. While the ego regard can be related to the transformational leading in which an employee can be put frontward to the inducement of a higher place. The following theory we are discoursing is the ERG theory of motive which was presented by the Clayton Alderfer a modified version of the Maslow ‘s theory and a combination of both the leading manners and the Motivation Theory which is used within our organisation. The workplace productiveness within the Coca-Cola Company is nonpareil by many organisations today. Three of import elements make up Aldermen ‘s ERG theory: The first portion focuses on the being demands within the company ; the following portion addresses the relatedness needs within the company ; and the last portion is about the growing needs within the company.

The being demands of the employees within the company can be defined as those demands that have a preferable physiological consequence on the employees. In add-on, it could be the material wellbeing of the organisation itself. In order for there to be harmoniousness within the company, the employees must hold a sense of stability in their existing place, every bit good as a potency for growing within the company. Remembering that employees have the desire to be satisfied within the company in which they work, The Company has many diverse plans in put in order to assist with this procedure. For illustration, the company offers cultural consciousness plans and employee forums ; these forums consist of employees that portion similar involvement or backgrounds. The persons within these forums provide both professional and personal growing to one another. The Coca-Cola Company motivates their employees with inducements and occupational chances on a day-to-day footing.

The material wellbeing of The Coca-Cola Company is being achieved each twenty-four hours. The company uses imaginative agencies in order to make the younger coevals of today. An illustration of this is their nightclub-based plans which gratify to America ‘s young persons. These plans provide unrecorded amusement and custom-designed sofa furniture to the nine proprietors. ( Motivational Procedure at Coca-Cola ) The company differentiates fiscal and non-financial inducements. The fiscal inducements comprise wagess for open uping solutions, loots for employees of the one-fourth based on their attainments, one-year and quarterly inducements for the apprehensiveness of ends. Along with Coca-Cola ‘s very influential non-financial motivational inducements there are personal development, the opportunity to achieve full potency, and the opportunity to be promoted. The company is really grandiloquent of heartening internal publicities, instruction, acknowledgments, accomplishments, challenges and duty, while besides supplying auxiliary reimbursements for the employees. ( Organizational civilization and people development )

Leadership leads to the higher organisational civilization:

Coming towards the organisational civilization practiced in the company there are three basic degrees of the organisational civilization the surface degree which considers all the physical properties of the civilization practiced and followed within a company such as the frock codification, environment, symbols, linguistic communications and any such seeable merchandises created by the company. The following 1 is the espoused values that are related to the leading values, such as ends, schemes etc, and the last and the 3rd one is the basic premises the beliefs and the witting and the unconscious ideas necessary to the working of the organisation such as the timings of the female and male workers, etc. The comprehensive civilization is defined by the seven nucleus values: leading, passion, unity, teamwork, quality, diverseness, and answerability. The cardinal promise at The Coca-Cola Company is to resuscitate the universe in head, organic structure, and spirit, and enthuse minutes of sanguineness ; to make value and do a difference. The diverseness topographic point of work policy includes plans to pull, maintain, and turn diverse aptitude ; offer support systems for groups with diverse backgrounds ; and educate all associates so that the accomplishments to achieve sustainable growing can be mastered. The difficult work is to do certain comprehensive and merely work environment for all associates, all of whom experience diverseness preparation on a usual footing. The on-going duologue leads to heighten apprehension of company ‘s coevalss, providers, clients, stakeholders, and finally, to superior accomplishment in the market place


The Southern Cross of good strategic leading is non simple plenty. It is to put a airy vision, and find the long scope and short scope aims, built the capablenesss and environment for strategic leading, craft a sound scheme program, implement it to the fullest and adjust it as needed. Exerting a take charge leading, being a flicker stopper, ramrod-ding things through, and acquiring things done by other by training others to make them is hard undertaking. Furthermore a strategic leader has many different functions to play: visionary, main enterpriser and strategian, main decision maker and scheme implementer, civilization builder, resources acquirer and distributor, capableness builder and planimeter, manager, crises director, taskmaster, interpreter, negotiant, incentive, arbiter, consensus builder, policy shaper, policy hatchet man, wise man, and caput cheerleader.

For the most portion, most alterations have to be from top to down and vision driven. Leading alterations has to get down with naming the state of affairs and so to make up one’s mind which of the several waies should be the best scheme. the leaders are born non made and there is a batch of difference between a director and the leader, as we discussed and it is genuinely a leader a strategic leader who could take the company to such a tallness and even could take the company out of the crises, even if it is aching the place of the company in the planetary market, a good leader is the 1 which could be able to take the company out of the jobs and pull off the company ‘s evaluation and stableness in the market. As we have seen in our company the COCA COLA company. The leader of the company, non merely carry throughing its societal duty and the societal moralss but on the other manus has established the criterions for the civilization of the organisation which are followed all over the company internationally ; it is all about how one is taking the company. A leader can take and pull off both at the same clip, but a director could non take he can merely pull off.

Brooding statement:

The assignment helped me a batch to understand the different degrees of the organisational civilization, about the leading and the direction and the besides information about my favourite company. as when I was given this assignment I was reasonably confused about some things. I searched about some definitions and phenomena so that I could decently be able to compose about this. The twenty-four hours I was given this assignment after coming place I made a program to travel for outing with the mated and we decided to travel for a film and to hold dinner at any mercantile establishment. There I observed and both the film and the Mc Donald ‘s that the employees of the company abide by the company ‘s civilization, by have oning a same uniform and all the environment and the moralss of a certain company, how they treat their clients and how the employees behaved that was certainly the portion of the company ‘s moralss, regulations and the civilization. Then I came back place and went asleep and the following twenty-four hours traveling to the institute I observed carefully the people at the metro station and the direction at that place how the employees at that place know their regulations. We at the institute are even detecting the regulations and ordinances of the our institute this is pretty astonishing that in doing an organisation to guarantee its degree of criterions and evaluation in a market topographic point, from the higher degree to the lower degree including the clients make an organisation successful. We as the clients of our institute are really playing a portion in its repute and name.

I searched the library and surfed on cyberspace for some information and came across a batch of utile information to which even I was unaware of. So I could truly state that I truly acquire some cognition out of this assignment.

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