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Brain Based Teaching and why are Children and Schools Failing

There are so many traditional methods of larning that have been used in learning pupils for a long clip. Most of us are in fact merchandises of these methods. However, there is besides a newer method referred to as encephalon based instruction. This attack takes advantage of the several researches that indicate that the learning methods employed in the traditional acquisition procedure are going inadequate with clip and hence can non suit the diverse sort of pupils fall ining the instruction system. As McDaniel ( 2008 ) puts it even though the so called traditional methods of larning have been utile for so long, it is of import that the neurological procedures and their possible part to the instruction procedure should be looked at rapidly acted up on to guarantee that the pupil population improves its learning procedure. This study addresses the possibility of uniting both traditional and encephalon based larning techniques to come up with a more advanced and better larning procedure. More accent will nevertheless be put of encephalon based acquisition because of its importance in transforming the acquisition procedure.

In order to derive a better apprehension of the state of affairs, both traditional and encephalon based larning methods will be discussed. The study will besides research the biological and psychological motivations which make its necessary to add encephalon based method on the already bing method that most pedagogues have used for along clip. The scientific discipline behind each of the two methods together with the footing for each one of them will be looked at.

Overview of Traditional acquisition

The traditional method of larning began in the twentieth century and was really utile in fiting persons with the cognition needed to keep low skilled places in agribusiness and the approaching industries at the clip. Classs at the clip had approximately 20 to 30 pupils and it was of import that each and every pupil is involved in the acquisition procedure. This method was hence initiated along with the standardised direction construct for every all ( McDaniel, 2008 ) . This method is teacher centered significance that the instructor is the expert and hence the dispenser of all the cognition to the pupils. All the pupils have to make in this method is to take in what the instructor says. They can non originate their ain thought and come up with a construct that will work.

The traditional method besides merely concentrates on bettering the failings of the hapless pupils, there is really small that is done on bettering on their strengths. The course of study in this method is besides simplified to offer more of the basic accomplishments. It has been really much simplified that it appears unreal and deadening because of the fact that there is no active engagement of encephalon work other than stand foring what the instructors give. Much of the traditional method of acquisition is information oriented and hence calls for pupils to reproduce what they have learned in category instead than bring forthing new thoughts with their cognition. Teachers besides rely on resources such as text editions and talk notes and chiefly concentrate on feeding the pupils with the information from their work sheets instead that developing the accomplishments ( McDaniel, 2008 ) .This method besides works with the policy that larning should be a additive procedure where the text edition and the instructor supply the information to the pupils through a sequence of instructions in one additive way. For case in mathematics, there could merely be one solution offered to a job. This is non nevertheless, the instance in existent life where there could be many solution to a job.

In traditional acquisition methods, a pupil is said to be knowing if he can reproduce what the instructor taught him on the scrutiny paper. This therefore means the pupil will be considered to be has excelled if he passes the test ( McDaniel, 2008 ) . This sort of measuring of the acquisition procedure is considered by some research workers to be in effectual because the pupil merely needs to jam and ptyalize out the information from the instructors. He can every bit good transcript from the notes. This would non hold improved the pupil ‘s rational capacity in any manner.

Brain based acquisition

Harmonizing to Leonard ( 2002 ) , encephalon based larning gives a batch of consideration on understanding the mode in which the homo encephalon works best. However, it is of import to province that the encephalon is a really complex musculus that research is still seeking to understand. Furthermore the encephalon of every person is alone in its ain manner and hence the most effectual sort of instruction is supposed to see each and every one. This theory besides emphasizes on active engagement of each and every pupil to let them to develop the necessary accomplishments instead than merely taking in information signifier the instructors.

Harmonizing to this new method, pupils are in a better place to understand better what they are being taught in school if they are immersed in the topic. They should be exposed to as much information as possible sing the issues that are larning about and be made to actively take part in the acquisition procedure. Furthermore, they should be provided with every bit many different ways as possible on how to cover with issue instead than the consecutive way to acquiring the replies. Sing that each pupil has different rate of apprehension and besides learns otherwise, it is of import that the instructors provide each one of them with an chance to see. Field trips, reading, originative looks and custodies on activities are some of the methods through which pupils can be provided with to see success in instruction ( Leonard, 2002 ) .

Active processing another really of import component connected to encephalon based acquisition. This is the thought of linking a acquisition procedure to a practical event that happened in the yesteryear. Students will be in a good place to understand different constructs by linking to something that might hold already have happened. Most significantly, if pupils can associate the constructs in category to past cognition or life experience the encephalon will be in a better place to grok and understand whatever is being taught.

Harmonizing to encephalon based scheme, there is a demand to equilibrate comfort and emphasis. This method suggests that for pupils to larn better, they should be in a relaxed temper and qui vive. It is hence of import that instructors create the necessary environment that would excite to believe rapidly and extinguish any sorts of fright. The encephalon maps better when pupils are put in a ambitious state of affairs or put under some little sum of emphasis ( McDaniel, 2008 ) . However, the encephalon wholly shuts down if it ‘s put under intense emphasis doing the acquisition procedure about impossible.

Theoretical analysis

As Hyatt ( 2007 ) puts it, if there has to be any attempts to alter the acquisition procedure, it has to cover with the attitude, cognition and patterns of active engagement of pupils. Brain based larning chiefly relies on the cognitive acquisition theories and neurobiology. Although encephalon based acquisition might be the platform of doing reforms in the acquisition procedure, non every instructor takes into history the acquisition differences among pupils in the category room nor do they understand the importance of using different larning techniques. One of the most common encephalon based scheme used by most instructors is referred to as Brain Gym. The innovator of this scheme was Dr. Paul Dennison. He understood the importance of linguistic communication acquisition, physical development, and academic accomplishment.

Brain Gym works with the thought that simple motions of the organic structure parts makes it possible for the full encephalon to larn. It builds on the contention that larning can non happen if the organic structure is non traveling in some manner ( Hyatt, 2007 ) . As this motion reoccurs, the full encephalons learns and hence enabling pupils to make out to the parts of their encephalon that were hibernating earlier. This procedure works with the thought that the series of organic structure motions that are coordinated in a certain manner will bring forth more neurotrophins and hence lead to more connexions among the nerve cells. Despite the fact that such new theories of encephalon based acquisition are found to be really utile in the acquisition procedure, instructors are still influenced by two major factors: what needs to be learned in the instruction coursework and the belief about specific educational patterns.

For successful acquisition to be achieved, instructors need to hold an chance to besides analyze and set to pattern the larning techniques they get. The issue of instructors holding to stiffly follow a certain work format as stipulated in the work sheets is non good to larning. They need to besides maneuver the pupils into deeper thought of what might go on if things were different and non to ever acquire used to the thought of one path to the reply. Critical thought should besides be involved where the pupil uses his encephalon to come up with better solutions or alternate ways of undertaking a job. Since the issue of encephalon based acquisition has non been to the full understood by most instructors and instruction practicians, there is a demand for the instructors to acquire a deeper apprehension of the whole procedure before it can be to the full institutionalized. It is besides of import that instructors and schools collaborate with other professionals to guarantee its success. Last, pedagogues need to be professionally developed to back up and promote effectual pattern and greater cognition ( Hyatt, 2007 ) .

Need for more cognition

Merely like the pupils instructors need to acquire a deeper apprehension of issues and constructs before they can help their pupils in the acquisition procedure. They hence need to larn how to ground out and do critical and thoughtful determinations in the instruction profession. Harmonizing to Jossey-Bass Inc ( 2008 ) , effectual instructors should be those that plan upon the demands and abilities of their pupils. This manner they will be able to understand what each pupil can make best and what sort of aid will be required to do them larn better. Furthermore, instructors should be more flexible in their responsibilities to guarantee that they pess in any environment. This is because they could be transferred from one school to the other. This should non do them inadequate in their responsibilities since each and every pupil needs to get the same cognition merely like their counter parts in other schools.

Since the tradition larning procedure largely depends on the instructors, encephalon based acquisition will necessitate that instructors change their manner of instruction and promote the pupils to be more involved in the procedure instead than merely listening and taking notes on what the instructor might be speaking about. This will necessitate some clip since it ‘s a new thought different from what the instructors are used to. There is no manner one can wake up in the forenoon and propose that all schools change from traditional manner of larning to encephalon based acquisition. In any instance this is non practical ( Jossey-Bass Inc. , 2008 ) . There is besides really small that has been done to understand how the instructors by themselves understand what encephalon based acquisition is all about and yet everyone is speaking of originating the procedure in schools.

Need for coaction

In order to better the instructors ‘ professional competency, it is really of import that they are provided with adequate support from the disposal and their fellow instructors. Cooperation is hence really of import. No 1 would cognize every thing in life. Harmonizing to Anfara & A ; Stacki ( 2002 ) , this is why, instructors need to collaborate to help one another in countries that a spouse might hold forgotten or mistaken. Just like any human being, instructors can bury or confound issues. They hence need to get more cognition from another. Successful pedagogues are those who closely work together as co-workers to happen solutions to jobs. In this instance, if one module successful incorporates the new encephalon based learning procedure in their system, it can help other modules to understand the values of the new technique to better the acquisition procedure by pupils. Continuous preparation should besides be provided to adequate preparation to get accomplishments that will enable them portion information with other instructors and pupils.

Professional development

An effectual instructor is that who is invariably learning and turning in his accomplishments and abilities. Teachers with adequate cognition have many options of developing the pupils ‘ accomplishments. For case by the usage of multiple intelligence attack, a instructor will hold a assortment of schemes that he can utilize to guarantee that pupils learn ( Anfara & A ; Stacki, 2002 ) . Teachers who attend conferences and seminars will get more cognition that will enable them better their instruction accomplishments. This will guarantee that they provide pupils with the necessary accomplishments required to better understand the acquisition procedure. Most of the professional development conferences and seminars that instructors attend are besides based on basic subjects such as reading and composing accomplishment. It is of import that this tendency changes and more accent is given to research based and practical instructions.


Since non every pupil might be comfy with the traditional method of acquisition, encephalon based acquisition could be added to the procedure to guarantee that everyone is catered for. Most pupils learn comfortably and really easy in an environment that is unfastened and flexible since this encourages flexibleness. This lacks in the traditional method of larning. On the other manus, instructors need to be given clip and preparation for them to guarantee that this new procedure is successful. Right from the instructor preparation colleges and universities, instructors have been taught to supply the information to the pupils. Change hence has to get down from the course of study in the colleges so that instructors are taught about encephalon based acquisition as opposed to traditional acquisition. You do non anticipate the same instructors who are taught about the traditional acquisition procedure to wake up and supply encephalon based larning that they do non even know about.

Brain based acquisition method is still in its initial phases. Neuroscientists merely began covering with the issue about 15 old ages ago. This method has non yet been established in the acquisition procedure and hence there is no scientific cogent evidence of the success of the procedure. There would no parent willing for his kid to be used as a guinea hog. Although there have been single researches that have proved the advantage of encephalon based method, it is of import that it is introduced bit by bit so that it can easy be incorporated in the instruction procedure. It is non right to disregard the traditional method at one time because this method has brought up of import people in the society including attorneies, physicians and even the present scientist. Equally much as it might non be perfect, it has been utile for rather some clip.

As the study indicates, encephalon based larning seems to be the best compared to the traditional method. It would hence be a good thought for it to be incorporated into the instruction procedure. However, this should be done in a really careful mode. The instructors should foremost be trained on the professional manner of utilizing this new method so that they could go through the necessary accomplishments to the pupils. After sometime, the traditional method can so be to the full erased and wholly replaced by encephalon based acquisition.

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