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Brand Profile

The brand profile is a summary description which should quickly enable all those involved with the brand to understand who you are targeting, what you are offering, and how you wish to position the brand. Ideally it should be something you could put on a card and put on the desk of everyone involved in your business. The components of a brand profile are usually something like the following: Description of the solution/brand Benefits that customers will perceive from it

Target market that will find these benefits valuable Competitive Differentiation – in what meaningful ways is this different to alternatives? Pricing – how will it compare versus competitors and in terms of value for money? Distribution network – Where will customers acquire this? What typed of partners will be involved in delivering brand promises? Are there particularly appropriate places, or ones the brand should never be found in?

Positioning statement – What is the core, most important message about this solution which should be repeatedly communicated to the target market until they believe it? Often a central promise of some delivered value, including a tagline, if any. Brand Personality – description of the context, qualities, and associations you want target customers to build into their perception of the brand. (The “soft” side of the brand, but the one which ensures affinity to the target market).

Voice – general description of how the brand “speaks” to the marketplace. For example, is it people-oriented and friendly, or authoritative and corporate. Is it sophisticated or worldly? Communications strategy – best ways of reaching and influencing target customers, types of partners and associates who will contribute to growing the brand, roles played by different types of advertising media, PR, existing customers, trade promotional activity, sales channels, opinion leaders, etc.

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