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Case Analysis For The Heineken Business Commerce Essay

Heineken is the universe 3th largest beer company based on Netherlands. It has raised important gross revenues throughout European states, besides their merchandises are sold in about about all states. It has breweries in 65 states. It bought foreign breweries or acquired licencing to cut fabrication cost, expand merchandise line, and ease local distribution. For the particular instance, Heineken didn`t set up it`s breweries in the united provinces because it considered to maintain images for ‘import beer. ‘ On the other manus, it invested in new- cyberspace based technique to pull off international distribution system expeditiously. Heineken has been turning up continuously by utilizing a joint venture with large rivals to spread out into a new market. To raise planetary market portion, it besides plan particular schemes for each states.

Many authorities leaders strongly recommend domestic houses to travel international in order to make occupations and economic growing. However, some companies have problem progressing into abroad market because of a deficiency of cognition about the foreign market.

1 ) Economic issues – straight connected to the net income ( gross revenues )

a‘ Population: The possible client population of the mark market rather depends on type of the merchandise or service ( that a company is marketing ) . To a B2B house, for illustration, the figure of people in the state is non a good index of how big the market is. Besides, B2C houses normally consider the targeted population alternatively of the figure of the whole population. Age and gender are by and large considered as chief variables for measuring foreign markets. Consideration about families such as mean household size in that state could be besides a good index. However, it is difficult to anticipate the hereafter and comparison with other markets merely with simple factors such as age and sex. It could be a good manner of understanding foreign markets to pay attending to population distribution utilizing tools like population pyramids.

a‘? Income: A critical economic factor to look into the mark market is income degree of the state. Companies seeking to travel into foreign markets can mensurate the market potency through GNI or GDP. Besides, they can make up one’s mind which index to utilize harmonizing to the market or merchandise type ; for illustration GNI per capita can be a clear index to hold on the population ‘s criterion of life. Nevertheless, mean values about income such as GNI, GDP are deficient to calculate out income degree of the whole population. In most states, income is n’t reasonably distributed among the full population of each state ; besides there is no certain correlativity between income degree per capita and grade of income inequality. In short, utilizing income indictors without information of income distribution can falsify the consequence of market research.

2 ) Non-economic issues

a‘ Cultural issues: Cultural factors such as linguistic communication, race, faith, historical background, which reflect attitudes, values, and beliefs, vary among states. Traveling into planetary market without understanding of the mark market ‘s civilization brings about the failure. It is rather of import for house leaders to calculate out how directors manage the house, how employees behave and how consumers response harmonizing to each state ‘s cultural background.

a‘? Government ordinances: Each state has its ordinance and revenue enhancement on foreign trade. For alcoholic drink houses, authorities ordinances might be stricter in some states that are particularly sensitive about intoxicant ingestion of their people. Additionally, revenue enhancement on alcoholic drinks varies among different states. For illustration, Islamic states such as Egypt may give a harsh control to their alcoholic drink import.

Q2. Discuss the advantages or disadvantages for Heineken of exporting its beer from one state to another.


a‘ Expand Gross saless: spread outing into international market gives assorted opportunities to acquire net income for

Heineken. The long term relationship with international market stopping points, export development cost can be covered and they increase their extra gross revenues through the market. Besides, company can foster create economic systems of graduated table to diminish bring forthing cost.

a‘? Acquire Resources and Compete with Rivals: Heineken can get resources by sharing and larning cognition and experience with new selling technique and foreign rivals. Consequently, Heineken will better quality of merchandises, and it can derive more market portion in international market.

a‘? Minimize Hazard: Beer is sold certain seasons: particularly summer. Therefore, Heineken can use and avoid seasonal factors during different season in foreign states. Besides, selling merchandise to multiple markets allows Heineken to diversify their concern and spread hazard.


a‘ Complexity in Operations: Heineken need to be after assorted marketing schemes to run into different demands for each state. Therefore, it causes addition in merchandise cost. Besides, there are a batch of unpredictable state of affairss for Heineken such as constitution ordinance to restrict intoxicant, natural catastrophe etc. Heineken has no pick but to be dependent on fluctuation other countries` state of affairss.

a‘? Cultural Collision: transnational companies have to see assorted cultural differences among different states. For case, faith, imposts, buying behaviours are things to see. Consumption of intoxicant is a sensitive affair in this sense to many states and can do legion societal jobs.

Q3. What are the cardinal issues confronting Heineken insofar as international licensing is concerned?

License, is a grant by the holder of a right of first publication or patent to another of any of the rights embodied in the right of first publication or patent short of an assignment of all rights.

In the instance of a beer company as Heineken, this would intend to licence a brewery in a state they wish to come in. The accredited local brewery so would bring forth Heineken branded beer with Heineken ‘s alone formula. This manner, Heineken does non necessitate to personally construct a new brewery in that country which saves clip and money. Heineken has used licensing as a manner to spread out its concern internationally.

Although this concern of licensing may sound like a complete win-win state of affairs, at times there are side effects that come along with it. For case, despite the advantages of licensing, Heineken has otherwise restrained itself from licencing a local brewery in markets such like the US. This was for grounds that had to make with the fact that Heineken was a beer company. Reasons that people consume a certain trade name of beer can be assorted but merely to call the two chief grounds would be because first, a consumer is merely loyal to that trade name because they grew up with it or, for a 2nd ground, to imbibe a peculiar trade name of beer gives the consumer a sense of exoticism. The first ground normally goes for local trade names, and the 2nd ground goes for foreign trade names. Therefore, to bring forth a beer that people drink chiefly because it is a foreign trade name in a local brewery would decidedly drive consumers off. Furthermore because consumers believe that the “ existent ” Heineken beer comes from Dutch breweries, Heineken is able to bear down dual for Dutch made beers.

The instance of Hoegaarden illustrates the difference of perceptual experience on locally-made beer and imported beer. After Korean consumers found out that Hoegaarden, a Belgian beer was being locally produced, many complained that the gustatory sensation was different. Some even started naming the beer O-garden, mentioning to that fact that it was licensed to Korean beer company OB.

Q4. Compare the FDI between Heineken and Anheuser-Busch

Anheuser-Busch has FDIs in normally big emerging markets such as China and Mexico. It invests to a great extent in these markets through big local companies. In China for case, Anheuser-Busch paid $ 700 million for the Harbin Brewery and in the instance of Mexico, Anheuser-Busch owns 50 per centum of Modelo, the shaper of Corona.

Heineken who was the innovator of come ining international markets for beer companies, has somewhat smaller scaled FDIs. Apart from the size of the FDIs, Heineken normally entered states that were neighbouring or African states that had historical dealingss with European states.

a…? . Decision

1. Options

1 ) The current state of affairs: Heineken has refused to set up a brewery in the United States, alternatively, they keep transporting its beer to the U.S. That ‘s because clients in the U.S. do n’t accept the fact that the beer, which is made in a brewery in at that place, is the same with what Heineken export from its place state.

2 ) Options

We recommend non to transport Heineken beers into the U.S. but to put up a brewery in the U.S. In the instance of Asahi beer, which is the top Nipponese beer, they increased in gross revenues, utilizing FDI when they go into the foreign market. Penetrating into the U.S. market with FDI, which is distinguished from licensing, would assist American clients notice there is no difference between beer from Netherlands and from its ain state. For utilizing this scheme in the U.S. market, we suggest a twosome of effectual ways to get by with the possible hazard.

a‘ Positive selling: The failure that Heineken experienced antecedently consequences from clients ‘ acknowledgment. In order to do this tactic successful, hence, Heineken has to give clients perception that beer from the U.S. brewery has no difference from the original 1. Heineken could actively utilize assorted marketing schemes such as blind tasting.

a‘? Pricing: It has high hazard for Heineken to all of a sudden exchange its distribution channel. There is possibility to convey about the same failure with earlier, so they can utilize a gradual manner to alleviate hazards. Pricing is a good manner. At the beginning, Heineken maintain the original exported beer at the same clip bring forth beer in the U.S. brewery. Then they differentiate the monetary value between two sorts of beer, even if there is no alteration in the formula. The original exported beer would hold higher monetary value than the other. Therefore, we can anticipate for clients in the U.S. to do a pick between Heineken beers, non another trade name.

2. Recommendation

Actually, Heineken is making a rather good occupation in the planetary market, but they tend to prosecute merely safe manner in their selling. Therefore, we could urge some ways to better their province in the international market which is acquiring tough.

First of wholly, we give a recommendation of turning in the U.S. market. Even though other markets of developing states, such as BRICs, are originating, the U.S. market is still one of the largest markets worldwide. So, it would be better for Heineken to perforate the U.S. market more positively

Second, it would be of import for Heineken to prolong and widen its planetary market portion. Make non halt raising the figure of its worldwide breweries and the repute in each state.

Last but non least, more aggressive and advanced advertisement about its merchandise might assist to better its gross revenues and position in the industry. It seems that the chief mark of Heineken can non include immature people, so it can hold a opportunity to capture the immature who would be its big mark. Additionally, Heineken needs to hold on tendencies such as wellbeing. It should take every bit good as follow the tendency ; they can present low-calorie and healthy beer to follow well-being tendency.

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