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Company Profile Of Venture Integrity Health Pty Ltd Business Essay

Description: An Australian private company ain and operate price reduction vitamin retail shops as portion of Go Vita group of shops. The company besides has portion ownership of a complementary wellness clinic named City Clinic on King in which located at figure 50 King Street, Sydney.

Year of established:

Venture Integrity Health was established in 2000 with continuously turning ; meanwhile, Go Vita was established in the early of 1880ss with conveying together the alone endowments and accomplishments of single proprietors under one trade name every bit good as to guarantee holding choice staff to attack with all clients. However, both companies seem to be turning at the same time.

Company Type: Privately Held

Structure: Partnerships with board of direct directors ; five spouses operate in each division of company. The company is runing in major five sections which are Purchasing, System Operation, Marketing, Price and Evaluation Departments.

Industry: Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Number of locations: There are presently eight price reduction vitamin shops operated by Venture Integrity Health and 120 shops provided across Australia, under the name of Go Vita trade name which are doing them easy accessible for most people.


There are eight locations provided under operation and ownership of Venture Integrity Health which shown as follow ;


Address: Venture Integrity Health Shop 10, 25 Hunter Street, Hornsby, NSW, 2077

Telephone: ( 02 ) 9477 3911 Facsimile: ( 02 ) 9482 4490

Hay Market:

Address: Shop R102, Market City Shopping Centre, 9-13 Hay Street Haymarket, NSW, 2000

Telephone: ( 02 ) 9281 8118 Facsimile: ( 02 ) 9281 8887


Address: Shop G18, Wynyard Centre 301 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

Telephone: ( 02 ) 9299 5266 Facsimile: ( 02 ) 9262 4802

Top Ryde

Address: Shop 1024, Level G2 Top Ryde Shopping Centre c/o Blaxland & A ; Devlin Roads

Ryde, NSW, 2112

Telephone: ( 02 ) 9807 4051 Facsimile: ( 02 ) 9808 5381


Address: Shop 18, Ashfield Mall Liverpool Road Ashfield, NSW, 2131

Telephone: ( 02 ) 9799 4338 Facsimile: ( 02 ) 9798 8332

Neutral Bay

Address: Shop 1, 188 Military Road, Neutral Bay, NSW, 2089

Telephone: ( 02 ) 9908 2600 Facsimile: ( 02 ) 9908 2700


Address: Shop 37, Strathfield Plaza, Strathfield, NSW, 2135

Telephone: ( 02 ) 9746 8686 Facsimile: ( 02 ) 9746 8686


Address: Shop 11, the Corso Manly, NSW, 2095

Telephone: ( 02 ) 9977 2222 Facsimile: ( 02 ) 9977 2222

Number of employees:

Venture Integrity Health Pty Ltd has got about 50 employees ; 5 staff lower limit in each shop including accountant, credits, and buying workers in headquarter.

Go Vita presently employs about 900 employees across Australia.


Venture Integrity Health

Shop 10, 25 Hunter St Hornsby, NSW, 2077

Telephone: ( 02 ) 9477 3911 Facsimile: ( 02 ) 9482 4490

Go Vita

3/14 Childs Road Chipping Norton, NSW, 2710

Telephone: ( 02 ) 8707 0900 Facsimile: ( 02 ) 9724 3698

Toll Free: 1800 21 21 00

Employee turnover: Due to the companies are private companies therefore the fiscal information is confidential.

Share Price: Due to Venture Integrity Health Pty Ltd is listed as Private Company ; hence, the company has non been listed in Stock Exchange Market.

Future Plans:

Venture Integrity Health is presently concentrating on enlargement their subdivisions ; nevertheless, the company seem to be call as a rapid growing company due to the company was established in 2000 and presently is runing in 8 shops by the terminal of 2010. Furthermore, the sale volumes are increasing yearly.

Go Vita has been continuously remained with the major ends of the company since their first operations which are uniting the strength of the group of single proprietors and accomplishments staff to make networking and significant purchasing power ; hence, better monetary values and more services to all clients are offered. Furthermore, Go Vita besides emphasises on supplying the best advice from natural healers, every bit good as relevant, accurate and indifferent information to client ; accordingly, the client can do the right picks for being healthy. “ Go Get Healthy, Go Stay Healthy, Go Enjoy Life! ” ( Go Vita, 2011 ) .


Venture Integrity Health has provided assorted types of merchandises from many popular trade names such as Blackmores, Nutra Life, Herbs of Gold, Fusion Health, A Thompsons and MICROgenics. The company is specialised in five catagories of merchandises which are Vitamins & A ; Addendums, Weight Loss & A ; Body Building Products, Health Foods, Organic Hair & A ; Skin Care, and Chemical Free Cleaning Products.

Table 1 – The following trade names which the company has supported

30 Plus




Australian Bush Flower Kernels

Australian By Nature

Bach Flower





Body Science




Designer Physique

Dr. Hauschka



Ethical Foods

Fusion Health

Greenridge Botanicals

Herbs of Gold


Lemon Detox Diet






Nature ‘s Own

Nature ‘s Sunlight




Optimum Nutrition

Pharma Foods






Homer thompsons

Thursday Plantation

Wholly Natural Merchandises


Critical Greenss

Critical Superfoods

Wealthy Health



Because it was established as a price reduction retail shop, the purpose of the company is to sell merchandises atA pricesA cheaper than those asked by normal retail shops. Consequently, the merchandises ‘ monetary values are frequently discounted from 10 % to 40 % compared with the normal monetary value. For illustration, this edifice organic structure merchandise, , named Blackmores Detox Program ( 10 Day Detox Program ) is discounted more than 32 % from AUD 68.95 to AUD 46.32.

Venture Integrity Health has non provided order online and transportation service to the clients yet so clients have to buy and pick up their points at the shop. In add-on, the information of the merchandises is non easy for the client to happen out at the shop while other price reduction shops provide online order which includes basic information of the merchandise. However, the company does give the information to clients by the client booklist of merchandises. The client moreover is asked to look into the termination day of the month before buying in order to checking by the company.

Tax return Policy.

Venture Integrity besides has provided returns policy for its merchandises that are classified as “ Unopened Merchandise ” and “ Faulty Merchandise ” . On the other manus, because of the wellness hazards from fiddling, other merchandises are considered to be sold on a “ No Return Basis ” . Any opened merchandise will non be accepted for refund if the merchandise is non returnable under this policy or maker ‘s guarantee.

3. Selling Scheme

The vitamin market is a fast developing retail section and has therefore attracted a really high figure of participants. Harmonizing to a research made by Roy Morgan, dated the 25th of January 2011, about 6,6 million Australians ( 37 % of the overall market ) bought vitamins during one twelvemonth period, the figure being on a steady upward tendency, with an yearly growing of 3 % . The proportion of adult females purchasing vitamins is higher than work forces, with 44 % against 29 % for work forces. The profile client is a adult female aged 35-49 old ages, with the section stand foring an estimated 1.2 million clients.


The vitamins market is extremely competitory, with a high figure of participants, active both within the traditional retail format but every bit good on the web, as on-line shop.

The most of import rivals are GNC LiveWell, Chemist Warehouse, Healthy Life and Priceline.

GNC LiveWell is the universe ‘s largest retail merchant specialising in vitamins, herbs, weight direction and athleticss nutrition, with over 6000 shops in 49 states. In Australia, GNC opened its first shop in 2000 and now have 39 shops in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT but is besides present online,

Healthy Life is Australia ‘s prima national wellness nutrient franchise and has over 125 shops nationally.

Chemist Warehouse is Australia largest pharmaceutics retail merchant with about 100 shops but has every bit good on online shop.

Priceline is the biggest wellness and beauty retail merchant in Australia, with more than 330 subdivisions state broad. Priceline competes with Go-Vita through merely one of its concern lines, the vitamins.

Apart from these typical retail shops, our company is confronting every bit good the competition from several online shops such as Mr, Discount Vitamins Express,,, Goldenglow.,

Selling schemes

In this extremely competitory market environment, Go Vita needs to separate its trade name from the rival ‘s and therefore hold a sound and consistent selling scheme.

One of the benefits Go Vita offers to its client is the Membership plan that provides the client with free information and advice about the natural wellness but besides entitles them to have 21 % price reduction of the RRP of wellness addendums on the first Tuesday of each month. Besides, the clients receives free of charge the Good Health News Magazine three times per twelvemonth and particular price reduction vouchers vouching every bit much as 30 % price reduction off RRP. Furthermore, upon each purchase, the client receives sole wagess points that would be transformed into gift verifiers and can be redeemed on farther purchase.

Go Vita is besides a charity support and the receiver of its financess is Yalari, a non-profit organisation offering secondary educational scholarships to Autochthonal kids from remote, rural and regional communities from all corners of Australia.

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