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Comparison and analysis of workplaces between New Zealand and Thailand

The ways of work can be different in each workplace. It is important to understand ways of work if you want to win in working. There are assorted factors that are non similar in each workplace, for case “ Humour in the Workplace ” , and “ Employment Law ” . These factors in each workplace non merely are different in different states, but can besides differ within the same state every bit good. If you want to understand ways of work, you need to hold a batch of experiences working in different topographic points.

This assignment is an analysis of workplaces between a workplace in New Zealand and a workplace in Thailand. The writer has been working in a New Zealand company called “ Fibrelink Company Limited ” and working in a Thai company called “ Phoenix Thai Paper ” . There are four factors that the writer focused on while he was working ; “ Humour in the Workplace ” , “ Information Technology at Work ” , “ The Future of Work and Changes in the Workplace ” , and “ Selling ” .

The definition of temper from the Cambridge Advanced Learner ‘s Dictionary is “ the ability to happen things amusing, the manner in which people see that some things are amusing or the quality of being amusing ” ( “ Humour, ” n.d. ) . Humour in the Workplace is the ability to utilize temper at work.

The definition of Information Technology from the Cambridge Advanced Learner ‘s Dictionary is “ the scientific discipline and activity of utilizing computing machines and other electronic equipment to shop and direct information ” ( “ Information engineering, ” n.d. ) . Information engineering at work is computing machines or electronic equipment that is used at work.

The hereafter of work and alterations in the workplace chiefly depends on schemes of each company. Each company might alter their schemes harmonizing to their anticipations that relate to some factors, for case Torahs, company fundss. Other alterations may be company policies, authorities, or even currencies.

The definition of selling from the Cambridge Advanced Learner ‘s Dictionary is “ a occupation that involves promoting people to purchase a merchandise or service ” ( “ Selling, ” n.d. ) . This means the procedure by which companies create client involvement in goods or services.

The writer provided four inquiries for each factor and received replies from the manager of Fibrelink Company Limited. The replies will be analysed and compared with the writer ‘s experiences from a company in Thailand.

Waranyu Tungwatcharobol

The writer

The Workplace in New Zealand

The writer had been working for a New Zealand company called “ Fibrelink Company Limited ” from 2 August 2010 to 13 August 2010. Fibrelink is an bureau providing lumbers ( particularly Pine Wood ) and pulps to companies in Thailand. Pulps are chiefly produced from a New Zealand mush factory called “ Carter Holt Harvey ” . Lumbers chiefly come from an Australian lumber company called “ International Timber Solutions ” . Fibrelink was founded in 2002.

To cover with the clients in Thailand, it is necessary to utilize Thai to pass on to Thai clients. Fibrelink therefore has a spouse company in Thailand called “ Saeng Fah World Trade ” which is run by Thais that speak English as good.

Fibrelink ‘s manager, Richard Tozer, wants to spread out the figure of clients that import and usage lumber. He has been looking on the Thai Yellow Pages web site and edifice a list of companies that might utilize lumber. Those companies are chiefly palette shapers.

As the writer is a bilingual talker, Fibrelink ‘s manager asked the writer to inquire those companies if they use lumber and if so, what kinds of lumber they use. The writer has called around one hundred companies and created a database of lumber companies in Thailand. The writer besides translated a booklet from Thai to English every bit good, for illustration a merchandises ‘ booklet of different sorts of lumber.

Analysis of Humour in Workplace

There are a batch of advantages of holding a good sense of temper. The first ground is humour physiques coherence and solidarity. It is really of import to construct a good relationship with colleagues, clients, and particularly foremans. Second, temper can sometimes soften the conversation when you want to avoid stating something straight, for case if you want to propose to person that they should be patient while they are making something, it might be a good thought merely to state them a narrative, “ The Turtle And The Rabbit Run A Race ”

However, temper can besides do struggles if we do non utilize it carefully. In peculiar state of affairss, temper can hold more than one significance, for illustration wordplaies. It depends on the context, background, and purpose of the talker. For illustration it can be ill-mannered if you use some dirty gags when speaking to adult females, but it can be normal if you utilizing them speaking to some work forces.

Humour in Fiberlink can be rather different from other New Zealand companies because Fibrelink ever deals with abroad companies, i.e. a lumber provider from Australia or clients from Thailand. The company hence has to alter manners of temper speaking to clients from different states. For case when covering with Thai clients, the company avoids utilizing wordplaies because Thai clients might non understand them. It might take to miscommunication.

Analysis of Information Technology at Work

As Fibrelink ever deals with abroad companies, the computing machine is one of the chief technological devices that it uses. The company manager mentioned that electronic mail is most of import because electronic mail is a really effectual and economical manner of pass oning. In some state of affairss, the writer thinks electronic mail is better than telephone as you can take clip to believe about what you want to state. Email is of import when you want to pass on something in item, e.g. statistics, because there is the grounds of the communicating.

Skype is computing machine package which helps people speaking to other people on the Internet. It has become popular as you can see faces while speaking. It is besides free and you can speak to more than one individual at a clip.

Analysis of The Future of work and Changes in the Workplace

The hereafter of work and alteration in the workplace is chiefly based on state of affairss and determinations of each company. From the interview, Fibrelink ‘s manager said how he extended his office infinites for larger desk and extra shelves for filing. However, he is now sing traveling toward retirement. He is hence be aftering to hold a smaller office. Besides talk about alterations I am seeking to acquire into a new market in Thailand by doing a figure of telephone calls.

Analysis of Marketing

Lumbers and carton boards are Fibrelink ‘s chief merchandises. As clients are chiefly Thais, Fibrelink hence has to hold some concern spouses in Thailand in order to cover with and keep relationships with Thai clients, i.e. Saeng Fah Paper and Stationary which deals with mush clients and Saeng Fah World Trade which deals with lumber clients. The company ‘s manager besides goes to Thailand and visits some of import clients at least one time every twelvemonth.

While the writer was working, he had made a batch of phone calls with Thai clients since the writer is a bilingual talker and cipher in Fibrelink is able to talk Thai. Finally, out of more than one hundred phone calls, the writer found three possible purchasers that might go Fibrelink ‘s clients in the hereafter, i.e. Burunapa Group ( Chonburi ) , Central Wood Prologis ( Samut Prakarn ) and Petchareon Rung Rueng ( Bangkok ) . The remainder of the clients were merely interested in utilizing rubber wood or in utilizing second-hand wood. However, they will be in Fibrelink clients ‘ database and might go possible purchasers in the hereafter.

The Work topographic point in Thailand

The writer has been working in a company called “ Phoenix Thai Paper ” from March 2009 to November 2009. Phoenix Thai Paper is a paper merchandiser selling different sorts of documents to publishing houses in Thailand.

There are three chief merchandises ; newspaper, wood-free paper, and grey board paper. The company chiefly imports newspaper from abroad, buys wood-free and gray board paper from paper Millss in Thailand. The writer, at that clip, had been working as a gross revenues individual. The responsibilities were to roll up money from publishing houses and to increase the figure of clients.

As Phoenix is a paper merchandiser, the chief work is to provide different sorts of paper to printing houses. Printing houses usually buy paper on a regular basis. In this sort of concern, there is a usage that paper merchandisers need to give clients credits of around one to three months, which means they can roll up money from one to three months after directing the paper to the clients. The company hence needs to construct a good relationship with clients earlier selling as the company needs to be able to cognize about the clients ‘ fundss. It is so really hazardous to sell documents to new unknown clients as the company might non be able to acquire the money back.

From the writer ‘s experience, Phoenix ne’er finds new clients from the Internet at all. The writer besides had a opportunity to speak to the proprietor and he explained that there are two grounds that he does non desire to happen new clients from the Internet. The first ground is he does non cognize the fiscal position of those companies. The 2nd ground is he does non hold any relationship with them so it is difficult to do them interested in purchasing merchandises from his company. He besides mentioned that the chief scheme that he uses to increase the figure of clients is happening new clients from old clients. As he visits his company ‘s clients on a regular basis, he has many opportunities to inquire them if they know of any strong fiscal companies and if they can present new clients to him.

Comparison and contemplations

There are a batch of similarities between workplaces in New Zealand and Thailand. The writer thinks that this might be because both companies he worked for dealt with Thai clients. The New Zealand company ( Fibrelink ) hence needs to larn how to utilize linguistic communication harmonizing to Thai civilization.

Temper in the workplace in New Zealand is a bit different from temper in the workplace in Thailand. The chief ground is because of differences in civilizations. English vocabulary is besides a batch bigger than Thai vocabulary. For illustration, wordplaies are non normally used in Thai linguistic communication at all. For Thai civilization, it is considered to be highly ill-mannered if you use set down gags speaking to another people. It might besides take to struggles every bit good. However, for both civilizations, the writer strongly believes that you have to be really careful utilizing gags at work. Humour can construct a relationship or can interrupt a relationship if we use it otherwise. We have to be careful when we use the same temper in different state of affairss, a spot like when you use the same gag speaking to work forces and to adult females.

As the universe is acquiring smaller, information engineering at work is rather similar everyplace in the universe. In Fibrelink, electronic mail is chiefly used for communicating between the company, clients and providers. However, In Phoenix Thai Paper, the telephone is chiefly used for communicating. The chief ground that these two companies use different device for communicating is because they are non precisely in the same concern. Phoenix Thai Paper merely sells merchandises to domestic clients. The clients prefer utilizing a telephone as it is faster and they can sometimes negotiate monetary values. They usually besides fax buying inside informations after completing calls every bit good. On the other manus, Fibrelink chiefly uses electronic mails for communicating because it has to cover with abroad clients. It is a batch more expensive to do an abroad telephone call than domestic call. From the writer ‘s experience, Thais are non familiar with utilizing electronic mails excessively. They prefer utilizing telephones.

The hereafter of work and alterations in the workplace depends on the programs and schemes of each company. Fibrelink ‘s manager was sing traveling toward retirement. Phoenix ‘s manager nevertheless was be aftering to construct another warehouse as the concern was turning. Other alterations for both companies are the figure of clients which are still increasing.

Selling is considered to be one of the most of import things in concern. Companies hence need to come up with new schemes all the clip in order to increase new clients. For illustration, the writer was working in Fibrelink, seeking to name a figure of companies in Thailand, as he wanted to happen out which companies use lumber. Customers that buy timber from Fibrelink have to open a L.C. ( Letter of Credit ) when purchasing lumber so there is no hazard in this concern. The company ‘s scheme is hence to seek to increase the figure of clients to every bit many as possible. Phoenix Thai Paper, on the other manus, uses old clients to happen new clients. It is hazardous to sell merchandises to new clients without appraising the clients foremost.


It is necessary to larn how to work otherwise in different states. For Thai civilization, relationships between purchasers and Sellerss are of import. There is a stage “ relationships comes foremost, concern comes 2nd ” . This stage likely applies to Thais more than New Zealanders. Thais besides appreciate low people so it is sometimes non appropriate to utilize some gags in certain state of affairss, particularly to older people. For working in New Zealand, it is better to show your feelings in some state of affairss. New Zealanders are likely to be more direct than Thais. It is nevertheless important to believe carefully before speaking or making anything in both Thais and New Zealand workplaces

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