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Dropout Prevention Proposal For The Saraswati Independent School Education Essay

The fact that some pupils do non graduate from high school has become an progressively big job in the United States, where the national dropout rate is higher than in any other industrialised state. Students at-risk for dropping out tend to expose hapless academic public presentation, low academic motive, and high degrees of disciplinary referrals ( Ekstrom, Goertz, Pollack, & A ; Rock, 1986 ; Hickman, Bartholomew, Mathwig, & A ; Heinrich, 2008 ; Roderick, 1993 ; Wehlage & A ; Rutter, 1986 ) . Students who dropout of school are more likely to jump category, have disciplinary jobs, and to be suspended ( Ekstrom, Goertz, Pollack, & A ; Rock, 1986 ) . Research shows that hapless academic public presentation and subject jobs are closely related ( Adams, 2008 ) . The motive and support that a pupil receives in school forms his or her school experiences, and greatly influences subsequently educational results. Lack of such support could take to dropping out ( Roderick, 1993 ) . Students at hazard of dropping out are more likely to go forth school if placed in a threatening, uninviting school clime.

The Saraswati Independent School District ( SISD ) is a really big school territory that includes pupils from diverse backgrounds. The school territory has an one-year dropout rate of 12 % , which is more than twice the province norm. I am suggesting a dropout bar plan based on the premise that schools play a important function in take downing the dropout rate. This dropout bar plan will be modeled after the dropout bar undertakings APEX I and APEX III ( Achievement in Dropout Prevention and Excellence ) funded by the US Department of Education. The plan will be implemented within four high schools in the SISD. APEX I was foremost introduced in 2002 as a three-year undertaking in two New Hampshire high schools, one being Franklin High School ( FHS ) . The one-year dropout rate at FHS declined from 16.8 % in 2001 to less so 3 % in 2005 after the execution of APEX I. Franklin High besides saw a 50 % decrease in office subject referrals over three old ages. Consequences from pupil and staff studies showed feelings of improved school clime and response to job behaviours at Franklin High. A plan rating showed the APEX I model had highly promising consequences for pupils at FHS ( Cortez & A ; Malloy, n.d. ) . In 2005, the U.S. Department of Education decided to allow extra support and the APEX I project was extend though 2009 as APEX II to function 10 high schools across New Hampshire.

High schools with promising pupil results tend to hold good organized, consistent and positive systems of subject and tend to hold a doctrine that all pupils should be successful ( Rumberger, 2004 ) . The New Hampshire APEX II theoretical account is based on the doctrine that school factors can lend to take downing dropout rates, and that all pupils should hold the individualised supports necessary to win. Similar to the Saraswati Independent School District, pupils in New Hampshire battle with legion hazard factors for dropping out, such as life in poorness, emotional disablements, hapless motive, high rates of behaviour jobs, and hapless academic accomplishment. The APEX II dropout bar theoretical account combines three school betterment schemes ; a information driven positive behavioural support system, an intensive individualised school-to-career service for the most at hazard pupils ( RENEW ) , and a pupil led demands appraisal and action program that allows pupils assess the schools, clime, safety, and larning. The primary ends of the APEX II theoretical account are to cut down dropout rates, better single pupil success, and better overall school clime. The APEX II plan is designed to cut down New Hampshire ‘s dropout rate by 20 % within two old ages. The Saraswati school territory needs a dropout bar plan that will bring forth similar consequences.

Plan Components

Assessable Data System. A large portion of the APEX II theoretical account is set uping an accessible information system. Program forces collect informations sing tardiness, absences, office referrals for subject jobs, and study informations from pupils and school staff about school civilization and school clime. Office subject referrals include information about where, when, and why job behaviours occurred, and informations on detainments and suspensions. This information system is updated on a regular basis and is readily accessible to teacher and decision makers on an on-going footing. School forces examine and reexamine the informations to place marks that a pupil is at hazard for dropping out. These marks could include a high figure of absences, a high figure of office subject referrals, or a high figure of school suspensions. Information within the database is used to develop behavioural intercessions for the full pupil population, for groups of pupils, or for single pupils. The information is besides examined to find the causes of riotous behaviours. Data aggregation is the basis of APEX II.

The dropout bar plan implemented in the Saraswati Independent School District will hold a similar information system. The variables collected should include tardiness, absences, office referrals for subject jobs, and study informations from pupils and school staff about school civilization and school clime. Office subject referrals will supply a wealth of information. Many schools already collect office subject referrals, tardiness, and absences. School forces complete office subject referrals when they observe pupil behaviour and find if the behaviour is terrible plenty to justify a referral. Office subject referrals include utile information such as pupil names, name of mentioning staff member, the job behaviour, and the day of the month, clip of twenty-four hours, location, and possible ancestors and map of job behaviours.

Tardiness, absences, and office subject referrals should be entered daily into a computing machine plan for matching, sum uping, and graphing, to reply inquiries about pupils and their behaviours. Staff and pupil questionnaires will be completed and evaluated each semester to analyze the overall clime of the school. The school secretaries could come in the information gathered on tardiness, attending, and office subject referrals daily. There will be specific ends set for each standard ( tardiness, absences, ODR ) to analyze the dropout bar plan ‘s success and to place what pupils need extra aid. For illustration, to demo current plan attempts are successful, research suggests that the figure of pupils with two or more office subject referrals should be below 25 % at the high school degree. When a pupil receives two or more office subject referrals within a twelvemonth they will have extra aid. Similar standard will be set for tardiness and attending. School forces will have preparation at the beginning of each school twelvemonth to larn the informations and information system, and developing on how to finish office subject referrals.

Positive Behavior Support System. The APEX II theoretical account implements a Positive Behavioral Support System. The dropout bar plan implemented in the Saraswati Independent School District will besides follow a three-tiered Positive Behavioral Support System. Most PBS plans have been implemented in simple and in-between schools but some high schools have implemented PBS with positive consequences. Positive behavior support is a systemic, informations driven behavioural support and betterment procedure that consists of three elements. PBS is designed to forestall break and turn to the behavioural support demands of pupils at hazard of school failure. The PBS attack defines appropriate pupil behaviours that create an overall positive school environment. A system of positive behavior support is implemented in the schoolroom and other school scenes, such as hallways and public toilets. In a PBS system, attending is focused on making and prolonging primary ( school-wide ) , secondary ( group ) , and third ( single ) systems of support that make job behaviour less effectual, efficient, and relevant. The success of the APEX II theoretical account depends on a school ‘s willingness to sharpen its informations aggregation and retrieval system so that instructors and decision makers know who will profit from which degree of support, place at-risk pupils at a really early point before they have experienced multiple failures, and find how support will be offered. School forces in the Saraswati Independent School District will have preparation in the constituents of PBS and developing on how to cut down job behaviours while advancing prosocial behaviours.

To implement a positive behavioural support system, a School-wide or primary degree support squad is formed in each APEX II school, and consists of about 10-12 instructors, decision makers, particular pedagogues, parents, and pupils. A similar squad will be formed in each SISD high school implementing the dropout bar plan. This squad will utilize the information system to measure the effectivity of the plan, to find if the current program is accomplishing accompanied results, to demo what countries need betterment, and to place pupils who need extra support. The squad will redesign the school ‘s behavioural outlooks ; sharpen the school ‘s informations aggregation and retrieval systems ; and design and implement school-wide intercessions that will profit all pupils. Cosmopolitan intercessions are designed to turn to the demands of the bulk of the pupil organic structure that have the fewest societal, behavioural, or academic challenges. Primary or school broad intercessions are intended to forestall job behaviour while learning prosocial accomplishments.

APEX II schools besides develop a secondary degree or “ Targeted Team ” of specializers and decision makers that focuses on those pupils who exhibit ambitious behaviours and who are at hazard for school failure due to academic, societal, or behavioural issues. Schools in the SISD implementing the plan will besides develop ‘targeted squads ‘ . The end of this squad will be to plan intercessions for a pupil or group of pupils based on Functional Behavioral Analysis ( FBA ) . These “ function-based ” intercessions are proven extremely effectual in the decrease of job behaviours and the associated negative effects. Secondary degree intercessions may include group therapy to cut down aggressive behaviour and accommodation troubles or schoolroom based constituents to learn pupils adaptative behaviours that promote academic and societal success. Students at the secondary degree are closely monitored based on day-to-day or hebdomadal behaviour ends.

RENEW Rehabilitation, Empowerment, Natural supports, Education and Work ( RENEW ) . The determination to drop out of high school does non happen nightlong, but it is frequently preceded by feelings that the pupil does non suit in at school and can non profit from what school has to offer. To link with these pupils before they drop out, schools frequently need to look beyond the obvious. An APEX II facilitator trained in a school-to-career service theoretical account called “ RENEW ” works with staff members at each high school and with specializers from community-based organisations to place single pupils who are fighting to graduate or who have already dropped out of school. A support squad is formed around each pupil and works with the pupil to develop individualised, student-directed school-to-career programs, designed to assist the pupil earn recognition toward graduation through appropriate alternate agencies. Students with disablements, such as those with emotional and behavioural jobs, frequently benefit from the single systems of support offered through PBS within a wider context of the school-wide declared outlooks. The SISD will besides follow a similar plan and squad at each high school to work with pupils who need single intercessions.

The intensive constituent in a PBS theoretical account typically includes services for pupils whose support needs extend beyond the capacity of the school. At the high school degree, APEX II uses a theoretical account, RENEW ( Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural supports, Education and Work ) for bad young person that has proven effectual in assisting pupils alumnus, happen employment and post-secondary instruction, and do the passage into grownup life.A The Saraswati Independent School District will follow a similar plan. The RENEW plan supports pupils to develop personal hereafters programs and alternate high school graduation programs, provides the supports they need to finish their coursework, and aids with finding employment and with doing those connexions with resources in the community.

Addressing single pupils ‘ most hard jobs is one manner schools can assist maintain more pupils coming back. Interventions in APEX II/RENEW theoretical account are designed to place the pupils who need these supports and to turn to betterments in a pupil ‘s life both inside and outside the school edifice through mentoring, individualized tracts toward high school graduation, vocational activities, mental wellness support services, tutoring and place visits, and other attacks. Each high school hires two full clip wise mans. Each wise man manages a caseload of 12 pupils and works one on one with their pupils on their calling and instruction focused academic and behavioural issues. The APEX/RENEW wise mans provide or assist entree supports such as, tutoring, internships, occupation shadow chances, and college visits. They besides work with the pupils on the development of life accomplishments such as budgeting, interview accomplishments, and interpersonal accomplishments. A summer plan focused on societal accomplishment development is besides provided for the pupils. Students in the RENEW plan have an single program that focus on pupil involvements and strengths, how the pupil describes themselves, and the pupil ‘s dreams and ends. These programs are developed outside of the school scene and are facilitated by the pupils ‘ household.

Student leading enterprise. Coordinators of the APEX II dropout plan recognize that equal interaction is frequently the most effectual manner to make at-risk pupils. The plan therefore involves equals in dropout bar activities through a pupil leading enterprise. This piece of the APEX II theoretical account includes a student-led information aggregation and analysis activity, which sets the phase for sweetening of pupil voices on the PBS Universal Teams. Students train as ‘school clime ‘ experts to measure the attitudes of their equals towards high school, and analyze a assortment of factors that influence a pupil ‘s determination to drop out. At the terminal of every semester, pupils evaluate staff and pupil response on questionnaires sing school clime. Among the factors addressed are school force and intimidation, bias, favoritism, low academic accomplishment in relation to school clime, and staff/student communicating. Once this information is collected, pupil leaders work together to better understand fellow pupils ‘ demands and perceptual experiences of high school and develop effectual, data-driven action programs within their schools that address behavioural issues, dropout bar, and school safety and clime. Each school in the SISD implementing the dropout bar plan will follow a similar pupil led squad.

Evaluation Plan

A plan rating assesses the strengths and failing of educational plans, steps pupil results, and helps plans set up a principle to have extra support. The rating procedure should concentrate on how good the plan is being implemented based on the initial plan description. In add-on, the rating should analyze efficiency of the plan, how good the plans ends are being met, and the consequence the plan is holding on participants. The information system implemented in the dropout bar plan will be of import in the rating program.

Data aggregation methods. The first measure in the rating procedure is to place the plan constituents that will be evaluated. Program judges will get down by garnering baseline informations within each single school before the execution of the undertaking. The one-year dropout rate, the figure of office referrals by class, the figure of pupils at each high school with 0-1 office referral per twelvemonth, 2-5 referrals per twelvemonth, and pupils with more than 5 office referrals per twelvemonth, informations sing the ‘top job behaviours ‘ , and informations on tardiness and attending will be collected for rating per semester. Program judges will besides garner informations sing pupil and staff perceptual experiences of the school clime per semester. This will be conducted over a five-year period. Once an single pupil enters the RENEW plan their advancement and successes will besides be evaluated.

Evaluation inquiries. Following, plan judges will bring forth rating inquiries or plan standards. The plan will hold a end to cut down the territory dropout rate by 30 % within a 5-year period with is 6 % yearly. Each high school implementing the plan will hold a similar end to cut down the dropout rate. Analyzing the one-year dropout rate school broad and system broad will find if the plan is effectual in cut downing the dropout rate. The figure of pupils with two or more office subject referrals should be below 25 % for each school by the first twelvemonth of execution and remain that manner over the following 4 old ages. Office subject referrals will be used to compare consequences from semester to semester and from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. This will give an index of betterment and can place if the dropout bar theoretical account is successful in cut downing the figure of job behaviours in pupils. Analyzing ‘top job behaviours ‘ will supply information about possible behaviours and state of affairss the plan has failed to alter. Roll uping informations sing school clime per semester will find if the undertakings ultimate end if supplying a better school clime has been achieved.

Evaluation design. To measure each schools advancement, the rating squad will carry on a one-group clip series design every semester analyzing variables collected in the information system. The dropout rate will be evaluated yearly by school and by territory. All other variables will be evaluated per semester by school and by territory. This design will demo alterations over clip in office subject referrals, job behaviours, tardiness, attending, school clime evaluations and the dropout rate to find if the plan is accomplishing its ends within a peculiar school. This type of rating will besides be done for pupils who enter the RENEW plan.

In add-on, the plan rating will compare a control group that is non having the dropout bar plan with an experimental group having the plan. A figure of high schools will have the plan and some will non. Schools that are similar demographically will be compared over a 5-year period based on the same experimental variables mentioned above. Matching schools for comparing will necessitate analyzing demographic informations such as dropout rate, per centum of office subject referrals, per centum of pupils with particular demands, pupils having free and decreased tiffin and socioeconomic position, race, terminal of class trial consequences.


The Saraswati Independent School District can use for the Public Schools of North Carolina Dropout Prevention and Intervention Grant or the Race to the Top Fund provided by the U.S. Department of Education. The NC Dropout Prevention Grant is available for any school territory within the province of North Carolina. The grant supports plans that promote early designation of at-risk scholars, effectual services for at-risk scholars, and betterment in school clime. The province has set aside 13 million dollars to back up plans and initiative that mark pupils at hazard for dropping out. Grant support can amount for up to one hundred 70 five thousand dollars per twelvemonth. The Race to the Top Fund provided by the U.S. Department of Education has an ‘estimated scope of awards ‘ between 20 million and 700 million. The financess are reward to the lowest achieving schools. These schools must be following criterions and appraisals that prepare pupils to win in college and the workplace, and to vie in the planetary economic system, that are constructing informations systems that step pupil growing and success, and inform instructors and principals about how they can better direction and are focal points on turning around the lowest achieving schools. The New Hampshire Department of Education was given over two million dollars over a three twelvemonth period to fund the APEX II plan. The grant rewarded to the Saraswati Independent School District must be adequate to implement the plan in four high schools over the class of 5 old ages.

Public Schools of North Carolina Dropout Prevention and Intervention Grant ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

The Race to the Top Fund provided by the U.S. Department of Education ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

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