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Entrepreneur Are Born Not Made Commerce Essay

Entrepreneur is a individual who invested something and do their ain concern to derive a advantage. ( Zimmer and Scarborough,2002 ) said that “ enterpriser is person make their ain concern, analyze and take advantage of chances besides with the abilities to acquire a benefit and do a trade with the hazard. ” From that sentiment, person surely born with their abilities or characteristic already haved the of import assets to be an enterpriser. Other sentiments, be an entrepreur besides need attempt. ( Drucker,1985 ) said that inovation and creativeness are specific tools of an enterpriser, but an enterpriser however needs a practical accomplishment and instruction. For practical accomplishments it is of import to cognize about planning, forming, and people besides need to analyze to hold cognition about entrepreneurship.

A born enterpriser is a individual born with qualities to be an enterpriser, for illustration an advanced or creativite personality. A made enterpriser is a individual with a good cognition instruction to back up their ability to be an enterpriser. From assorted sentiments and definitions for enterpriser it can be concluded that in order to go an enterpriser it is non merely necessitate the features of a individual, but besides required cognition about entrepreneurship. Thats mean between born and made is balanced, because this is complement each other to go an enterpriser.

Creative, advanced persons are the nature plus from the enterpriser, but it takes leading and concern subject to completed to became an enterpriser. Every one has different characteristic and this characteristic are one of the most of import parts to became an enterpriser. Innovatived, creatived, motivated, independent, mobility is portion of the many features and most of these features are possessed from nature. “ Many of the few enterprisers already have chief factor to be win from birth, and this is in themselves as advanced, originative, independent or contending spirit “ ( Bruce,1976 ) . Harmonizing to Bruce, characteristic people are born with are more of import than a good instruction to understand about entrepreneurship.

Another point is entrepreneurship, this is besides needed to be an enterpriser. . ” ( Coulter,2001, p.6 ) Entrepreneurship are the procedure to understand concern constructs, particularly to understanding about fiscal or selling scheme to take an advantange of chances and generate value. In conformity to Coulter, an enterpriser demand to understand concern constructs to form or pull off concern and for that they need to larn and hold a good educational background.

Some enterprisers have of import assets like features to be an enterpriser, but these features entirely are non plenty to make the conditions for concern success. Constructing a successful entrepreneurial attempt besides depends on a complex interaction of internal and external factors, including timing, geographics, civilization and for that they need to larn about entrepreneurship. There are some information about successful enterprisers by the characteristic and successful enterpriser because the attempt to larn and analyze about entrepreneurship which is usefull for the leading.

1. Steve Jobs

( Isaacso,2011 ) Steve Jobs is an enterpriser from United States. Many people who use Apple merchandises would cognize who Steve Jobs is. Steve Job start occupation in 1976 founded the Apple along with 2 friends that Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. In leading, Steve Jobs is known as a tempramental and subject leader. He is besides really extremely motivated in every occupation. Passionated and innovationed are his chief to go a successful enterpriser. As we see today, his invention and creativeness make Apple merchandises being popular on appliance lovers. Iphone merchandise invention and it is now thought to be cellular telephone or ache phone that is non merely good for an attractive design but besides has a assortment of utile characteristics. ( Isaacso,2011 ) said that Steve Jobs knew how to make merchandises that pleased, interfaces that were friendly, and selling messages that were luring.

Steve occupations is one of the enterpriser, who maximizes his natural abilities. He was non excessively concerned with formal instruction. ( Isaacso,2011 ) said that Steve Job is non a individual who prefers a formal instruction. He felt excessively much cost that his parents must pay, but he did non acquire anything and so he took a class of penmanship which there is the beginning of logo created mackintosh with his inovation an imaginativeness. Mr. Jobs ‘s intuition was based non on conventional acquisition but on experiential wisdom. He besides had a batch of imaginativeness and cognize how to use it. As Einstein said, “ Imagination is more of import than cognition. ” ( Isaacso,2011 ) . Invention is one of import point to be an enterpriser, with inventions one can make new things included in the concern universe.

Spirit of invention steve occupations is his natural abilities, and it is nature cause he have that feature on his ego. He ever seeking to make something interesting and with the experience he gained when he study class of caligraph it helped him to develop his endowments. He is advanced but he need an attempt to maximization his nature and cognize how to utilize that to be an enterpriser.

2. Donald Trump

“ Donald trump is an enterpriser who ne’er gave up. Donald Trump is a individual, harmonizing to himself, who likes to believe large ” ( Trump and Zanker, 2008 ) . Thinking large is a strong factor in Trump ‘s concern successes. Sing his concern purposes, he was bound to be considered as a major success, if even some of the purposes were attained. Similarly, nevertheless, his failures are besides magnified by the size of the things he attempts to make. Donald Trump besides tends toward the simplistic. He stated that most “ people think little, because most people are afraid of success, afraid of doing determinations, afraid of winning. ” ( Trump, 2008, p17 ) . He is the president of The Trump Organization and besides the laminitis of Trump Entertainment Resorts. ( Willey,2008 ) Donald Trump was born on 14 June 1946. Donald trump started his calling working in his male parent ‘s company The Trump Organization are concentrated in the middle-class place leases. Not merely do concern in the belongings, donald trump is besides spread outing its concern into the field of amusement. In 2004, Trump became the executive manufacturer and host of the NBC world show, The Apprentice.

( Willey,2008 ) Donald trump was born in a household with a good instruction. Trump attended The Kew-Forest School in Forest Hills, Queens until he was 13. After finishing high school, he continued his surveies at Fordham University for two old ages. In 1968 he earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a concentration in finance at the Wharton Business School. At first he wanted to go on analyzing at movie school, but finally he decided that existent estate is a good concern and the concern schools he can larn about the direction and fiscal it is utile for the advancement of the household concern. ( Willey,2008 ) .

Donald Trump ever had the motive and spirit despite holding suffered immense losingss in concern. Trump besides ne’er halt larning more and larn from experience. His abilitites to face of the force per unit area is a nature feature that was he hold. Educational background besides one of the of import points in his concern success. With the instruction about the concern, he was able to larn and pattern how to construct good concern including finance and selling issues.

3. Anita Roddick

Body store, one of the celebrated trade name that does concern in the field of retail merchants of cosmetics and related merchandises. Anita Roddick was the laminitis of The Body Shop, she was born in Littlehampton, England in 1942. ( Gray, 2007 ) , explain that roddick began The Body Shop to make a support for himself and her girls, while her hubby travelled the United States. Out of despair, she created cosmetics out of every ingredient that she stored in her garage. She opened her foremost store in Brighton, England, with the thought of supplying quality skin attention merchandises for a adult female. The first clip she open the shop with merely 15 merchandises and was able to finance the shop utilizing her hotel as collateral. Her merchandises contained ingredients that adult females used in cleansing rites. ( Gray, 2007 ) .

Creativity and assurance became the start for her in edifice and running a cosmetics concern. Features of a confident and originative in a new venture to construct their capital for annita Roddick, with the assurance he runs his thought to get down a concern in the field of cosmetics. ( Gray, 2007 ) , in the class of concern Anita Roddick ever respect the sentiments of employees or other people for merchandise development. “ The most succesfull enterprisers are those who recognize that they need other people around them to pull off their concern, to oppugn their thought, and to supply the accomplishments or knowlegde thay they non hold it. ” ( Rassam,1988 ) . Receive sentiment from costumier or other people is really utile in running a concern, we can happen out what consumers want so that we can increase gross revenues and client satisfaction about our merchandises. This point is really influential for Anita Roddick in running the organic structure store concern.

Annita Roddick, she ne’er get an instruction about the concern in the university or another concern schools. Anita used her ‘gut-instincts ‘ to make her ain manner of runing her concern. her bravery and assurance are able to pave the manner to get down a good concern. ( Gray,2007 ) . Harmonizing to ( Roddick,2005 ) , “ you have to be and outsider, a individual who does non travel with a mainstream. You have to hold a vision, thoughts, optimism and a certain grade of daftness. ” Harmonizing to Roddick, the apprehension that accomplishments and money are non the standards for a successful enterpriser, is of import. You do non hold to cognize how to make something. ( Roddick,2005 ) . Vision or creativeness must make with action to be a successful enterpriser non merely acquire a net income, but besides knowed what will you make in our concern.

Based on the description of illustrations from some enterprisers, some people are clearly born enterpriser like Anita Roddick. She may non hold the proper educational background to go enterpriser but she have a nature feature to go an enterpriser. An intuition that guides her in edifice her endeavors. Peoples like this see that others do non acknowledge chance and while others fail to make so. Most of their concern comes from the resources within themselves.

On the other manus, based on the illustration of enterprisers described above. Entrepreneur requires non merely the features, but besides takes attempt to construct his concern. Steve Jobs he have the nature to be an enterpriser like creativenesss and advanced, but he besides takes instruction to develop their endowments by taking a class of caligraphy. Donald Trump, he chose to acquire a formal instruction in concern. Learn about the concern of existent estate, including larning about fiscal direction and to beef up its abilities to be an enterpriser in the belongings sector.


There are a assortment of factors that can be contributed to be an enterpriser. Some of these factor are nature or inborn, like a characteristic or personality and motive. The others attributes is raising or made, like instruction and life experience can be gained by everyone. The personal properties of, creativeness, advanced, hazard pickings and assurance are of import, edifice on that with a good and strong instruction is make it better. Combines that factors with a thrust to win and perseverance will do the best possible opportunity to be an succesful entrepreneurial. Between nature and raising, both of this are balanced and it can be complement each other to go an enterpriser.

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