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Example Answers to Questions on Leadership Strategy

Leadership has been described as the procedure of societal influence a group of persons to accomplish a common ends. Leadership is finally about making a manner for people to lend to doing something uncommon happen.

A leader is a individual who guides others toward a common end, demoing the manner by illustration, and making an environment in which other squad members feel actively involved in the full procedure. A leader is non the foreman of the squad but on the contrary, that is dedicated to those who carried out the pioneering mission. A leader who is organized helps actuate squad members to be organized every bit good. A leader should non make all the work. Making everything yourself is a hapless usage of clip and prevents your Venture from turning. Alternatively, a leader should work with his or her teammates and larn how to depute duty while being aware of everyone ‘s involvements, ends, and strengths. Although an of import portion of being a leader involves listening to the people around you, retrieve that you are non ever traveling to be able to make a via media. When this happens, do n’t be afraid to do the concluding determination, even if some squad members disagree with you.

The traits theory is concerned with seeking out the traits. It is the qualities and features of a individual that leaders were thought to be born with. This theory does non take into history the followings, merely concentrates the leaders ‘ features.

Contingency theory is a category of behavioural theory that claims that there is no best manner to form a corporation, to take a company, or to do determinations. Alternatively, the optimum class of action is contingent ( dependent ) upon the internal and external state of affairs. Several eventuality attacks were developed at the same time in the late sixtiess. This theory depending on the type of relationship that are relax relationship and strained relationship. Relax relationship is appoint an easy be traveling leader and strained relationship is appoint a steadfast manner leader.

Besides that, a director is a individual tasked with supervising one or more employees or sections to guarantee these employees or sections carry out assigned responsibilities as required. Depending on the size of the company there might be a individual, organizing a brace or ternary direction bed involved.

When such in the instance, they may make concern programs to increase profitableness. Some concern directors chief keep ticker over supervisors and do n’t hold rather every bit much contact with employees that produce the bulk of merchandises or sell things.

A director is normally promoted from within, so he or she may already be rather familiar with the kitchen, hygiene or client service sections. Sometimes a eating house director will be hired from outside because of his or her disposal or accounting accomplishments, but most of the clip a eating house ‘s proprietor will advance assuring employees out of the trenches and into supervisory places.

The directors did revealed the per centum of clip spent on four chief functions. The first chief function is traditional direction ( 32 % ) that is about planning, commanding and doing the determination. Second chief function is communication accomplishments ( 29 % ) that are interchanging the information, verbally and on paper. Third chief function is human resource direction ( 20 % ) that are speaking about disciplining, motive, general staffing troubles, preparation and staff development. Fourth chief function is networking ( 19 % ) this is socialize.

Leaderships and directors can be compared. A leader is one who influences the behaviour and work of others in group attempts towards success of specified ends in a given state of affairs. On the other manus, director can be a true director merely if he has got leading traits in him. A director carry out direction maps for all five and director is really indispensable a job. It is more stable and all directors are leaders. Manager is accountable for ego and the behaviour of subsidiaries and public presentation. While a leader influences people to work volitionally for group aims. A leader is required to make intimate relation between staff and for organisation and leading is impermanent. Leaderships have no clear defined answerability.

Both a director and a leader are necessary and of import. Here indicates cardinal words that farther do the differentiation between the two maps. The director administers ; the leader innovates. The director is transcript ; the leader is an original. The director maintains ; the leader develops. The director accepts world ; the leader investigates it. The director focuses on systems and construction ; the leader focuses on people. The director relies on control ; the leader inspires trust. The director has a short-range position ; the leader has a long-range position. The director inquire how and when ; the leader asks what and why. The director has his or her oculus ever on the bottom line ; the leader has his or oculus on the skyline. The director imitates ; the leader originates. The director is the authoritative good soldier ; the leader is his or her ain individual.

Question 2


Cost leading scheme is organisation competes on monetary value, instead than, quality or progress characteristics. Economies of graduated table are needed with this scheme and organisations choosing for this demand to guarantee they are efficient and maintain their operating costs at a lower limit and a low cost scheme does non vouch a competitory advantage ; clients besides have to see the merchandises and services as stand foring value for money.

What is mass market? The mass market is a general concern term depicting the largest group of consumers for a specified industry merchandise. The mass market is the group of consumers who occupy the overpowering mass of a bell curve for common family merchandises, i.e. they could be tagged as being “ mean ” . Yet, this group consists of such a broad assortment of people, their desires towards a certain merchandise may be wholly different from each other. Often competition to provide the big market is ferocious, but comparatively easy to come in because of the mass sum of Consumer Park available.

For illustration, Tesco vs. Jusco. Tesco

Focus scheme is an organisation marks narrow sections of the market. This can be consumer group or geographics. For illustration, consumer groups are adolescents, gamers, the retired, fitness fans, drubbers, professionals, highly affluent, concern people, homosexual and more. One can hold a cost leading focal point or a distinction focal point.

In cost focal point a house seeks a cost advantage in its mark section. The discrepancies of the focal point scheme remainder on differences between a focuser ‘s mark section and other sections in the industry. The mark sections must either hold purchasers with unusual demands or else the production and bringing system that best serves the mark section must differ from that of other industry sections. Cost focal point feats differences in cost behaviour in some sections.

What is niche market? A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific merchandise is concentrating ; therefore the market niche defines the specific merchandise characteristics aimed at fulfilling specific market demands, every bit good as the monetary value scope, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. Every individual merchandise that is on sale can be defined by its niche market.

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