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Fastest Growing Telecommunication Companies In Pakistan Commerce Essay

WORLD CALL Telecommunications Group comprises some of the fastest turning telecommunication companies in Pakistan. The Company has and continues to present new Technology based services in Pakistan. Businesss and undertakings completed under development scope from payphones and prepaid naming cards to wide/broadband radio and overseas telegram substructure. With monopoly of PTCL due to stop in December 2003, WORLD CALL is ideally positioned to go a major telecommunication service supplier in Pakistan.

The services offered by WORLD CALL are:

Payphones Media Timess

Software Solutions Phone cards

Multimedia Mega Magic

DOT COM Broadband Services

Internet Solutions


WORLD CALL was started by First Capital Securities Corporation as a payphone concern in 1996. The new venture stood at the front terminal of a communicating revolution that was yet to grip the state. Their perceptual experience of a altering concern environment placed WORLD CALL at the lead of a demand-led detonation of payphones all over the state. They installed their first payphone in June, 1996. Today there are 141,000 payphones all over the state and WORLD CALL holds the largest portion with 22 % of the market. Today, they are figure one, and innovators in franchised payphones. With the enlargement in telecom they continued to introduce. Over the old ages they invested in new engineerings and new concerns.

In 1998 Prepaid Calling Card games were launched by WORLD CALL phone cards under the trade name name “ Hello ” . In the private sector HELLO is figure one and once more the first. In the undermentioned twelvemonth the group established dial-up cyberspace services through WORLD CALL Dot Com. In 1999A WORLD CALL Telecom Lanka established the group ‘s first abroad presence when payphone operations were established in Sri Lanka. Today, they operate over 1200 payphones in Sri Lanka.

In 2000 WORLD CALL Broadband established a Hybrid Fiber Coaxial ( HFC ) web in Lahore by the name of “ Magic ” , therefore going the first Multi service operator in the state, supplying overseas telegram telecasting and overseas telegram cyberspace. In Cable Television in Lahore, WORLD CALL was the last entrant and by far the largest. In 2003 they launched a province of the art HFC web operation in Karachi branded WORLD CALL Broadband Limited. Phase 1 of the undertaking, covering Defence and Clifton is complete and over the following 18 months the undertaking envisions a fibre web all over Karachi.

Presently the undermentioned companies are under the WORLD CALL group and run each in their specific field.


WORLD CALL Communications Ltd.

WORLD CALL Phone cards Ltd.

WORLD CALL Multimedia Ltd.

WORLD CALL Broadband Ltd.

WORLD CALL Telecom Lanka Ltd.


WORLD CALL Internet Solutions Ltd.


Financial Services


First Capital Securities Corp. Ltd.

First Capital Equities Ltd.

First Capital Investments Ltd.

First Capital Mutual Fund Ltd.

Lanka Securities Ltd.

Shaheen Insurance Co Ltd.


Pace Pakistan Ltd.

Human Resource Department

WORLD CALL has a separate human resource section. This section concerned with employees. This section performs all the maps o recruit best employees. After engaging them their preparation and development and motive of employees, so that operation of its concerns should work efficaciously. The map of the HR section is as follow:

Job Analysis

Recruitment and Choice

Training and Development

Measuring Performance



Hierarchy of Human Resource Management

Job Analysis

The process for finding the responsibilities and accomplishment demands of a occupation and the sort of individual who should be hired for it. It includes work activities, human demand and public presentation criterions. In WORLD CALL they analyze the full occupation and do occupation descriptions and specifications. Keeping it Secret like other companies they did n’t supply us any occupation description or specification. But we gather some information about the duties of senior HR director.

Position Name Responsibilities

Senior HR director Rabia Afaf Shah HR direction, enlisting,

Training and development

Methods of roll uping Job analysis Information:

The method used by the company to roll up information for occupation analysis is interview by the current employees. In WORLD CALL to roll up information about occupation analysis, HR directors conduct interviews from employees separately and some times group interviews.

Recruitment and Choice

In enlisting and choice procedure, forces planning are the first measure to find the occupations and places to be filled. After that company construct up pool of campaigners and make full out application signifiers from them. Then proving and interviews are used to test out the campaigners and choice best from all.

WORLD CALL has a really particular policy to engage the employees. Their policy is that, they merely take gross revenues and field staff from outside. But they do n’t take directors from exterior. For directors and higher station, they promote internal employees.

Employees be aftering and prediction:

There are assorted methods to calculate future forces demands. But in WORLD CALL, they use tendency analysis to calculate their future demands of employees.

Trend Analysis:

It is the survey of houses past employment needs over a period of old ages to foretell future demands. The forecasted forces demand of WORLD CALL for the twelvemonth 2006 is about 50+ . Its includes gross revenues individuals and proficient staff. In the last twelvemonth they hire about 100+ employees for gross revenues and proficient work.


HR section of WORLD CALL usage forces replacing chart for replacing of their employees. ” Personnel replacing charts are the records, which show present public presentation and promo tability of inside campaigners for most of import place.

Job Posting:

For engaging internal employees HR section of WORLD CALL frequently use the term “ occupation poster ” . It is publicising an unfastened occupation to internal employees by posting it on the notice board of company. HR section of WORLD CALL usage occupation posting for two old ages ago.


WORLD CALL has got experient advertizers. They use four-point usher called AIDA ( attending, involvement, desire, action ) to build their ads. The medium that WORLD CALL used peculiarly for hiring and for their advertizements of services is “ Newspaper ” . They besides use “ Internet ” to enroll their employees. On WORLD CALL ‘s site, there is a calling nexus where any organic structure can subject his or her CVs.

Staffing Options:

WORLD CALL switch to different staffing degrees. There are following footing on which they recruit new employees.


2- Contract.

3- Temporary to permanent.

Engineers and proficient staff are hired in contract footing and direction employees on Permanent footing.

Minorities and Womans:

WORLD CALL gives equal chance for every occupation to all work forces, adult females and minorities.

Developing and utilizing Application Form:

The application signifier provides information on instruction, anterior work, records and accomplishments about the campaigners. The information that WORLD CALL collects through application signifier is Education, Martial Status, and Mentions.


Testing is chief measure in choice procedure. It is used to test out the best employees from all the campaigners. Test represents the abilities of campaigners about peculiar Job. The trials used by WORLD CALL for Screening are:

IQ ( Intelligent Quotient ) :

These are trials on general rational abilities. It measures the abilities like memory, vocabulary, verbal eloquence and numerical abilities.


They test the campaigners by giving them questionnaire comparative to specific Job.

Test Cogency:

The WORLD CALL ‘s HR sections do n’t utilize the technique of trial proof.

Interviewing Campaigners:

Interview is the basic Technique to obtain information from a individual ‘s unwritten responses to unwritten enquiries. After proving the campaigners, the HR section of WORLD CALL usage interview for choosing the best campaigner. They use following types of interviews:


“ The interview in which a group of interviewers questioned the applier. ”


“ In this informal type, the interviewer pursues points of involvements as they come up in response to inquiries. They did n’t do questionnaire for interview. ”

WORLD CALL ‘s HR sections do n’t reexamine at that place past interviews and misidentify in their interviews.

Training and Development

Employee orientation:

“ A process for supplying new employees with basic background information about the house ” .

In WORLD CALL orientation plans is continued for minimal 2 to3 yearss and maximal one hebdomad. In orientation the COO of the company give his positions and state about the background of the company.


Training is basically a acquisition procedure in which employees learn from talks and practical work. In WORLD CALL they use to develop their employees inside the organisation. They peculiar term is called as “ In house Training ” .

The techniques used by the company to develop their employees are as follows:

On the occupation Training:

They used to develop the employees while working on the occupation. It is really effectual technique because make his work and every bit good as learn the things about the occupation.

Apprenticeship Training:

It is a construction procedure by which persons become skilled workers through a combination of schoolroom direction and on the occupation preparation.

Job Rotation:

A preparation technique used by the WORLD CALL that involves traveling the trainees from section to section to broaden their experiences.

Measuring Performance

It is the rating of an employee ‘s current public presentation relation to its public presentation criterions. The method used by the Worlds call ‘s HR section is direction by nonsubjective method.

MBO method:

This method involves puting specific mensurable ends with each employee and so sporadically reexamining the advancement made.

Appraisal Interviews:

Appraisal interview is an interview in which the supervisor and subsidiary review the assessment and to do redress lacks and reenforce strengths. In WORLD CALL their supervisors conduct such interviews.

Incentives and Pay Plans

Incentives are the fiscal wagess paid to employees whose public presentation reached to preset criterions. WORLD CALL use many inducement programs to actuate their employees. The inducements they give autumn under following classs:

Incentives for operational Employees

Spot Bonus:

It is the self-generated inducements awarded to persons for achievements non readily measured by a criterion.

Group Incentives:

Plan in which a production criterion is set for a specific workgroup and its members are paid inducements if the group exceeds the production criterion.

Incentives for Managers & A ; Executives

Annual fillip:

This is the program to actuate short term public presentation of director and tied to company profitableness.

Incentives for Gross saless individual


In WORLD CALL, they paid gross revenues people merely fixed wages and they are provided any committee.

Organization broad Incentives

These are the inducements, which are offered to all employees of the company. Every employee participates in these inducements. The organisation broad inducement program used by the WORLD CALL is net income sharing.

Net income sharing:

A program whereby most employees portion in the company ‘s net incomes.


The indirect fiscal and non fiscal payments an employee receives for go oning his/her employment with the company. They include such things as clip off with wage, wellness and life insurance, pensions and instruction program.

In WORLD CALL they give following benefits to their employees:

Unemployment insurance:

“ It is supplying hebdomadal benefits if any employee is unable to work through some mistakes other than his or her ain. ”

Vacations and Vacations:

WORLD CALL offer 20 one-year, 10 insouciant and 8 ill foliages to its employees.

Life insurance:

WORLD CALL provides life insurance programs for its employees.

Workers compensation:

Provides income and medical benefits to work ranked accident victims or their dependants irrespective of mistake.

Rupture Wage:

WORLD CALL supply its employees rupture wage under some peculiar status, but merely for 1 month and if the ground expiration is bad public presentation so they do n’t make this.

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