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Features Of Classical Theory Commerce Essay

It is the organized survey of the organisation which deals with the construction of formal organisation. A formal organisation is the one which is created with the definite steps of authorization and duty. Different theoreticians considered the organisation as end fulfilling machine and the productiveness can be improve by bettering the efficiency of the workers.

Features of Classical theory

Control of workers: Each and every employee in organisation must be purely controlled to see whether the worker is making his occupation on a proper manner or non, before the employee acquire start with his he must be good guided and so he must be controlled while he is on his occupation.

Chain of Command: All the employees within the organisation must describe to merely one supervisor, all the authorization is with merely one individual, no 1 else within the organisation has the right to do any determination and all the work done by the employees must be reported to one supervisor.

Fayol ‘s Administrative Theory

It is defined by Henry Fayol which describes the direction procedure by the directors. It describes that the workers must be motivated by the directors more so they get motivated by money, there must be a well regard nowadays for directors from the workers, and every worker must be every bit treated, there must non be any favoritism by gender, faith, race, etc.

Fayol ‘s direction rules are as follows ;

Fayol ‘s Management Principles

Division of Work: Fayol ‘s determination says that repeat of work brings specialisation, velocity and truth which may ensue in addition in productiveness. As if an employee do the same occupation all the clip long eventually he becomes a specialize worker for a specific undertaking.

Authority and Duty: Authority is defined as the right to give orders, and such authorization is with the directors or supervisors who interact with their employees and need them describe the director by the last twenty-four hours and inquire the director for any alteration in organisation and any determination devising.

Discipline: It is really of import for a successful running concern. it brings common apprehension between the employees and the director.

Order: In any organisation foreman orders the subsidiaries and the subsidiaries follow the same given order in the best possible manner.

Integrity of Direction: In organisation there is ever one caput and one program for the concern towards the same end. Everyone must set their attempts to accomplish the organisation end expeditiously.

Integrity of Command: An employee should have orders from supervisor otherwise there will be a struggle between the subsidiaries and the directors.

Centralization: Element centralisation must ever be present.

Scalar Chain: it is a line of authorization in which the employees are allowed to take determination on everyday base jobs or affairs instead than hierarchical organisation.

Equity: Every employee in organisation must be treated every bit and reasonably.

Stability of Tenure: Every employee want to come with their best, so the employees need some clip to go stable so that they can come up with their best for organisation.

Wage: Means employees will be rewarded for their good attempts and must be encouraged good for their best accomplishment so that they become more productive.

Subordination of Individual Interest to General Interest: The single involvement must be the same as the involvement in general towards the organisation. There must be no difference in single ‘s involvement for the organisation.

Enterprise: Fayol encourage directors to allow the workers find solution for the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours jobs they face while their production procedure.

Esprit de Corps: Fayol recognized the importance of coherence and squad spirit to maintain moral high. ( vBulletin Solution.Inc, 2012 )

Scientific Management Theory

It is defined by FW Taylor as the survey of the relationship between the people and the undertaking for the purpose of redesigning the employment pattern for higher efficiency. Scientific direction theory is about supplying good working conditions to workers, each worker must be good trained before he acquire start with a specific occupation and must be guided about how to make the occupation, each worker must be supervised to look into whether the workers are making their occupations in a best possible manner or non. Some elements of scientific direction theory are as follows ;

Elementss of Scientific Management Theory

Time: Every undertaking must be decently designed and instruct workers to acquire done with the occupation in a given specific clip period, every worker must be given a timeframe for their occupations and every employee must describe the director sing the occupation by the last twenty-four hours.

Choice and Training: Those campaigners must be selected by the organisation who meets the organisation ‘s demands, and as the employee is being selected he must be good trained about the occupation so that he make the occupation or come over the occupation in a best possible manner.

Division of Work: A director is responsible to split the work among the workers and teach each and every worker to travel on with their occupations, if there is large organisation with tonss of employees and every employee is responsible for their specific occupation so alternatively of making the same occupation once more and once more the director should revolve their occupation after every specific clip period so that the employees will non acquire bored with occupation and go more productive.

Authority and Duty: In a scientific direction theory there is ever merely one foreman who passes the authorization and merely the foreman can take the determinations. The director or the foreman passes authorization to employees for a specific occupation and gave them a timeframe, so the worker is responsible for that specific occupation to finish it and describe to the foreman or the director.

Problems with Scientific Management Theory

Directors ever focus on addition productiveness side due to which the quality of merchandises can compromise, as there is division of work every employee is responsible for a specific undertaking and make non assist each other during production procedure.

Employees are bound with the same undertaking and they do reiterate the same undertaking once more and once more due to which workers gets bore and they get de motivated, sometimes in some organisations employees decides to go forth the occupation as they get bore by making the same undertaking once more and once more.

Workers sometime acquire underperform and do non care about the merchandise and quality which can be really bad for organisation ‘s image or trade name name of their merchandise because if employees gets underperform the quality can be decidedly compromised.

Behavioral Management Theory

It is the survey of how directors should actuate employees, promote them and do them more productive to accomplish organisational ends. Directors are the chief entity that how directors should personally concentrate the employees so that the employees feel themselves as a portion of concern and work every bit hard as they can for the sequence of the concern. It all depends upon the directors because director is person who interact with employees and expression after the occupations that employees do, if the director is following a democratic leading manner and gave determination devising rights to their employees so the employees will be automatically motivated.

Human Relations Management Theory

Human relation attack forced the importance of values, relationship and attitude of worlds for the efficient and effectual public presentation in organisation. Elton Mayo wrote that in a modern manner of working preparation is really of import for worlds to acquire usage to the modern mechanical age. The human relation attack contributed an of import consciousness of the influence of worlds at work in organisation that director should motive the employees and acquire the benefits of their improved productiveness.

Undertaking P5

History of Habib Bank Limited

Degree centigrades: UsersMohmmadullahDesktopHBL.jpg

Habib Bank was established in 1947 in Pakistan and construct its caput office in Karachi. Their initial planetary local office was recognized in 1951 in Colombo Sri Lanka. They had over 41 % of domestic market portion and sustained to regulate feasible banking country with a cardinal market portion interior abroad remittal 55 % and loan to little industry. They expand their operations to USA, Singapore, Oman, Belgium, Maldives and Netherlands.

By 29 December 2003 denationalization committee of Pakistan announced that the authorities of Pakistan officially approved the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development right to 51 % of shareholding in HBL, by 26 February 2004 the direction control handed to Agha Khan and the Board of Directors were reconstituted to hold four Agha Khan Fund for Economic Development campaigners, including the president, CEO and the three authorities campaigners. ( HBL, 2012 )

Structure of Habib Bank Limited

Habib Bank Limited operates in 23 parts with 1423 branched in all over Pakistan. The caput and direction commission expression behind the interaction of the bank. Each Head Quarter is headed by Chief Executive and assisted by General Manager. The Regional Head Quarter controls all the subdivisions in that country.

HBL consists of more than 65 bifurcate overseas. Head from Head Office at Karachi controls the offices of the bank with the aid of senior direction. Functional duties of the bank are divided in seven groups known as ;

International Operations group

Corporate Banking and Treasury Investment Group

Retail Banking and Operation Group

Finance Audit and Administration Group

Assetss Remedial Management Group

Recognition Policy Group

Corporate Bank, Financial Institution and undertaking Finance Group

In add-on to overall controlling, president manages the international operations group separately. At all the rank of states there are local caput quarters controlled by Regional Chief Executive and each Regional Chief Executive is assisted by General Manager support service. Branchs are besides controlled by Regional Chief Executives. Offices of the earlier period have been closed to diminish supervisory beds which were runing under zonary offices and all this happened by the beginning of the new alterations in the organisational construction.

Departments of HBL

There are few sections on which general or twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours banking of HBL composes.

There inside informations are as under:

Deposit section

Uncluttering Departments

Inland Remittance Department

Bills Departments

Progresss Departments

Cash section

Cadmium Department

Foreign Exchange Department

Functions of Different Departments

The basic maps of different sections are as follows ;

Accepting Deposits

Its map is to have money from people who want to lodge money with the bank as other Bankss do.HBL besides tries to pull as much clients as they can to lodge their money. They offer different strategies to their clients which include the followers ;

Current Deposits: A type of bank history which is largely used by man of affairs, the bank does non pay any involvement to account holder and the history holder is allowed to retreat their money at any clip.

Salvaging History: Economy histories are those history in which a lower sum of involvement is paid to account holder, it depends upon Bankss every bit good if the bank is Islamic so they do non pay any involvement merely the allow the history holder to retreat a specific sum of money if needed.

Fixed Deposit: A type of history by which the bank pay a immense sum of involvement but it depends upon history holder, the longer the sedimentation clip is the more involvement will be paid.

Making Loans and Progress

It is the most of import map by HBL which makes loan to their possible clients and they charge a really high rate of involvement. Sometime they charge different rates of involvement as good which depends upon footings and conditions. Following type of loans and progresss can be available for the clients ;

Demand Fundss: A type of finance which the client can borrow for a specific clip period and the client is required to pay back without any notice. Transaction can be done one time and rate of involvement can besides be charge.

Runing Finance: HBL provides such fundss against the securities of current assets like bonds, portions etc. The history is opened with the bank and the borrower is permitted to take out every bit much money as the borrower want from history within specified bound and a rate of involvement is besides charged.

Over Draft: This installation is largely provided for the loyal clients and the client is allowed to retreat money more than they have in their history and the rate of involvement is charged on merely the sum of money the client withdraw more than the available sum in their history.

Merchandises Offered by HBL

Tele-printer Service: Introduced in 1952 which helps bank to better its services.

Rupee Traveler ‘s Checks: Introduced in 1957 which facilitate client in encashment of their traveller check at any division of the bank.

Scheme for little Factory Owners: Introduced in 1959 to give loans to little mill proprietors to hike the economic system in Pakistan.

Foreign Tele Printer Service: Introduced in 1961, the thought behind such installation is to supply rapid Banking service to clients in abroad.

Gift Cheques Schemes: Introduced in 1962, HBL provides this strategy to their possible clients which could be use to direct gifts to their clients.

School Banking: Introduced in 1962 to supply banking installation to kids in a specific figure of schools throughout the state.

Mobile Banking: Introduced in 1962 provided to their client to acquire entree to their history through their nomadic phones every bit good.

Credit Card Scheme: Introduced in 1962 HBL provides such installation to their clients to enable them to acquire certain sum of money from specified subdivisions of the bank. Some organisations besides accept payment through valid recognition cards as good.

Auto Cash Teller Machine: Introduced in 1988, a installation for the clients to enable them to retreat money from their history through such machines at any clip twenty-four hours and dark.

Gold Card System: Introduced in 1991, HBL introduced such installation to their client to enable them to acquire up to 10,000 rupees at a clip.

Elementss in the Structure of Habib Bank Limited

There are few elements found in the construction of Habib Bank Limited which are as follows ;

Centralized Decision Devising: The construction of HBL is critical where all the determinations are made by the higher direction and the employees have to follow them. No 1 has the right to do any determination but merely the direction.

Down Communication: Downward communicating means a message passed from top degree direction to subsidiaries in downward way. Manager communicates employees through addresss, cusps, massages in company publications etc. The same policy is followed at HBL which create job as massage from top to bottom can non understood decently by the subsidiaries.

Chain Of Command: Chain of bid at HBL is unbroken line of authorization all the subsidiaries in an organisation which shows who reports to whom. Each and every employee knows to whom an person can describe. The governments are different for different degrees of undertaking.

Authority and Duty: Authority is the right to do determinations, make orders and allocate resources to accomplish organisational ends. The form followed at the construction of organisation is that everyone knows what is one ‘s authorization and duty.

Deputation: Deputation means the procedure to reassign authorization and duty to the lower degree. At HBL no such system prevails as director attempt to maintain as much right as they can, and if some right is passed it is certain that it will be distorted.

SWOT Analysis of Habib Bank Limited

SWOT stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats.


Military officers of Habib Bank Limited are one the most professionals in the universe

HBL has easy entree to utilize an internal usage of computing machine system. Information sing the clients is computerized.

HBL has really good security system

HBL is the largest bank with more than 1439 subdivisions

HBL is the experient bank in Pakistan

24 hr entree and easy payment merchandise for high value minutess

Customer enjoys the service at the residential vicinities


Low occupation satisfaction

Poor ATM service

Highest figure subdivisions set uping the working environment in all the subdivisions

Lack of professionalism in the subdivision employees largely

Sense of uncertainness in the employees functioning at low good subdivisions due to the retrenchment subdivisions.

Female feel uneasy in the on the job environment among male workers


Huge potency market for consumer banking

Opening of female banking sector which is a new thought

Government policies provided for HBL to take advantages to run into expeditiously with the concern to work out their jobs with the immediate hard currency and funding services.

Opportunity to better new engineering

Habib Bank Limited provides chance to use its accomplishments and efficiencies in renting concern.


The environment that increases the troubles the organisation accomplishing high public presentation.

Deficit of Trained staff from lower degree to upper degree

Turning planetary engineering promotion

Strict regulations by the authorities

Competition by foreign Bankss

Increasing operation of foreign Bankss

Progress services by foreign bank to their clients

Undertaking M2

Execution of Organizations Theory to Habib Bank Limited

Habib Bank Limited is one of the largest Bankss in Pakistan with an old and rich experience in banking system. It has more than 1439 subdivisions in all over Pakistan and operates in abroad as good. The organisational construction is really critical and utilizing centralised direction manner. The determination devising rights are with merely one individual and the others are bound to follow.

The bank is utilizing classical theory which is based on control on workers authorization and duty that workers must be purely controlled so that they do their occupation good and in a proper manner, the authorization must be passed from top to bottom and every employee must responsible for a specific undertaking to carry through. Fayol ‘s administrative theory which is about to increase the productiveness, besides followed by the organisation in such manners, few direction rules are used by HBL as it has a centralized determination doing system that merely one individual has the right to do determination and the subsidiaries have to obey them, there is a downward communicating that a message is communicated from top to bottom, director communicate with employees through address, cusps, etc but there is no room for employees to do determinations by their ain which can do de-motivation as good. There are different sections in organisation and every section knows their duty and they know whom are they traveling to describe, each section demand to describe to their director and eventually the directors study to the CEO of the organisation.



Habib Bank Limited is the largest bank in Pakistan but still they have some jobs with its direction which they must come over it. Their jobs are in certain countries and they must come over such jobs in the undermentioned ways ;

When they hire a new employee they must give a flexible occupation contracts to their employees because there is no occupation security for their employees due to which can acquire de-motivated and erstwhile they can be in fright of losing their occupations


When they recruit a new employee they must develop their employee, they can give their employees any type of preparation On the Job Training or off the Job preparation. By giving a proper developing their employees can acquire motivated and they may work harder to derive the organisation ends.

Employees working in banking sector their on the job hours are non fixed largely and they stay at Bankss till a really late clip, there must be a conveyance installation for their employees to take them to their occupation and drop them back place when they get finished with their work.

If there is work load on employee HBL must engage more workers to diminish the work load on employees.

The direction must keep a rapid response to client questions and must keep a good relationship between their employees and their clients as client satisfaction is really of import non merely for the HBL but for every organisation.

The direction must supply a proper client managing developing to their clients, they must hold preparation workshops and training clinics etc which is really of import for HBL to pull more clients as comparison to other Bankss because every bank want to come up much better and flexible service to their employees and their client.

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