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Getting To Know The Lenscrafters Business Commerce Essay

Lenss Craftsmans have a sentiment that spectacless are the ultimate manner object that can alter the manner of one ‘s exposure with normally celebrated trade names such as Ray-Ban, Adrienne Vittadini, Prada, Versace, Chanel, Brooks Brothers and more, Lens Crafters being the symbol of manner for every coevals, holding with more over 880 shops in 48 provinces, of Unites States of America including the states of North America every bit good including Puerto Rico and Canada, Lens Crafters is renowned as world-wide leader for prescribed spectacless and dark glassess. The gross for the twelvemonth 2006 for Luxottica Retail was presently estimated to be ˆ5.094 billion with a dedicated staff of 60,000 employees. Luxottica retail was unionized under the Australia Optical Enterprise Agreement 2006-2009. ( )

Human Resource Department in Lens Craftsmans:

The Human Resource Department in LensCrafters or for Luxottica Retail as a whole consists of assorted sections such as:

Training and Development


Associate Relations- Associate issues, Manager Support.

Occupational Health/ Worker Compensation – Leafs

Payroll – Wage


Diversity and Inclusion


In these assorted subdivisions, there are appellations in the Associate Relations Department of:

Human Resource Director

Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Representative

Furthermore, there is a separate section for representatives who are ;

Used for outsourcing i.e. advertisement bureaus.

Gallic Translators

Furthermore, there is a separate place for a professional transcriber who besides acts as a paysheet problem taw for the assorted parts of Canada and US known as a Payroll Specialist who is used for pass oning associate paysheet issues

The most esteemed and the extremely important places in HR sections for Luxottica Retail can be categorized below as:

Senior Vice President

Vice President

Senior HR Manager

HR Manager

HR Representative

HR Advisers

Description of the Interviewee ‘s Appellation:

Designated HR Representative in the Associate Relation Department for Luxottica Retail is responsible for a assortment of undertakings and her occupation chiefly consists of activities that involve:

Bing Responsible for all Canada Sunglass Hut and LensCrafters.

Bing spouses with the Vice President, Regional Director of Operation, General Manager to assist with associate public presentation direction.

Helping in clear uping company ‘s policy and processs.

Participating in HR preparation.

Taking attention of unfastened door issues such as torment at workplace issues from associates.

Updating HR manual

Partnering with Regional Director of Operation and Regional Manager on resetting of the policies.

Job as an HR Representative requires being really active every twenty-four hours. Job involves sing shops that may hold jobs following policies and procedures.HR representatives has to run into with the assorted General Managers from different shops and discuss assorted undertakings and duties. However, still being really busy their normal occupation timings begins from 8:00 a.m. in the forenoon boulder clay 6:00 p.m. in the eventide. As from this appellation they intend to work their manner up as a Senior HR Manager for Luxottica Retail in the hereafter.

Job Specification

The term Job specification is derived from the occupation analysis it ‘s the statement that demands the features and making of the employee, to carry through the demand of the specific occupation.


Through verbal treatment with HR representative I gained an ample sum of cognition about the assorted accomplishments, human features and about the demand of the occupation that is required in order to use for this appellation. By holding an thought about the assorted classs, accomplishments and abilities that are available, I have started believing about pull offing my clip and using it in doing me active in order to work my manner up in the Human Resources Field of Management for a nice company some of the accomplishments and requirements are listed as follows:

Business experience

University Degree

HR Certificate

Management Experience

Critical Thinking Skills

Issue Resolution Skills

Working towards Designation

Public Speaking/ Presentation accomplishments

Conflict Resolution Skill

Beneficial Practical Information:

In order to go an active portion of a Human Resource Management section, it is of import that I make myself a portion of many things and do myself familiar with all the practical seminars that take topographic point as HR chiefly involves interacting with people and deriving accomplishments and abilities in order to use them and do your organisation that you work for profitable. Some of the things I have certainly kept myself familiar with are listed as follows:

Join HRPAO Association

Accomplish changeless cognition about developmental classs

Focus on networking

Work in the field to acquire the experience, even if it is non what you would hold specialized in. This will assist me covering with conflict declarations.

Attend Conferences.

Attend Seminars.

Volunteer to assist with events.

Learn about the sort of business/organization I would wish to acquire into.


Recruitment is the procedure of trying to turn up and promote possible appliers to use for bing or awaited occupation gaps ( R.L. Alan R. Nankervis )

It relates to the theory and construct for engaging the qualified people for any specific undertaking in any company or corporation. By and large the enlisting pool revolves about many types of bureaus as follows:

Employment Agencies


Recruitment web sites and occupation hunt engines



Internet enlisting

Dependability of Internet Recruitment

Dependability of cyberspace is formulated as the accelerator in enlisting procedure which gives the feeling of the sensed advantages.

Second, the importance of effectivity can be determined by the Numberss of application received through the database

As high volume of appliers non merely give the high chance of taking the right campaigner but besides makes it easier to happen the compatible and desirable applier.

Third associating to possible advantages that campaigner can achieve has been formulated with the statement that due to the inordinate usage of cyberspace procedure for recruiting has become far easier. ( )

Emerging Tendencies in Recruitment Methods

By inquiring this inquiry, I found out how there are so many different things that are go oning in Canada that are revolutionising concern direction and more specifically Human Resource Management. By treatment it has been found that there is a crisp labour deficit in certain labour countries of Canada such as Alberta. Furthermore, I besides found that every state has its ain legal system and that it changes invariably and the altering tendencies need us to be updated in all that is go oning around the universe. ( )

Canada ‘s population is aging and the more ageing population is doing labour deficits in Canada. In order to win in Human Resources I have to be really specialised i.e. take a field that I truly find interesting i.e. enlisting and specialize in it and if I have non specialized in something it would be difficult for me to turn out myself. Furthermore, experience is ever required to work someplace and today without experience nil is possible. Furthermore, she besides added that compulsory retirement has been removed which creates an aging labour force.

However, the aging labour force can still assist with labour deficits. In decision, Human Resource is going more recognized as a great concern spouse which, is why it is great to acquire involved in HR as it is one of the chief of import countries now to get down any new concern and assist do any organisation profitable.

Concept of E- revolution

Concept of e – revolution gives the feeling of integrating of on-line appraisal and the process of transporting internet enlisting and appraisals for the approaching places.

E-revolution: Measure towards the web – appraisal

• Platform for online recruiting

• Platform for on-line appraisals

• Merges recruiting and choice into a incorporate procedure

• Allows for informations establishing and retrieval of information

• Offers a platform for fiting people to occupations

• Opportunity for Human Resources

E- Recruitment for Strategy

E-recruitment scheme is the act of uniting and utilizing practically the cyberspace engineerings to convey an effectual good add-on in enlisting procedure. ( Piturro 2000 ) .

Since the usage of cyberspace is accepted widely, e-recruitment scheme has been successful for enrolling the employee of the pick

Benefits of E-recruitment scheme

By cognizing about e-recruitment scheme it has been beneficiary to Lens Crafter by assorted ways as follows

Centralizing informations into standard signifier

Exchange of information between the campaigner and hiring squad

Electronic files has cut down the paper use

Easy manner to enroll

Saves cost and clip

These benefits have brought the positive alteration and competiveness in Lens Crafter though keeping the criterion of qualified employees.

E-Recruiting: Advantages

E-recruiting is now one of the methods being used by every HR around the Earth, which has a quick, comparatively inexpensive ( Van den Broek et al.1999, Burke 1998 ) and has an easy method of recruiting and has several advantages every bit good over other ways.

Using this method, would give the prospective campaigners the chance to look for the place or appellations in which they are looking for. As because of common usage of cyberspace and coordination through electronic mail has taken an effectual alteration in this modern epoch so companies normally accept the applications through electronic mails.

E -Selection Issue

E- Selection issue relates to the quality occupations by utilizing an integrated online system. A system composed of a system that provides the existent clip entree to applicant informations covering from comparative occupation experience to reach information and making an chance for lucifer the compatibility for the peculiar occupation.

Benefits of E-Selection Issue

• Better Assessment

• Relevancy of Job

• Quality Employees to engage

The chief subject is the usage of appraisal tools to keep the quality which can be measured with regard to the compatibility, cogency and dependability.

Quality of appraisal has other agencies good which relates to the occupation relatedness on the other manus in the visible radiation of occupation analysis cognition, attitude and accomplishments should be successful in order to carry through the fulfillment of occupation relatedness.. The mark is to choose the campaigners with the opportunity of high occupation success and normally it has been seen that And high quality appraisals takes to high quality of appliers ( Bartram 2000 )

Furthermore one of the advantages of online measuring system is the usage of computing machine based proving system which has a merely a legal bounding as to follow with EEO ordinances. as the on-line appraisal creates the easy entree and sensible adjustment for the appliers. ( )

Internet Customer Service Solution – Method of Appraisals

• Candidates inquiries

• Measuring the campaigner dependableness

• Measuring the applicant information.

• Assessment of applicant gross revenues potency

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Effectiveness and efficiency has been another of import issue covering the web-recruitment, used for happening a compatible applier for the peculiar undertaking within the bounds of resources available.

One of the facts that came into being, is the cost of transporting internet enlisting is relatively lower with traditional enlisting beginnings.

Web based enlisting has proven to be a last enlisting technique in comparing with paper base or traditional based enlisting. One the footing of low and inexpensive cost, clip salvaging advantages, it can be taken into consideration that why so many companies have adopted this method of enlisting and has produce the chance to work on the techniques to be more effectual and efficient.

Harmonizing to new research by ( ) , Internet has gained a batch of importance with regard to recruitment procedure. And harmonizing to it, 72 % of HR observers in this epoch have the feeling that web-based enlisting method is an effectual medium in comparing to 42 % of HR observers who had this sentiment that it ‘s an effectual medium by the twelvemonth 2000. ( )

The response from moreover 100 corporations in Canada, took the chance to analyse the research for the alteration in procedure of enlisting therefore a alteration from tradition into web- base enlisting.


After making the whole analysis of Lens Crafter, the best recommendation would be to recognize the possible usage of the Internet to enroll the occupation searchers. With the transition of clip the strength of internet power of Internet to successfully unite enrolling with choice into 24 hours a twenty-four hours and 7 yearss a hebdomad.

Lenss Crafter should stress on this sector more closely as the benefits of cyberspace based enlisting and choice are more and it would give good quality appraisals at the monitoring phase.

To lucubrate it more, the tendency has been alteration and for the enlisting, utilizing internet benefits is one of the best techniques.

I genuinely believe that this is an first-class manner to happen out if the individual is capable of working independently and can work at his/her highest possible. I believe that everyone has potential to make good at the work they do. If the recruiters are provided with all the necessary resources, they can work really good and efficaciously working over it they would be able to take the best of employees for the company. For illustration, I work as a gross revenues representative at Lens Crafters, where I have to sell frames and lenses with my ain capableness with the same information and preparation provided as my other coworkers. Therefore, in order to delight my director and increase my inducements, I put in the best attempt at work which clearly defines that I believe that I am responsible for the work that I do.


By and large the consequences gave the clear cogent evidence that maximally the advantages of e- enlisting identified has proven to be the successful factor in today ‘s universe.

Research in future should more analyze on utilizing empirical tools, as clip surveies could be usage to find the constitution of it, conditionally based on the consequence of speedy web enlisting over older tradition of enlisting and as per current research it shows the existent clip salvaging for it..

By critically analysing over Lens Crafter, I have gained cognition about the most of import things in Human Resource Management that should be taken into consideration if I want to see myself successful in the approaching 3-4 old ages. It was a great experience and because I had interviewed the Human Resource Representative for Luxottica Retail, I gained valuable information that could later on aid me being a portion of the Human Resource Department for LensCrafters. I was really impressed with the sum of information that I was able to acquire from a professional. Through this enlightening session of inquiries and replies, I was able to roll up good practical information that could assist me leap in front and familiarise myself with the assorted realistic and on-going seminars and synergistic activities that take topographic point in Human Resource Management.

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