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Highway Robbery Essay

It was in the center of the dark. there was a passenger car transporting gold and Ag. It was on its manner to Yorkshire. There was a guard with a rifle on the sentinel for anything leery or endangering. There were people inside. chew the fating about the wealths that were in their custodies. The driver was driving the passenger car ; it had four Equus caballuss drawing it. There was a co-driver every bit good. he was at that place in instance anything happened to the driver. There was a adult male siting a Equus caballus. they were normally known as. “Highwaymen” . they stole from passenger cars and they were all cognizant that “Highwaymen” existed.

Before the passenger car got to the Highwayman’s location. the Highwayman cut down a tree with his axe. the tree obstructed the way of the route. Once the passenger car got to the tree. it stopped. it was a really quiet topographic point. no houses in sight. no people in sight. and it was in the pure state side. The guard got down from the passenger car to take a expression. He got really leery and had his rifle ready. The Highwayman with his Equus caballus hid behind a tree. mutely.

Then. all of a sudden the Highwayman leapt out of the forests and on to the route. he shouted “Give me all of your hoarded wealths. or die” . The Highwayman pointed his handguns at the guard. The guard easy put down his rifle. and the richest adult male offered the wealths to the Highwayman. so the somewhat poorer people offered their hoarded wealths. Then the Highwayman. fleetly. sit off. in to the glooming dark. But so. the guard rapidly. but mutely picked up his rifle and started hiting at the Highwayman. but by so. the Highwayman had gone. and it was excessively late. By Matthew Williams

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