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Honda Motor Company Limited Commerce Essay

Sun Zis Art of War is the most celebrated work on military operations in ancient China. Bing the oldest military treatise in the universe, it is one of the greatest cultural bequests of the Chinese state. Sun Zi ‘s Art of War is a authoritative on military operations and the most influential in the universe today.

In this well-known book, Sun Wu puts frontward many of import rules in military operations. He says, “ Wining a triumph and repressing the enemy without contending is the highest excellence. ” War is non for slaughter ; if you win without combat, the manner you can make so is the greatest military scheme, Sun Wu in his book stresses, “ To assail where the enemy is unprepared and hit when it is unexpected ” is another wise observation. ” Military operations should take at rapid triumph and non drawn-out runs. ” “ Know both the enemy and yourself ; you will contend a 100 conflicts without danger of licking. ” All these rules are, unimpeachably, important even in military schemes in the universe today.

The 13 military essays in The Art of War organize a systematic military work. Each essay discusses one job, but 13 essays constitute an organic whole, which can ne’er be taken individually.

The Art of War really discusses how to win, which is non limited to military operations. Its significance has been enlarged to many Fieldss, such as commercial personal businesss, direction, athletic competitions, etc. Everyone who reads it carefully may get the key to triumph ( Wee, 2003 ) .

Honda Motor Company Limited established by Soichiro Honda who was a legendary adult male in the Nipponese motor industry. He was a dreamer, he dreamed of a better manner of doing piston rings, founded a little company, and began production. He dreamed of giving people everyplace an economical signifier of transit, and began bring forthing little bikes, including one built in 1949 called the D-Type Dream ( Honda Motor Comapny Ltd, 2012 ) .

Honda Motor Company is by far the universe ‘s biggest bike shaper. Honda ‘s first bike was born out of necessity in immediate station World War II Japan, where public transit was urgently overcrowded and gasoline badly restricted.

Soichiro Honda started Honda Motor Company in 1948, at the age of 41. Soon after he hooked up with fiscal ace Takeo Fujisawa and together they built an imperium. Two proprietors of the company had different precedences. For Fujisawa, the engine invention meant increased gross revenues and easier entree to funding. For Honda, the higher horsepower engine opened the possibility of more successfully prosecuting his bike rushing aspirations. Indeed, winning provided the ultimate verification of his design abilities. Success came rapidly, and by the terminal of the 1950s Honda had won all of the most esteemed bike rushing awards in the universe. In 1958 the Honda 50cc Super Cub was introduced. It featured an automatic clasp, three-speed transmittal, automatic starting motor, and the safe, friendly expression of a bike. Its cheap monetary value was due about wholly to its high-horsepower, yet lightweight 50cc engine.

The success of the Super Cub in Japan prompted Honda to see spread outing its mark market to other geographic parts. The company had already experimented with local Southeast Asiatic markets in 1957 and 1958, nevertheless, with small success. The European market, while larger, was to a great extent dominated by its ain name trade name makers, and their popular mopeds dominated the low monetary value, low horsepower market. Therefore, Fujisawa decided to concentrate Honda ‘s attending on the U.S. market.

In 1962 this discovery advertisement “ You meet the nicest people on a Honda ” shattered the myth that bikes were merely for tough cats and Rebels. It reached out and made Honda and motorbiking in general, appealing to everyone.

in 1967 it diversified and besides began to bring forth autos and trucks. In add-on, the company started to fabricate portable generators, power tillers, lawn mowers, pumps, and outboard motors. In 1967 and 1968 the company introduced two lightweight rider autos which performed ill in both the Japanese and U.S. markets. It was non until 1973 and the debut of the Honda Civic that the company became a existent presence on the international car market ( Honda Motor Company Limited History, 2012 ) .

Three old ages subsequently, in 1976, as gross revenues of the Honda Civic surpassed the one million grade, the company introduced an upscale, higher priced theoretical account named the Accord. Gross saless of the Accord grew quickly, non merely in Japan, but particularly in the United States. In 1982, as a consequence of the burgeoning U.S. market for Nipponese carsIn 1986, Honda introduced the Acura, which instantly garnered big gross revenues throughout Japan and the United States. By the terminal of the 1980s, Honda had developed into one of the taking auto makers in the universe.

After Soichiro Honda died in 1991, the company initiated a comprehensive reorganisation, led by Nobuhiko Kawamoto, the company ‘s president and main executive officer. in 1992 Honda organized the first of all time joint venture to do bikes in China. Many industry analysts predicted that the understanding would give Honda an initial bridgehead in what could go the universe ‘s largest and most motorcycle market lucrative.

In order to vie in the tough car industry environment, Honda focused much of its attending on research and development. In 1994 and 1996, Honda ‘s experiments with alternate power beginnings for cars and a U.S.-made large-size usage bike led the company to win the universe ‘s largest Solar Car race — the World Solar Challenge — with its Honda Dream.

In 1997 entirely, new production lines of different Honda merchandises were started in India, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, and Brazil. In 1998 Honda one time once more signed a joint venture understanding in China — this clip to bring forth and sell autos.

Honda was making rather good but still had failings to overcome. It had come to be known as one of the most efficient auto companies in the universe. Its strengths were in its research and development know-how, its high degree of technological progresss, and its planetary range — Honda was selling markedly more units abroad than in its ain state. Civic and Accord theoretical account are the most successful merchandise in Honda company

2. Content

Sun Zi Art of War is a short book which contains about merely 6200 words written in classical Chinese and has 13 chapters. All the rules and constructs of Sun Zi Art of War can be apply into warfare and modern concern schemes today. In this assignment, subjects that we selected are chapter 3 Strategic Attack, chapter 4 Disposition of the Army, chapter 5 Forces and chapter 8 Variations and adaptability.

Chapter 1: Planning

Sun Zi Art of War stated that on every war must hold studied and examined exhaustively as it is a affair of life and decease. In order to make so, there are five factors in be aftering which contains moral influence, the conditions, terrain, generalship, and philosophy and jurisprudence. These factors enable Maxis Communication Berhad to compare against their rivals such as DiGi, Celcom, U-mobile as in to understand the altering status and fortunes and measure the triumph in the gross revenues over them. There are 7 of import consideration should keep in the planning procedure of Maxis in order to enable them to hold competitory advantages their rivals. As in planning, there are 12 counsel of strategic planning that could hold been held by Maxis over deriving competitory advantages or derive more net income on their merchandise over other telecommunication supplier. Sunzi accent on the importance of elaborate planning in order for Maxis to derive triumph over other in the term of gross revenues and good will of the telecommunication industry.

Chapter 3 Strategic Attack

In this chapter, Sun Zi said:

capturing a whole division intact is a better scheme ; destructing it is a weaker option.

capturing a whole battalion intact is a better scheme ; destructing it is a weaker option.

capturing an full company intact is a better scheme ; destructing it is a weaker option.

capturing an full subdivision intact is a better scheme ; destructing it is a weaker option.

For concern application, an organisation has to accommodate their civilization when they enter into new market or invented a new merchandise. Then, organisation has to analyze their consumers ‘ demand and it will be easier to win because the merchandises invented are adapt to the client ‘s civilization, environments and demands. Besides, organisation can salvage a batch of costs, they does n’t blow more capital in advertisement on publicity. However, they have to do certain that the beginning elements are maintained. For illustration, KFC has merely introduced a new Flaming Crunch poulet which suited Malayan gustatory sensation. This flaring crunch poulet is coated with crunchy cornflakes and some spicy pulverization. As we all know most of the Malaysians like spicy nutrient such as nasi lemak or curry. Therefore, this new flaring crunch chicken meets the demands of Malaysian who like spicy nutrient.

Chapter 4 Disposition of the Army

This chapter stated that those who were adept in warfare ensued that they would non be defeated and so waited for chances to get the better of the enemy. The ability to forestall licking depends on oneself, while the chance for triumph depends on the enemy. When the chance arrived, all advantages factors are good prepared like fiscal and material support, merely a button, organisation can do highly net income and easier to perforate the market. “ Ball is in your manus, can fun drama. ” For illustration, Apple Inc has become the market leader, command all factors like pricing, merchandises, publicity, policy and topographic point even if Apple Inc was non the first mover for multimedia downloader. It said one does non do errors because he adopts steps, policies and schemes that are certain to take to triumph. He wins because he chooses to prosecute an enemy that is already in a place of licking. Peoples who are the most successful are who will foretell the hereafter, make the market and to recognize the anticipation. For illustration, the diamond multimedia is the first mover for multimedia downloader but the timing is non matured, they ne’er predict their hereafter decently and do non hold good policies or schemes to make the market. Few old ages subsequently, Apple Inc produces the same engineering merchandises such as iPod. It is more celebrated as compared to diamond multimedia. It shows that Apple Inc create the tendency which bring the organisation growing and maximise the administration net income. However, follow the tendency will merely give chance to the organisation but non net income.

Chapter 5 Forces

Chapter 5 stated that the fact that the whole ground forces can defy the onslaughts of the enemy without enduring any lickings is due to the usage of the direct and indirect schemes, forces and attacks. When forces are concentrated to assail the enemy, it must be like solid rocks hurled against eggs. This is using the rule of utilizing strengths to strike failings. For concern application, organisations have to be originative and advanced so that they can vie with their rivals. They have to alter procedure happen, change their signifier, civilization, construction or merchandise base when it is needed for them to make so. You must interrupt the eggs on beach and make a new life in the sea. For illustration, Starbucks java leads the industry with it uninterrupted menu invention and a wider pick of drinks than any other trade name. Recently, everyone is brainsick for Chatime, Ochado or Gong Cha which all of them are Chinese pearl milk tea. You can see people queue up even if the waiting line is really long, still people wait for it merely for that cup of pearl milk tea. To alter, we can see Starbucks java presenting the Green Tea with Red Bean Frappuccino and Hojicha with Tea Jelly Frappuccino to follow the tendency. Therefore, this indirect forces used by Starbucks java are tactics to surprise their rivals and consumers. Furthermore, this can assist to work out their job and draw back their clients.

In this chapter, it besides stated that entice the enemy by giving off something that he would surely desire to hold. Entice the enemy to travel with benefits that he desires and so utilize hidden military personnels to expect and scupper them. For concern application, when the enemy is avaricious for little advantages, offer come-ons to entice him. As we all know greedy is one of the human natural inherent aptitudes. For illustration, AEON members ‘ twenty-four hours has a tonss of things are discount up to 70 % . Thus, consumer will be greedy for the little advantages, merely to acquire the price reduction they have really spent on things that they do n’t truly necessitate. Therefore, the effect is they have spent more for that peculiar month or over budget.

Chapter 8 Variations and adaptability

This chapter is about the importance of being accommodating to altering, importance of careful deliberations and readiness. The universe is invariably altering, we need to accommodate to this alteration rapidly. The quicker you let travel the yesteryear, the Oklahoman you can bask you happiness. This means that the faster you adapt to alter and follow the tendency, the faster you can bask gaining your net income.

There are few illustrations that we can see in our day-to-day life. First, there is a new construct of Kopitiam has been experienced rapid growing over the past few old ages. These new construct of Kopitiam included Old Town White Coffee, Pak Hailam Kopitiam, Georgetown White Coffee and many more. Just for a short period of clip, Old Town White Coffee has over 130 mercantile establishments in Malaysia. Soon or subsequently we will barely happen those old manner kopitiam. Another illustration is the assorted stores, as we can see grocery stores have been replaced by all those convenient shops like 7-eleven, 99speedmart ; supermarkets and hypermarkets like Aeon, Tesco, Carrefour or Econsave. All these convenient shops or hypermarkets offer wider scope of merchandises and cheaper monetary value. For illustration, we can purchase everything we need in Aeon, we can purchase apparels, electronic merchandises, veggies or other day-to-day consumer merchandises at one spell. We need non to go here and at that place to acquire what we want.

In add-on, we can see the progress of the engineerings presents. Everyone is utilizing Smartphone or smart Television. Samsung has come out their trade name new smart phone Galaxy S3, they keep on introduce their merchandises to carry through the consumer demands and wants. Furthermore, it leads Samsung to be the leader of the markets. At the same clip, this new engineerings bring an chance to the telecommunication companies to come out with informations program to hike their net incomes up. To be victor of the market, these telecommunication companies have to reexamine their programs often to remain competitory in the market.

Last, proactiveness is the key to strategic advantage. Nowadays, people like convenience and easy occupation. Therefore, the new construct of wall paper has been invented by Korea and Taiwan to replace pigment. We can custom-make our ain wall paper ; you can hold your ain favorite coloring material, gustatory sensation or image. With this innovation, we can salvage our clip, cost and energy ; no more hurting.

Chapter 10: Terrain

In this chapter, Sun Zi ‘s explain the evidences during the war. Type of evidences are communicating land, ensnaring land, apathetic group, constricted land, cardinal land and distant land. Every land has its ain map during the war.

In concern application, Maxis Sdn Bhd encounters obstructions in viing against their rivals. It is said that the top direction is responsible for the lower direction public presentation. Therefore, the top direction holds a great duty in Maxis, like a general does. Senior manager is responsible to form an effectual scheme to derive triumph in the concern war. The scheme will be exercise by the in-between direction to order the lower direction in implementing the scheme in Maxis concern procedure.

Chapter 13: Intelligence and espionage

In Chapter 13, we discuss about intelligence and espionage. Harmonizing to Sun Zi, there are five types of undercover agents and secret agents. They are populating agents, local agents, inside agents, dual agents and doomed agents. We discuss about the ability of the agent to garner and efficaciously use information on the enemy on the enemy.

Therefore, Maxis Berhad may direct its employees to make research on rivals by obtaining information through dependable beginnings. For illustration, one-year studies, stock warrants, intelligence provender and imperativeness conference. This may assist Maxis Berhad to derive enlightening and utile information to analyse its strengths and failings of itself in order to derive competitory advantage over the rivals.

Q3. Discussion

Chapter 3 Strategic Attacks

Sun Zi said: In general, when engaging war, capturing a whole state intact is a better scheme ; to shatter and destroy it is a weaker option. Honda motor has to come out with different scheme and method in confronting different challenges among rivals in order to vie in auto and bike industry.

In 2001, American Honda ‘s associate acquisition and organisational development group that undertook a wide appraisal of its attack to preparation, looking at what was offered, why, to whom and how. One focal point of this enterprise was to intensify the accent on quality, which has long permeated Honda ‘s fabrication operations, within the internal support and service parts of the organisation. The challenge laid out for the development group was to better and widen the bringing of preparation for employees, cut down their clip off from the occupation for preparation, take advantage of spread outing engineering capablenesss and substructure and, above all, guarantee a touchable transportation of accomplishments that would take internal service quality to an wholly new degree.

Honda motor besides tends to better their service quality by utilizing a learning direction system ( LMS ) to agenda, administer and path preparation. The system was applied non merely to instructor led offerings but besides to pure on-line preparation, blended acquisition and other offerings. Using a customized LMS, Honda employees and their directors learned to specify and pull off single preparation programs every bit good as enrol in, complete and track their advancement classs and course of study through a scholar specific Web portal. With LMS, Honda motor able to supply a better service to its clients and win a good repute among its rivals.

Chapter 4 Disposition of the Army

Sun Zi said: In antediluvian times, those who were adept in warfare ensured that they would non be defeated and so waited for chances to get the better of the enemy. A good organisation must ever hold a good progress mission and direction control to heighten their company strength. Management must ever hold a well prepare for the organisation hereafter development and marking in the good chance arrives therefore, organisation can do net income on it.

Example: Honda Motor ‘s company developing abilities and human resource section in their organisation which is to supply preparation to the employees to fit them with necessary accomplishments. Honda ‘s attack to personnel instruction is based on on-the-job preparation: edifice specialized accomplishments and professional capablenesss through direct experience. Honda has established on-the-job preparation plans for each occupation description, puting qualitative and quantitative marks for the cognition and accomplishments to be acquired. These plans provide with an chance for associates to get specialised accomplishments and managerial capablenesss while assisting supervisors assess and further the aptitude of the associates they manage. To supplement these on-the-job preparation plans, Honda besides offers off-the-job preparation designed to supply associates an chance to heighten their callings by developing new specialized accomplishments or direction capablenesss. To back up associates who wish to take the enterprise to larn new accomplishments, get cognition, and cultivate themselves in order to to the full recognize their ain potency, Honda offers chances for linguistic communication acquisition, distance instruction, and inter-industry exchanges. With this preparation Honda can heighten their strength of company.

Besides that, Sun zi besides said that: The ability to forestall licking depends on oneself, while the chance for triumph depends on the enemy. The organisation must ever hold a better control on their merchandise pricing, constabulary and topographic point. Furthermore organisation ‘s leader besides need put a good scheme and market research to take the advantage on the rival ‘s failing and carelessness.

Example: In auto industry, Honda and Toyota is one of the big rivals of both. Honda and Toyota ever have the monetary value differentiate on their merchandise. In 2002 Honda was bring forth a new theoretical account of auto which is Honda Civic Dx saloon, the suggested retail monetary value is $ 13,800 but in the same times Toyota Corolla CE saloon besides goes for the market about $ 13,900. If a purchaser they will looking for the merchandise quality and these both autos would hold about same specification, besides that consumer besides will compare this two auto monetary value. Now the Honda Civic is cheaper than Toyota Corolla. Therefore, most of the consumer will do a determination on purchasing the Honda auto. In the instance Honda Company was do a good pricing control on their merchandise, Honda was able take a good chance to doing net income.

Chapter 5 Forces

Harmonizing to the survey of Sunzi Art of War in chapter 5, which discuss about forces that can be implementing by organisations to confront its job and challenges? Sun Zi said: To pull off a big force is similar to pull offing a little force. So, it is a affair of organisation and construction. So, the formations, communications and signals among whole Honda organisations around the universe are of import to confront with challenges. Honda operates in the worldwide market with 134 production installations in 28 states and at 31 Research and Development installations in 15 states, approximately 167000 Honda employees and associates serve 23 million clients worldwide yearly. So, it is non easy to pull off such a big organisation. In order to hold a better direction, Honda ‘s planetary operations are divided into 6 administrative parts responsible for operating which are Japan, China, North American, LatinA American, Europe and the Middle & A ; Near East andA Africa, Asian and Oceania, while engaging and prosecuting the people and beneficent enterprises locally in the communities that Honda operates. Honda is forcing the independency of their local direction and gross revenues operations, at the same clip with incorporating and advanced program for each part. They operate under the behavior guidelines that help member companies and associates in measuring and pull offing hazards, following with Torahs and ordinances, maintaining a high degree of transparence in operational degree, that ‘s all to maximise the worldwide client satisfaction.

In the planetary concern, many top directors still centralize their authorization ; do most of determinations ofA the company. In contrast, Honda follows a different manner ; most of determinations are made by a group ofA responsible individuals, including Board of Director, outside managers, outside hearers. Honda decentralizes authorization to their associates to maximise the flexibleness and diverseness in determination devising procedure, and good adapt to the alterations of globalA market. Making group determination of responsible individuals in Honda is highly effectual. The theoretical advantage of this scheme is bettering invention and cut downing hazard, biased thought. In fact, this strategic leading manner leads Honda to today success. For case, the organisation of Board of Directors or Board of Auditors includes non merely inside company ‘s employees but besides external appointees. This characteristic helps Honda to do the distinctionA in planetary acting and viing. Outside company appointees play the function as oversing the executing of each board. As the consequence, the public presentation of each board becomes effectual and efficient instead than organisation with wholly inside company employees. By this scheme forming, the company can guarantee that working environment will be just and strong without doubtful cooperation. Honda manages its employees through advancing plans, rules and policies in back uping its organisational human resources. So, when people ‘s demands are satisfied, they are good motivated, ensuing in being eager to lend more to organisation. Honda satisfies non merely lowA demands ( natural philosophies, safety, properties ) but besides high demands of employeesA ( esteem and self realization ) .A Therefore, Honda isA more effectual than aA batch of other companies in actuating people, ensuing in efficient, A effectual public presentation of employees and house every bit good.

Chapter 8 Variations and adaptability

Base on chapter 8, it is discoursing about the fluctuations and adaptability of a company. This construct is really of import because fluctuations and adaptability are the most valuable feature of a company. A company that focal point on fluctuations will go on to travel frontward, looking to the hereafter, and cognize how to switch to repair current state of affairs successfully. With this characteristic, a company will able to better their merchandise and services, seeking new chances and conveying new things into the market that consumer truly necessitate.

For illustration, the Nipponese temblor and tsunami that happen in the twelvemonth 2011 has forced Honda to halve auto production at itsA British mill because of a deficit of parts from its fatherland. Honda began to implement a scheme of impermanent accommodations that cut down day-to-day production degrees at its U.S. and Canadian car workss on March 30 2011 as a consequence of breaks in parts supplies from Japan in the wake of the temblor and tsunami. By taking this action, Honda of the UK Manufacturing ( HUM ) will be able to go on production by using HUM ‘s flexible working policy. Pay is maintained for all associates. Once full production is resumed, the decreased volume production will be rapidly recovered utilizing the banked hours. Ken Keir, executive frailty president of Honda Motor Europe, said: ‘We ‘ve taken the determination to cut down our production volumes at HUM as it enables us to go on with our fabrication activities, therefore understating the impact on Honda clients, traders and associates. As parts supply stabilises and full production sketchs, Honda will rapidly develop a production agenda to run into the demands of Honda ‘s European clients, ‘ said today ‘s statement.

The other illustration are as Honda motor determination devising is decentralized, this will facilitates rapid response to alter in two or more environments. For case, when some alterations occur in American market, the local company freely makes determination in order to instantly accommodate to the market. Alternatively of waiting the determination from Parents Company, it has authorization to themselves decides, ensuing in salvaging clip, cost and cut downing hazard. Hence, Honda ‘s associates more expeditiously and efficaciously in exchange informationA together.

The 3rd illustration is Honda introducedA Air Blade Scooter with maps like athletics and manner theoretical account which are more fuel-efficient engine engineering in Vietnam on April 2007 to pull the young person in Vietnam because Honda Vietnam has recognise that younger people in Vietnams prefer nice and expensive scooter and manner accoutrement. So, Honda Vietnams has come out with thought in bring forthing Air Blade Scooter to carry through the local demand and it has successfully sold 950000 units after introduce Air Blake Scooter.

4. ) Recommendations

Sun Zi said: If you can analyse your failings or disadvantage, you can ever utilize your strength to cover it and win in the concern games. Analysis is really of import to a company. A company will cognize their strength and failings and chances about the new market. So, Honda motor should hold the analysis and planning before they introduce a new merchandise to the market. By do the study and research, Honda can cognize the demands of the market and can better the quality of merchandise to do certain the merchandise is fit with the demands of market. This will do the merchandise more successful.

As mentioned by Sun Zi, in strategic direction, merchandise must be differentiated from other similar merchandises, or you will be spurned. Honda motor should present a new merchandise that differentiated with other rival such as Toyota and Nissan. Honda tends to come out with several ways in bettering their failing and work their strength in the market to derive net income and advantages over its rival.

Honda motor should concentrate on this new merchandise, so when the merchandises come out, it will be really strong comparison with its rivals ‘ merchandises. The proposal to bring forth this new merchandise must be confidential ; the other rivals must non cognize the program of Honda motor. When Honda motor introduces the new merchandise to the market, rival will make n’t cognize how to support, and the new merchandise can be really successful. Besides that, Honda can go first mover to command the whole market state of affairs and allow the rival to follow Honda motor.

Employees are the most of import beginnings of a company. So, Honda motor must hold a good communicating with the worker, seek to understand their state of affairs and fulfill their demands. Besides, Honda motor can supply some preparation to the employee, so that they can upgrade their accomplishment and cognition about the engineerings. Therefore, they can utilize their cognition to develop new merchandise and assist Honda to derive more advantages. On the other manus, Honda motor besides can provides motive run for the employees ; this can give the opportunities to allow the director to interact with employees and better co-operative between them. Furthermore, the director can go the function theoretical account to the employees ; this can actuate the employees to be more productive.

Honda motor can give the wagess to the employees that have the well public presentation. This can keep the employee ‘s public presentation and increase their motive. Beside, Honda besides can gives the appreciate to all the workers so that the workers can cognize that their difficult work are being appreciated and they will work more difficult. This can assist the company to run more swimmingly.

In add-on, as mentioned by Sun Zi, The chief intent of the war is to win in the conflict and non to protract the conflict. Lapp with the concern, velocity is one of the ways to cut down the organisation runing cost. Most of the concern is selling their ‘SPEED ‘ construct for illustration INTEL, UPS and DHL. So, Honda should diminish the operating clip because longer clip taken to finish a merchandise, more disbursals is needed. When the clip for operation is shorter, so productiveness of organisation is increase and improves their value in the market. Indirectly it will go more competitory advantage for the organisation.

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