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Hr Strategy At Al Ain Distribution Company Commerce Essay

Our undertaking HR Strategy at Al Ain Distribution Company – AADC highlights the general 5 old ages Strategy of AADC and surveies in deepness the HR Strategy for that company.

The purpose of our research is to analyze the HR Strategy at AADC and analyze how it can lend and is linked to the overall AADC scheme.

The methodological analysis of our research was based on face to confront interviews with the concerned staff from AADC. We met with Eng. Nader R. Al Shawa, Business Planning & A ; Performance Specialist from the Business Support unit, Mr Ahmed Khalil aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦.. from HR Department, Ms Shamma Al Humairi HR Specialist, Ms. Shatita Al Ameri & A ; Ms. Maryam Al Mazroui From the Marketing and Public Relations section. The squad was exceptionally friendly and helpful with us. Further information was gathered from the AADC newssheets issues 2, 3 in 2010.


We have faced a figure of troubles when carry oning our research. One of which involves the HR Department whose doors were closed to us and we were rejected to run into with the HR Director who mentioned that everything is written on the web site nevertheless it was all under building. The interviewed staff were involved in meetings and preparation classs that made them unavailable and if so, in a harry to complete our interview to catch up with their meetings and preparations. Our undertaking involves chiefly the HR section and we were merely able to run into with one of our pupil college Ms. Shamma Al Humairi who gratefully has helped us with what she could make.


Before we begin to speak about the company of our research, allow us foremost specify the basic constructs about any scheme.

Harmonizing to Armstrong ( 2006 ) , the scheme is merely about cognizing where you want to travel and how are you be aftering to acquire at that place. It ‘s a declaration of purposes “ This is what we want to make and this is how we intend to make it ” . The effectual scheme should be the 1 that works, ushers purposeful actions to present the needed consequences ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

The HR Strategy

Frequently the footings Strategic HRM and HR Strategy are used interchangeably but there are differentiations between them. Strategic HRM defines the organisation ‘s connotations and programs on how its concern ends should be achieved through people. While HR Strategy is the consequences of the Strategic HRM procedure, i.e. the watercourse of determinations over clip, which forms the manner the organisation is pull offing its human resources and defines which countries in the HR scheme needs to be developed. HR scheme focuses on what needs to be done and changed ( Armstrong, 2006 ) .

HR schemes set out what the organisation intends to make about its human resources direction policies and patterns, and how they should be integrated with the concern scheme and with each other. They enable the company to mensurate it progress towards its ends and measure results against the aims.

Now that we have defined the HR Strategy and understood its significance, allow us continue with the company of our survey: AADC.

AADC background

AADC ( Al Ain Distribution Company ) has been flourished in Al Ain in 1999. AADC is a subordinate of Abu Dhabi Water & A ; Electricity Authority ( ADWEA ) . It is responsible about the H2O and electricity distribution in the western part on Abu Dhabi.

AADC under the supervising of H.H Sheikh Diab bin Zayed Al Nayhan, Chairman of ADWEA operates with more than1900 employees. AADC seeking the quality of provided services through the documented quality direction system that covers the quality aims, quality policy statement, procedures quality and flow charts and quality records.

AADC has revised its vision to guarantee its alliance with the vision of Abu Dhabi Executive Council and ADWEA to be applicable for the following 5 old ages that helps to aim the success of AADC nucleus concern countries which is distribution of H2O and electricity in a safely mode from Transco expiration point to all the occupants of Al Ain City.


Al Ain Distribution Company aims to develop and better the client service and the quality of service to derive the client satisfaction and develop the best public-service corporation substructure in Al Ain. Besides AAD works to better the fiscal return of investing and increase the grosss

AADC Vision

AADC purposes to be one of the best H2O and electricity distribution companies

AADC Mission

To administer H2O and electricity in a dependable, secure, safe, environmentally responsible & amp ; cost-efficient mode

AADC Values

AADC is a public articulation stock company ; hence they have commitment to their stockholders to present the expected return on investing and give AADC a good repute in the market. And since AADC is a service company, they are seeking the client satisfaction by administering the H2O and electricity in a high degree of quality. AADC ensures the quality of services to their clients and stockholders through its committedness to the employees who perform the nucleus maps by handling them in a extremely respectful mode and concentrating on developing and retaining outstanding staff. AADC reward its employees sporadically to acknowledge their accomplishments and besides to authorise them and their parts through the honest communicating. AADC takes attention of their employees by supplying the safe working environment along with the periodic preparation classs on the Health, Safety and Environmental plans ( HSE ) .

AADC Organization Chart

Pull offing Director

Asset Management Director

Electricity O & A ; M Director

Customer Service Director

Water O & A ; M Director





Business Support Dept.

Deputy Pull offing






Undertakings Delivery Division

Supply Department

Laboratory Department

Figure 1: AADC Organization Structure.

Beginning: Adapted from AADC, 2010

From the organisation chart, the HR section is under the pull offing deputy along with the other direction sections. Bing under the pull offing deputy gives the HR section the base function for measuring and making the efficient working environment in AADC.

AADC Overall scheme

AADC ‘s Business Support unit and top direction have worked together for the past twelvemonth to develop the current 5 old ages scheme program ( 2011 – 2015 ) . This program is consistent with the ADWEA ( Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority ) program which in bend consistent with the Government of Abu Dhabi 2030 program to go one of the best five authoritiess in the universe.

AADC is concentrating in three chief values within their scheme that leads to the part to guarantee sustainable distribution of H2O and electricity in Al Ain metropolis. The first value concerns about prolonging the growing in the metropolis, by efficaciously optimising the company ‘s assets. AADC should keep the internal procedures to guarantee the web capacity that covers the expected growing in the metropolis. The 2nd value cares about the client service where AADC works to heighten the client experience to present a defined and acceptable degree of client services. The 3rd value concerns about the operational and proficient excellence by expeditiously optimising the operational processs, of presenting and supplying H2O and electricity, and this can be achieved through bettering the plans lifecycle and following with the HSE ( wellness, safety and environmental plans ) to streamline the work processes.

The values of AADC scheme can non be achieved without a solid base that support and work to keep those values. AADC calls those support units as enablers. Those enables include HR patterns to prolong organisation evolvement, beef up the employees, alining the behaviour with the corporate values, lending to the authorities ‘s emiratisation ends. Those enablers are the human resource section duty that strive the HR scheme that should be implemented. There are other two enablers which are bettering the communicating administration, which is under the concern support section duty, and optimising the engineering to better client interaction and internal operation which is under the IT duty. Figure 2 shows the overall AADC scheme.

Figure 2: AADC Scheme: Adapted from AADC, 2010

AADC HR Strategy

AADC have five enablers that will enable AADC to be a public presentation driven organisation. Each of these enablers has Cardinal Performance Indicators ( KPI ‘s ) that should be achieved to make the program ends. Table 1 shows these enablers.

Our chief concern is the enablers related to the HR Department which are:

Evolve HR patterns to enable the organisation

Strengthen our people development model

Align behaviour with work nucleus values

Contribute to the authorities Emiratisation ends

Table 1: AADC Enablers for a Performance Driven Organization

AADC Priority

Priority Description


Precedence Owner

Evolve HR patterns to enable the organisation

Improve employee ‘s enlisting, turnovers and developments procedure ( endowment, calling, sequence etc )

Better the assessment system and incentive strategy

Effective HR policies and Procedures

Maximize Productivity

Develop a system for public presentation direction

Employee turnover Ratio

% Vacant places

% employee tenancy

HR Department

Strengthen our people development model

Define calling waies

Improve employee accomplishments, cognition and behaviour

% of Employees who received a minimal recognized degree of preparation

% of preparation absenteeism

HR Department

Align behaviour with work nucleus values

Establish a public presentation goaded civilization

Customer oriented mentality

Enhance teamwork

Create an attractive work environment

% satisfied employees

HR Department

Contribute to the authorities Emiratisation ends

Maintain UAE subjects and adult females in managerial places

Support Government Emiratization ends

Develop local endowment

% of Nationals in the work force

% of National Women in the work force

No of particular demands employees

HR Department

Improve Communication & A ; Governance

Develop a system for cognition direction

Improve cognition and best pattern

Enhance internal and external communicating, every bit good as coaction for cognition sharing

Strategy Execution index

Internal communications index

# of top leading communicating Sessionss

Business Support Department

Optimize engineering to better client interaction and internal operations

Optimize engineering to better client interaction and internal operations

Maintain high technological criterions

Maximize use of go outing engineerings

IT system handiness and integrating

Outsourcing direction

Closeout Project on clip

Budget undertakings public presentation

IT Coordinator

Evolve HR patterns to enable the organisation

HR patterns are the nucleus success component of the HR scheme expected by AADC concern scheme. HR director participate in the strategic planning of the company to analyse the expected work force demands and develop a scheme to make the needed work force competences to accomplish the concern ends. AADC Human Resource section had set their aims to assist the company achieve their ends. Those aims are:

To be one of the best HR sections in Abu Dhabi

Increase nationalisation per centum within the employees

Upgrade the accomplishments of the employees

Recruit qualified employees

For AADC HR section to be one of the best Hour in Abu Dhabi, they are working to better the enlisting procedure by geting the best accomplishments and develop the available accomplishments. AADC has a strategic policy to enroll the best available campaigners from UAE or outside, and hence the HR section pays attempt for the enlisting processes to add valuable accomplishments that serves the company mission.

The cognition direction and HR scheme is linked to the enlisting patterns and retaining employees ( Boxall & A ; Haesli, 2005 ) . At AADC, the cognition direction is linked straight to the enlisting procedure and besides to the preparation and development and appraisal direction systems. The enlisting procedure starts by publicizing the vacant places in the local newspapers and if the needed accomplishments are non available in the local market, the advertizement goes outside the state. Then the received CVs are filtered to choose the best so the selected campaigners are introduced to written tests that test the English and computing machine accomplishments in different degrees harmonizing to the educational grade of the campaigner, and who passes the tests are introduced to the interview to guarantee merely the good accomplishments with good cognition has been selected. After the enlisting, AADC maintain a two hebdomads orientation and for the fresh alumnuss they remain as developee for two old ages to acquire preparation and development plans that enables him/her to execute the work responsibilities.

AADC HR sections work to diminish the turnover per centum and retain their adept staff. Harmonizing to the statistics of 2009, AADC has a 5.05 % for the turnover which is considered a sensible per centum for a company with 2000 employees where the monthly norm of turnover is 8.4 staff ( refer to appendix x ) . Harmonizing to a survey conducted by Guthrie ( 2001 ) , there is a positive relationship between high-involvement work patterns and employee keeping and productiveness. And based on that, AADC established a teamwork spirit working environment that helps employees to work in a friendly environment and experience their importance for the company objectives as stated by Mr. Mohamed Al Shamsi, Deputy Chairman.

HR section with cooperation with the line directors and supervisors maintain the assessment system that covers 8 standards which are promptness, competences, determination devising ability, communicating accomplishments, cooperation with others, squad work, emphasis and force per unit area control and HSE conformity. The HSE conformities assure that the employee has been trained on the occupation jeopardies and first assistance processs and have knowledge about the occupation safety regulations, and this shows how the HR scheme of AADC attentions about the employees ‘ safety and satisfactions.

AADC works to better the productiveness of their employees and promote them to work expeditiously utilizing a good inducement and rewarding system. AADC HR section maintains a fillip system and publicities based on the line director recommendations and the appraisal consequences. Besides the HR maintains grasp plan for the typical public presentation of the employees that is advertised on the internal portal, Emails memos and periodic AADC magazine in add-on to a fiscal wages and this rewarding scheme encourages the remainder of employees for better public presentation and maximise their productiveness and besides this scheme strengthen the staff trueness and helps to diminish the turnover rates.

HR section follows a crystalline scheme with the inducements, honoring system inside informations and besides the disciplinary actions are mentioned in the employee ‘s enchiridion which assures their credibleness and transparence.

Strengthen our people development model

Align behaviour with work nucleus values

AADC strives to set up a public presentation goaded civilization and enhances the teamwork spirit by wagess and acknowledgment. AADC holds honouring ceremonials on hebdomadal footing to honour those who have achieved something or those who are go forthing the company. The intelligence and exposure of the ceremonial are sent to all employees by electronic mails and is mentioned in the monthly newssheet and the national newspapers. Evaluation of the winners and thanking the employee whose employment is finished is a affair that features the consideration of AADC to its employees, to go forth a good feeling about the company even if they are no longer employees at that place. During the ceremonial, the supervisor sheers an grasp and thanks looks to his recognized employee which enhances the employee ‘s ego assurance and develops the desire to supply public presentation beyond the outlooks. That besides will actuate the others to seek the attack for such observance and light the competition and squad spirit for excellence.

AADC besides organizes athleticss events as a competition between sections to heighten the teamwork spirit and coaction. Last November AADC held the first volleyball tourney that was between four sections and the Customer Service Department took the first topographic point followed by the HR Department in the 2nd topographic point.

In order to accomplish the client oriented mentality, AADC holds client service preparation classs that focuses on go toing to the client demands and geting client service accomplishments to better function AADC clients.

And to enable the employees to concentrate on their work, AADC maintains an attractive working environment with to the full equipped offices, buoy uping, conditioning and besides verdure in every corner.

The KPI for this subdivision is to accomplish the employee ‘s satisfaction. The HR section conducts satisfaction studies that is sent to all employees by electronic mails ( Appendix x ) . This study aims to place the defects and to work out them. The countries of this study include general public presentation of the HR staff, such as meeting enquiry deadlines, being friendly and helpful, cognition of their work, and the efficiency of the HRMS system. The 2nd country is about the Employee Relations, where it asks about the benefits, allowances and the classs if they are up to the outlooks or non, the efficiency of the assessment system and the disciplinary steps. The Training portion asks about whether the offered preparation classs meet the employee ‘s demands and helps to heighten the productiveness of the employee or non. The latest study consequences show a satisfaction per centum of 85 % . The HR Department aims to increase this per centum and as a measure towards this mission they place a suggestion/complains box at every floor so that employees can compose about their complains or suggestions. There is a Suggestions and Complains Committee that looks at all submitted signifiers and surveies them so takes actions. It ‘s at the desire of the employee to compose his inside informations or go forth it anon. . Appendix ten shows the complain signifier.

By accomplishing this precedence, the HR section helps to hold satisfied employees that in return establishes clients ‘ satisfaction.

Contribute to the authorities Emiratisation ends

HR Strategy Evaluation


Observations and Recommendations

During our research, we have noticed that the newssheets have few spelling errors. The selling and public dealingss section must duplicate look into the spelling errors and the English grammar in order to come up with an mistake free newssheet which reflects the image of the company.

We have noticed that the newssheets were printed on an environment friendly recycled documents which is a good measure that reflects the purpose of the company to be environmentally friendly.

The reader of the newssheet can really feel the civilization of AADC, it has many narratives and staff parts that reflects the sole of AADC environment. It is an first-class piece of work.

At the response desk which was full of male clients, we were the lone females standing between the male clients in order to acquire the entryway ID to see our interviewees. Alternatively of go toing to our demands fast so we will non stand with the males as normally the civilization suggests, we had to wait until the employee attended to the male clients ‘ demands so to us. It would hold been better to hold a subdivision for the female clients or attend to their demands foremost.

On the other manus, the response employee at our first visit has shown an apprehended great sense of UAE civilization and regard when he did non look straight to us “ eyes down ” while taking our enquiry and on the manner out the replacing employee handed to us our IDs faced-down so no 1 else would take a expression at our ID pictures. These stairss deserve our praising.

AADC works barely on the CSR plans towards the community in different Fieldss such as instruction, health care, charity and leisure activities. Although the concern support section, publish relation section and media subdivision had helped and assisted this research, the HR section director which the survey is about had refused to run into the research squad and one the HR forces tried to assist and reply to the squad inquiries.

The first two old ages period for a fresh alumnus staff to be a developee is considered to be long period, which may impact him/her negatively.


Armstrong, Michael ( 2006 ) . Strategic Human Resources Management: A Guide to Action. 3rd Eddition, London, , GBR: Kogan Page, Limited

Boxall, Peter & A ; Haesli, Astrid ( 2005 ) . When cognition direction meets HR scheme: an geographic expedition of personalization-retention and codification-recruitment constellations. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Volume 16, Issue 11 November 2005, pages 1955 – 1975.A Retrieved on July 2, 2010 from: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Guthrie, James P. ( 2001 ) . High-Involvement Work Practices, Turnover, and Productivity: Evidence from New Zealand. The Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 44, No. 1 ( Feb. , 2001 ) , pp. 180-190. Retrieved on July 2, 2010 from: hypertext transfer protocol: //

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