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Integrative Network Design Project Essay

Kudler Fine Foods will be shiping on a new undertaking to implement betterment to its bing web substructure. The terminal consequence will be the installing of a WAN to link all three shop locations together to enable better communicating and sharing of informations. A new WLAN shall besides be implemented in order to supply more flexibleness in the shops and do added new systems and characteristics easier in the hereafter. Last with the new web executions at that place shall besides be a new VOIP system added to the multi-store web. The first subdivision shall cover the network’s cardinal features constituents. and rating of the current web topology and a description of the criterions applicable to this undertaking. Kudler Find Foods presently has three locations. the La Jolla Store/Home Office. The Del Mar Store. and the Encinitas Store. All three locations are presently running on a 100 Base T Ethernet web every bit good as an HP Blade Server. Each location presently has a 25 Mbps connexion out to the cyberspace. every bit good as a dedicated OC1 SONET linking them to other shops. Of the three locations the La Jolla Store presently houses most of the substructure.

There are presently 19 entire computing machines. POS terminuss for the shop. and the NAS for backups. In the Del Mar and Encinitas shops the apparatus is indistinguishable with six computing machines. and the POS terminuss for the shop. When planing this new system the importance of both criterions in web every bit good as the importance of communicating protocols will assist to do certain the web works swimmingly and devices on the web can speak to each other. Currently Kudler is utilizing a SONET which is “An ANSI criterion. incorporated into the SDH criterion. that defines a line rate hierarchy and frame formats for usage with high-velocity optical fibre transmittal systems” ( Goleniewski & A ; Jarrett. 2007. p. 800 ) Standards organic structures are indispensable in networking for the fact that they allow different developers. interior decorators and care squads to hold a

set of regulations to follow when making and keeping a system. With this in topographic point Kudler will maintain utilizing the ANSI criterions when planing and developing the new systems. Along with these criterions the system will necessitate to work on a common communicating protocol in order for all devices to be able to speak to each other every bit good as transportation informations and other information right and expeditiously. Each location has its ain local web therefore it is distributed across the company. nevertheless this has its pros and cons that can impact the company. With the execution of a WAN as defined in Telecommunications Essentials “A broad country web ( WAN ) is a group of computing machine webs connected over long distances by telecommunications links. which can be either wireline or wireless. ” ( Goleniewski & A ; Jarrett. 2007. p. 201 ) The benefits that a WAN will convey to Kudler Fine Foods is a centralised direction of all systems and an easiness of usage communicating from shop to shop.

As stated earlier along with the WAN. each location will besides be implementing a WLAN. This shall better web coverage and give each location the ability to put computing machine systems or POS machines in locations that may hold non been possible earlier due to the deficiency of a hardline or ability to put in a new line. Wireless engineering has greatly improved over the old ages and has transitioned from an extra bed that may non be needed or merely added if there was room in the budget to a system that is about a demand in today’s of all time germinating workplace. While implement these new characteristics there are some built-in duties in supplying telecommunication services.

Some of these duties are security. privateness. dependability. and public presentation. Security is paramount as a loss of client informations or client fiscal information could be highly detrimental to the Kudler trade name. The security of the system and client information should be foremost in the system developer’s mentality. The following point is privateness which has become a hot subject as of late. The demand to maintain a customer’s privateness in tact will do them experience secure in going a return client.

Along with client privateness is employee privateness. If an employee believes their privateness is integral while at work they will experience more secure as good. Lastly dependability and public presentation. These two will normally travel manus in manus. When a system is dependable it will be able to execute as expected. Raising the public presentation can impact the dependability of the system and so a balance should be found and strived to be kept. This will let the web to run at peak public presentation while still being able to work twenty-four hours in and twenty-four hours out.

Goleniewski. L. . & A ; Jarrett. K. W. ( 2007 ) . Telecommunications Necessities: The Complete Global Source ( 2nd ed. ) . : Pearson Education.

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