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Leadership Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur Affect Success Business Essay

Chapter 1


The intent of this survey is to larn the importance of direction manners and the leading features of an enterpriser in the success and failure of the concern. In this research we will discourse the significance of leading features of an enterpriser and its influence on the overall success or failure of the organisation.


Management is the procedure of forming the people and manages them efficaciously to carry through desired

Goals and aims. There are four of import maps of direction which are Planing

, forming, staffing, taking and commanding. Management does play a critical function in the success of every

Business. Management is backbone of any organisation. The most historical Gallic definition is

“ Management ” ( from Old French menagement “ the art of conducting, directing ” , from Latin manu

agere “ to take by the manus ” ) characterises the procedure of taking and directing all or portion of an

organisation, frequently a concern, through the deployment and use of resources ( human,

fiscal, stuff, rational or intangible ) . aˆ¦

The above definition is in-depth which explains the importance and maps of direction.

The hired institute of direction defines direction as:

“ Achieving the concern undertakings by pull offing human, fiscal and physical resources in an effectual and efficient mode ” .

Today most modern definition of direction is given by courtlandd. Bovee is:

“ The procedure of accomplishing organisational ends through planning, forming, taking and commanding the homo, fiscal, and physical resources of the organisation in an effectual and efficient mode ” .


It helps in accomplishing organisation ends efficaciously and efficiency.

Optimum use of resources

It helps in set uping a sound organisation

Reducing costs

Establishes equilibrium


Manger is a individual who holds direction appellation or manages the concern activities.

Manager is a individual who is responsible for planning, forming and commanding the work of

group or persons to accomplish the ends and aims efficaciously. Chartered institute of

direction scientific disciplines ( USA ) define good director as:

A good director is a individual who gain maximal end product with minimal available resources in

such a manner that his employees being motivated.


In direction there are three most of import direction manners are democratic, bossy and

consultative. Choosing the right direction manner may direct to superior inspiration and

efficiency from your staff. But it is really hard to choose a manner. Managers features and

their personalities have great influence on the type of manner adopted. For illustration an aggressive

director will happen a democratic manner hard to follow. Similarly a timid director will happen an

bossy direction manner hard to follow. Effective directors ever have the flexibleness to

alter their direction manners harmonizing to the state of affairs. For e.g. In crisis state of affairs democratic

attitude can non be really effectual because crisis state of affairss need speedy determinations where as

democratic manner takes clip to do determinations. Choice of manner is besides extremely depends on

civilization of state, civilization of organisation, the nature of marks and the personalities of a leader.

Diagram: Different signifiers of direction manners



As precisely said by Faye Wattleton, “ The lone safe ship in a storm is Leadership. ” Leadership is ability

to actuate or act upon others to accomplish the undertakings. Leadership is a trait which ne’er comes

Overnight it is a uninterrupted procedure. There are assorted theories and statements about leading are

whether they are born or made. Though leading traits are inborn but they can besides be learned with

the transition of clip. Many theories and statements suggest that true leaders emerge in times of crisis

and steer their followings to the way of safety by taking them with illustration. Great leaders ever

believe on actions instead than words. . Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther

King Jr. Quaid vitamin E azam are leaders who become immortal in the history of books because of their actions.

In order to go a great leader one must possess effectual leading accomplishments. To go a good leader

one must set in difficult work and must larn from one ‘s errors.

What attributes make leader effectual and successful? This is a inquiry which is asked by most of the

Students. But it is really hard to reply because leading is defined in so many different ways so it is

hard to give any one individual construct about leading which is most attested. Leadership narratives of

heroes go thousand old ages back i.e. Alexander the great and Achilles etc. are the past leaders who are

become immortal in the history of books because of their actions.

A leading ability of an enterpriser does play a critical function in the success of every

organisation. Today Michael Dell, Bill gates, Michael Bloomberg etc. are the one of successful

enterprisers in universe because of their leading features. It shows that enterprisers

leading activities do play a critical function in the success or failure of the concern.

Surveies shows that following features are most of import properties of a successful enterpriser.


Communication accomplishments

Decision Making

Interpersonal accomplishments

Time direction

Fiscal direction

Efficaciously Pull offing the human resources

Selling direction


To analyze the direction manner of an enterpriser

To analyze the leading features of an enterpriser

To analyse the direction manner of an enterpriser

To analyse the leading features of an enterpriser

To analyze and analyse the direction manners and leading features of an enterpriser in an organisation


H1: Management manner and leading features of an enterpriser affect the concern success.

Holmium: Management manner and leading features of an enterpriser do non impact the concern success.


If we analyze bankruptcies in last many old ages we will happen that most of the bankruptcies are the consequences of hapless direction and untrained staff. The Bank of America said, in his publication “ little concern journalist ” . “ Concluding analysis shows that, more than 90 % of bankruptcies are the consequence of incompetent and weak direction. ”

The good direction is really much of import for the development states. During the last 10 to 15years specializers of the development showed in their research that the handiness of money or engineering does non vouch to convey the development. The restricting factor in about all the instances was the absence of the quality from the decision makers.

There are few groups or people who believe that there is no demand of the direction. Indeed, they consider that the people would be more better to work together and with more personal satisfaction if one were non administrative. They refer themselves “ team attempt ‘as ideal group operation. Possibly that they do non recognize that when an person plays a game, it clearly has group aims every bit good as certain of the personal aims every bit.

Management is critical in the economical or societal development of the state. An effectual direction helps a underdeveloped state to utilize its resources in much better manner and do them number towards the economic development.

The adult females the manners of dialogue proved themselves to be different and it was shown that they are clearly more good to the commercial success in the long term. The most recent survey that explored a familial footing for specific properties of the adult females in the societal capacity and empathy implies a better public presentation of the created and directed concerns by adult females because of their capacity to more better to pass on with the employees, providers and clients.

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