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Learning Disabilities towards Barriers against application IEP

Over the last two decennaries, there has been a great trade of involvement in researching Learning Disabled pupils ‘ inclusion, non merely in Saudi Arabia but all around the Earth. The importance of look intoing Learning Disabled and its complex relationship with Individualized Education Plan, has led to the development of different definitions, of theoretical accounts of the mental deceleration as a medical or a socio-cultural minority, communicating options, and inclusion, the impression of inclusive instruction is a comparatively ‘new ‘ motion, at least in the Arab universe, which aims to prosecute particular needs pupils holistically. However, there seems to be a deficit of qualitative educational research on Learning Disabled and its dealingss with ( IEP ) in Saudi. Furthermore, Particular Education has a penchant over the other normal sort of instruction in that it does non cover with pupils with particular demands harmonizing to certain underdeveloped criterions. Alternatively, it deals with those pupils as independent persons who have certain abilities and demands. It is of import to name the sort of deceleration they have in add-on to measuring their abilities in order to find their current degree of public presentation, which is considered the base to construct up the one-year aims for the Individualized Education Program ( IEP ) . Many professionals in the ( IEP ) see that the individualised instruction program is considered one of the chief facets in developing the particular instruction plan. It is the base for any other preparation and educational activities for pupils with particular demands ( Haroon, 2004 ) .

In add-on, Ashual ( 1987 ) A raised a critical point of statement thatA in order for particular instruction to play a vitalA function, a multi-specialized squad should actively fall in the teaching/learning procedure. This could be done through the ( IEP ) which specify the demands of the pupil withA Learning Disability in footings of her/hisA potentials/abilities, current degree of educational attainments, A form proper/practical aims, and stipulate exactlyA all supporting services which might be required.

A Furthermore, A Al-Wabeli ( 2000 ) emphasized the importance of Individualized Educational Plan for SEN students. He said that using the ( IEP ) has become so familiar for tonss of advanced states in the field of particular instruction services, and this is due to the statute laws and A educational policies which insists on the importance of using such procedure. However, the existent pattern for the ( IEP ) is non applied, which made the work for using it a large issue for those who are interested in the particular instruction field.

Al-Khasrami ( 2001 ) pointed that there are many schools and establishments in Saudi Arabia doA notA care much forA actively using Individual Educational Plan ( IEP ) , while others implement it falsely in different forms and changing phases, without caring for the content. On the other manus the Ministry of Education issued waies that assert inside informations of the usage of IEP and how to put to death it in the existent life.. But from the informations collected by research worker from the field of IEP, it is clear that its execution is non followed on the needed form, in position of attempts exerted by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

From my survey in the Master ‘s findings, sing instructors awareness to the IEP, consequences indicate that they are cognizant for the program, but their information about its IEP execution is non plenty.

In position of the above, research worker feels that the IEP, sing its readying, executing and rating in the field of particular instruction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, could confront many obstructions that hinders application of IEP to larning handicapped pupils, specially in respect to the multi field work squad formed of larning handicapped kid, parents, instructors and school disposal.

This could be shaped through particular instruction literature in add-on to field observation, which motivated research workers to research these obstructions, to find their precedences for an of import group of particular destitute kids larning handicapped kids in inclusion institutes and plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This aims to supply concerned parties in the field of instructions full information about these obstructions, and work for fixing tools and mechanism to get the better of them.

the survey of The Importance

This survey is really of import being the first scientifically study takes portion inside Saudi Arabia ( In which relates to the studiers ‘ cognition ) . It is concerned with placing the barriers, which stand against using the ( IEP ) as determined by instructors of Learning handicapped pupils ‘ point of position. These barriers affect the procedure of supplying those pupils with the educational services. Knowing these barriers is besides of import in order to be after the proper schemes to halt or restrict the disadvantages caused by them. It besides helps the teachers to set the lineations, which assure using the ( IEP ) , harmonizing to the immense consequence in making a new spirit for the work and bettering the degree of educational services provided for Learning handicapped pupils. As a consequence, this will increase creativeness and this is the most of import procedure.

The nature of the job

“ … .. the usage of labels or classs of disablement, such as ‘physically disabled ‘ , ‘Down ‘s syndrome ‘ or ‘autistic ‘ , raises the issue that the respondent in a population may hold multiple readings for the same label ; that occurs when instructors attribute different features to a label based on their experiences, or deficiency of it, which could be positive or negative and be mostly unpredictable across a population of instructors. ” ( Avramidis & A ; Norwich, 2002 )

In this synthesis of my doctorial research proposal, I am taking to briefly reexamine some of the recent literature relevant to gestating ( IEP ) . All these constructs are exceptionally debatable and complex. I will discourse some premier methodological issues, such as the job of the survey, the intent of the survey, cardinal research inquiries and the chief nomenclature related to Learning Disabled, and individualised instruction plan. There are different ways in which one can procedurally specify Learning Disabled and individualised instruction plan either through an educational/academic, medical, legal point of view or from the societal position. ( Adal,2004 ) .

However, Through research worker work in the field of particular instruction, and through findings I reached during my survey in the Masters phase, I felt that instructors have some consciousness to the contents of IEP, but their attachment to its application is weak, he found many troubles. One of these troubles, instructors face, is that there are barriers that could stand against utilizing the ( IEP ) , which as a consequence, may impact the work ‘s flexibleness and the whole teamwork. If something goes incorrect with using the ( IEP ) , it could ensue in less qualified educational consequences. Harmonizing to what was mentioned before, this research seeks to place the barriers, which stands against using the ( IEP ) as determined by instructors of larning handicapped pupils in Saudi Arabia.

Purposes of my Ph.d.

The survey aims to:

Briefly investigate the complexness of Learning Disabled as a definition, and Individualized Education program.

Review some of the latest literature on these two chief subjects, viz. Learning Disabled and Individualized Education program.

However, This survey aims to place the different barriers, which stand against using the ( IEP ) with the acquisition handicapped pupils in establishments or schools with the meeting system in Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Research inquiries:

As it mentioned antecedently, this survey will follow a assorted methodological analysis research design ( multiple school based instance surveies ) in which both quantitative and qualitative methods are applied. The first stage will be an interpretative exploratory instance survey that “ purpose at specifying the inquiries and hypotheses of a subsequent survey ” , and descriptive which “ presents a complete description of a phenomenon within its context ” ( Yin, 1993, p. 5 ) . It will be designed qualitatively as semi-structured interviews that seek to turn to participants ‘ readings of Individual instruction program by replying the undermentioned inquiries:

What are the most barriers, which stand against using the ( IEP ) as determined by instructors of larning handicapped pupils ‘ point of position in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Make these barriers differ harmonizing to the age factor, the degree of instruction, the work experience, and the topographic point of work?

What are the suggestions, which might assist in traveling over these barriers? .

This will be followed by the 2nd stage, which will be an explanatory instance survey that “ nowadayss informations bearing on cause-effect relationships explicating which cause produced which effects ” ( Yin, 1993, p. 5 ) . It will be designed as a questionnaire ( quantitative study ) and Assumptions of current survey could be summarized as follows:

There differences in the perceive of instructors to the obstructions confronting execution of IEP, on the IEP obstructions graduated table.

There statistically important differences between the agencies of instructors Markss sing their perceive to the obstructions confronting execution of IEP.

There are statically important differences between agencies of instructors perceive harmonizing to educational environment to the disableds ( institute-inclusion plan ) , in their perceive to the obstructions confronting nidation of IEP.

There are statically important differences between agencies of instructors Markss harmonizing to see degree sing their perceive to the obstructions confronting execution of IEP.

Therefore, the first phase of the survey will be roll uping informations by using qualitative semi-structured interviews and a focal point group that aim to intensify the apprehension of the inclusion undertaking in Riyadh in footings of its current position and challenges, and how participants perceive the barriers to carry throughing societal inclusion. The 2nd stage, the quantitative study, seeks to construct on the bing cognition of old studies and to hold detailed information of participants ‘ cognition and sentiments towards ( IEP ) , rating of pre and in-service preparation coders ‘ , resources, , and proposed solutions to jobs.

Barriers to alter

“ When the mistake detected and corrected licenses the organisation ( LEA and mainstream schools ) to transport on its present policies or accomplish its nowadayss objective, so that error-and-corrections procedure is single-loop larning. Single-loop acquisition is like a thermoregulator that learns when it is excessively hot or excessively cold and turns the heat on or off. The thermoregulator can execute this undertaking because it can have information ‘the temperature of the room ‘ and take disciplinary action. Double-loop acquisition occurs when mistakes is detected and corrected in ways that involve the alteration of an organisation ‘s implicit in norms, policies and nonsubjective. ” ( Argyris and Schon, 1978, 2-3 ) .

However, Avramidis ( 2001 ) pointed out the importance of being cautious when comparing different states ‘ experiences of integrating and/or inclusion. He stated that there are important fluctuations within and between states in footings of their beliefs, doctrines, political/cultural systems, and educational policies and patterns. He gave an illustration of some qualitative differences between the eastern and western provinces of America, so this type of qualitative difference is even more of import when comparing two different states from two continents ( Avramidis, 2001 ) .

Teachers ‘ apprehension may be influenced by assorted factors, such as beliefs, political orientations, societal background, educational degree, relevant instruction experience, socio-political dockets and personality. It is non easy to determine the comparative importance of these factors. There are some instructors, peculiarly in the Arab universe, who tend to be counter towards Learning Disabled and this may impact their determination to be involved in any Individual instruction program. The importance of altering constructs and beliefs of practicians will so be rather critical when interviews take topographic point.

A Review of the literature an Individualized instruction program

Tymitz ( 1981 ) pointed out that the barriers which face the particular instruction instructors when using the individualised instruction program. The survey sample consisted of ( 102 ) instructors. the consequences showed that some of the most of import barriers was that there was a trouble in five different educational countries for the individualised instruction program. First, cognizing the current degree of public presentation. Second, adverting the one-year ( every twelvemonth ) objectives. Third, make up one’s mind the short term aims. Finally, developing the individualised instruction program scheme.

One of the barriers was besides teachers feelings towards the individualised instruction program they feel that it ‘s clip blowing for both instructors and pupils.

They believed in abandoning the individualised instruction program and alternatively utilizing the traditional manner of instruction.

Harmonizing to Scanlon ( 1981 ) seek to place the barriers, which stand against using the individualised instruction programs ( IEP ) in the province of Portland. The sample of the survey consisted of ( 168 ) parents, particular instruction instructors, and psychological. The consequences found that one of the most of import barriers was that there is an unequal engagement in the individualised instruction programs ‘ conferences. In add-on to deficiency of corporation between the persons of the multi-specialists squad, the ignorance of the assigned undertakings for each member, and the demand for qualified members to take part in these conferences.

Engelhard ( 1983 ) has ordered a survey on the jobs of the particular instruction instructors get downing from rating to bettering the ( IEP ) . The sample of the survey was ( 508 ) instructor, chief, and teacher. The findings showed that most of their jobs. First, the sum of paper work. Second, written work of the program. Third, the clip needed to fix it. Finally, the duty on those members to make ( IEP ) .

Rouse & A ; Agbenu ( 1989 ) applied a survey aimed at acknowledging the barriers which stand against using the individualised instruction program from the point of position of those who work in particular instruction. some of the of import barriers were: the deficiency of corporation between the work squad persons, and the demand for preparation classs for those persons during their work in developing the individualised instruction program.

a survey aimed at acknowledging the barriers which stand against using the individualised instruction program from the point of position of those who work in particular instruction. some of the of import barriers. First, the deficiency of corporation between the work squad persons. Second, the demand for preparation classs for those persons during their work in developing the individualised instruction program.

Abdullah ( 2003 ) mentioned a survey aimed at acknowledging the programs and individualised instruction plans for larning handicapped pupils. The survey showed that there were some barriers when using the individualised instruction program. One of these barriers was the deficiency of parents engagement in using the individualised instruction.

In add-on, Menlove ( 2001 ) mentioned that one of the barriers which stand against using the individualised instruction program was that instructors did non take part in the ( IEP ) meetings. This was a consequence of an educational statistic held in Utah province. The survey sample consisted of ( 200 ) instructors. Another barrier was the dissatisfaction when using the ( IEP ) . On the other manus, Al-Khashrami ( 2001 ) raised a survey which aimed at cognizing the barriers related to using the Individualized Education Plan ( IEP ) . The sample of the survey was ( 85 ) instructor and teacher in the schools and establishments of particular demands in Al Riyadh. First, There is a barrier related in make up one’s minding the right clip for using the ( IEP ) . The ( IEP ) should be planned after specifying the proper educational topographic point for the kid, non before that. Second, There is no multi-specialized squad. Third, The deficiency of utilizing consequences of diagnosings in fixing the ( IEP ) . Finally, The instructors are non satisfied with their experience in be aftering the ( IEP ) , and their demand for developing classs to do the occupation easier for them.

Dabokuski ( 2004 ) was interested in explicating the barriers which stand against using the individualised instruction program. He found that one of the most of import barriers is the lock of parents engagement in the meetings concerned with the individualised instruction program, and non including a multi specialised work squad.

Finally, Hanafi ( 2005 ) hunt barriers stand against using the ( IEP ) in Al-Amal centres for deaf pupils and the schools, which apply the meeting system ( Unifying pupils of particular demands with normal pupils ) , the sample of the survey consisted of ( 166 ) instructor in these establishments in Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The findings resulted in the undermentioned barriers. First of wholly, The deficiency of statute law, which force the work squad to do determinations agreed on. Second, Using the ( IEP ) is more of import when applied along with the meeting system. Third, All instructors of deaf pupils in Al Riyadh who have different experiences have certain troubles in using the ( IEP ) .

Restrictions of the survey:

As in all other educational research, there is a hazard of deriving politically right information from Saudi instructors, because they would non wish to expose their true beliefs about sensitive educational issues such as larning handicapped, and single instruction program. I expect that there will be several defects in my hereafter survey which will necessitate to be handled with cautiousness. Another possible trouble will be in carrying instructors to take part in this assorted methodological analysis instance survey as they might claim to be excessively busy. Consequently, it might take them some clip to finish the questionnaire or to take part in the semi-structured interviews. In add-on, although I will administer questionnaires to big figure of participants, likely merely little proportion will finish them. Furthermore, there might be some troubles in happening the most appropriate mainstream schools that would welcome and ease informations aggregation procedure. In add-on, research worker will utilize the followers. First, Place Limits, all the governmental and unifying system schools under the Minister of Education in Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Second, Time Limits: Get downing from the Academic twelvemonth ( 2012 ) . Third, Objective Limits: This survey will be merely about cognizing the barriers of using the ( IEP ) as determined by instructors of larning handicapped pupils ‘ point of position in Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and placing the suggestions, which might assist in traveling over these barriers.

Research Methodology:

“ The duality between qualitative and quantitative research has become a imitation in the societal scientific disciplines. Qualitative research is characterized as being ‘soft ‘ societal scientific discipline, interested in ‘mushy ‘ procedure, and covering with unequal grounds. Quantitative research is considered hardheaded, data-driven, outcome-oriented, and genuinely scientific. ” ( Yin, 1993, p.57 )

The research worker will utilize a assorted methodological analysis including both quantitative and qualitative attacks. This will be achieved through using research tools such as semi-structured interviews, and Liker graduated table questionnaires. Riyadh metropolis in the center of Saudi Arabia will be the cardinal focal point of my doctorial thesis undertaking because I worked there for several old ages as handicapped instructor and lector. Additionally, Riyadh metropolis, which is the capital of Saudi ( 10 million populations ) with a important figure of larning handicapped pupils and many particular and mainstream schools. Therefore, I will take acquisition handicapped schools in Riyadh metropolis as instance surveies as described by Yin ( 1993 ; 1994 ) for my doctorial thesis.

Participants ( L/Disabled Teachers )

The participants in the proposed doctorial thesis will be instructors working in all L/Disabled primary schools in Riyadh.

Procedures ( Data aggregation and analyses )

This hunt process will include on-line electronic diary databases such as EBESCO EJS, Education Research Complete, ERIC plus text, JSTOR, recent books, maestro ‘s and doctorial theses, manus hunt of relevant diaries such as The British Journal of Particular Education, European Journal of Special Educational Needs, International Journal of Inclusive Education.

I will try to attest my research inquiries by agencies of two cardinal research tools: semi-structured interviews, . The study will be analyzed through a quantitative numerical attack utilizing SPSS. Whereas, all the informations collected via semi-structured interviews will be analyzed by Thematic analysis/ discourse analysis.

Datas Analysis

Collected informations from the first stage of the survey ( semi-structured interviews ) will be written and collected in Arabic to avoid any interlingual rendition proficient jobs. The information will be analyzed and so translated into English by qualitative cryptography attack ( Miles and Huberman, 1984 ) . Then, instructors will be analyzed utilizing the statistical bundle for the societal scientific disciplines ( SPSS16 ) . Descriptive analysis will be applied to cipher the agencies and standard divergences for each statement of each subdivision, which will be coded, organized, analyzed, discussed, and concluded following the scientific methodological analysis convention. I will split my questionnaire into three or four subdivisions in order to set each point under the most appropriate class.

I will give this questionnaire to my first supervisor and three of my doctorial schoolmates to rectify, modify, and remark on its construction and content. After that, I will use most of their corrections and remarks after treatment with my supervisor. I will transport out a Cronbach ‘s alpha coefficient trial in order to derive confidence of the graduated table ‘s internal consistence and to do certain that the graduated table is dependable with this peculiar sample. That is because the split-half trial of dependability could be to some extent debatable in the manner that it is somewhat dependent on the peculiar split I might take to do.

The Concepts used in this survey:

Barriers: are those variables related to the parents, pupils, instructors, the multi specialized squad work, and the disposal, which stand against using the ( IEP ) in the best manner, in add-on to deprive pupils with mentally deceleration to utilize the educational services that help a batch in bettering their abilities.

Individualized Education Plan or Program ( IEP ) : it is a practical functionary certification, which is done separately for each kid who suffers from mental upset harmonizing to his ain demands and demands. This program differs with the different grades of deceleration for each kid and its chief aim is to do the kid able to get the basic needful accomplishments to accomplish the planned aims in order to enable him to utilize his abilities.

Potential troubles

There will be several possible troubles in committedness in the ( IEP ) . First, obstacles related to multi-field squad, which means that there could be some sort of intervention between squad members. Teacher could be forced to bear the largest portion of load from the side of execution of IEP, while disregarding other ‘s functions. Second, obstacles related to administrative sides, or linked to parents, and the ground is that there are no ordinances and systems that give them a opportunity to take part in the plan, in add-on to deficiency of of import information about these plans, and deficiency of consciousness within schools staff to execution of IEP. School schoolmaster sometimes is non the qualified portion who is able to transport on execution of IEP. Third, Obstacles related to instructors themselves, and this appears from the point of deficiency of occupation satisfaction, or more program contents. Fourth, obstacles related to larning handicapped pupil himself. However, I will explicate in my doctorial thesis assorted tactics to get the better of all these possible jobs.


Researcher feels that execution of IEP, could increase with the tendency of inclusion, and this assures that inclusion of larning handicapped pupils in general categories could hold more positive effects, but there could be some negative effects, which required more execution of IEP to face or face these negative points.

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