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Manager And A Leader Business Essay

The two footings named as director and a leader is used as one another. The direction is considered as oversing the people to acquire the things done to run into the aims of the organisation. Along with that director is normally involved in specific state of affairss and procedures to work out the short term jobs. Sing the direction, people are interlinked with each other working towards the common end through their specified functions. Whereas leading is concerned with the quality to convey into the system. The leading procedure is a self-generated reaction of a peculiar state of affairs which could convey the positive or negative impact on the organisation.

A director with the successful calling may hold the plus of leading qualities. On the other side a leader could be transformed as director but it is non necessary that a director could be a leader. The end of the director is to set up and maximise the public presentation of the organisation whereas the leader ever seeks and place the farther possibilities to set into the current system to do the organisation more effectual. It has besides been seen that the work force is normally more loyal and trust worthy for the leader than the director.

To carry through the organisational ends, organisations employ the directors and authorise them to entertain and pull off the work force and on the other side, the work force want to follow the leaders but non the directors. The ground behind this attitude is non that they do non desire to make it, but really they like to it by all agencies. Infect, the leaders does non hold the capableness to honor on any employees public presentation but they workforce can originate to garner their demands and convey into the leader attending. And directors have merely to trust on the public presentation of the employees to set up the nexus between public presentation and company ends.

The procedure of direction is normally described as the timed actions, preciseness and elaborate analysis of the employee occupation function. And on the other side, leading is wholly based on the end scene, sharing of visions, alining the ends and inspiration with the integrating of the clip nexus. It is obvious to state that good leading is portion of good direction and good direction is a portion of good leading. If a leader does non direction accomplishments and director does non hold leading accomplishments, they are failed to bring forth the needed consequences. It depicts that larning the direction techniques is a scientific discipline and leading is an art of facts. To go a great leader could be learned with the transition of clip, whereas the born leaders have multi directional qualities in them and can ne’er be met.

The success of the organisation is strictly based on both of them such as strong leading and great direction.

1.2: Analyze how direction and leading manner impacts on the accomplishment of the aims of your chosen administration.

Leadership in Nokia

To analyze the impact of direction and leading manner on the accomplishment of the set aims, I am traveling to discourse the main executive of Nokia Mobile carbon monoxide named Jorma Ollila. He is a extremely qualified single holding two Master grades in political scientific discipline and economic sciences from University of Helsinki and London school of Economics severally. After graduating from the London school of Economics, he was awarded with an honorary PhD grade from the University of Helsinki in 1995 and once more another honorary PhD grade in engineering in 1998 from the same university.

Bing one of the most successful leaders in the universe, he had a fantastic experience of information communicating and engineering. He is non merely functioning Nokia but besides has integrated his service with assorted industries. He is besides the executive member of many professional establishments due to his professionalism, success and experience. Jorma is one of the taking professional, who has been given honorary citizenships to assorted states from China to Poland and has restated many concerns. Along with that, he initiated the Nokia concern to do and reconstitute it to the universe taking organisation with his ambitious schemes. Under the influence of his leading umbrella, Nokia has been declared the worldaa‚¬a„?s figure one ranking organisation non merely in nomadic phone but besides in telecommunication substructure.

Bing the leader of Nokia, Jorma had shown his concerns non merely with the employees but besides with their designated undertakings. He ever nourished the people and their new thoughts and believed in the openness and equal chances to everyone. Development of employees is besides the cardinal portion of his leading. He ever encourages the employees to be more educated and acquire developed personally and held them responsible to go to the available chances surround. Apart from that, he ever encourages to come under the unfastened sky for the argument or treatment and he says, he does non merely listen to his employees but besides act on their relevant and utile thoughts when prepares for the concern patterns and policies.

He besides showed his concerns to the development and preparation programmes for his employees such as ( IIP ) Investigate in people programme. He ever listens to his employees and maintain them flexible for their occupations run intoing the local criterions of the market. He ever encourages and appreciates assorted clocking slots and working hours to the employees. Apart from that, he has designed, valued and introduced a really flexible attack towards the employment with in the Nokia. Nokiaaa‚¬a„?s strategies towards the employees are the chief contemplation of the correct system for the remainder of the universe. Nokia has besides got the fillip strategy for their employees to promote their involvement in their occupations.

Finally, if we look through the birds-eye-view, we can see that Jorma is a successful leader holding assorted leading and direction qualities with the high degree of general cognition about employees. He does non merely have the ability to actuate the employees but besides has a fantastic leading manner which has made Nokia the figure one organisation in the universe.

Undertaking 2: Understand direction and leading accomplishments

2.1: Explain the personal and professional accomplishments required for effectual direction of your chosen administration.

Leadership Requirements / Needs/ Skills

Leadership can be defined as the quality to bring on person into the organisation success. It is obvious that a leader is required by all the organisations, who show the right way to employees to run into the ends and aims. The ends of leaders are rather entrepreneurial and are undertaken by the organisations positively.

The strategic aims of the organisation are based on the development, designation and sustaining of the leading. If the organisation does non hold leaders, or have lack of leaders at every degree, the organisation may hold under public presentation issues. It may non merely short tally of its ends but besides lose the chances of the strategic direction. It will impact the profitableness and gross of the organisation.

One of the most celebrated organisations in the universe, Russell Consulting Inc can be put as an illustration to place the development of its leaders. The cardinal competences can be developed within the organisation at every degree to prolong its advancement through good leading which would impact the organisations long term ends. There is no uncertainty that modern organisations should put more capital to get the best leading to prolong the growing and a success.

The Proposed Competences of Leadership to be developed at RCI

Since 1987, RCI has been the taking organisation among its clients in developing leaders. To do leaders roles more ambitious, it has designed and implemented the programmes for the leading to develop and keep it at every single degree, which will non merely fulfil the competences of this function.

RCI defined few competences, what leaders should hold among them.

Strategic Thinking


Problem Solving

Decision Making

Systems Thinking


Performance Management and Accountability

Inspiring a Shared Vision

Pull offing Conflict

Building and Sustaining Teamwork

Leading Change

Quality and Productivity Improvement

Servant Leadership

Emotional Intelligence

Invention and Creativity

Customer Service

Employee Development

Develop Trust

Covering with Ambiguity

360 degree feedback leading manner

Transformational Leadership manner

Participative Leadership

Participative Leadership

Skills required by a director

A director needs to cognize the intra-communication of the procedures within the organisation and appropriate manner of their operation. Some people born with God gifted qualities and can be classified as the natural directors and some people need to work hard to acquire to that phase. Following are the few qualities a good director should possess within the corporate leading to guarantee the canvas and smooth working of the organisation.

What are the Skills needed to be a Good Manager?

The significance of leading does non intend the domination of the people but requires some leading accomplishments and functions, which can be performed in some state of affairss to do the teammates more bucked up and focused to run into the organisation aims

Time direction is one of the most of import accomplishments of the director. The individual who can be after the agenda and split the clip harmonizing to the undertakings can be an plus for the organisation for the direction intent.

The good director must hold future inherent aptitude for the organisation hereafter and could foretell and inscribe the benefits into it.

The good director should hold an ability to promote the squad mates to work efficaciously and besides entertain their endowments into their several Fieldss. If the employee is under public presentation, the director should be able to pass on the advancement efficaciously to make the comprehensive determination with professionalism.

If the organisation is under a public presentation issue and crisis, the good director should still be able to execute best. He should be thick tegument.

The good director should be sensitive to other employees and be able to advance and make good environment or a happy stage.

If some one time carries qualities, he will decidedly be able to execute as a good director and can turn out the valuable plus for the organisation.

2.2: Compare any four ( 4 ) accomplishments and properties of three ( 3 ) successful leaders you know.

Leadership of Jorma Ollila

Jorma Ollila, the president of the Nokia Group has concerns both for employees and their relevant undertakings.

He has a really strong background of instruction and got two Master grades and two PhD honorary grades within the subjects of political scientific discipline and economic sciences.

He is adept in the information communicating engineering field with the immense experience.

Jorma, entertains the equal chances and flexible working hours attack for his employees.


Zhang, the celebrated leader has a undertaking oriented attack of leading.

He is speedy in placing the demands to alter the organisation regulations and puting up the ends for the employees.

He classifies the undertakings to each section within the organisation in a really specific manner to accomplish the company ends.

Giving and incorporating importance to the employees is his chief subject and he besides has strong dealingss within some universities and employees hundred of new alumnuss every twelvemonth.


Making immense procedure from the get downing to now shows how effectual his direction is, as he ever takes involvement in larning.

Bill Gates is a really confident individual and cognize right from the beginning of how to do his dream come true.

He was born with a high proficient set of head, whereas Microsoft is the existent success of his proficient encephalon so.

He ne’er stopped inquiring inquiries and reappraisals, what people need and how he can entertain them. Having computing machine in every place was his dream.

2.3: Measure the expected impact of your ain leading manners on your work.

In the epoch of twenty-first century, many people are seeking to place the best leading manner within the direction of an organisation. And the research has shown that, there is non even a individual manner which is best suited for every state of affairs. Assorted leading manners are utile for assorted state of affairss. The leaders are considered to be successful, if they choose to divert their leading manner harmonizing to the demand keeping their ain alone manner. I believe that my leading manner is really much relevant to the situational leading, which is used to place the demands of the current state of affairs. As a leader I will non give the way to my employees but will besides make and set up a socio-emotional relationship with them. I will besides make preparedness among them, which would give me consequences at an person and at corporate degree.

I will anticipate the employees to be more productive when I will direct them towards their ends in a peculiar state of affairs while entertaining them with wagess. The reward strategy would promote them to work hard to run into the aims of the organisation more efficaciously. The integrating of socio-emotional relationship with them will give me the opportunity to talk to them about their related issues non merely relevant to work but besides the place life 1s. It will make the more understanding between us through communicating and they will experience like household to work towards the same end and every one will be befitted from the feeling of success and accomplishment. The preparedness would besides do a positive impact on the organisation public presentation and every one would be able to take part up to their best degree and maximise the organisation gross and success.

Undertaking 3: Be able to use theory in an organizational context

3.1: Choice four ( 4 ) appropriate theories of direction and leading to place leading demands in given state of affairss in your chosen administration.

Four theories are described in item as below.

Trait Theories

The premise of the Trait theory is the heritage of few qualities and strategic traits that make the leaders suited for certain state of affairss. These theories normally identify certain types of personalities and features at behavioral degree which are normally entertained by assorted leaders so.

Eventuality Theories

The eventuality theory of leading is chiefly based on the environmental variables, those can find the manner of leading is required in a peculiar state of affairs. This theory indicates that there is non manner which is best suited in any given state of affairs.

Situational Theories

This theory depicts that which class of action is appropriate in a peculiar state of affairs and these are based on the situational variables. In this type, assorted types of determination devising properties are considered to be more appropriate.

Behavioral Theories

The theory of behavioral leading believes that the great leaders are made but non born. This theory does non believe in the hereafter inherent aptitude or ability to forseen the hereafter but believes the class of action in the given state of affairs. This theory establishes the nexus between observation and instruction.

3.2: Report on the utility of utilizing theories for deriving penetrations into leading demands in given state of affairss in your chosen administration

The Advantages of Emerging Leadership Theories

During the first half of the twentieth century, leading theories focused on traits and accomplishments that were built-in in leaders and assumed that leaders were “ born, non made. ” Around 1960, new theories of leading were developed that considered the impact of followings and undertakings on leader effectivity. These emerging manners, besides called modern or current manners, include eventuality theoretical accounts, situational and transformational leading.


Flexibility with Preciseness

Lasting Motivation with Better Results

The above discussed advantages are really utile when looking into the organisational leading demands.

Undertaking 4: Be able to be after for the development of leading and direction accomplishments

4.1: Use four ( 4 ) appropriate methods to measure the accomplishments needed by a leader in a given state of affairs in your chosen administration.


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