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Operating Functions Of A Small Business Commerce Essay

A little concern is a concern that is in private owned and operated, with a little figure of employees or by an person and comparatively low volume of gross revenues and proprietor have merely adult male who gets all net income. Small concern is largely low capital concern or yearly turnover is non more than 5.2million lbs and more than 50 employees. These concerns are increasing dramatically because due to economic system downswing their occupation is insecure. Small concerns are critical in today ‘s economic system because many of the gross obtained by the authorities are from little concern revenue enhancements. In add-on, since we are presently in a Global Financial Crisis which is impacting about everyone around the universe, the being of little concerns can excite the economic system and hopefully better the economic systems all around the universe. Small concerns are of import because it can supply more occupation chances for people and increase the economic system of the state.

The purpose of this check is to depict the information of the little concern. Describe the all activities of the little concern like how we can pull off better client relationship. The obsolete the brief reappraisal of the rivals like how they consequence on the little concern and what they are making for round the little concern and they want to do do better installations and relation with the clients. This essay besides shows the whole process of the little concern like start up to frailer. It describes the every state of affairs of the concern like proprietor face the job and direction between demand and supply. So my essay shows the present scenario of my male parent ‘s concern and what he did for start up a concern and how he is successfully running his concern and in this I have describe the all activities of concern, which are describe as follows:

Laxmi picture castle is a cadmium ( compact phonograph record ) shop which is situated in the ( raj ) India. This shop offer ‘s big figure of films CD ‘s & A ; DVD ‘s on rent. Laxmi picture castle established in 2000 and has experienced a rapid growing because of it advanced thoughts. In India first compact phonograph record was launched in December 1987 as a music album. After 1987 popularity of cadmium ‘s additions every decennary, so my male parent Mr. Ambalal pahuja started a concern of compact phonograph record shop in October 2000. Laxmi picture castle is my male parent ‘s little concern. My male parent started this concern because of high popularity Cadmium ‘s and DVD ‘s among clients.

Solo Trader

My male parent is merely proprietor of the concern and a solo bargainer is an person who runs a concern and he is to the full apt to pay all debts, all net incomes and losingss accrue to the proprietor. Being solo bargainer my male parent has tonss of advantages like solo bargainer can put up his concern really easy and he is the lone 1 who make the all determination and maintain all the net incomes of concern. In a little concern, solo bargainers have no demand to look into his histories on a regular basis. Solo bargainers besides have net income to pay low income revenue enhancement.

On the other manus solo bargainers ( my male parent ) have few disadvantages because in concern we have to pay all limitless liabilities, including personal assets outside of the concern. In my male parent ‘s concern there are no extra financess possible because there are no equity investors. In my male parent ‘s concern there is few job creates by 3rd parties, which affect on net income because these 3rd parties are rivals and they are seeking their best to crush us. They are besides solo bargainer and they have to the full freedom to do competitory environment in the market. In my concern my male parent is on positive side as a solo bargainer because he is running his concern successfully from 9 old ages.


In the picture shop mu male parent offers merchandise as Cadmium ‘s and DVD ‘s. This concern is really profitable for my male parent because we sale these Cadmium ‘s and DVD ‘s to client every bit good as rent it. So, it gives net income more than it cost. We besides offers combo battalion for those who are pupil and life in rented house. In combo battalion we give them a set which include telecasting, CD participant and films CD ‘s, it combo battalion aid every individual to acquire full amusement at low monetary value.

These sorts of offers help us to derive more net income comparison to give Cadmium ‘s on rent. So in my shop we offers to client ‘s big figure of merchandises or points like CD ‘s, DVD ‘s, telecasting, cadmium participants and music system. These all merchandises are one clip investing merchandises and gives net income more than at that place cost. We offers these merchandises to client on rent, after few months merchandises earn their cost monetary value, after that merchandise merely gain net income for us. For these merchandises we have to take license because without license we can non make concern we can non sale Cadmium ‘s. This is one of annual disbursal which we have to give every twelvemonth. We have to resister our concern in authorities mandate because without enrollment we can non do any sale. We have to registered our concern in the anti buccaneering squad because it is a legal squad to look into for the buccaneering concern and take strong against it. As comparison to rivals we are making more lawfully concern because rivals are merely making enrollment in the authorities and they are non taking license, so clients have more trust on my male parent ‘s store as comparison to rivals.


Selling is really indispensable for every successful concern because selling aids in publicity of concern and selling ever increase the sale of concern. This selling theory helps in concern to spread out in concern activity or hike sale. This is another disbursal of concern because in selling we are doing usage of an advertizement, booklets, circulars and printed equipage etc. In my concern my male parent is making all this selling beginnings for popularity and gross revenues because without marketing no 1 know about the store and no 1 can understand like what sort of concern we are doing. Selling is a large disbursal for a concern but it helps to derive more net income and growing of gross revenues.

For marketing my male parent is making advertizement like he gives advertizement on telecasting and in newspaper because these beginnings help him to demo the installations of the store and merchandise of the shop. Circulars ( individual sheet, printed one side, no creases ) we are distributes circulars every store or in every place as a cusp. It help client to cognize more information about the store. My male parent ever use streamer in every map in Udaipur, it attracts to client. Brochers are by and large folder normally A4 size creases, it ‘s largely use for lasting information. Which help client to take it and adequate information about the shop like what merchandise we have and our contact inside informations.

Selling is really must thing for our concern because our rivals are besides making some selling attempts like rivals are utilizing place bringing of Cadmium ‘s and DVD ‘s it help client to clip salvaging and they are besides utilizing some on-line CD library so it helps client to happen Cadmium ‘s easy. This installation attracts client and do the competitory environment in the market. In this installation rivals are all in us in the market because we do non hold any sort of online and place bringing installation. In a little concern we have limited client base and all depends on the proprietors selling accomplishment so in my concern we have small spot job in selling because we do n’t hold any new engineering installation compare with rivals. So I ‘ll propose to my male parent to utilize new engineering installation and utilize the 4 I ( invention, designation, synergistic, informal information ) in the concern which help him to crush the rivals.


Finance is the anchor of the every concern because with deficient fund concern ca n’t turn. In my male parent ‘s concern finance is must thing because with deficient fund we can non retain sufficient stock for clients. In the begning my male parent started concern with low capital because that clip he did non hold any sort of support beginning but after few old ages, after deriving some net income he decided to take loan from bank.

Beginning of support theory aid concern to spread out sale and pull the clients. For my male parent ‘s concern in the begning he did non hold adequate money to get down a good concern but after the few old ages, harmonizing to this theory my male parent has few options and takes loan from bank to spread out his concern. Harmonizing to this theory, my male parent has internal beginning of finance for the concern get down up because he has a little concern so internal beginning is the best option for my male parent because in this option my male parent can utilize salvaging and re mortgage. So these are the best option for my male parent because salvaging, net income and re mortgage are best option for little concern with this internal beginning we can spread out our concern without involvement and revenue enhancement and effectual usage of our ain net income or economy.

Family or friend is another right option for my male parent because household member can assist in every state of affairs of concern and they ever give money without any involvement. So this sort aid from household or friend helped my male parent to spread out his concern after few profitable twelvemonth when he derive some net income he repaid the all debts to his friend or household member. So this sort of internal support helps my male parent to spread out his concern and addition more net income and more attractive force of client. On the other manus after use the internal beginning of found he decided to take external beginning of finance because of good client response and popularity of shop in the market led him to spread out his concern more and add some more merchandises. So he decided to take loan from bank because lone bank loan can give him a corporate money which he can refund in episode with a little sum of involvement moreover it besides expose him to many type subordinates which authorities offers to advance concern and therefore aid in flow of concern.

Bank loan is the important determination for my male parent because as market state of affairs rivals were turning at that place concern really sharply and they were utilizing really effectual fast ones to pull to client. So in this state of affairs my male parent decides to take loan from bank and expand merchandise degree in the concern. This set loan take early by rivals so they were made good net income from clients to compare to him. So this is the 1 of the advantage of rivals in his concern market.


Networking plays a really of import function in every little concern because without networking, an proprietor can non run into the clients straight. Networking includes edifice and maintaining contacts and relationship with other people. It helps proprietor to reexamine his concern. For networking, my male parent largely make usage of societal web because household and friends support in publicity and all household members helps to spread out the web of concern. Harmonizing to theory, I will propose my male parent to utilize professional web because it will assist him to do better contacts with clients through concern activities. This professional networking helps him to straight run into with clients and can have better suggestions from clients. This professional networking will besides assist him to do effectual connexions with clients, employees and higher-ups ( jobbers ) because connexion between them will assist him to research the concern and with good web he can do effectual communicating between proprietor and client. Harmonizing to Jarillo ( 1998 ) , the web is a merchandise of determined entrepreneur set on obtaining the most efficient organisation agreement to finish in his or her chosen market. I assume that my male parent is small weak in the networking country but I will propose him to make something new like professional networking which help him to do better web between him and clients.


Now-a-days Cadmium ‘s and DVD ‘s are really popular in the market, so my male parent faces tonss of competition. Due to harsh competition, rivals make every possible attempt to stamp down my male parent ‘s concern. As my male parent has strong clasp in the market, clients are satisfied and happy with the installations and response. Rivals are making their best in advancing their merchandises and besides pulling the clients with some moneymaking offers. My male parent has big aggregation of CD ‘s and DVD ‘s as compared to rivals. Better merchandise both in measure and quality supports my male parent more competitory in the market.

Rivals are besides utilizing monetary value incursion scheme by maintaining their monetary value comparatively low and seeking less net income borders. Immense competition besides make some marketer ‘s to sell pirated CD ‘s which is relatively inexpensive but this sort of concern is illegal but helps to retain low terminal clients which are more monetary value sensitive. However, we operate our concern by taking all the legal deductions into consideration and believe in winning the trust by better merchandises and services.

Laxmi picture best in ability to supply quality and fast services at lower cost comparison to any rival. This placement of the concern provides protection against the power of providers by making more flexibleness to get by with increasing seashore. So his shop is one of the best shops in the market but continually increasing rivals doing competitory environment. Rivals making difficult attempt to advancing their shop they are puting high sum in advertizement. As comparison to beget ‘s store they utilizing high quality picture on telecasting and they are utilizing some attractive offers like buy one get one free, purchase two get 50 % on 3rd CD. So rivals are making their high degree compition attempt to crush male parents concern but it is really old concern in the market and he has great repute between clients. So these rivals ‘ attempts merely affect the spot on sale or net income but this competition makes a good environment between rivals and us.


Not all little concern terminal in failures but some of the concern fails in the terminal because of merchandise or services disused. In the market state of affairs proprietor non able to keep their services, in this state of affairs clients attracts with another store. This can be ground for failure. On the other manus in my store my male parent is pull offing good combination between goods and services, so he is still pull off their concern with client satisfaction. Bankrupt is another ground of failure of concern because some concern take excess loan from the bank once more non being able to pay on clip or they do non hold adequate assets to pay their liabilities. Maximal net income pickings from the concern by proprietor is ground for failure because most of proprietor take maximal sum from the sale and put little sum of net income in the concern, so this little sum of investing in concern another ground of failure. Lack of apprehension of selling and hapless merchandising accomplishment, decease, sick wellness, household relationship job, economic system downswing and past public presentation are the chief ground for failure of concern and unpredictable cause like inundation, fire and terrorist onslaught another ground for failure because it all cause may be non insured by the proprietor. So these are the chief causes of failure of little concern but for my male parent ‘s concern, he still pull offing image and making his best for his successful concern.


Finally I can reason that little concern dramas critical function in proprietor ‘s life because little concern has tonss of advantages and disadvantages. As I have discussed all the activities for successful little concern such as selling of concern aid proprietor to give merchandise information to clients, so its aid proprietor to in expands his concern. Marketing chiefly aid in encouragement sale and advertizement helps to pull clients. For support beginnings household beginning helps in encouragement in merchandise line means, household gives money without any involvement so it finance helps in construct the high merchandise line. Bank loan support beginning aid little concern to spread out the size of the concern and it besides help in wage the liabilities of the concern. Bank loan is the external beginning of fund for the concern and it aid in construct the capital and loan give support to proprietor to take best attractive offers and expand in installations of client, it makes to the full client satisfaction because with liquid money proprietor can make best invention in his little concern.

On the other manus solo bargainer is the 1 who take all the net incomes of little concern and have all the liabilities to pay his loan. Solo bargainer is an proprietor of the little concern and he successfully runs his concern with his effectual personality. Sometimes an proprietor non be able to run concern successfully because many little concerns fail to make their full potency, or travel bust, merely because the little concern proprietor spends excessively much clip working in the concern, and excessively small clip working on the concern and there is few another ground of concern failure like unpredictable cause ( inundation, fire, terrorist ) , deficiency of apprehension of selling, accounting, fiscal, decease. Ill wellness and personal and household job are the chief ground of failure of little concern. However proprietor can vie with larger rivals utilizing cagey selling techniques.

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