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Organization Structure And Communication Channels Commerce Essay

JKs universe of golf is one of the New Zealand oldest standing golf retail merchants. Its first subdivision was opened at AUCKLAND airdrome in 1997. It is the lone 24 hour. driving scope holding its ain 40 bays, which have outdoor man-made splintering for those clients who came for short games. JK ‘s universe of golf is the first installation that has its ain Trackman Pro suiting system & A ; Trackman Performance Studio. They have all the installations and the latest engineerings. Trackman is universe most admired system used for golf nine analysis and distance measuring. They have all the engineerings and amenitiess which catch the attractive force of the client. They have got really good reappraisals from their client.

Determination AND ANALYSIS

Organization construction and communicating channels

JK ‘s universe of golf is the New Zealand major golf installation.

They own 40 bays and the merely 24 hour. driving scope in New Zealand. They were the first golf installation to utilize the latest engineering like Trackman. Trackman is the universe taking engineering for golf analysis, which helps in mensurating the distance. It is military class package adapted by the golf and the JK ‘s universe of golf was the first to accommodate and establish this system in New Zealand. In Normal yearss it is a athletics nine where people come and enjoy their games but JK ‘s universe of golf besides sponsor many tourneies and premier conferences. They are really supportive for advancing golf in New Zealand with their latest engineering and their attractive charts for the game. They own a Warehouse franchise called Golf warehouse. They besides have different sites and two different shops. Where they sells all the golf material.


Yes all staff members know their function and duty towards the company and they understand that to and they are really loyal. Every individual staff member knows their function and they are making it with flawlessness. Yes there is a gatekeeper at every different degree. The being of two pattern theoretical accounts, top-down and bottom-up, used for communicating.

Yes there are chances for both top-down & amp ; Bottom-up communicating because in the communicating JK ‘s World of Golf use both manner for communicating. In the company the flow of communicating from top to bottom and bottom to exceed degree is really easy and everyone get opportunity to give their positions. If there is any job with the staff they come to the director and talk with them and if that job is to be carried frontward to the upper direction the directors forward it to the upper direction. In our company directors are the in-between nexus between the two degrees. We besides use to form an informal meeting with the whole staff and in that we use to speak about any job with them and we have lunch together in that no boss no staff everyone are equal and can talk freely.

There is less mark of pipeline in the organisation as staff members do non hold hazard approximately employment as each staff is considered a portion of the organisation so this prevents employees from holding informal channels. Besides one of the other chief factors is that, in hebdomad yearss immense Numberss of members/players come to play and bask their weekdays, which prohibits staff from holding their personal conversation amongst them. This is proven to be one of the major plus point of the organisation.

Work squads and group kineticss

In organisation working environment is really freely and every squad is depended on its leader and leader of each squad is line director. Manager uses their place power to demo their leading accomplishments. Teams are distributed and the members are selected harmonizing to the specialisation in different field. Some people are holding different experience and some have others so as per the demand, director creates a squad and specify their functions and duties. Staff focuses on what they have to accomplish and what their concluding mark is. Every squad has a squad leader, who divides and make up one’s mind undertaking for the squad and pull off his group members and helps them in accomplishing their end and actuate them to make it in right manner and in perfect manner.

Directors ever initiate the undertaking, whatever the undertaking is, first measure is taken by director and he decides the allotment of squads and agendas. General Manager has the superior authorization because Manager studies to the General director and he given all the thoughts about undertaking care and function public presentation, Once he allocate those so director has the authorization to administer it. There are several ways to acquire the squad end product but by and large JK ‘s universe of golf usage audit tools to see the public presentation parametric quantity and acquire the squad declarations. ( T.J.Peters, 1987 )

Yes the staff member who performs good got rewarded like inducements, nutrient vouchers, free weekend game verifiers and bonus manner. In this manner the employees are motivated to make good every month the employee who perform good and make the work in right manner is selected as employee of the month.

Stakeholder Communication

Stakeholder is that people who has an involvement in concern processA and its concern or results. Owners are stakeholders. They can put anyplace, other stakeholders are the patrons and other investors.A

JK ‘s universe of golf disposal and work strength are two others. Both groups have a interest in the procedures and results but they are non needfully the same involvements. Management wants to present the best service at all possible monetary value. Employees want to acquire paid every bit much as possible for their work.A

If I had to state which stakeholder is most powerful, I would state it is the clients. If there are no clients.

Organization civilization & A ; employee duties

JK ‘s World of golf civilization is really passionate towards the director in charge and its employees. The Manager is in that place where he can utilize his power any clip and demo his leading quality because the other staff members are new or are less experient so him. One director in peculiar used a merchandising attack, which indicates a higher readiness degree of his squad. He did non merely give orders, but accepted feedback and options to her determinations. While it was obvious he was the director, his squad was evidently in the ulterior phases of development and was comfy outside of their predefined functions. ( Northhouse, 2007 )

A In general footings, the directors try to do a good relation with their squads. Directors are more concerned about their undertakings and their mark but they are besides concerned about their employee ‘s involvements and emotions. They know what their employees want and they besides know what they want from their employees. So they have to do balance between both the involvements.

In the organisation all the staff members have to undergo through a preparation in which they are taught about the organisation and their manner of working. All the procedure and the engineerings used and all the manner of communications as demonstrated to them. They are good informed about their function and responsibilities because they should cognize what would be their function and what duties they have. They have to understand and accommodate the civilization of the organisation so that they can set and execute good while working with the organisation.

Communication Technologies and tools

McDonald ‘s communicating is non rare as it uses similar engineerings like other rivals who besides use electronic mails, web site and cordless French telephone to speak in the premises. This is a modern signifier of communicating as these methods are proved effectual for the administration as each employee has got entree to communicating installation and are good trained during their preparation period and updation procedure, these are done with a really high precedence as communicating is most of import in this administration. Email is one manner in which they get connected with each other and through web site they got all information sing their demands, like everything is uploaded twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours so they can look into whatever is needed, e.g. if they want to look into their occupation timing, merely log into the web site and all relevant information will be retrieved. McDonalds has increased its focal point on employee communicating, assisting staff to bond with, and live the trade name through enterprises such as the ‘Voice of McDonald ‘s ‘ . This besides helps actuate and prosecute with their gifted employees. Video conferencing and other methods are used for external communicating. ( Mangan, 2009 )

All internal and external guidelines are provided upon developing to guarantee criterion is achieved. Each employee is supported in professional development and are rewarded through pay inducements ( fillips ) other agencies are certifications etc.

McDonald ‘s paperss are safe and secure in the caput office with the administrative staff as these paperss prove helpful in major determination doing which is largely done by the directors of the administration. These paperss chiefly consists of workers information on bank inside informations and IRD, the providers list, pricing and physical contacts and other informations papers which are filed annually or monthly for comparing of gross and to look into if their latest program is working or non. I believe McDonald ‘s are utilizing right schemes in their communicating methods as it has been altering with clip. Modern engineerings are used so this saves clip and money as IT Department is bettering twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. I strongly believe that proper staff preparation in communicating with internal and external factors is suitably dealt with during staff preparation and updation procedure. ( Walker )


McDonald ‘s is a transnational corporation, which is perceived as many different things to different people. Some people see McDonald ‘s as a decent, fast and cheap repast. Others may see the company concatenation as a low quality eating house that employs uneducated and unskilled people. However, McDonald ‘s has a cheery corporate image that prides itself on quality and cleanliness, every bit good as good nutrient and good service. The company employs state-of-art engineering to assist its workers in their undertakings and makes the production procedure faster, go toing to the clients in a prompt mode. In footings of leading, McDonald ‘s makes a strong corporate attempt to develop leaders. There are growing chances within the corporation for those who are willing to work hard and develop their leading accomplishments. There is a great upward mobility for Macdonald ‘s employees. From what we observed in our field survey, the work civilization displayed in the McDonald ‘s shops is aligned with the house ‘s corporate values.


Administration Structure and Communication Channels

After researching this stage I have some recommendation and they are:

The international scheme of concentrating on high profile metropoliss along with high populated countries in some cases organizing joint ventures with established companies in a peculiar state.

McDonald ‘s besides realizes that it needs to diversifying into others country of nutrient industry would hold the greatest potency for profitableness.

The key is non to go involved in excessively many countries of the nutrient industry, which would increase the possible for liability to the company

They need to be more focussed towards the mark.

Work squads and group kineticss

Some Recommendation for the work group

Team ‘s demands to be more specific and consequence oriented.

1. Teach the nutrient animal trainers how to utilize healthful baseball mitts to protect the wellness of clients.

2. Make non go forth the floor moisture after wipe uping when clients are still in the shop.

3. Train new employees how to utilize the hard currency registry.

4. Discontinue adding excessively much Na to the nutrient, particularly, the Gallic french friess.

5. Make the employees eat the nutrient every twenty-four hours to see how much weight they gain.

Stakeholder Communication

Recommendations for stakeholder ‘s are:

a ) Before empowering any undertaking this list should be adopted

1. Type of application to be developed ( e.g. , selling web site,

self-service portal, etc. )

2. Objective ( e.g. , addition gross revenues, cut down administrative costs,

etc. )

3. Who will utilize the application ( e.g. , clients, employees, etc. )

4. Some basic inside informations about the application ( e.g. , content,

interfaces, etc. )

5. How is the application supposed to map ( e.g. , security,

pilotage, etc. )

6. Measurements for success ( e.g. , 10 % addition in gross revenues, 20 %

decrease in administrative costs, etc. )

B ) Second, stakeholders should be more end oriented instead than looking at net income borders as success comes from difficult work.

degree Celsius ) Stakeholders should see wellness and

Organisation civilization & A ; employee duties

Recommendations for Organization civilization are:

Competition in the fast nutrient industry is going improbably saturated. When McDonald ‘s first began spread outing into international markets, their chief focal point was changing eating wonts. This was chiefly because there was an absence of major rivals overseas. However, over the last decennary, the international market is get downing to mirror that of the to a great extent saturated United States market. Net incomes are shriveling, same shop gross revenues are down, and the overall market growing has slowed enormously. This has prompted McDonald ‘s to go on to cut costs by denoting the shutting of 175 under executing mercantile establishments in 10 states. As the international markets become more competitory and saturated, McDonald ‘s must go on to analyse and do accommodations consequently.

Communication Technologies and tools

Although impregnation is a turning issue overseas, it was noted earlier that foreign operations are now more than of all time, a major component of the McDonald ‘s Corporation concern. As a consequence there is a changeless conflict over liberty. The franchises, particularly the experient mercantile establishments with over a decennary of success, want more liberty to accommodate to local gustatory sensations and penchants. The franchises feel that as the market becomes more competitory, it will be critical for changes and versions to happen faster and easier than they of all time have in the yesteryear. However, McDonald ‘s corporate is on the opposite side of the issue and is non stiring. Corporate feels that control must be at an all clip high because of the importance of the international division and the fact that if it fails, the whole company could endure as a consequence. Corporate has tightened the reigns systematically the last few old ages and will go on to make so to remain afloat by turning the losingss into gains2.


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