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Organizational Cultural Aspects At Pear Tree Greetings Business Essay

Pear Tree Greetings is Christmas cards maker and known trade name of USA indulged in fresh and simple designs on quality card stock which might include Christmas cards, birthday cards, exposure cards and other juncture cards. It is chosen for cultural analysis and the findings will assist Wordplay Greetings for cultural alterations at organisational degree.


Organizational civilization refers to internal environment including the beliefs, values and imposts that influence the behavior of organisational members of an organisation ( Osborn, 2005 ) . It is less touchable compared to organisational construction. Well developed and good communicated beliefs and values guarantee the strong organisational civilization.

Culture at Pear Tree Greetings

Every organisation goes with certain norms, imposts and values which are followed by every member at organisation from top direction to non-managerial staff. Here are some cultural facets discussed for Pear Tree and their impact for success or failure of the organisation.

Employees ‘ Job Satisfaction

To place whether employees understand their occupation functions is critical in understanding the civilization of the organisation. The employees at Pear Tree Greetings are familiar with their occupation functions and know their duties which helps them to keep a good working environment and they perform expeditiously therefore the house performs good.

Is Organization Employee Focused or Work Focused?

The employee focused organisations perform good because they have built a good civilization of back uping the employees and taking best out of them is easier by concentrating on their demands and by actuating them. Pear Tree has this border over its rivals that its organisational civilization is more employees focused which gives assurance to employees and occupation committedness excessively.

Organizational Environment

Pear Tree Greetings has a on the job environment with certain codifications of moralss which focuses on dressing and linguistic communication used at work. Employees have to dress up really professional and do non utilize their indigen or loose linguistic communication at work which consequences in a really good working environment which is besides promoting for female gender and motivates them to bring forth the best.

Job Satisfaction and Job Security

These parametric quantities besides play a critical function in developing organisational civilization. Job satisfaction and occupation security leads towards employee ‘s satisfaction and keeping. A more satisfied employee can work with unfastened head without any mental depression and fright of fring occupation.

Employees at Pear Tree Greetings have satisfaction and security of their occupation. Recently due to the recession company has to endure in its net incomes and while other companies in the industry were casting their employees Pear Tree retained its employees although it has to endure some fiscal loss but retaining the employees gave them bravery and committedness towards organisation.

Task Allocation amongst Persons and Groups

If the undertakings are every bit distributed and allocated to people capable of executing those undertakings ensures the proper results for those undertakings and gives assurance to executing single or group as the undertakings are every bit distributed and performed. At Pear Tree Greetings employees have this concern that undertakings are non given harmonizing to virtue and some people are blessed with relaxation by apportioning lighter undertakings or by maintaining them separate from feverish undertaking plants.

Understand the Hierarchical Working

Whether supervisors have control over their workers or workers are executing their work accurately and in good mode helps to understand the work at hierarchal degrees of organisation. The proper allotment and deputation of work amongst hierarchy ensures good public presentation. At Pear Tree Greetings work is really exactly carried out by workers and besides they have good supervising which means a rigorous control over them.

Whether Organization is Collaborative or Competitive?

This is besides an instrument to understand the civilization at organisation. At competitory organisation employees are viing over one other. Although competition brings betterment but sometimes it becomes a affair of leg pulling and degrading others. On other manus the collaborative environment supports all employees to work together with coaction and committedness. Employees at Pear Tree Greeting are both competitory and collaborative which is really good mark of strong organisational civilization.

Is it Supporting or Defying Internal Changes?

To find whether the civilization is supportive or confounding is a cardinal facet for understanding the alteration credence. Whether the employee welcome any internal alteration or resist to it determines the flexibleness of credence and a supportive civilization is ever preferred. Fortunately the civilization at Pear Tree Greetings is much supportive and has a strong coaction with direction and besides a great credence towards alteration.

Committedness to Organization

A strong civilization creates strong committednesss of employees towards organisation. Although the organisation is employee focused so the employees excessively have the strong committedness to organisation which shows a supportive and strong civilization resulting is better public presentation.

Hiring Minorities

Pear Tree has filled some direction places with low qualified minorities merely as to full quotation marks by concentrating on engaging and advancing minorities but it created some jobs as inefficient heads are placed at higher places and it became a ground for a litter less public presentation.

Understanding the Consumer Focus

A strong civilization makes collaboration with consumers excessively. As Pear Tree Greetings announces childs ‘ Halloween exposure competition whereas it is a taking vacation card maker. It is hosting a ‘Boo-tiful Halloween Contest ‘ for childs and through on-line voting the favourite child will acquire value and recognition including a gift deserving $ 100.

While carry oning this competition the pear Tree salutations president, Liwanag Ojala, said it will assist to make alone, voguish and individualized letter paper everyday.


As civilization is a determiner of employee attitudes, behaviors, motive and organisational public presentation. It shows a dramatic relationship between civilization and public presentation. While discoursing the cardinal facets of civilization it is excessively discussed how these facets influence organisational success or failure. Most of the facets are act uponing towards the success of the organisation except one or two factors.

The civilization at Pear Tree Greetings is employee focussed, ensures occupation satisfaction and occupation security, collaborative for working of employees, supportive towards internal alteration, and ensures employee committedness towards organisation and focussing and catering for client keeping.

So it is suggested for Wordplay Greeting Cards to change the civilization by taking inspiration from its rival Pear Tree Greetings as it has a strong civilization but should be argus-eyed in engaging minorities for direction or other places as Pear Tree suffered by engaging the low qualified minorities at direction places.

A strong civilization works as endowment drawing card and endowment consideration excessively, people prefer the organisation with strong and good civilization as it gives a good occupation experience along with public presentation. It engages people in work and makes the work attractive by making energy and impulse. It can be double-edged blade which improves the alliance between employee behavior and corporate aims.

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