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Organizing and Applying Mathematics to meaningful problems

Given a quickly changing universe, today ‘s pupil success flexible joints on the pupils ‘ abilities to form and use Mathematicss in the solution of meaningful jobs. Harmonizing to Osborne ( 2002 ) , doing a valid projection refering an result for a peculiar person can be achieved by doing anticipation theoretical accounts through multiple arrested developments.

The demand to better the criterion of life in Nigeria through the promotion in scientific discipline and engineering has made Government at all degrees and stakeholders in instruction to be more concerned now than of all time about the hapless public presentation of pupils in Mathematics. A survey on Some Student Personal Variables as Forecasters of Mathematics Achievement in Secondary Schools in Central Cross River State – Nigeria concluded that in undertaking hapless public presentation in Mathematics, variables within the learner demand to be addressed, as they besides contribute to explicate or foretell scholars ‘ public presentation in Mathematics ( Obo, 2007 ) .

Internationally, the Philippines belongs to the bottom five of hapless winners in Math and Science. Harmonizing to the survey by the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study ( TIMSS ) in 2003, in the Math Achievement trial, the Philippines ranked 41st. Harmonizing to Tinio ( 2002 ) , public school pupils do ill in diagnostic and achievement trials. He besides added that those pupils who took the test were prepared by their instructors months before the existent trials, and their instructors had to travel to a seminar in PNU ( Philippine University of the Philippines ) in readying for the reappraisal, but still their public presentation is hapless.

In the local scenario, specifically in Davao Del Sur, Mathematics is one of the weakest topics holding a low public presentation in the 2006 National Achievement Test and Division Achievement Test ( Angco, 2007 ) . Subscribing to the belief that the quality of instruction is measured by the public presentation of pupils, every pedagogue feels the imperative demand to place variables that could be used as a tool in foretelling public presentation in Mathematics topics.

As of the present, no survey has been conducted yet to foretell pupils ‘ public presentation in High School Geometry in Davao Del Sur. Therefore, this survey was undertaken to explicate arrested development theoretical accounts that will assist to project future public presentation in Geometry of the Secondary School Students.

Statement of the Problem

The survey was conducted to develop arrested development theoretical accounts of pupils ‘ public presentation in High School Geometry. Specifically, this survey sought replies to the undermentioned inquiries:

1. What is the degree of the undermentioned pupil variables:

1.1 Study Habits

1.2 Perceived Teacher Support

1.3 Attitude towards Mathematicss

1.4 Parent Engagement

1.5 Monthly Family Income?

2. What is the degree of Students ‘ Performance in Geometry in footings of:

2.1 Polygons and Space Figures

2.2 Measurement of Polygons and Space Figures

2.3 Relations Involving Line Segments and Angles?

3. Is there a important relationship componentwise between pupil variables and public presentation of pupils in High School Geometry?

4. What arrested development theoretical accounts can be developed in foretelling Students ‘ Performance in High School Geometry?


The void hypothesis tested in this survey was that there is no important relationship componentwise between pupil variables and public presentation of pupils in High School Geometry.

Review of Related Literature

This subdivision includes varied beginnings of stuffs that are viewed in relation to the probe. The subjects are herewith presented to supply a better background and penetrations of the present probe.

Student Variables as Forecasters

Research workers in psychological science and instruction have ever been interested in

finding differences inter and intra-individuals in order to look into causes and/or effects of some variables ( independent ) on other variables ( dependants ) , cognizing that the person is the 1 who decides the result of the intervention. It is his nature and the nature of the interaction among his personal variables on one side, and household, and school factors on the other side, which decides how he receives, assimilate, react to the intervention, and produce the behavioural alterations ( Fawziyah, 2001 ) .

Study wonts. Educators and parents long have been plagued by the job of pupils ‘ low accomplishment in school. Many have had the frustrating experience of watching a kid undermine his or her opportunities for a good public presentation merely by non seeking. A pupil who performs ill as a effect of non analyzing or non finishing assignments is normally perceived by his instructors as a hopeless instance ( Camahalan, 2006 ) . He farther added that many pupils who encounter achievement jobs in school often warrant the concerned examination of instructors and parents likewise. They are victims of pre-judgment that they can make no better.

Study wonts are larning inclinations that enable pupils work in private. Azikiwe ( 1998 ) described study wont as the adoptive manner and mode a pupil plans his private readings, after schoolroom larning so as to achieve command of the topic. Harmonizing to her, good survey wonts are good plus to scholars because they ( wonts ) assist pupils to achieve command in countries of specialisation anal attendant first-class public presentation, while the opposite constitute restraints to larning and achievement taking to failure.

Ikegbunam ( 1998 ) pointed that hapless survey wonts as one of the major causes of hapless academic public presentations among Nigerian university pupils. Efficient survey wonts can beef up composing. Professors in the development states, such as those in Nigerian universities, should try to fit alumnuss with high degree of analytical accomplishments, the capacity for critical logical thinking, self-reflection and conceptual appreciation and ability to larn autonomously and exercise flexibleness of head.

A research survey on “ Effectss of self-regulated acquisition on Mathematics accomplishment of selected Southeast Asiatic Children ” by Camahalan ( 2006 ) revealed that pupils ‘ low accomplishment in school is related to their hapless survey wonts. It is besides indicated that developing the pupils to be self-regulated scholars through the Self-Regulated Learning Program ( SRLP ) will assist them better their Mathematics accomplishment and survey wonts.

The said research was based on the conceptual model that pupils ‘ low mathematics accomplishment in school is related to their hapless survey wonts. Therefore, the intercession titled “ Mathematics Self-Regulated Learning Program ” aimed to assist selected kids from Southeast Asia ( the Philippines ) better their Mathematics accomplishment, Mathematics self-regulated acquisition, and Mathematics school class.

Good ( 1996 ) defined the term survey wonts as the pupil ‘s manner of survey whether systematic, efficient or inefficient etc. Good survey wonts are perceived to be the determiners of the academic public presentation. That is why attempts are made to develop and better survey wonts in pupils. Secondary school pupils in public schools of Pakistan come from economically hapless and mean income households. These households face assorted jobs doing emotional perturbation among their kids. They have hapless survey wonts hence they show hapless academic public presentation. A great trade of grounds is present to demo the positive correlativity between survey wonts and academic accomplishment.

Ansari ( 1998 ) found that survey wonts and survey attitudes are both important variables which determine the academic public presentation of the pupils. Russell and Petrie ( 1997 ) have cited a research survey aimed to happen out the relationship between survey wonts and pupil attitude and academic public presentation ( cumulative GPA ) of college pupils. Findingss of this survey indicate a positive correlativity between study attitude, survey wont and academic accomplishment.

National Assessment of Educational Progress ( NAEP ) in 1994 conducted a survey to happen out the relationship between survey wonts and academic accomplishment. Findingss of the survey revealed a positive correlativity between survey wont and academic accomplishments of simple and secondary school pupils.

Onwuegbuzie ( 2001 ) besides conducted a series of surveies to happen out relationship between survey wonts and academic success and reported positive relationship between survey wonts and academic success. The chief aim of the survey was to analyze the consequence of counsel services on pupils study attitudes, survey wonts and academic accomplishment.

Perceived Teacher Support. The instructor is the cardinal individual in the instruction larning state of affairs. Hence, he must be a theoretical account to all his pupils in all facets of life. Students are good impersonators, particularly the 1s, and they normally make their instructors their function theoretical accounts ( Calderon, 1998 ) .

He farther stressed that the instructor is the director of the learning learning state of affairs, the facilitator of acquisition and the judge of the pupil accomplishment. Hence, he must possess the command of the capable affair upon the rule that one can non give what he does non hold. The instructor should get the hang the methods and tools of learning. The instructor is like a carpenter. The carpenter who uses old, rusty, and unsharpened tools can non bring forth all right furniture. In similar mode, the instructor who uses randomly outmoded and uneffective methods and tools of learning can non bring forth a good merchandise. But the instructor who combines the best characteristics of techniques and who manipulates with extreme sleight the tools at manus turn out the most desirable.

Hudley ( 2002 ) cited that instructor support seems to be one of the most influential variables that promote higher pupil accomplishment. They focused more on pupils ‘ ethnicity and battle as factors of accomplishment, but pupils who reported experiencing more supported by the school community showed more engagement in the acquisition and greater accomplishment.

Similarly, Yeung and McInerney ( 1999 ) revealed that perceived teacher support made greater impact on pupils ‘ GPAs and attending than self-image and even input from household and friends. Surely instructors ‘ ability to act upon pupils ‘ academic accomplishment translates to their ability to impact their accomplishment on high bets trials.

Ewen ( 2002 ) emphasized that the inquiry of how to actuate pupils in the schoolroom has become a prima concern for instructors of all subjects. Student motive and pupil direction are particularly relevant to mathematics instruction in visible radiation of repeating inquiries about how to acquire more pupils interested and involved in acquisition.

If pupils were provided with mundane state of affairss for practising and larning the of import utilizations of mathematics, they would develop such accomplishments as “ doing illations, measuring the rationality of consequences and utilizing mentions to look up what they need to cognize ( Cawelti, 1999 ) .

Swartz ( 2003 ) noted that there is a great trade of qualitative and anecdotal grounds from school schoolrooms that extract lessons both improve pupil thought and enhance content acquisition. Teachers report that pupil involvement in their acquisition improves, their apprehension of the content they are larning deepens, many pupils do better on content-area trials, and many pupils begin utilizing the thought schemes introduced in these lessons. When utilizing extract as an attack to learning thought and heightening acquisition, the acquisition pupils engender will fix them to come in an progressively complex and technological universe with accomplishments that they will necessitate to utilize information meaningfully, to do sound judgements, and to develop assurance in themselves as thoughtful people.

Skemp ( 1996 ) cited that more recent surveies with improved methodological analysis which have provided groundss that instructors who have a conceptual or rational apprehension of Mathematicss, can act upon pupils ‘ acquisition.

Given that learning accomplishment is associated with pupil accomplishment, school territories and policymakers are interested in how instructors are prepared. While learning accomplishment is a end of readying, normally a credential merely requires an academic grade and coursework. Virtually all public school instructors in the United States have at least a unmarried man ‘s grade, and many possess advanced grades ( Ashton, 1996 ) .

Greenwald ( 1996 ) reviewed a figure of surveies of the relationship between school inputs and pupil results. Some school resources, i.e. , teacher ability, teacher instruction, and teacher experience were strongly related to student accomplishment.

Attitude towards Mathematics. The constructs, attitudes, and outlooks of the pupils sing mathematics and mathematics learning have been considered to be really important factor underlying their school experience and accomplishment ( Borasi, 2000 ) .

The general constructs determine the manner pupils approach mathematics undertakings, in many instances taking them into nonproductive waies. Students have been found to keep a strong procedural and rule-oriented position of mathematics and to presume that mathematical inquiries should be rapidly solvable in merely a few stairss, the end merely being to acquire “ right replies ” . For them, the function of the pupil is to have mathematical cognition and to be able to show so ; the function of the instructor is to convey this cognition and to determine that pupils acquired it ( Frank, 1998 ) .

Based on the survey on the “ Roles of Attitudes, Perceptions and Family Backgrounds on Students Achievement in Mathematics ” , pupil battle in mathematics refers to pupils ‘ motive to larn mathematics, their assurance in their ability to win in mathematics and their emotional feelings about mathematics. Student battle in mathematics plays a cardinal function in the acquisition of math accomplishments and knowledge – pupils who are engaged in the acquisition procedure will be given to larn more and be more receptive to farther acquisition. Student battle besides has an impact upon class choice, educational tracts and subsequently calling picks ( Leder,2003 ) .

Reys ( 1999 ) asserted that the influence of attitudes, values, and personality features on accomplishment results and ulterior engagement in the acquisition of mathematics are of import considerations for mathematics pedagogues. Teachers non merely want pupils to larn mathematics but besides want to be able to bask and be confident about the topic. He strongly believed that affectional variables such as motive and self-esteem facilitate or hinder pupils ‘ acquisition and accomplishment in mathematics. Furthermore, affectional ends are included in statements of educational aims for mathematics course of study.

Students ‘ causal ascriptions are non merely cardinal motivational variables but are besides critical incentives of their continuity in larning. Optimism, pessimism, and accomplishment in mathematics were measured in a sample of primary and lower secondary pupils on two occasions. Although accomplishment in mathematics was most strongly related to prior accomplishment and class degree, optimism and pessimism were important factors. In peculiar, pupils with a more by and large pessimistic mentality on life had a lower degree of accomplishment in mathematics over clip. Gender was non a important factor in accomplishment ( Kloosterman, 2001 )

McLean ( 1997 ) investigated attitudes toward larning with respect to their accomplishment and found that five attitudinal factors were significantly related to academic public presentation by separating between the attitudes of high and low winners. Students ‘ attitudes may non merely straight affect academic accomplishment,

but besides indirectly act upon the consequence of other variables, every bit good.

Abu-Hilal ( 2000 ) found that the consequence of attitudes base on ballss through the degree of aspiration. McLean ( 1997 ) and Abu-Hilal ‘s ( 2000 ) surveies shared consensus with respect to the significance of attitudes in foretelling accomplishment. They farther complemented the consequences of earlier surveies, with the former proving that the pupils ‘ initial attitude towards school was significantly related to academic public presentation, while the latter found that attitudes predicted their deep attack to acquisition.

Parent Involvement. In her reappraisal of literature on parent engagement and pupil accomplishment, Hendrickson ( 1997 ) concluded that for now the grounds is beyond difference: parent engagement improves student accomplishment. When parents are involved, kids do better in school, and they go to better schools. She besides noted the followers: the household provides the primary educational environment ; affecting parents in their kids ‘s formal instruction improves student accomplishment ; parent engagement is most effectual when it is comprehensive, durable, and well-planned ; the benefits are non confined to early childhood or the simple degree ; there are strong effects from affecting parents continuously throughout high school ; affecting parents in their ain kids ‘s instruction at place is non plenty ; to guarantee the quality of schools as establishments functioning the community, parents must be involved at all degrees in the school ; kids from low-income and minority households have the most to derive when schools involve parents. Parents do non hold to be knowing to assist.

The research showed that parents can play an of import function in beef uping their kids ‘s instruction by take parting in their acquisition and by reenforcing the attempts of instructors and schools.

It is noted that parents can take many positive stairss to assist their kids, including the followers: they can promote pupils to prosecute advanced class work, to put important sums of clip in their prep, and to give more clip to reading than to telecasting. An involvement in reading and acquisition can be fostered by reading aloud to kids ; keeping household treatments about reading stuffs, school work, and current events ; and encouraging frequent trips to the library to garner more information about interesting subjects. ( Mullis,1997 ) .

Harmonizing to Gianzero ( 1999 ) , the premiss that strong family-school linkages improve kids ‘s educational results has acquired about self-evident position. Research surveies abound documenting the association between parents ‘ engagement in their kids ‘s schooling and a host of benefits accruing non merely to pupils themselves, but to their schools and parents every bit good. Among the documented findings are strong positive correlativities between parental engagement in kids ‘s schooling and improved pupil attitudes, accomplishment, and attending.

Involved parents harvest benefits every bit good, including increased assurance in their abilities to parent, assist their kids learn at place, and pass on efficaciously with schools. For some parents, engagement in their kids ‘s instruction prompts them to prosecute farther instruction themselves. Surveies reveal that instructors non merely keep involved parents in higher respect than uninvolved parents, but they besides have higher outlooks for their kids. ( Henderson & A ; Berla, 1997 ) .

Monthly Family Income. Parental business may act upon pupil public presentation in assorted ways. For illustration, occupation-related income may find entree to larning chances and resources and so play a function in larning results. The instruction and types of accomplishments associated with different businesss and modeled by parents may actuate pupils to develop their ain accomplishments in peculiar ways. Parental business may besides act upon how pupils perceive the value of mathematics larning, their beliefs about the utility of mathematics and the acquisition environment at place ( Gianzero, 1999 ) .

In add-on, he farther stressed out that the longer a kid is in poorness, the more hurtful the consequence on his or her educational growing. Furthermore, the concentration of poorness within a school can be shown to be harmful to all pupils in that school whether or non an single pupil comes from a hapless background. All pupil poorness is non equal. Students sing long-run poorness or who attend schools with high poorness concentrations are much more likely to hold educational troubles than pupils from households whose continuance in poorness is short or who attend schools with low poorness rates. In add-on, the findings suggest that many of the same pupils who experience long-run poorness besides attend schools with high poorness concentrations.

Performance of Students in Geometry

Since the constitution of the mathematics criterions by the National Committee for Teaching Mathematics ( NCTM ) , research workers have been measuring these criterions on successful execution schemes and pupil accomplishment. One country within these criterions focal points on competences pupils need to get the hang in basic geometry. The NCTM criterions describe geometry as a manner to supply pupils the ability to visualise and work with spacial relationships and appraisal. The writers assessed these criterions that relate to geometry and looked into the ability of pupils to gauge angles.

From an early beginning, worlds have used graphical representations to pass on thoughts. Engineers and other professionals related to scientific discipline, mathematics and engineering have long used geometry and descriptive geometry to happen solutions to everyday jobs. In fact, geometry can be defined as a scientific discipline to utilize in writing representations to happen solutions to spacial jobs ( Pare,1997 ) . These spacial jobs require the ability to utilize spacial visual image to mentally pull strings and construe ocular information in job resolution state of affairss ( Wiley, 1995 ) .

Although geometry and spacial visual image play an of import function in mundane activities, Perkins ( 1996 ) conducted surveies that indicate worlds are fundamentally hapless geometricians. The principle for such a statement came through a series of surveies analysing geometric factors like rectilinearity, symmetricalness, and bulge ( both linear and curved ) . Through these research surveies, Perkins concluded that the human percipient does move as a geometrician, but a “ sloppy ” one, and more preparation is needed to tie in geometry to real-world illustrations so that worlds can utilize geometry accurately and in mundane state of affairss.

Geometry and descriptive geometry are non the lone countries necessitating pupil accomplishment development. Estimation plays an of import function in mundane life every bit good. The National Council for Teachers of Mathematics ( NCTM ) defines appraisal as a procedure affecting groking a job, associating the information to data known, doing judgements, and verifying rationality. Appraisal is seen as a procedure to link mathematical thoughts to the physical universe and pass on these thoughts through articulation. Harte and Glover ( 2000 ) stated that many state of affairss involve appraisal instead than preciseness and that instructors need to assist pupils develop good appraisal accomplishments.

Happs and Mansfield ( 2001 ) argued that larning to gauge can be hard, but pupils with a anterior or contemporary experiences in measuring ( ie. geometry ) , find it less hard to use these appraisal accomplishments. Students usage of mental imagination, as learned through geometry, will “ profit from chances to build an image in the same manner that scientists and applied scientists construct mental theoretical accounts to function as utile representations of the phenomena to be understood. But, if pupils are to develop these accomplishments in appraisal, direct linkages to geometry and its usage in mundane life must be taught in both simple and secondary schools.

In 1992, the National Assessment of Educational Progress ( NAEP ) conducted a series of statewide appraisals in mathematics. The appraisal focused on both 4th and eighth-grade pupils in public establishments. North Carolina participated in this voluntary state-by-state appraisal with proving in countries of Numberss, informations analysis, geometry, basic mathematics, algebra, and appraisal. North Carolina pupils performed lower than the national norm in all six countries, peculiarly in geometry and appraisal. Once this information was known, the NAEP asked instructors about the sum of clip spent on each of the six countries that were assessed. Merely 12 per centum of North Carolina instructors indicated they place an accent in Geometry at the fourth-grade degree, and merely 14 per centum do so at the eighth-grade degree.

Arrested development Models. Regression theoretical accounts are used to foretell one variable from one or more other variables. These provide the scientist with a powerful tool, leting anticipations about yesteryear, present, or future events to be made with information about yesteryear or present events. The scientist employs these theoretical accounts either because it is less expensive in footings of clip and/or money to roll up the information to do the anticipations than to roll up the information about the event itself, or, more likely, because the event to be predicted will happen in some future clip ( Stockburger,2003 ) .

Dinging ( 2006 ) considered arrested development theoretical accounts may be one of the most normally used statistical analysis techniques in educational research. Typically, arrested development analysis is used to look into the relationships between a dependant variable ( either categorical or uninterrupted ) and a set of independent variables based on a sample from a peculiar population. Often the peculiar involvement is placed on appraisal of the consequence of each independent variable on dependant variable, and such an consequence is considered as the mean consequence value across all topics in the sample.

Turner and Williams ( 2002 ) in “ Predicting Student Proficiency on the Arkansas Benchmark Mathematics and Literacy Exams ” used the information from five semesters from spring class 1 to 3. The anticipation theoretical account information was used to place the SAT-9 graduated tables that were best forecasters of future academic public presentation in 4th class mathematics and literacy. The survey was conducted purposively non to place the best anticipation theoretical account but instead to place the best forecasters of future at-risk public presentation at each class degree.

Kruck and Lending ( 2003 ) developed a theoretical account to foretell academic public presentation in the first twelvemonth college degree Information System class to explicate the public presentation in an introductory college degree fiscal accounting class. Their research found out that motivation/effort and GPA do predict public presentation and that prior related classs do non foretell public presentation. Furthermore, their theoretical account pointed out that the person ‘s gender affected the academic public presentation.

Asia ‘s four firedrakes, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and China, attended Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study ( TIMSS ) 2003 had first-class accomplishment in math, but there is the remark and diversity to consequence these states ‘ math accomplishment. The survey analysis TIMSS 2003 information from class 8 pupils of Asia ‘s four firedrakes, to grok the factors effected pupils ‘ math accomplishment in Asia ‘s four firedrakes, and the difference among the comparative variables viz. : male parent ‘ s educational degree, female parent ‘s educational degree, self-confident of pupil, parents ‘ educational construct, prep clip, excess lessons, pupil see math is of import ( Chang,2006 ) .

The consequence of the abovementioned survey is that the factors including parents ‘ educational degree, the degree of enjoy math, self-confident of pupil, parents ‘ educational construct, prep clip, excess lessons, school clime are forecasters in the Mathematics accomplishment of Asia ‘s four firedrakes.

The findings of the above surveies are relevant to the present probe inasmuch as all developed arrested development theoretical accounts foretelling the public presentation of pupils in mathematics. As a whole, the related literature presented herein provides the foundation of information assemblage sing the variables of the survey. The foregoing researches help in set uping the advocates ‘ theoretical footing that will fix pupils to make better in Mathematics topics particularly in Geometry and that survey wonts, perceived instructors support, attitudes toward Mathematicss, parent engagement, and monthly household income of pupils are deemed important forecasters in their public presentation in High School Geometry.

Theoretical and Conceptual Model

This survey was anchored on the theory of Osborne ( 2002 ) which stated that doing a valid projection refering an result for a peculiar person can be achieved by doing anticipation theoretical accounts through multiple arrested developments.

Reyes and Stanic ( 1996 ) theorized a form effected mathematics achievement factors. They believed that the society influence, mathematics curriculum in school, the activity in category, the attitude of pupils, and the behaviour related to academic accomplishment, can impact mathematics achievement and they discovered that the comparing between pupils, will impact their outlook which succeeds in accomplishment, therefore has a higher public presentation in mathematics accomplishment.

Ercikan ( 2002 ) predicted that assorted independent variables that include both student personal and environmental variables ( pupils ‘ attitudes toward mathematics, parents ‘ highest degree of instruction attained, self-expectations and the outlooks of parents, instructors, and friends, pupils ‘ assurance in mathematics, place support for larning ) can impact to the dependent variables ( pupils ‘ mathematics accomplishment and engagement in advanced mathematics classs ) .

Okebukola ( 1992 ) identified factors like place environment ( e.g. Socio-economic background ) , school environment ( e.g. category size, school resources ) and quality and measure of direction as responsible for pupils ‘ hapless public presentation in mathematics. Most of these factors are external to the pupil.

The conventional diagram of the survey is shown in Figure 1. The independent variables include the undermentioned pupil variables: survey wonts, which refer to the adopted manner and mode a pupil plans his private Hagiographas, after a schoolroom acquisition ; perceived teacher support, which refers the manner pupils recognize the counsel and support of the instructors ; attitude toward mathematics, which refers to the feeling of the pupils on the capable Geometry ; parent engagement, which refers to the manner the parents of the pupils usher and back up them ; and monthly household income, which refers to net incomes and returns of the pupils ‘ whole household. The dependent variable is the pupils ‘ public presentation in High School Geometry which includes the undermentioned constituents: polygons and infinite figures, which refers to the geometry of forms and sizes ; measuring of polygons and infinite figures, which refers to the dimensions of

Independent Variable Dependent Variable Output

Figure 1. The Conceptual Paradigm demoing the Variables

forms and sizes ; dealingss affecting line sections and angles, which refers to the measuring incorporating either sides or angles. The expected end products are the arrested development theoretical accounts that will function as forecasters of future pupils ‘ public presentation in High School Geometry.

Significance of the Study

The consequences of the probe can be utile in foretelling the public presentation of pupils in High School Geometry.

Specifically, the findings will be good to the followers:

School Heads. Findingss of this survey will supply valuable information to school caputs for them to review and develop strategic programs that would enable them to heighten the public presentation of pupils in High School Geometry. Furthermore, they could be able to place the strengths and failings in the portion of the disposal, module members and pupils for future betterments.

Maestro Teachers. The end product of the survey will supply the maestro instructors an chance to beef up those weak points of their instructors. Knowing the best forecasters on the public presentation of pupils in High School Geometry, they could be able to explicate plans that will turn to the demands of the pupils.

Capable Teachers. Potential forecasters of pupils ‘ public presentation in High School geometry can be utile to the members of the learning force particularly on how are they traveling to better and beef up the potencies of their pupils when it comes to mathematical jobs. Consequences of this survey will besides unwrap the strengths and failings of the teachers ‘ learning methods and techniques with a position to suiting them to the demands of the pupils. Finally, this survey can supply the module penetrations on the proper motive of pupils to better their academic public presentation in Geometry.

Students. The consequences of this research will supply pupils valuable penetrations that will actuate them to get the cognition proficiency, mathematical accomplishments and application of Geometry in a reality-based state of affairs. Furthermore, the pupils will come to recognize that they can be successful in accomplishing high degree in Geometry if they could be able to place the of import variables that would foretell their public presentation in Geometry.

Definition of Footings

The undermentioned footings relevant in this survey, were defined operationally to ease better apprehension:

Arrested development Models. Regression theoretical accounts are used to foretell one variable from one or more other variables. These provide the research worker with a powerful tool, leting anticipations about yesteryear, present, or future events to be made with information about yesteryear or present events. In this survey, the arrested development theoretical accounts to be developed are on pupils ‘ public presentation in High School Geometry.

Student Variables. As used in this survey, these refer to the variables that could foretell pupils ‘ public presentation in High School Geometry and these are monthly household income, survey wonts, perceived teacher support, attitude towards Mathematicss, parent engagement and monthly household income.

Performance of Students. In the survey, it refers to the accomplishment of pupils in High School Geometry specifically in polygons and infinite figures, measurings of polygons and infinite figures and dealingss affecting line sections and angles.

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