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Popularity Of The Red Rooster Business Commerce Essay

Red Rooster is popular all across Australia for their oven-roasted poulet which has been marinated for around 12 hours. There cardinal to excellence is invention in their formulas and they are doing more add-ons to their bill of fare as they keep on germinating their pick of bill of fare to run into the changing gustatory sensations of their wide client support like the freshly added grilled, skin free Portuguese poulet pieces.

In the twelvemonth 1972 Red Rooster was established the Kailis household in Western Australia. Since so it has continued to develop, offering franchisees. The franchisees are acquiring an iconic trade name along with good developed concern and support systems.

Red Rooster acquired the Big Rooster concatenation in 1992, which operated chiefly in Queensland. The shops therefore acquired were re-branded as Red Rooster shops, and this increased the entire figure of Red Rooster outlets to 230 throughout Australia.

Australian Fast Foods which is based in Perth acquired Red Rooster in 2002 from Coles Myer Ltd, and therefore brought along with them their ain long periods of experience in roasted poulet section of fast nutrient industry.

Red Rooster now has more than 360 shops with a work force of about 5000 employees. Apart from its long-established formulas of roast A-grade fresh poulet and really popular french friess. Red Rooster besides offers healthy baguettes and salads, along with delightful Burgers and wraps.

Red Rooster provides its franchisees with a formula for a successful partnership their ceaseless freshness in merchandise development and selling scheme makes a Red Rooster franchise a really profitable partnership for both the parties.

External Analysis:

Economic Trends and Issues:

India is the 2nd largest economic system in the universe in footings of growing and it is the 4th largest economic system in the universe. India has a quickly turning in-between category population and their life style is altering. India has a fast nutrient market which is turning at a phenomenal rate higher than any other state in the universe. The fast nutrient market in India is turning at the rate of around 30-35 % twelvemonth on twelvemonth. Most of the major fast nutrient trade names have already made inroads into the Indian fast nutrient market and they are besides demoing significant growing.

Most of these major trade names have made monolithic programs to spread out all across the state as they have seen immense chance which need to be tapped. Domino ‘s has come up with a program to open about 60 to 65 every twelvemonth as a portion of their scheme for 2012 to 2010. Similarly Yum nutrients which owns the KFC trade name is looking to open around 1000 mercantile establishments by the twelvemonth 2015.

Socio-Cultural Tendencies and Issues:

The Indian societal civilization promotes eating and noshing in a major manner. It is a manner of socialising in India. Hence we see the phenomenal growing in the fast nutrient industry as mentioned above. This is the ground that the major fast nutrient trade names have really easy established themselves in the Indian market. Initially there were merely local participants which had eating houses and served Indian bites to the clients. With the inflow of foreign brands the clients found the different gustatory sensation of their formulas a welcome alteration.

Even the large trade names had to confront a major competition from the local trade names as they understood the local market and gustatory sensations good. But with clip the foreign trade names had to alter and accommodate their merchandises harmonizing to the local gustatory sensation, and after a alteration in their formulas they were able to capture the local gustatory sensations.

Industry Analysis:

Porters 5 force analysis:

Menace of dickering power of clients:

Net income of ruddy cock eating house depends on the figure of clients. In Indian market, because of the presence of other companies like Mc Donald ‘s, KFC and other fast nutrient companies, it gives the client many options and therefore increases their bargaining power.

Menace of dickering power of provider:

Red Rooster has less dickering power in the Indian market because of the presence of assorted other eating houses in the market. Red cock can increase its dickering power by keeping its singularity of the merchandise.

Menace of replacement merchandises:

In the Indian market there are many rivals which can replace lily-livered merchandise. The major rivals for ruddy cock are KFC, McDonald and other fast nutrient eating houses. But still all of these have different primary merchandises.

Menace of new entrant:

It is easy for any eating house to come in in to Indian market but it is hard to prolong and gain net income because of high competition. Red cock loss the first mover advantage as there are other rivals like KFC, already set up in the market. But with its trade name name, repute and uniqueness it can capture the market.

Competitive competition within industry:

In Indian market, the ruddy cock has rivalry with the trade name rivals like KFC and Mc Donald ‘s. But this competition is really less because the primary merchandise of ruddy cock is different from these rivals and other fast nutrient eating houses in the market.

Red Rooster SWOT Analysis:

Internal Analysis:


Red Rooster ‘s first strengths is its alone formula to marinade the Chicken for more than 12 hours and so roast it in the oven. The alone blend of Mediterranean herbs make the gustatory sensation really alone which the rivals evidently have non been able to fit over the old ages. The company can go through on its alone formulas to their franchisee in India so that they may besides supply the same alone gustatory sensation to their clients.

After its 1992 acquisition of Big Rooster mercantile establishments in Australia, Red Rooster has become an expert in the franchisee concern theoretical account. It aims at a 50:50 mix of company owned every bit good as franchisee mercantile establishments as it grows to 600 mercantile establishments across Australia. So when the company starts spread outing into India the company can hold a minimum figure of company owned mercantile establishments and the remainder of the mercantile establishments can be franchisee based.

Red Rooster ‘s uninterrupted invention in its ain formulas has helped the company in adding new gustatory sensations and points to its bill of fare. This goes to demo that the company is invariably seeking to provide to the changing gustatory sensation of its big client base. This will be really helpful when the company expands into a state like India where the gustatory sensations are really different from that of Australia. Hence the ability to introduce and accommodate to the local gustatory sensation will assist the company.

A market leader in Australian joint poulet market, an established trade name name and the company ‘s ability to supply preparation to its franchisees will assist the company to set up itself in the Indian market.


While other rivals like KFC, McDonald ‘s and Subway based in USA are spread outing phenomenally ever looking for newer chance in newer states Red Rooster has been a spot slack in this country. The company should hold been a bit more aggressive at least in its enlargement schemes in Australia. As a consequence it has lost a first mover advantage in markets like India.

Since it has non expanded into any other states Red Rooster might confront a dearth of experience in spread outing into newer markets. The Indian market is really volatile and really unpredictable hence no equal experience in spread outing in to new state might go a major failing for Red Rooster.

The gustatory sensations of the clients in the two markets viz. Australia and India are really different hence this can once more be a failing due to miss of experience.

Even the selling schemes will be really different in India as compared to that in Australia so Red Rooster will besides hold to get the better of this. Again a deficiency of experience will turn out a failing for the company.


India has a big population which consists of young person which is either analyzing or working for MNCs. This presents a immense market chance for Red Rooster which it can tap with proper scheme. A major subdivision of the urban population in India consists of upwards nomadic center category which has increasing buying power para and is willing to pass. Red Cock can really good tap this section.

The presence of eating house ironss like KFC, McDonald ‘s, Domino ‘s, Subway etc has already trained the Indian client sing the assorted gustatory sensations from other states. So Red Rooster will non hold to educate the Indian client about the construct of forte concatenation eating houses. All it needs to make is to market its merchandise decently.

With its broad scope of specialised formulas which has its ain alone gustatory sensation Red Rooster has a great chance to do its merchandises popular in the Indian market which is invariably looking for newer gustatory sensations and is ready to experiment.

Besides a high incursion of telecasting and Mobile in India brings immense chance for Red Rooster to educate the clients about its merchandises. The company can easy capture its chances attending with a proper mix of interesting formulas and price reduction offers etc. The company can utilize a mix of communicating media to distribute the word and make a bombilation around its merchandises.


The major menace for Red Rooster come ining into India comes from its ain deficiency of experience of spread outing into new states or holding operations outside Australia. Due to this deficiency of experience it might stop up losing money but apart from that it might non be able to do a really good first feeling amongst its chances.

The presence of major trade names like KFC, McDonald ‘s, Subway, Domino ‘s etc which are universe leaders in the fast nutrient industry will besides be a major menace. These trade names are already good established in the Indian market and are really popular. The Indian clients have accepted them over the old ages as they have customized their bill of fare and formulas as per their gustatory sensations. Hence it will be really hard to do the clients shift from the established trade names to a new lesser known trade name like Red Rooster.

The Indian market is really unfastened to new concerns and the policies on foreign investings of the Indian authorities are really friendly towards the companies but these policies might alter with a alteration of authorities and it might add to the menaces that Red Rooster might confront.

Away tardily there has been a major accent on the nutritionary values of the nutrient and the fast nutrient companies are the major marks of such a run. Hence Red Rooster will besides hold to confront this challenge which the aware Indian client will present for the company.

A major portion of the Indian clients are vegetarian in nature and Red Rooster ‘s forte lies in roasted poulet hence this might besides show a menace from the local vegetarian militant groups.

Assorted Departments of Red Rooster in India:

Area Manager:

The function of country director is to pull off the figure of eating houses efficaciously. It is a leading function which consists of pull offing the perfect balance between the squad, stockholders, clients and gross revenues so as to better the public presentation of the concern. He is besides required to direct and train the General Manager of the eating house.

Business Development Department:

This section works in four chief countries ; building and design of shops, be aftering web, shop direction and acquisition. It is besides responsible for keeping the high criterions of comfort, convenience and safety in all the ruddy cock eating houses.

Finance Department:

It is responsible for pull offing the finance efficaciously. It consists of a squad which keeps accurate records of all concern minutess through seasonably and accurate accounting. This may include pull offing the hard currency, paying employees, paying or charging to the providers, paying to the commercial squad in order to accomplish the planned way for the concern.

Human Resource Department:

This section is responsible for recruiting, preparation and developing a suited campaigner for a peculiar occupation. As for the ruddy cock, the concern is related to supply the good client service so selecting right people for right occupation is of great importance.

Operationss Department:

Its map is to do certain that visual aspect of all the ruddy cock eating houses should be good, proper preparation should be given to all the employees and all employees are motivated. The merchandise quality is maintained and served in a fresh environment.

Marketing Department:

The selling section is responsible for placing the demands of clients and provides a suited scheme so as to accomplish those demands. As ruddy cock is new merchandise in Indian market, this section has to happen out the preferable gustatory sensation of locals and prepared the merchandise consequently.

Competitor ‘s Analysis:

The major rivals in the Indian fast nutrient market are as follows:

Kentucky Fried Chicken

McDonald ‘s

Domino ‘s

Pizza Hut

Yum Foods

Caf & A ; eacute ; Coffee Day


Costa Coffee

These are some of the major foreign trade names which have captured the majority of market portion in the organized fast nutrient section in India. Apart from these there are other participants which are private ironss and household owned concerns which make up the unorganised section of this sector. The unorganised sector leads the market portion as they have the maximal presence throughout the state. This is major due to the fact that the large trade names have n’t been able to tap the Indian fast nutrient market to the full.

The major strengths of these participants which are already present in the Indian market is that they have really good understood the Indian market and have adapted their merchandises every bit good as their schemes harmonizing to the gustatory sensation of the Indian consumer. They are good known trade names in the Indian market and the Indian consumer has adopted them as their ain.

So for Red Rooster set uping itself will be a major job as it is a lesser known trade name. Another major job would be that ruddy Rooster has no experience runing outside Australia. Hence the company should look to turn to both these issues merely so it will be able to acquire a pes clasp in the competitory Indian fast nutrient market.


Research: Before come ining the Indian fast nutrient market, Red Rooster should foremost make a proper research of the conditions of the state. This research should take into consideration the economic, political, societal and demographical facets of the state. The end of the research should be to analyse entry and issue barriers and barriers to growing if any.

Partnership: The following measure for Red Rooster would be to see if there is an chance for it to spouse with a local spouse in the state. The other companies have entered the state either through their parent companies like Pizza Hut which belongs to Pepsico which has already been runing in India for many old ages now and has a good apprehension of the Indian market, or they have partnered with a local company. Red Rooster can look for a local spouse to join forces which will assist them concentrate on their merchandises while the spouse can take on the duty of marketing it.

Business Model: Red Rooster should besides work out the program as to what will be a better scheme of enlargement will it be the Franchisee theoretical account or the mercantile establishments must be owned by the company. The company should first get down with company owned mercantile establishments and after it has gained proper pes clasp in the market and after it has become an constituted trade name should it travel for the franchisee theoretical account.

Work force: The Company should besides look to get proper endowment in their work force which could assist them in acquiring a smooth entry into the Indian market. This work force might incorporate of a few upper degree direction a bulk of mid degree and low degree direction which can be of Indian beginning so that they may understand the Indian conditions good and do the schemes which will assist Red Rooster in accomplishing its end.

Adaptation: Red cock should look to accommodate its bill of fare to accommodate the local gustatory sensation. For this once more the company will hold to depend on a dependable research squad which will assist the company to happen out what sort of gustatory sensations will work with the Indian clients good.


The fast nutrient market in India is germinating at a really fast pave and it presents a great chance for all the trade names which are willing to pull out meaningful returns from it. The trade names like McDonald ‘s, Domino ‘s, KFC etc are executing really good in the Indian environment even though they had to tweak their bill of fare a spot to accommodate the gustatory sensation of Indian consumer. India has now become one of the key markets for all these trade names which are really good established in the planetary market.

Similarly with some tweaking in its bill of fare even Red Rooster will be able to happen a tantrum in the Indian fast nutrient market. All it needs is a good squad which can do a good scheme. It will besides assist if Red Rooster could happen a strategic spouse which understands and has operated in the Indian fast nutrient market sphere. A strategic spouse like Nirula ‘s in India is a really good option. But Red Rooster will hold to measure many other options before choosing for one.

It will be a good determination for Red Rooster to spread out into a fast turning economic system like India. But to make this the company should be prepared beforehand. It must make all its prep, in the form of research work, engaging a squad of good experienced work force, expression for the best partnership chances and so chalk out a program with short term, midterm and long term ends. Merely so it will be successful in the of all time volatile and of all time altering markets like India.

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