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Principles And Practices Of Teaching Education Essay

Learning is a procedure of geting cognition, wisdom, development of accomplishments and changing behaviour and attitude. Learning starts at place, from the birth and ends with our life, a uninterrupted procedure which helps to ease growing. Harmonizing to Kolb ( 1984 ) , “ acquisition is the procedure whereby cognition is created through the transmutation of experience. Knowledge consequences from the combination of hold oning experience and transforming it. ”

Learning is an ceaseless and therefore after finishing my sheepskin, I ever wanted to rejoin AKUSON for my higher surveies i.e. for my Post RNBScN plan. After, about 4 old ages of my clinical experience, this plan gave me a platform to carry through my aspiration. However there were some predisposing ideas which made me discerning with some classs such as Health appraisal, CHS, Teaching acquisition and brooding authorship but as the semester went on, my ideas changed. At the beginning of the semester, I found that we have different pupils from different background, states, civilization, different age and experiences. I found it good as it is a great chance for me to interchange cognition with them.

We besides learnt about the critical thought on a great trade. The orientation chiefly taught us about critical thought, logical thinking, and rationalizing, this was continued throughout the semester. I ne’er use critical thought every bit much as I used it after come ining into the plan. Besides orientation I learnt this accomplishment in English, learning larning class, civilization wellness and society and of class in life scientific disciplines. I realized that critical thought changed my positions towards life. It gave me a different position and helped me to clear up my ends and aspiration in life. It made me recognize that my end does non stop with higher studies.By the terminal of the semester my whole universe turns up in why, what and how, from the CHS contemplation to book reappraisal and analytical paper, besides from the 1st log of learning larning to the concluding undertaking.

Strategy plays an of import function in larning. Harmonizing to the Anderson, 2008, p7, “ I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. ” Everyone has different larning manner and the instruction schemes which helped me to heighten my acquisition in last four months are talks, AV stuffs, healthy treatments between module and pupils has augmented my cognitive acquisition. Harmonizing to Basavanthappa, ( 2003 ) “ Psychological surveies on acquisition and keeping reveal that 80 per centum of information and its keeping is through auditory and ocular senses. Because of the centripetal entreaty of audio-visual AIDSs, the keeping span of larning additions well. ” Brooding logs composing, undertaking based presentation has increased my affectional acquisition and function dramas has improved my psychomotor acquisition. These schemes help me to derive and retain cognition.

On the other manus, there are some of the factors that have some effects on acquisition. “ Affectional factors are emotional factors which influence acquisition. They can hold a negative or positive consequence. ” ( Swan, M. n.d. ) , such factors can be internal and external motive, beliefs and outlooks, these factors at times encouraged me to work hard as my household motivated me, their outlooks and beliefs lead me to this plan but so an unexpected decease of my grandma brought an emotional dislocation to me and my household which affected my acquisition and my surveies for a brief period. However, coming to school and maintaining myself busy with undertakings and assignments helped me to deviate my head and get by up with calamity.

Besides affectional factors there are other factors as good. Positive larning environment plays an of import function in larning and hold oning. “ For the development and fosterage of active acquisition, environments utilizing appropriate technological and other instructional tools in order to actuate and ease pupil larning. ” ( Lee & A ; Zeleke, n.d. pg 2 ) . AKUSON promotes positive larning environment by supplying good equipt category suites with latest audio ocular AIDSs, larning resource centre with free cyberspace entree, library with broad assortment of educational books etc. These resources allowed me to enrich my acquisition. Based on my demands, I used different instructional medium to heighten my cognition and accomplishments. Post RN-BScN is a really well-designed and organized plan. Largely it does non burthen me with tonss of assignments. Courses are planned in progress including the stuff, invitation of invitee talker, aims, assignments and rating. This helps me to fix in progress and better my organisation and clip direction accomplishments.

Conversely there were some of the grounds that inhibit my acquisition ; the foremost was the usage of moodle. At the beginning of the orientation I use to hear from modules about the ego directed acquisition or grownup larning through moodle, this can be understand by agencies of Andragogy. “ Andragogy consists of larning schemes focused on grownups. It is frequently interpreted as the procedure of prosecuting grownup scholars with the construction of larning experience. ” ( Wikipedia,2011 ) . It involves the major function of a pupil for active acquisition and job resolution. Use of moodle, was directed for ego acquisition. In the beginning I had trouble understanding this method as it was something new for me but finally as I was able to hold on it. I found that it really good as all the pre reading stuff were posted but non for all the topics There were some treatment forums which can be utilized as healthy conversation.

Beside this other factors that hindered my learning ability were the competition among the pupils, fiscal load of the tuition fee and fright to neglect a class. CHS class terrified me ab initio but through proper counsel and difficult work I was able to accomplish good Markss in logs. It was non the terminal of my fright though ; it increased with the following assignment. The assignment was an analytical paper, which constituted 40 % of the Markss. Unfortunately, it was during that clip I lost my grandma. On the contrary, I was motivated by my learning larning group as they supported me in that important state of affairs. They worked excess hard in my absence boulder clay I rejoin the instruction acquisition undertaking once more. This undertaking facilitated me to place my potencies, enable me to incorporate my cognition and work on the countries that I need to better.

I believe that this undertaking has enriched my acquisition accomplishments. It has enhanced my ability to place the demands of my community and/or patients which will enable me to supply teaching/care more efficaciously.

At the terminal of the semester when I look back, I realize that the place I have attained so far is non merely because of my difficult work but besides because of the support of my modules, my category couples, my friends and my household. Each twenty-four hours I learn a message to implement and better my life manner.

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