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Profiling of companies in different sector

The three companies in this survey operate within three different sectors of the fabrication industry. Shine and IAC are both really British houses. All three houses operate in the design and fabrication of merchandises and their mark markets are business-to-business market, nevertheless Zarlink ‘s marks specialised markets such as medical, communicating and optical industries. Shine operates in the nutrient equipment market section within the fabrication industry, whilst IAC do non hold a specific merchandise but operate as System Integrators with multiple sections.

Firm Size

To exemplify the domestic and international activities of the three companies in this survey, Table 2 describes their size in footings of turnover and figure of sites in the UK and the extent of their foreign development in the visible radiation of their experience overseas and the figure of international markets entered every bit good as domestic. Table two shows the undermentioned: Zarlinks are towards the top terminal of the SME definition ( between ? … ..million ) , IAC are mid-sized ( between ? … ..million ) , Shine Ltd are towards the little terminal of SME definition ( between ? … .million ) . In footings of age and experience Zarlink is… .. , Shine… … . and IAC is… …



Industry Profile

Design and Manufacturing

Firm Size

Size: turnover, age and international and domestic experience


Competition in few Numberss,

Urge to stay domestic,

Fiscal committedness,

Language and Local representative/Presence,

Management Resources

Stimulation for enlargement

Moved from Telecom to medical,

Specialized/Niche market,


Unique construct

International trade name potency


Management qualities,

Specialized Market – Niche,


Entry Mode pick

Local Representatives,

Buy a fabrication unit

Similar civilization


Local individuals,

Regular visits by direction forces,

Modern electronic communicating,

Full technology support from the UK

Management Vision

Create value in a focussed market,


Importance of Entrepreneur/Decision-Maker

Decisions taken locally,

“ Intrepreneur ” ,

Centralized determination devising

External Aid


UK Government,

European Commission – Seventh Framework Programme ( FP7 ) ,

Wales Trade International ( WTI ) ,

In-house Financed

Lessons Learnt


In-depth local cognition and tonss of visits,


Forming relationships

Firm Network

Relationss drive enlargement and chances




Table 2: Summary of findings


The chief challenges expressed by the two companies were competition, the determination to remain in the domestic market, fiscal committedness, linguistic communication, local presence and direction resources. In footings of finance in developing international enlargement, Zarlink ‘s funding was an issue as there was “ no budget or money ” for its planned international enlargement. For IAC funding international enlargement was every bit ambitious as its ventures were to the full financed from in-house and as IAC provinces from the interview:

“ We have a long manner to travel before we are runing as an independent ringer of the UK operation ” .

Although Zarlink had some aid with funding its international concern and operations and developments.

The following barrier and challenges both houses stated were that of cultural, legal and consumer differences between markets lending to the complexness of foreign market development.

As Zarlink argues: “ international enlargement can be much complex as or than domestic growing, even with European Union as there are still huge differences in local limitations and legalities ” . IAC maintain that it is indispensable for a company spread outing into new states and markets “ to understand the differences between those states and markets every bit good as there is the demand to recognize the differences in civilization ” . Zarlink added that the distinctive features of traveling to foreign markets necessitate anterior research and analysis of the mark market and “ forming relationships every bit good as leting plentifulness of clip for the market to develop ” . This means doing to the full informed determinations which includes taking into histories of the hazards and measuring the market to the full and in-depth before traveling to the international market.

For both companies ‘ direction resources to back up the international enlargement of the company is really clip consuming and intricate process as the company deals with different civilizations and markets. Both companies province that direction resources are dearly-won, such as acquiring people and substructure in topographic point that is traveling to function the company for old ages to come. Harmonizing to Zarlink during the company ‘s initial international enlargement it considered Greenfield ( buying another company ) but realised it did non necessitate it. It so decided to travel for a joint venture but realised that the benefits did non outweigh the restrictions imposed particularly in footings of civilization and cost and control.

IAC besides added that “ the demand for a salesman locally is that they be chiefly an applied scientist with a good apprehension of the issues. Therefore seeking to enroll from 1000s of stat mis off is non possible, as the company does non hold a specific merchandise ” . Therefore puting up a fabrication unit was the most appropriate option for the company to ship on.

Another challenge faced by Zarlink was the impulse to stay in its domestic market instead than traveling international. The ground given was the dedication, quality and educational degree of the UK staff and employees. However, the administration realised that its clients were outside the UK, that is, United States and the European Union.

In footings of competition, IAC did non hold job with competition as they believed they were the participants in the market. However, Zarlink was worried about the few figure of participants bing in its market.

IAC besides faced new challenges in deputing direction duties and to develop the modus operandis and constructions in topographic point to manage the growing of the house.

Company stimulation for enlargement

This subdivision describes how these two companies overcome the above obstructions to internationalization stimulated by specialized niche market, motivations for growing, alone construct and international trade name potency.

Both companies employ assorted specializer schemes and these can be considered in footings of multi-market scheme and entire market scheme ( Check it this is true ) . Zarlink uses a multimarket scheme whilst IAC uses a entire market scheme.

These houses have been placed under each scheme harmonizing to the description given by each company respondent. Zarlink operates in a niche specialized market as a consequence of the forte and importance of the turning medical market due to aging population. On the other manus IAC as already stated supra do non hold a specific merchandise ( Expand ) . As stated by Zarlink: “ we targeted medical implant electronics turning market in the field of health care. We chose to concentrate on a niche within that market which is large for us, but excessively little for major participants ” . IAC ‘s enlargement abroad on the other manus is a response to chance and planned scheme. Quoting from IAC ‘s research interview: “ growing in South Africa is a long-run strategic purpose, but we were reacting to chances in the first case which prompted research and purchase of a fabrication unit ” ,


The two houses studied believe they are alone, nevertheless, Zarlink feels that it has something different within the alone countries. Harmonizing to Zarlink each of their merchandises are made with creativeness and originality without give uping to all the force per unit areas of competition in similar countries with similar merchandise around the universe. Zarlinks operates specialized fictions with extremely incorporate solutions to assist its clients merely design and lower costs every bit good as range market in the fast possible manner. The company has come up with the universe ‘s first swallowable medical devices back uping new monitoring, diagnostic and curative applications ( Zarlink, 2009 ) . IAC on the other manus believe that the administration does non hold any signifier of uniqueness but they are “ merely good ” .

International trade name potency

Zarlink designs, industries and supply electronic faculties for implant devices. Zarlink argues that “ the peculiarity of the construct is something that is acceptable and utile across the universe and this can be translated into gross revenues in states as a consequence of the turning medical market due to the aging population ” .

IAC on the other manus


Management was stated as holding a polar function to play in the international decision-making of the administration. The positive attitude towards international enlargement in both companies is a consequence of the company ‘s demands to take hazards and take advantage of seen chances. Old ages ago Zarlink operated in the telecom concern ; nevertheless, old ages subsequently telecom became globalised instead than nationalised. As a consequence Zarlink was losing its market faster to it bigger rivals. Management saw chance and spread in the market – a niche. As a consequence the company moved wholly from the telecom to fabricating medical, optical and communicating merchandises. However, IAC aspires to take their concern planetary as a consequence of direction ‘s purpose to turn and spread outing the concern, taking advantage of bing market.

Entry manner pick

The findings appear to demo that both companies used a individual international entry manner: Agent Distributors ( Zarlink ) and Greenfield ( IAC ) . Due to the barrier of fiscal committedness shown above it could be argued that there was the willingness and necessities for both companies to see trade off between absolute control of ownership and higher hazard equivalent of sweeping understandings. Zarlink ‘s manner of entry pick involves puting up international gross revenues squad. Initially the company considered geting another company or puting up a greenfield operation, nevertheless it decided it non hold usage for it. It besides considered a joint venture and as already said above the benefits did non outweigh the restrictions imposed. The use of low-priced and low-control entry manner schemes arguably reflects non merely fiscal restrictions and restraints placed on the company at the initial phase but besides the nature of the concern and its merchandises dictates which market the company had to come in and the sort of entry manner it should ship on. Harmonizing to Zarlink it chose distribution as a manner of entry due to the little nature of the concern. IAC on the other manus entered through buying a fabrication unit. The ground is that South Africans like to purchase local as a consequence direction wanted to see investing made locally hence buying a mill. IAC arguably had to accommodate the entry manner to local demands, as they had to move rapidly as the chance arose in the market. The company did see utilizing agents but that entry did non accommodate their merchandise portfolio as they needed to hold complete control over their concern operations.

Management support

It was found in this research survey that managerial features in back uping international enlargement were, utilizing dedicated local individuals to pull off abroad gross revenues squad which included regular client visits every bit good as utilizing modern electronic communications ( Zarlink ) . IAC ‘s direction support given to its international house is a full technology support which comes straight from the parent company in UK. Both companies keep in touch with what is go oning with every aspect of the concern. Both companies make extended visits to each of their abroad concerns either to distributers ( Zarlink ) or to put up operation ( IAC ) . Through these relationships they learn about markets, their local conditions and the demands of their clients. As a consequence both administrations are able to absorb within the remainder of the administration what changes and betterments need to be made.

Management Vision

Zarlink ‘s chief driver and vision to spread out internationally is to “ make value in a focused market for our stakeholders peculiarly stockholders, local providers, proprietors and employees. IAC ‘s vision in comparing was strictly for enlargement intents and adding to this the company states: “ the challenge of constructing a similar theoretical account in South Africa was the inducement ” . The move of both concerns into new international markets is arguably an indicant of the ability of the company to both create and respond to chances for foreign market development of the concern. For illustration, the designation of a niche in the medical market was an of import factor for Zarlink in the start up stage of the concern and their move off from telecommunication.


Decision-making in directing the company overseas are quiet different in both companies. IAC operate a centralized decision-making procedure. IAC states that although the squad are involved in the decision-making, it is chiefly driven from the pull offing manager. The ground is that “ everyone else has specific undertakings to execute ” . Zarlink on the other manus run a decentralized decision-making that is determinations are taken locally. For IAC the attitudes of decision-makers towards relationships externally with concern spouses and sometimes rivals played an of import function in their internationalization attempts in South Africa.

External Aid

In footings of finance injection Zarlink used local Welsh Assembly Government ( WAG ) preparation grants to develop local employed applied scientists to go “ concern people ” . Zarlink besides used UK authorities and European Union Seventh Framework Programme ( FP7 ) to develop new engineerings which helped ease the company ‘s development and enlargement. IAC in comparing financed its international operations in-house apart from the uneven grant for travel aid from the Wales Trade International ( WTI ) . Explaining farther, IAC states: “ it takes so long to acquire money out of the WAG that it is impossible to run slow plenty to be able to use. Unfortunately we live in a existent universe where determinations have to be made when the chances arrive – non six months subsequently ” .

Lessons Learnt

From the lessons learnt from their operations overseas IAC states “ nil can be done without expensive, in-depth local cognition and tonss of visits. Talking face to face plants, but electronic mails do non. You have to see the thing on the land to estimate a proper sentiment peculiarly with people ” . Zarlink of the other manus due to the nature of the concern it states: “ design in rhythm takes about four old ages ; therefore it is indispensable to let plentifulness of clip for the market to develop and relationships to maturate ” .


Forming webs was found to be important for both companies supplying the indispensable support and aid to international concern operations. The ability of direction to web on a more formal footing with concern administrations was found of import for both administrations. For case, in the instance of Zarlink the company found the ability of direction to utilize exhibitions conducted and set up by MediWales impacted the international enlargement of the concern due to the nature of the concern. Zarlink provinces that: “ MediWales for illustration, will set on large base up that a little company could non afford, purchase market into and portion consequences. They will besides organize trade missions that are hard for SMEs to make ” . IAC besides believes organizing web relationships drive enlargement. IAC states “ you need to cover with existent people to do an impact. We do non sell doodads and therefore we can non merely direct a catalogue. The client must believe that we can make the occupation ” . For both companies utilizing webs aid because “ person has the exposure and expertness you do non hold ” .

Resources restrictions are apparent particularly at the early phases of the house ‘s growing and enlargement. IAC found that the feasible manner to spread out under the conditions of internationalization is the concern relationships with its clients and spouses and sometimes its rivals. Zarlink on the manus developed extended distributer webs which enabled the company to set up extended after-sales service and customisation capablenesss through webs. IAC overcame their deficiency of cognition of South Africa through the interactions and engagement in networking.


This research shows that there is a greater focal point on incremental invention, that is betterments to merchandises, service and procedure in response to client demands and extremist invention that is new merchandises, services, procedure and new markets.

IAC operates incremental invention saying that “ we utilise other people ‘s merchandises in advanced ways to carry through the aspirations of our client base ” . Harmonizing to the company most of their invention schemes is focused on internal selling against the usual external client focused manner of making concern. Harmonizing to IAC the company believes in difficult work instead than invention saying that: “ invention can easy be seen in many little ways throughout the administration, but no invention can take the topographic point of difficult work.

In comparing Zarlink is more of extremist invention company due to the nature of the concern. A company such as Zarlink invariably operate in a gray country for invention and engineering. Therefore for Zarlink the clip to come up with new merchandise and market the merchandise takes approximately four to five old ages and hope to capitalise on those innovated merchandises for approximately two to three old ages. However, the company looks frontward to holding the merchandise be on the market for its purposeful usage for approximately ten old ages before they come up with a new merchandise. Due to the high engagements of technological invention in an administration such as this it is indispensable for Zarlink to join forces with another administration. As such the company ever collaborates utilizing EU support every bit good as with Universities such as Cardiff, Southampton, Netherland ( IMEC ) and Germany ( IMTEK ) .

Both administrations have their ain person and typical histories, but they besides exhibit similarities in scheme and internationalization. These similarities are of two types: Zarlink has clearly achieved strong and in some instances taking competitory places on a planetary graduated table, for illustration, their medical… … … is being used by top five medical companies in the universe. IAC ‘s operations are regional, that is non extended far beyond UK and South Africa. Zarlink have achieved strong planetary places. Their merchandises can be found in… … states worldwide. The company besides have a strong market portion in cardinal markets particularly in the medical section, and besides has a important portion of the planetary market.

Distinguishing features held by Zarlink in the induction function that invention has played in their internationalization sing coming off from telecom. It can be said that the development of merchandise invention was the goad to Zarlink ‘s rapid globalization. IAC in comparing have followed a different way from Zarlink. Unlike Zarlink, they have focused their gross revenues in UK and South Africa demoing a penchant for direct engagement in selling, control and fabrication offshore. Again unlike Zarlink, IAC has non launched on a way to planetary range by a world-leading invention. As a consequence the merchandise range of IAC has non been focused by the demand to concentrate all the administration ‘s resources on one globalizing merchandise. As a consequence it can be argued why the merchandise portfolios of IAC is broader than Zarlink ‘s merchandise portfolio.

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