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Relation Between Motivation And Employee Performance Commerce Essay

Motivation Is the psychological procedure that gives behavior intent and way. and direction is corned with the consequence be and efficient deployment of resources. Human resource is one of the most of import in any organisation and company and the function of director is to be a leader and accomplish organisation aim by developing a partnership with people. Motivation in work is one of the very variables finding employees public presentation. we can state that motive it is difficult to give any type of lasting definition about motive but it is a sort of way in which employees are ambitious and they can take action and do an attempt. Motivation is an power that causes people to act in a positive manner motive collective with ability consequence in public presentation. Motivation is the internal power or a type of energy and it pushes toward the public presentation of the employees. If desire and aspiration are absent, motivation absent excessively because motive are much do with desire and aspiration. Motivation strengthens ever give the manner, bravery energy and continuity to follow the organisation end. A motivate employee take action and does whatever and whenever it need to accomplish their ends

Executive SUMMRY

Motivating staff is a basically of import dimension of successful direction and a critical facet of a leaders function. Significant organisational results can be obtained by holding staff that are motivated. These include:

Increased productiveness in the workplace

Reduced absenteeism and turnover

Increased invention and creativeness

Increased employee and client satisfaction

An enhanced company profile

Higher quality merchandises or services

Improved fiscal public presentation

Employees want interesting work where they are given duty, liberty, challenges and the chance to larn. Good on the job conditions, occupation security, and wage are of import, grasp should be shown and regular feedback should be given on an employee ‘s public presentation. Managers keeping this position of work and their employees would most likely demonstrate trust in their employees, usage accounts and joint problem-solving methods, give staff room to construe and implement organizational aims for themselves, act as a facilitator, supply chances for growing and occupation enrichment, allow staff to utilize their originative abilities and take limitations to making a good occupation. The occupation of a director in the workplace is to acquire things done through others. A committed and motivated work force is critical to maximizing an administration ‘s full potency. Highly motivated employees often seek to work beyond the bounds of their specific work functions and maps in order to non merely better themselves, but besides to accomplish the aims of the administration. Motivated employees can be considered critical to organizational endurance in our quickly altering workplaces and work universe – they help administrations survive because they are more productive

At the terminal we can state that the public presentation of an organisation is dependent on its employees. After all, your employees are the engine of your organisation.


First it is of import to understand that what actuate employees and how they were motivated. Harmonizing to Maslow a employees have five degree of demand and they are physiological, safety, societal, ego, and self realizing and he argued that lower degree demand had to be satisfied before the following higher degree demand would actuate employees. It is of import for the organisation that they value at that place employees try to understand there job and ever offer some chances for growing and development in short make them portion of the organisation. To actuate employees are a great of import in a organisation and it can be done by: –

maintain to be at work

Take pride in there work

Work attitude

Does non expose in their work

Customer orientation

Expose a high degree of committedness



Motivated employees are the demand of any organisation for our altering work topographic point. Motivated employees are more productive so they ever help organisation to last in every field. For a effectual directors it must to understand what type of motivates employees within the context the perform in function. Motivating employees is most complex for illustration research suggested that as employees income addition money go less of a motivate besides as employees get older exciting work become more of a incentive.


There are some factors which play a of import function to actuate employees. Such as

employment Security

Sympathetic aid with single job

Personal trueness to employees interesting work

Give good working state of affairs

Good quality Wagess

Promotions and growing in the organisation.

Most of the organisation believes to actuate their employees because it act upon the employees public presentation by following manner: –

1. Higher Productiveness Levels

2.Lower Labour Employee turnover

3. Lower Absenteeism

4. Improve Quality with lees waster

5.Greater Willingness to accept instead than defy alteration

6. Greater Willingness to lend thought and take on duty

7. Employees Loyalty 8. Employees Turnover


It is seen that a employees public presentation has an impact on the organisation ‘s nonsubjective. And it is therefore imperative that every employees public presentation should be managed. This procedure of public presentation direction includes group appraisals and peer reappraisals. In recent clip public presentation direction system have become more indispensable because directors are under changeless force per unit area to acquire better advancement and public presentation of their organisation by motivate their employee.

Despite the motive performs it is necessary to briefly highlight the barriers that might impact the public presentation of employee. These barriers may be the consequence understand competences, inappropriate public presentation ends, or deficiency of feedback about public presentation. There are some factor which is affectional overall employees public presentation.1.INTERNAL Factor: – Those factor which is control and influence by any organisation are called internal factor like occupation description and choice.

2.EXTERNAL Factor: -In external factors a organisation has small control or no control such as demand for occupation or rating systems.

Corporat Examples of motive and employees public presentation: –

Geo telecasting use the undermentioned tools to actuate its employees and this tools affected the employees public presentation and it is seen that employees public presentation become better after this. These tools are such as.

Performance base inducements

Geo telecasting gives incentives to its employees on its public presentation.

Annual rating of the employee public presentation discussed with the employee. There is and thought box in the response room available to employees and even visitants. All thoughts are implemented and the generator of the thought is rewarded with a award. The Chief executive officer of the company is heading this company himself

Annual employees function

Success narrative of the month in each section is mentioned for employees who have gone that excess stat mi in accomplishing their aims. Their narratives are discussed ; the commission reviews them and selects the best 1. The victor of the best success narrative is rewarded with a dinner for the two awards.

All the employees work in a Comfortable environment because they are free to make their work, environment is really friendly



Motivational Policy of Toyota Company based on Maslow ‘s demand Hierarchy & A ; Herzberg ‘s occupation Enrichment Theory. Toyota company ever seek to actuate their employees because they believe that employees are a critical portion of the company. A concern non be success without the employees good public presentation.Firstly Toyota ever seek to understand employees motive, it is seen that the single public presentation has an impact on any organisation so it is of import that every employees public presentation should be managed

Harmonizing to Maslow ‘s theory:

Job Security

Good Wage

Safe working conditions

Satisfy lower degree demands

Culture of uninterrupted betterment

Support growing toward ego Realization

The Toyota Company achieve the undermentioned attacks on the footing of Herzberg ‘s occupation Enrichment Theory and by actuate their employees

Ocular Management

HR Policies Addresses

Hygiene Factor

Continuous Improvement

Job Rotation & A ; Build

Feedback in support incentive

Toyota aims to increase its employees ‘ motive and optimise the value of its human resources.

The recognize some seminar to actuate their employees

Company ever seek to give their employees a good preparation

Give the twelvemonth awards

Give a new theoretical account of Toyota auto

Toyota ever take the attending of employees every twenty-four hours and terminal of the twelvemonth they give some gift and his types of motive ever increase the employees work public presentation

Toyota company say that every employee who work under Toyota they are the household portion of Toyota

Toyota company besides arrange wellness and security for employees.

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