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RHOgam Case Essay

RHOgam refers to Rho Ig. RHOgam is an injectable blood merchandise used to protect an Rh-positive foetus from antibodies produced by its Rh-negative female parent. The injections are given at approximately 28 hebdomads in the gestation and instantly after bringing. With these injections. Rh-negative adult females can hold safe Rh-positive gestations. Rh is short for Rhesus factor. Rhesus factor is a type of antigen nowadays on the surface of ruddy blood cells. If you have this peculiar antigen. you are Rh positive. If you don’t. you’re Rh negative. The Rh factor is of import in finding blood type for transfusions. Normally your immune system protects against potentially harmful substances ( antigens ) . When foreign antigens enter your organic structure. your immune system makes antibodies to assist destruct them. If you are Rh negative and you’re exposed to Rh-positive blood your organic structure may do antibodies to Rh-positive blood on your following exposure to it.

If a female parent is Rh negative and a male parent is Rh positive. the kid will probably be Rh-positive. This can make jobs with gestation. During gestation a female parent may be exposed to the Rh positive cells of her babe and develop antibodies to them. During a future gestation. these antibodies can destruct the ruddy blood cells of an unborn kid. taking to serious jobs. If both parents are Rh-negative. they can merely hold Rh-negative progeny. If the female parent is Rh-positive. her organic structure will non bring forth antibodies that will do these jobs.

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