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School management and leadership training in Egypt

Through 13 old ages of instruction, it seems to me that the demand to make a clime for instruction to boom is indispensable. Obviously, a school is where we supply our kids with cognition to get by with the universe alterations. Coping with these alterations and larning how to confront challenges appear to hold an consequence on their lives. So, it is our occupation to better our schools. Brighouse and Woods ( 2008 ) suggest a figure of facets which we should set into consideration.

Brighouse uses a saber saw metaphor to acquire a grip on how assorted elements fit together to take to a desired result. Whilst this metaphor is a utile one, it suggests that ‘jigsaw pieces ‘ themselves are fixed and that implementing each will someway take to a immense betterment in a given school. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

So, bettering our schools standard seems to be a gate through which our kids can have high quality instruction. This leads to the inquiry of how we can make ‘The Good School ‘ . The reply requires that we explore and discourse a figure of indispensable subjects which make prima parts to making a good school. First, it is of import to summarize and critically discourse ‘Leadership at different degrees ; different manners for different fortunes ‘ . Second, we will seek to distinguish ‘Managing at different degrees to guarantee committedness from all ; acquiring the item right ‘ from the function of leading. Then, we will analyze and measure how ‘Creating a fit environment ‘ can act upon the public presentation of the school. Following, we will summarize and discourse how ‘Managing acquisition, instruction and appraisal ‘ helps in making a model for a successful school. After that, we will critically debate how ‘Developing staff, instruction and support systems ‘ could be used to do my ain school more successful. In add-on to that, we will summarize facets of ‘The function of self rating and critical reappraisal ‘ and use them to my ain personal professional development. Add to that, we will do an analysis of how ‘Involving the parents and the community ‘ in my ain school could better the quality of larning. Finally, I will analyze and associate all these facets to my ain personal experience. Besides, there is a demand to find whether we can use these facets at my school in Egypt or non through adverting the positive and negative positions. We will discourse a figure of the obstructions which seems to halt us from making a good school. Then, it is of import to propose some solutions to these jobs.

Leadership at different degrees ; different manners for different fortunes

Leadership definition:

leading in anA organizationalA roleA involves set uping a clear vision, sharing ( pass oning ) that vision with others so that they will follow volitionally, supplying theA information, A cognition, andA methodsA toA realizeA that vision, and organizing and equilibrating the conflictingA interestsA of allA membersA orA stakeholders. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

It seems that the leader of any organisation is the individual who we follow. So, how do we cognize that this individual is interested in developing his school? And, does he hold a vision to distribute and a mission to use? The reply is based on the qualities he possesses and the manners he adopts to be effectual. It is thought that a leader should hold a new vision to portion with his staff. There are different fortunes that determine which manner a caput instructor should follow to be effectual in making the suited environment for the instruction and acquisition procedure. There are some leading manners which surveies assume that following them may hold a good consequence on being an effectual leader. Discoursing some of them is of import to see whether it is utile for a leader to follow more than one manner or non.

First, in the bossy manner the leader enjoys a high degree of domination over his squad. This means that there is non much room for new thoughts or squad experience. However, it is effectual for occupations which need no accomplishments. Some caput instructors misuse this power. They should be cognizant that the educational field needs a high criterion of accomplishments. Second, in the bureaucratic manner the leader keeps his squad stick to some programs to guarantee safety. As a consequence, there will be deficiency of creativeness. I agree that this manner is non effectual as developing creativeness is really indispensable to any staff. In the magnetic manner the leader pushes his squad frontward but his absence may take to bad results. In the democratic manner the squad plays a function in determination devising. It develops their accomplishments and motivates them to be difficult workers. Although things happen easy, the result is really good. In the transactional manner the squad is motivated by wages and penalty. The squad members do what they are told and nil else. Creativity in this manner is limited but the work is done unfailingly. On the contrary, in the transformational leading the leader inspires his squad. He has a vision and passion so they believe that he can accomplish great things. The squad achieves the undertaking as he pushes their energy and involvements. ( Leadership Styles hypertext transfer protocol: // )

It seems to me that the caput instructor should hold a mixture of manners. No 1 can judge whether his caput instructor is for illustration a democratic leader or a transformational 1. If I were in charge, I would follow every bit much as I could from these manners harmonizing to the state of affairs. So, it would be more effectual if you combined two or more manners where they are needed. The research worker says that the fortunes shape the leading manner adopted in schools. They may include the environment, the nature of work and the experience of the staff.

In 1995, at one school I worked in, the caput instructor was a mixture of manners. He chiefly interested in accomplishing his undertakings without fail. He kept honoring those who were making good. At the same clip, he ne’er allow any member of the staff flight with everything. He besides did his best to animate us as a squad. Communication between him and our staff was really effectual. Therefore, what can a leader bash if his squad is self-motivated? Here, we need to hold a expression at the difference between the leader and the director to make up one’s mind whether we are in demand of a leader or a director or both of them.

Presents, the new Minister of Education in Egypt provinces that he will honor the 1 who performs good and penalize those who encourage corruptness. We can reason that his mission is to contend corruptness in the educational system in Egypt. Here appears the function of the fortunes which obliged him to utilize the transactional manner.

Pull offing at different degrees to guarantee committedness from all ; acquiring the item right

It seems that both leading and direction drama a cardinal function in making an environment where instruction can boom through consolidating the effectivity of teamwork. The Department For Education and Employment ( 2000, p.10 ) recommends some differences between the functions of a leader and a director. We can see that a leader follows his ain vision and can do a difference in the lives of his squad while a director organizes, plans, controls and agendas. So, being a leader is non plenty to make our end. Not merely actuating and animating your squad but besides organizing and commanding it are the key to success in developing our schools. These functions are needed to be effectual and successful. “ Peoples in leading functions must be good directors. ” ( Department For Education and Employment, 2000, p.11 )

However, there are some things which stop me from being a good leader. One of these obstructions is the deficiency of a good squad. In my school, some members are non qualified to work at schools. Taylor and Ryan ( 2005, p.3 ) illustrate the importance of being supported by a squad of deputies and section caputs to be an inspiring leader. “ Good leading can be driven by an person. But that entirely is non plenty: it besides requires teamwork. ” ( Taylor and Ryan, 2005, p.3 ) If I were in charge, I would interview any new instructor to see whether he is suited or non. If my staff is unwilling to portion me my vision, it will be hard to be effectual.

Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.26 ) province that how good the school is managed vitally affects the lives of the people who works and larn at that place. If leading and direction are weak or uneffective in a school, it will be harder for a instructor to make his occupation good. However, when it is effectual, instructors, staff and students are better motivated. Everyone feels they are drawing together and working towards shared ends. Effectiveness seems to be the chief result of being cognizant of the marks and how to accomplish them.

“ What differentiates effectual leaders from uneffective leaders is how they use their clip. ” ( Department For Education and Employment, 2000, p.7 ) .

It is clear that pull offing clip affects the efficiency of leaders and directors every bit good. As clip ne’er stops, the director should pull off his clip from the really beginning of the twelvemonth. He should cognize when to set up meetings with his staff, to run into visitants and so on. His programs should be clear to do full usage of his clip. Here comes the demand to delegation as an effectual manner of pull offing clip. Department For Education and Employment ( 2000, p.8 ) suggests that about all directors need to depute undertakings to pull offing their clip efficaciously. So, effectual leaders realize that they can non make everything and that others can make some undertakings better than them. As a consequence, staff will better when they are given the chance to develop new accomplishments.

How can the director guarantee that everybody is ‘singing from the same song sheet ‘ ? The most of import duty of the director of any school is to make harmoniousness among his staff. Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.31 ) suggest that a high degree of regular entry of school policies is indispensable to the bringing of success. He adds that the demand for stableness becomes important when the school is large. However, when the school is smaller, it is easier to be applied. Brighouse ( 2006, pp.17-18 ) says that we can hold on certain policies to be applied during the lessons, in the corridors and on the behavior of the pupils. He suggests, for illustration, that conversation between staff and students in corridors plays an of import portion in ‘singing from the same song sheet. ‘

However, in my school in Egypt the function of the director is more of import than the function of the leader because most of the directors focus wholly on using the system which the authorities draws for schools. About all my caput instructors did n’t make anything new. They were concerned merely with disposal. In my school, all the director is concerned with is maintaining categories quiet even though the instructor does n’t supply the pupils with cognition. Clearly, there is inefficiency in this state of affairs. You can conceive of what the result will be like.

It is believed that make up one’s minding precisely where to pull the line harmoniousness is one of the most hard inquiries for leading squads. “ It ‘s forcing the instance, but the more dysfunctional a school is, the more tightly the ‘singing from the same song-sheet ‘ regulation demands to be drawn agreed and – most vitally of all- followed by everyone. ” ( Brighouse, 2006, p.17 ) It appears that the director in any school plays a critical function in making a fit environment for instructors and pupils to accomplish advancement. He can make a good relation with his staff and assist them to get the better of troubles. This will be in favor of students and creates a good clime where co-operation and understanding prevail.

How can we make a fit environment to better the public presentation of the school?

It seems that school edifices are important in making a fit environment. They should be well-designed and different from the students ‘ milieus. Besides, the school edifices should be equipped with safety devices to guarantee safety and security. It is thought that up-to-date edifices can better the public presentation of the school. The Egyptian authorities has been constructing modern schools. It is believed that when the edifice is up-to-date, this will hold a positive consequence on our kids. In 1995, the edifice of my school was really old. There was no resort area. Imagine how pupils and instructors can execute in such a atrocious environment. Nowadays, I work at a modern school which has a really good and attractive design. This fit environment helps greatly in the public presentation of our school.

Brighouse ( 2006, p.13 ) believes that school toilets are the most of import portion which needs great attention. What do we anticipate from person who finds trouble in utilizing the toilet in his school? -bad public presentation so. This will impact the school public presentation severely. In my recent school in Egypt, we give great attention toilets. There is a considerable figure of toilets. Although the figure is adequate, they are in the land floor. What if a pupil needs to travel rapidly to the toilets! They should be nearer than this.

“ Language can do or interrupt a school ” , ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.100 ) . It is thought linguistic communication shortens the spreads between people. There should be an in agreement linguistic communication among instructors and students so that they can make good dealingss and understanding. Helping pupils interact freely without fright makes them experience confident. Besides, this enables them to discourse their hereafter ends and determinations. So, they will co-operate in accomplishing success.

Singing from the same song-sheet

Singing from the same song-sheet is a really of import component for making a fit environment. Harmonizing to Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.101 ) planning and entering the lesson program will assist greatly in guaranting good public presentation. This makes the teacher confident and ready to accept any new thoughts. Besides, the research worker states it is better that pupils go to their instructor ‘s room. In my school, pupils have a fixed category except for the scientific discipline categories which may be in the lab. The instructor is the 1 who goes to the category where pupils are waiting for him. I am non in favor of this scheme as it is much more preferred that pupils seek the topographic point where they can profit and larn.

It is thought that the corridors should be controlled by the staff to let pupils to travel freely. They should n’t let conversations during the clip of lessons to guarantee the quiet environment for the instructors and students. In my school in Egypt, the corridors are controlled good by the staff. Every twenty-four hours, a group of instructors are responsible for guaranting that there is a quiet and clean environment for larning. We besides allow conversations among pupils and their instructors every bit long as they do n’t disrupt the educational procedure. “ Teachers agree that when anyone wants silence they raise their custodies and expect the students bit by bit, but quickly, to make the same. ” ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008 p.102 ) However, behaviour inside our categories is to the full controlled by the instructor as he is the 1 who illustrates all the clip and students are the hearers most of the clip. So, when person wants to talk, he merely raises his manus and the other pupils are expected to listen. If the instructor notices that person does n’t listen, he will inquire him orally to pay attending.

It is thought that the ocular environment affects the educational procedure positively. The ornament of the schoolrooms and the show of the kids ‘s work can portion in making a fit environment. At my school in Egypt, pupils used to adorn their category. But nowadays they do n’t as they buy the stuffs on their ain. If you visit one or two of my categories, you will detect the deficiency of the ocular environment. Some ocular AIDSs are hanged in the corridors but they are non effectual. The school can work out this job by supplying students with the stuffs they need to bring forth their ocular plants.

It is clear that supplying a quiet clime inside schoolrooms is indispensable. Using rugs is a really effectual thought. At my school, when pupils get into their category, some drag their desks. This makes a really loud noise which affects other categories severely. We can use the thought of rugs in our schoolrooms, but I think it is excessively expensive due to the immense figure of schools and schoolrooms. However, we can believe of another solution such as repairing their desks into the floor.

How ‘Managing acquisition, instruction and appraisal ‘ helps in making a model for a successful school.

It is believed that the educational procedure is a human state of affairs in which there is an interaction between the staff, parents, instructors and kids. The staff at a school is greatly requested to exercise attempts to raise the criterions of their pupils as they are the result of their experience and cognition. “ If students do n’t larn the manner we teach, possibly we should learn them the manner they learn ” ( John Lubbock, cited in Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.58 ) . So, the quality and method of learning have a prima consequence on the attempts exerted to make a successful school.

Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.58 ) province that the quality of instruction and acquisition is the most indispensable factor of school advancement and that instructors are the lone 1s who can do a alteration inside their schoolrooms and schools. The research workers here have convinced me that the instructor is the individual who is truly concerned with any alteration that happens inside any school. So, if there is no alteration, the instruction procedure will be uneffective. The teaching staff should besides co-operate to do effectual alterations. The thing that may take to raising the criterion of their pupils. ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.59 )

When I joined my recent school, the caput instructor used to stand behind the window of the category to measure my public presentation. He did that three or four times until he became satisfied with my public presentation. Besides, the senior instructor supported me a batch. His support gave me a great push frontward. He insisted on ask foring me to go to some lessons at his categories to profit from his methods in learning. I ever retrieve his manner and seek to follow his footfalls. When I was a pupil, a new Gallic instructor attended some lessons at my category. He used to sit at the dorsum during the lesson. Now, he is a successful instructor at my school. I mean to state that it is a good opportunity to profit from our co-workers to raise the criterion of our kids.

Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.59 ) reference that seting a certain policy to be followed needs a treatment of the thoughts and beliefs about instruction and acquisition and how to better the public presentation. In our school, the caput instructor invites his staff to a meeting to discourse what is expected from them towards the school. They besides discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the twelvemonth before and seek to avoid doing the same errors.

As for the whole policy, it is clear that the Ministry of Education in Egypt is the 1 that draws it. None of our schools can alter this policy by any agencies. The experts in the Ministry are cognizant of what is to be taught to our kids. It is believed that they consider their demands and abilities harmonizing to their cultural and societal background. Although there are some drawbacks, I agree with it as cipher has the right to decline.

Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.61 ) reference that the qualities of good instructors are indispensable for bring forthing high-quality instruction. As for me, the most of import qualities are first-class capable cognition and your method of learning inside your schoolroom. It is thought that instructors who have first-class capable cognition are considered the anchor of a successful school. Some caput instructors try to carry those instructors to fall in the staff at their schools because they think that those instructors are effectual in supplying pupils with the needed information and cognition.

When we were pupils at the 3rd twelvemonth secondary school, the whole category requested from the caput instructor to alter a doctrine instructor because his cognition was limited and did n’t possess an effectual method to do us understand easy. The caput teacher held a meeting with him and visited him in the category. After that he decided to replace him with another instructor. I still retrieve the words of the other instructor boulder clay now as his method and cognition were great.

Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.65 ) recommend that make up one’s minding the demands and involvements of every kid may take to accomplishing advancement. It is useless to learn a kid something he knows or does n’t necessitate. It is besides of import to cognize every kid ‘s societal position and his intelligence to be effectual. Personalizing larning ca n’t be applied in most Egyptian schools every bit much as it is applied in England. The course of study is drawn by the Ministry of Education and there is no room for pupils or instructors to take what they need to analyze. However, at the secondary phase, pupils can make up one’s mind whether to fall in the scientific discipline or the humanistic disciplines subdivision.

Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.67 ) province that the system of spliting kids into those who like to look, those who like to listen and those who learn best through physical activity is really effectual. It appears that these larning manners may give pupils a push frontward every bit long as they suit their demands and involvements. So, instructors should choose the suited manner which they think is utile in accomplishing high degree of larning. At my school, spliting kids in this manner may non work as a consequence of the big figure of pupils at the schoolrooms. Even if we try to split them, there are non adequate categories to make so. However, this technique may make good if it is bit by bit applied in Egypt.

“ The accent here is on appraisal for acquisition, instead than appraisal of acquisition, so that pupils can better on their accomplishments and do advancement ” ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.68 )

It is ever believed that kids are the nucleus of the educational procedure which needs programs, activities and certain techniques to accomplish advancement harmonizing to the demands and involvements of those kids. These things possibly identified through the different ways of appraisal. The instructor needs to cognize whether his techniques in learning are effectual or non. So, he can measure his work through appraisal. It is thought that appraisal is a mirror that reflects how far our pupils have achieved in their surveies. The uneffective and false appraisal consequences may hold a bad consequence on the public presentation of the school.

How ‘Developing staff, instruction and support systems ‘ could be used to do your ain school more successful

Developing staff means heightening the single abilities to function pupils efficaciously. This improves the quality of work indoors schools. Besides, developing learning agencies bettering learning methods used in conveying cognition to pupils through making a collaborative environment inside the school between instructors and support staff. “ Teachers teach, but unless they learn invariably, they will be unable to execute their cardinal function in a quickly altering society. ” ( Barber, 1996, cited in Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.75 ) These words show that developing the instructors ‘ accomplishments and bettering their work methods is an of import issue that raises some inquiries. One of these inquiries is how developing the staff contributes to doing the school more successful. Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.75 ) reference that the instructor ‘s continuing growing is the chief factor of bettering school results. Their chief thought dressed ores on making a staff that possesses the ability to better their public presentation invariably.

Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.79 ) dressed ore on developing the whole staff of the school. The writer confirms the importance of the support staff in carry oning unobserved functions. He tries to affect the staff in the development procedure adverting the importance of every member in the school. “ so, if instructors are the people who chiefly contribute to a school ‘s chief business-namely unlocking the endowment of future generation- it is wise non to bury that support staff have the possible to lend significantly to that undertaking. “ , ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.79 ) . The writer ‘s point of position clarifies the function played by the support staff in covering with pupils and their function in the local community where they live.

In my school, the support staff is non every bit effectual as it is expected to be. Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.79 ) have mentioned that they get more involved with the community where pupils live and that they have more contact with their households than instructors. This requires bettering their public presentation and their quality of work through keeping some preparation classs and regular meetings with parents and instructors.

As for the teaching staff, Brighouse and Woods ( 2008 ) illustrate that instructors get in touch with pupils more than anybody in the school. So, they concentrate on developing their criterions to be effectual. The writer points out that there are four conditions required for the staff to be effectual in executing their responsibilities. First, the writer emphasizes that duty demands to be shared among staff. “ The school had a system for cognizing who was responsible for what, … ” , ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.81 ) . He suggests that everybody in the school should cognize his duties from the really beginning of the twelvemonth. In this manner, their work will better and take to making a school which is more successful. ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, pp.80-81 )

However, the inquiry is: who is responsible for administering these duties? Is he the caput instructor or one of the governors? I think it is the duty of all stakeholders. In my school in Egypt, at the beginning of the twelvemonth, there is a large sheet of paper on the chief notice board demoing the duty of each instructor. However, sharing duties is non good applied. The instructor in my school has more than three duties and besides what the headteacher may set on his shoulders. One of them is taking attention of the corridors and seeking to maintain subject inside them. Another is being responsible for one category in the school. Do n’t bury the chief duty which is the categories he teaches every twenty-four hours. It is believed that the instructor should be responsible for his ain categories and nil more to be effectual. For illustration, it6 is non the instructor ‘s duty to roll up the school fees. Senior instructors should hold more duties than other instructors but few of them carry out these duties efficaciously. It is clear that sharing duties leads to doing schools more successful.

The 2nd facet is allowing fortunes. “ If there are no books, stuffs or equipment, so the chance to learn good is, to state the least, restricted. ” ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008. p.81 ) The writer points out that books, stuffs and equipment are indispensable for instructors to execute their undertakings efficaciously. The writer tries to supply the whole staff with all installations needed to better their public presentation. He points out that every resource in the school should be employed to function the instructor to be effectual. He tries to supply the instructor with suited suites which encourage instructors to affect in squad instruction schemes. He recommends that supplying the instructor with good milieus makes him energetic and widens his cognition. “ Teachers should seek out new thoughts. ” ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.82 ) He points out the importance of team-teaching and how we can do it active inside our schools utilizing the available stuffs. ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, pp. 81-82 )

The 3rd facet is the demand for ‘new experiences ‘ . Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.83 ) suggests the demand for rehearsing new environment. He suggests that instructors should n’t remain in the same place for a long clip. They should see new schoolrooms and new ways of learning through their calling. I think the writer tries to allow the instructor experience new state of affairss which might broaden his cognition and develop his attack of learning. I think Brighouse has proved his point of position efficaciously. His vision here reflects the demand for alteration and development. Using this method in our Egyptian schools is non hard. We can do instructors see new schools through interchanging instructors. We can set up visits between schools where instructors can get new experiences. I think it is an pressing demand for me to see new milieus to better my public presentation.

The 4th facet is the demand of regard and acknowledgment. Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.88 ) dressed ore on the demand of acknowledgment for instructors ‘ success. He points out that there is small regard and acknowledgment for instructors. The pressing inquiry here is: how can we increase regard and acknowledgment? The writer recommends that the headteachers should praise the outstanding staff through honoring them in their meetings. Besides, there is a function played by the governors. They should give a ‘thank you ‘ message for all the staff including the headteachers and the support staff for their attempts when there is a opportunity on public occasions. ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.88 )

What Brighouse has mentioned here has advantages to raising the criterion of the school staff. It is believed that it is non plenty to esteem person but you should allow him experience that you respect him. Praising instructors for their success to do them experience that their work is appreciated is indispensable. This feeling may give them a push frontward towards bettering their school. At my schools, every twelvemonth the headteacher and the caretakers organise a party to honor the outstanding members of staff. They invite parents and local community to that party. They show their acknowledgment to instructors and staff who made taking parts in developing their school. They mention what they have achieved and thank them for their attempts.

As for developing instruction, Brighouse and Woods ( 2008 ) stress on the demand of an in agreement policy of a shared linguistic communication among instructors. This policy points out the learning systems which will be applied. It is of import to develop the instruction system followed in the school through organizing well-coaching and mentoring affecting braces or little groups of staff working together. “ Teachers engage in frequent, uninterrupted and progressively precise talk about instruction pattern… constructing up a shared linguistic communication adequate to complexness of learning. ” ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.94 ) Here, the writer conveys the importance of squad work. He suggests that they should detect each other learning to give utile feedback.

Applying of this method appears to be effectual in developing the instruction schemes. When co-workers give fruitful feedback, they enhance the quality of work and develop their instruction methods to make a successful school. I think using this attack in my school should be the duty of the senior instructors through organizing some Sessionss to affect other instructors in this undertaking. I remember when I was a pupil at university, our lector asked each one to learn a lesson in forepart of others. After making his lesson, we are asked us to give feedback. This method was really utile and made us heighten our public presentation a batch.

The function of self rating and critical reappraisal

Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, p.128 ) explain that self-evaluation aid schools to accomplish advancement and to better the criterion of instruction presented for scholars. This should spring from the demand for alteration without seting into consideration the SEF or review. “ The dramatic feature of the ‘moving school as opposed to the ‘stuck ‘ school is that it has a civilization that sustains critical contemplation and question, coupled with a finding to procure uninterrupted betterment. ” ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.128 )

It seems that measuring our schools requires that staff and stakeholders believe strongly in betterment. They should find a clear end for the school. “ A self-evaluating school ne’er thinks it has arrived: it is ever on a journey towards new highs of excellence ” ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.129 ) . The inquiry here is: what should schools measure and how?

Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, pp.129-130 ) province that everything in schools should be evaluated to place the public presentation and accomplishments of instructors and scholars. The writer emphasizes on measuring the quality of instruction and acquisition. He concentrates on measuring the consequence of the course of study on the scholars and how they are supported to accomplish a high criterion of advancement. Governors and staff should critically reexamine whether the school can better or non.

How make good schools evaluate the quality of their proviso and who is involved in this procedure?

Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, pp.132-133 ) recommend that utilizing questionnaires for students and parents positions, interviews, meetings and studies to measure their systems is a common manner. The writer suggests some attacks to effectual self-evaluation which good school can do usage of them to accomplish betterment in the hereafter:

The stakeholder attack ( positions of students, parents, staff and community )

The checklist/audit attack ( a list of inquiries placing strengths and failings )

The external reappraisal attack ( research workers review a peculiar facet and do recommendations )

The public presentation direction attack

The benchmarking attack ( comparing public presentation with other similar schools )

( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, pp.132-133 )

Gray and Wilcox ( 1995, p.17 ) suggest utilizing two attacks to find the quality of a school ‘s public presentation. One of them is comparing the public presentation of this twelvemonth with the old one to see whether they are bettering or non. The other attack “ is to compare like with similar ” ( Gray and Wilcox, 1995. P.17 ) which is similar to what Brighouse has mentioned in the benchmarking attack. As suggested by Gray and Wilcox, the betterment and advancement of students will be compared with other students in other schools.

It seems to me that using the above mentioned attacks in our Egyptian school will hold an impact on the development and betterment of our educational system. It is advisable for instructors, in peculiar, to cognize whether they are working along the same line or they need to alter their schemes. For illustration, in my school, I do n’t hold clip to learn everything written in the English book. So, I feel non satisfied about this state of affairs. What do you anticipate from a instructor who takes enrollment during the clip of the lesson? I suffer a batch from this job which affects my public presentation severely. We should measure how much clip we made usage of inside the category to avoid wasting clip. So, I find that self-evaluation is a measure towards bettering the public presentation in our categories. “ The more successful a school is, the more it finds itself ‘adjusting ‘ most of what it does. ” ( Brighouse and Woods, 2008, p.134 )

How can affecting the parents and the community in my school better the quality of larning?

CRESST ( 1994 ) asserts that affecting parents and communities plays a critical function in the public presentation of pupils. It has a good consequence on their advancement and attending. The writer suggests that parents should take portion in accomplishing the ends of school. Parents should portion in developing the school ‘s policy. They should see schools on a regular basis to see what is traveling on at school. Children spend most of their clip at place, so parents should assist them to raise their learning criterion. Besides, parents should listen carefully to their kids to find their attitudes. As for affecting the community, the research worker here emphasizes that its function is indispensable in back uping the school in all facets through set uping regular visits and taking portion in assemblies where outstanding leaders of the community benefit the with their experience. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Brighouse and Woods ( 2008, pp.118-119 ) suggest that schools should promote parents to speak about their kids ‘s acquisition and advancement. The school should inform them clearly about their kids ‘s existent criterion. Besides parents can demo their satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the quality of larning. The writer besides suggests that parents and community members can work as learning helpers in schools. So, the inquiry is: How can schools promote parents and community to acquire involved?

“ Parents need to experience that the school is a community of topographic point for them with welcoming marks and easy entree. Above all, parents should experience welcome in the school and be actively encouraged to take part in the life of the schoolaˆ¦ ” ( Brighouse and forests, 2008, p.119 ) Harmonizing to what the writer mentioned, promoting parents and community to affect in the school is really of import. When parents feel that they are welcome to see their kids at school, they will go interested and motivated to portion efficaciously the duty of bettering the quality of their kids ‘s acquisition. When I visited Chapel Road School, I noticed a kid ‘s female parent sitting with a instructor inside the category. She was larning from the instructor how to cover communicate with her kid at place. Therefore, we can detect that the female parent here realized that her child spend most of his clip at place. So, she is in demand to be involved to assist her kid improve. In my school, the engagement of parents and community is non every bit required. So, I think we need to set up some workshop and Sessionss for parents to indicate out the importance of their function in bettering the quality of larning the thing that will hold a good impact in making a good school.


In this study, we have come across some of import subjects which may assist to make a great school.

Leadership at different degrees ; different manners for different fortunes

Pull offing at different degrees to guarantee committedness from all ; acquiring the item right

Making a tantrum environment

Pull offing acquisition, instruction and appraisal

Developing staff, instruction and support systems

The ole of self-evaluation and critical reappraisal

Involving the parents and the community in our schools

As for Brighouse ‘s thoughts, He states, “ My ideal school could ne’er be. There is no world in idealism. ” ( Brighouse, 2006, p.12 ) I think Brighouse ‘s thoughts are speaking flawlessness which will non go on whether in the English or the Egyptian schools. However, we dream to make a great school. However large the spread is, I think it is non impossible to shorten it.

Harmonizing to what we have discussed and examined, I have found that there are three indispensable points which appear to be the nucleus of developing and bettering the educational system in my state. First, we should fix a staff that has the ability to do a alteration. The staff should be to the full trained and have the needed makings. Second, the function of the caput instructor is really of import in back uping and actuating this staff. His vision should concentrate on developing his staff the thing that will ensue in developing his school every bit good. The 3rd point is the function of parents in back uping the school and their kids at place. Parents should portion in this educational procedure. Their function will be really effectual as they have much more clip than instructors.

The educational system in Egypt should hold legal support for instructors and headteachers from the authorities, parents, governors and all stakeholders. For illustration, the school should be given the authorization to look into the ground for the absence of pupils. The headteacher should hold the right to see students at place to measure their public presentation at place to see whether their parents are supplying them with a fit environment or non. Add to that, sharing duties is a corner rock in this issue every bit good. Furthermore, the school should be provided with stuffs and equipment back uping instructors to be effectual. Above all, the demand of regard and acknowledgment dramas an of import function in animating instructors and staff in the school. All these things help greatly in doing our school more successful.

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