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Sending And Receiving Signals And Messages English Language Essay

1.0 Introduction

Communication is the procedure by which a transmitter and a receiving system transferred signals or messages through assorted methods ( written words, gestural cues, spoken words ) , and besides it is the mechanism to set up and modify relationships. Whilst procedure, harmonizing to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ( 1995 ) is a series of actions that person takes in order to accomplish a peculiar consequence or technically in a legal instance, procedure is considered as a series of actions. The basic construct in communicating is when a individual is speaking, the other individual must listen. In inquiry 1, I am traveling to discourse and explicate what is communicating procedure, its elements, and how to guarantee the audience received the right message.

1.1 BODY

There is no uncertainty we have experience speaking for hours or sent 1000s text messages in our life, this is called the human communicating. And human communicating is a complex procedure with many chances for messages to acquire lost, ignored or misinterpreted ( Bovee & A ; Thill. Pg. 11. 2008 ) . We can place and better our accomplishments needed to be more successful through communicating procedure.


Choice of Chanel & A ; Media


Barriers in communicating


Decoding & A ; Misconstruing




Figure 1.1 The Communication Process diagram

Harmonizing to Figure 1.1, there are eight elements in Communication Process which are message, encoding, pick of channel and media, transmittal, response, decrypting and understanding, response and feedback. In communicating, the individual who sends the message and is speaking at the clip is known as the transmitter while the individual who receives the message is known as the receiving system and the individual who listens and response to the procedure is call the feedback. The eight stairss of communicating procedure provide a practical overview:

I. Message

The transmitter conceives an thought. Communication will be taking topographic point at this minute. It is really of import that the transmitter has a clear thought and conceptualized the thought foremost, for illustration, if the director of a company knows precisely the solution on how to use all resources, it will assist in salvaging clip and money. After the transmitter has already had the clear thought, they will desire to convey it into a message to be encoded.

two. Encoding

When the thought is to be put into a message either in words, images or the combination of both, it is called encoding. Encode means to alter ( something ) into a system for directing messages in secret or to stand for ( complicated information ) in a simple or brief manner ( Cambridge International Dictionary of English, 1995 ) . This is to assist developing the accomplishments needed to successfully encode the thoughts into effectual messages. It is really of import that the message is converse into a signifier that the receiving system will understand. For illustration, it is easier to utilize images and words both stand foring the thought, so that the receiving system will hold a better apprehension on the message we are seeking to present. In this context, the communicating is the encoder. Furthermore, during encoding, the timing of communicating must be considered, so that the needed response is created in the head of the receiving systems, by the transmitter.

three. Choice of channel and media

After the transmitter have put the thought into a message either in words, images or combination of both, they will now necessitate some manner to show the message to the intended audience. There are several pick of medium for conveying messages, that into unwritten, written, ocular, and electronic signifiers like letters, sense of touch, gestural linguistic communication, face-to-face conversation or nomadic phones. The elements in conversation are to do it simple, clear and apprehensible.

four. Transmission

Transmission is the beginning of the exchanging of message. Nowadays, the addition of engineering development has provided new communicating channels that the transmitter can utilize to convey the messages. The differences between medium and channel may acquire obscure, but think of the medium as the signifier, a message takes and the channel as the system used to present the message, merely in any method or system capable of presenting messages.

v. Reception

For an audience member to have the message, three events need to happen: The receiving system has to feel the presence of a message, select it from all the other messages pouching for attending, and grok it as an existent message ( as opposed to random, pointless noise ) . If all the above goes good, the message had managed the trip through the channel and arrives to the receiving system. However, barriers of communicating may happen here. The messages are either misinterpreted as noise or ignored.

six. Decoding and understanding

If the message has arrived, the receiving system so needs to pull out the thought of the message, this is called decode. Decode is to detect the significance of information given in a secret or complicated manner ( Cambridge International Dictionary of English, 1995 ) . In this context, the receiving system is the decipherer. A standard message does non intend anything until the receiving system decodes it as the same intending the transmitter intended. Even well-crafted communicating can neglect at this stage because decryption is a extremely personal procedure that is influenced by civilization, single experience, acquisition and thought manners, hopes, frights, and even impermanent tempers. Different languages besides act upon the standard significances. For illustration, if you ask an employee to direct a study “ every bit shortly as possible ” , does it intend within 10 seconds, 10 proceedingss or 10 yearss? Therefore, by clear uping outlook, deciding possible obscureness in the messages and shared more experiences with others, we can minimise the uncertainnesss.

seven. Response

The message has been delivered, received and right decoded. But the receiving system will merely react in the manner we ‘d wish them to if these three events occur. First, the receiving system has to retrieve the message long plenty to move on it. Second, the receiving system is able to react as the transmitter want. And 3rd, the receiving system has to be motivated to react. Their motive t respond will increase by explicating how the receiving system will profit by reacting to the messages.

eight. Feedback

Feedback is the response to the message. For illustration, when the transmitter makes a gag, the receiving system will express joy, and so the laughter is the feedback. This is the add-on to reacting to the message. By the receiving system giving feedbacks, it can assist the receiving system to measure our communicating attempt effectivity.

Barriers in Communication

In the above fifth elements in Communication Process, response, I have mentioned that barriers of communicating may go on, which is noise and distractions, viing messages, filters and channel dislocations. Multitasking and internal distractions ( ideas and emotions ) can forestall the receiving system from concentrating on the message and needs to be prevented and controlled by the transmitter.

1.2 Decision

The central rule in conversation is one must be quiet and do non upset when the transmitter is conveying a message. This is to do certain the transmitter direct the message clearly and that the receiving system understands and gets to construe the message right.

The transmitter can guarantee that the intended audience has received the right message by inquiring back the receiving system to reiterate the message they had received. Other than that, the receiving system can besides inquire the transmitter to inquire inquiries sing anything that they would likely did non understand. By informing receiving systems the precedence of the message will besides assist to get the better of the distractions.

In a nutshell, we can see that the most of import stage in communicating procedure are the encryption and decryption of the message. They are the possible beginning of communicating failure if the decipherer failed to decrypt the message into the exact thought the transmitter is seeking to state.

1.3 Mention

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Question 2

2.0 Introduction

In this inquiry, I will explicate the methods, the mediums, and the vehicles that I will utilize to pass on with my mark audience to carry them to purchase our soon-to-be-launched merchandise which I am the Product Manager.

Our merchandise is called ChipMouse. Basically it is an optical mouse, but radio. And since it is our new ain merchandise that no other engineering companies has of all time come up with earlier, we have added a new characteristic, an infrared keyboard. On the left side of the mouse we have added a button which by pressing the button, an infrared keyboard will look on the desk. The keyboard works like other usual keyboard with still the same characteristics but merely when needed by the ChipMouse user. And with this, the user will non necessitate to convey the large keyboard anywhere they go and merely convey the ChipMouse which is more mobilized and little. And our mark audience are those elderly 15 to 35 old ages old, who like appliances, engineering and like to go.

2.1 BODY


Method is defined as a planned manner of making something, particularly one that a batch of people know about and utilize ( Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 1995 ) . Communication methods can be divided into two types:

I. Above the line

Above the line communicating means anything that use electronic as ways of communicating. A few illustrations of electronic use are wireless and telecasting ( Television ) .

Radio: Most people today listens to radio whether they are at place making prep or jobs, in their auto or possibly when they are holding tiffin in a eating house who turn on certain radiobroadcast for client. And it is one of the most effectual ways in advancing a merchandise. Having a really limited frequences available, wireless has a few utilizations for concern communications affair. For selling and promoting intents, many companies use wireless as methods of communicating because wireless ads are more cheaper than telecasting ads. These ads are sold on a bundle that has been set by the wireless station. The figure of ads, when the ads are to be put on air and the lengths of the ads are consider in the bundle footing. And what is more of import for this manner of advertisement is to acquire them on air at the times the possible clients are likely are listening to the wireless. However, this method is non suited for our merchandise because it can non be seen by hearers. They likely can non even conceive of how ChipMouse works.

Television: And merely like wireless, Television broadcast medium is most used on concern intents. Television commercials besides have the same bundle footing and priced like wireless ads. And although Television is normally non available at work topographic point, it can besides be watch via web since most of Television webs use orbiter to convey Television programmes. Some companies would non see utilizing Television ads because it is more expensive than other major signifiers of advertisement. However, it is the most effectual manner to advance our merchandise. Most people who works might non hold clip to watch Television during working hours, but one time they go back place, other than traveling to kip, they normally watch telecasting as a manner to acquire rid of fatigue after a difficult twenty-four hours. And I would acquire our company ‘s Television commercials on air during this period when my possible clients might watch the Television, which is in the eventide and at dark. The advantage of utilizing Television commercial is that Television reaches a much larger audience than other signifier of advertisement during a short period of clip. The Television commercials should be simple and clear. Since our merchandise is a engineering appliance the commercial should be something modern and can pull our possible clients to purchase our merchandise. A presentation on how to utilize the ChipMouse can besides convert people to purchase our soon-to-be-launched merchandise. The commercial should be composed in the national linguistic communication of the state we are aerating the Television commercial on, but it is preferred to utilize English linguistic communication as it is the universe linguistic communication nowadays to pass on even with people from across the universe. Furthermore, by doing an offer for illustration an ‘identity run ‘ for publicity intents, with low get downing monetary value merely for a hebdomad or a month will do possible clients to desire to seek our merchandise. Other than that, trade name consciousness advertisement makes a merchandise or a company more known among consumers. The consumers may non desire to purchase it instantly, but when they want to purchase it in the hereafter, they may take to purchase a merchandise from a company that they recognise the company ‘s name through the directory. Therefore, by aerating Television commercials on a regular basis will do the merchandise and company better known.

two. Below the line

While below the line communicating is a manner of communicating that is a non-media signifier of communicating. Examples of non-media communicating are exhibitions, magazine and postings.

Exhibitions: This type of promotional activity is popular and the most used presents. The mark audience are the consumer, exclusive bargainer or both. For illustration, if there is a engineering exhibition, many companies will fall in to advance their merchandise. In this manner, non merely possible clients came, but besides those who besides want to open their ain engineering company and to inquire for audience sing their merchandise.

Magazine: Although there are web-search engines, some people still prefer to purchase magazines harmonizing to their involvement. Some of them may desire to maintain the magazines for easy future mention. And sometimes, a magazine is largely full with ads. This is made intentionally because it is targeted for those who are looking for a peculiar thing to purchase for illustration person bought a camera guide magazine to see camera characteristics that he or she wants to purchase subsequently. Magazines ads can acquire rather expensive, it depends on the size and coloring material and the place of ads in the magazine.

Poster: Poster is big printed notices, exposure or images normally being used to publicize something. If it is placed a topographic point where the possible clients will really detect them, it will be a really good manner of advertisement and promoting merchandises. The best topographic point to put the postings is where possible clients often visit and bulletin boards.


A medium of communicating is the method of device that we used to pass on with others. We could non understand each other if there is no communicating. When we talk about communicating, many people thought it is merely an exchange of information or thoughts between two people utilizing words or merely talking. This state of affairs is besides called verbal communicating. Verbal means connected with words or utilizing words or spoken. It can go on on one-on-one, in group or over the phone. By being able to see the individual we are pass oning with, it will be easier for them to truly acquire what we are seeking to present. We can besides see their organic structure linguistic communication and whether they are actively take parting in the duologue. Verbal communicating is best used when we need to discourse something in item and complimenting or reproach person. And it is the most used one in our day-to-day life.

Harmonizing to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English ( 1995 ) , gestural means non utilizing words. Nonverbal communicating is the type that is more similar to how carnal communicate with each other. Consciously or subconsciously, without utilizing any words we are really utilizing gestural communicating to pass on with others. The most omnipresent illustrations of gestural communicating are body linguistic communication and expressive behaviors. For illustration, when a individual rolls their eyes at person, they are showing agnosticism about something that person had said. Vocal sounds that are non words such as oinks, whines and pant are besides illustrations of gestural communicating. Wordss are non used to convey that message, but we use our apprehension of the gestural cues without explicitly have to state, “ Anything you wish. ” to the talker.

The manner we dress can besides be addressed as gestural communicating. For illustration, when a adult male is traveling for a occupation interview, he will have on a suit and tie which shows to the interviewer he is a really professional individual and suited for the occupation.

Gestures and positions are of import and needs to be controlled when utilizing gestural communicating. Vocal features such as voice tones must besides be controlled so that the audience will non experience annoyed and can concentrate on what we are speaking about. Making it simple will optimise the use of clip and infinite when conversing.


The significance of vehicle is something that we use as a manner of distributing our thoughts, showing our sentiments or to accomplish something. A vehicle of communicating is how we are traveling to near person ; in this instance it is how we are traveling to near our possible client to purchase our soon-to-be-launched merchandise. There are six regulations in communicating vehicles:

I. Keep it simple: Avoid utilizing slang words since it can make confusion among the hearers. Use appropriate linguistic communication. Do non utilize slang when holding a conversation. The sentences should besides non be unfocussed and run-on sentences.

two. Use metaphors and analogy: Consumer normally will be more able to understand more about the merchandise if we use metaphors and analogy. Concurrently, it may assist to explicate complex thoughts merely and efficaciously more if we use merely obviously colorful linguistic communication.

three. Use many different forums to distribute the words: It is non merely used between two individual conversations, but may besides be usage in meetings and formal presentations. The more it is dispersed, the more people will hear about it.

four. Repeat cardinal messages: Sometimes some people did non understand us to the full about what we are stating, so even if the consumers hear us right, it will be more unafraid if the messages are to be repeated several times as possible. One should besides be after available communicating which includes the developing the key messages.

v. Lead by illustration: At this phase, one can use the AIDA theoretical account of persuasive communicating which is to catch the consumers ‘ attending foremost. After deriving their involvement, we must maintain their attending on speaking about our merchandise. Expanding the words at this clip is besides necessary. Following, we need to make the desire end that is so that the consumers know more about our merchandise. Do non coerce them to purchase at that minute, but make them believe and take a expression foremost at the merchandise or merely make a study on their ain. Give them our website reference. And action will be the last measure which is to do an ad on our merchandise.

six. Listen and be listened to: Communication should be a two manner communicating. When a individual is speaking, the other individual must listen. After explicating the vision, delay for the feedback from the consumer.

2.2 Decision

As a decision, I have chosen telecasting as the method to pass on with possible clients on purchasing our new merchandise, ChipMouse. There are more than the ways of communicating methods I have given above. They are, e-mail, intranet, letters or newssheets, hoardings, documents, picture conferencing, audiotape, nomadic phones, CD-ROM, facsimile and meetings. Each method has its ain advantages and disadvantages when utilizing it.

There are two types of mediums of communicating which are verbal and gestural communicating. While the six regulations of communicating vehicles are maintain it simple, use metaphors and analogy, use many different forums to distribute the word, repetition cardinal messages, lead by illustration and listen and be listened to.

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