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SROP Personal Statement Essay

As a immature kid turning up in the African states of Cameroon and Gabon. I witnessed diseases such as malaria. cholera. TB. lockjaw. and HIV/AIDS depredation small towns and lay waste to local household members with atrocious deceases. This early exposure to such agony in my life encouraged a strong desire within me to make something utile to conflict these hideous diseases.

My first debut to patient attention came from voluntary work at local infirmaries in Cameroon and in the United States where I worked helping with patient transit. supplying nutrient and H2O. and making necessary undertakings needed by each patient. This experience helped me develop good communicating accomplishments and medical proficient accomplishments in the infirmary environment. I besides had the duty of caring for a household member with a serious encephalon hurt following a auto accident.

Helping this household member allowed me to derive consciousness of what is required when caring for patients on a daily footing. These experiences allowed me to recognize that non merely do patients necessitate research to supply remedies for diseases. but that the patients already enduring from diseases besides need equal attention. As a junior in the molecular biological science plan. my long-run end is to give myself to research in the Fieldss of human biological science. In order to accomplish this end. I plan to get a MD/PhD grade with research concentrating on immunology. cardiovascular. or infective diseases.

A MD/PhD grade would enable me to unite my involvement in medical patient attention with the honoring challenges of scientific probe. The SROP plan will assist me fix for a MD/PhD plan by supplying a platform to develop superior job work outing accomplishments. pattern research techniques. and carry on my ain research undertaking. I am determined to endeavor for excellence in all that I do and experience that the SROP plan will give me indispensable tools I need to go on my quest in developing a calling in the practical and theoretical facets of the medical research field.

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