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The application of new ideas to the products

Introduction ( 200 words )

This essay is based around a important invention that has had a major impact on the modern universe. The invention it will analyze are ‘online societal webs ‘ . The essay will get down with an academic literature reappraisal which will specify invention and the invention I have chosen. It will so describe on my chosen invention… … … … … .. and be applied to the related instance survey ‘ … … … … … … … … … … ‘ It so will discourse and reflect on the relationship between both the thoughts in the literature consulted and the instance survey.

An academic literature reappraisal ( 1300 words )

What is ‘innovation ‘ ? ( 100 words )

There are a figure of definitions and readings of what the survey of invention truly is and what it encompasses. Rogers ( 1998 ) explained that “ Innovation can be defined as the application of new thoughts to the merchandises, procedures or any other facet of a house ‘s activities. Innovation is concerned with the procedure of commercializing or pull outing value from thoughts ; this is in contrast with ‘invention ‘ which need non be straight associated with commercialization. ” REF 5. A universally recognized facet of invention nevertheless, is that it is merely an invention if it is a commercialized and value is added to the initial thought.

More late the definition of invention has expanded to include the full lifecycle of the invention procedure from initial development, to utilize and through to obsolescence ( Nasirpourosgoei and Coles 2006 ) . REF 4.

Types of invention ( 500 words )

There are a figure of recognized types of invention, each with different procedures, velocities of development and impacts on houses, industries and economic systems. Three of the chief types are extremist, incremental and procedure.

Extremist invention

Extremist inventions are those which have a enormously successful impact in houses, industries economic systems and societies when foremost introduced and for a important period of clip after. They include discoveries in scientific discipline and engineering and can dwell of the creative activity of both new merchandises and procedures. Leifer, McDermott, O’Connor et Al ( 2000 ) explained that “ Extremist invention transforms the relationship between clients and providers, restructures market place economic sciences, displaces current merchandises, and frequently creates wholly new merchandise classs. ” REF 3

Examples of extremist inventions include nomadic phones, the airplane and societal webs which have all created full industries and some of the most valuable in the universe today.

Incremental invention

Incremental inventions are comparatively little, uninterrupted betterments to an bing engineering that provides new benefits such as a higher quality merchandise, more efficient fabrication procedure or lower costs for illustration. Banbury and Mitchell ( 1995 ) cited the work of Dosi ( 1982 ) and Henderson and Clark ( 1990 ) who stated, “ We define of import incremental merchandise inventions as polishs and extensions of established designs that consequence in significant monetary value or functional benefits to users. ” ( REF 1 ) Banbury and Mitchell ( 1995 ) besides explained that continuously developing incremental inventions in houses are critical to go on to maintain up with industries as they evolve.

For illustration an incremental invention is the development of the authoritative iPods with Grey and black screens being developed to hold coloring material screens. This made the merchandise more desirable and attractive every bit good as higher quality but was an invention that had a extremist consequence on the industry.

Procedure invention

Procedure inventions are the inventions that improve the operations and procedures in which merchandises are manufactured or supplied to the client. They frequently create more efficient, faster or lower cost procedures that benefit houses in bring forthing their merchandise. Nasirpourosgoei and Coles ( 2006 ) cited Trott ( 2005 ) who explained that “ process inventions target improved fabrication procedures, either by presenting new constituents in production ( such as a automaton arm ) or by replacing concern systems such as upgrading a package bundle. ”

An illustration of a house using procedure invention is Dell Computers. ( 2010 ) explains that “ Dell, for illustration, did non contrive the Personal computer, but created new concern procedures to convey Personal computers to market, extinguishing unneeded stairss in the supply concatenation while offering more flexibleness and control to the client. ” REF 6. They sell their merchandises merely via their web site and utilize a processing system that involves the client choosing and paying for a customised computing machine online. Dell so builds the computing machine in the mill nearest the client from parts sourced from many locations around the universe, to understate bringing clip. They so present the merchandise every bit rapidly as possible ; finishing what is an highly efficient system.

Invention Models and Theories ( 400 words )

Linear theoretical accounts

One of the earliest theoretical accounts of invention was the additive theoretical account. This theoretical account follows a individual flow of procedures and has a figure of changes depending on differing experts sentiments, nevertheless the basic thought is the same. Godin ( 2005 ) described the basic additive theoretical account as follows, “ The theoretical account postulates that invention starts with basic research, so adds applied research and development, and ends with production and diffusion. “ REF 7. He besides displayed this theoretical account as a diagram:

Basic research – & gt ; Applied research – & gt ; Development – & gt ; Production – & gt ; Diffusion

Harmonizing to Tidd ( 2006 ) the additive theoretical account is based on the thought that either research is carried out in order to make an invention without anterior consumer demand for it and is so pushed to the market ( engineering push ) , or that the market demanded something new and therefore research was carried out on how to make an invention to carry through this demand ( necessitate pull ) . REF 8 Once the research is carried out, it so goes to development and production and is marketed by the house.

Many experts in the field believe it is now an outdated and flawed theoretical account. Edquist and Hommen ( 1999 ) pointed out its major defects and restrictions, “ In this theoretical account there is no feedback from the several ulterior phases of the invention procedure ( i.e. , merchandise development, production, and selling ) to the initial phase of research, nor is there feedback between any of the other phases. ” ( REF 2 ) It is now seen as excessively stiff and non how invention works in the modern universe. Tidd ( 2006 ) says that modern invention is a batch more complex than the above theoretical account. For illustration thoughts start out in a individual way but frequently take multiple waies and develop into new thoughts. He besides states that reverses frequently occur which means “ errors accumulate and barbarous rhythms can develop ” and that the standards for success can alter over clip between different people and groups. All these jobs form a much more complex theoretical account to the additive version.

Rothwell ‘s Five Coevalss of Invention

Rothwell ( 1986 ) REF 9 defined five coevalss of invention theoretical accounts that began with the additive theoretical accounts in the 1950s and evolved into theoretical accounts with new focal points in the mid 90s. Each developed to alterations in the concern environment or alterations in the markets such as economic growing or rising prices and needed houses to accommodate and germinate to maintain up.

Coevals 1 – Technology push

In the 1950s companies focussed on scientific and technological discoveries and pushed new inventions to market. The additive theoretical account is used in this coevals. Rothwell ( 1986 ) observed that new finds and discoveries had lead to new technological developments and so to a rush of new merchandises and procedures.

Coevals 2 – Need Pull

In the sixtiess to mid 1970s houses moved towards carry throughing the demands of consumers. This was besides a additive theoretical account but instead than transport out research, houses replaced it with developing inventions directly from the identified consumer demands. Rothwell ( 1986 ) noted that “ The acceptance of the need-pull theoretical account led to the inquiry being asked in some houses… ‘who needs research? ”

Coevals 3 – The Coupling Model

During the mid 1970s to mid 1980s houses moved off from the old two invention theoretical accounts and began to go more interlinked with different countries of the house. Rothwell ( 1986 ) pointed out that they “ subdivided into a series of functionally separate but interacting and mutualist phases. ” They combined research and development with marketing more closely through structured procedures to cut down costs, under force per unit area from rising prices. ( Proven, DATE UNKNOWN ) REF 10.

Coevals 4 – Integrated Business Procedures

During the mid 1980s to mid 1990s after the recovery from the economic jobs the focal point for invention was based on incorporate procedures with closer links to providers and major clients. ( Proven, DATE UNKNOWN ) REF 10

Coevals 5 – System Integration and Networking

From the mid 1990s the focal point changed to “ systems integrating and networking in order to vouch flexibleness and velocity of development. ” Strategic partnerships were besides formed and concern procedures became automated as resource restraints were of high importance. ( Proven, DATE UNKNOWN ) The theoretical account became even more complex as the different systems were interlinked and webs with outside spouses became portion of the theoretical account.


An invention that changed the modern universe: Online Social Networks ( 1000 words )


Social webs – Facebook ( was… … … … . invention, now incremental with new characteristics being added )

What are on-line societal webs?

Brief history of societal webs – ( internet innovation, 1st societal web, Myspace, facebook, chirrup etc )

What type of invention are they?

Why are they a important invention?


What it is

Statisticss ( inc. users and current ? value )

Invention and Facebook



Discussion and contemplation on the relationship between the thoughts in the literature consulted and the inside informations of the instance ( 800 words )

Analysis and decision ( 500 words )

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