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The Company And The Nature Of The Business Business Essay

The company of our group had chosen in the private sector was The Coca-Cola Company. It is an integrated concern and besides a populace limited company. The Chairman of Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company is Muhtar Kent ‘ . This company is universe ‘s largest drink company and inspired by the universe ‘s greatest trade name. The Coca-Cola Company starts up since 1886 and it is a 126 old ages in the concern.

The Coca-Cola Company provides more than 3,500 types of non-alcohol drinks. The company chiefly gross revenues and market carbonate drinks but besides sell a assortment of drinks such as fruits juice, java, teas, H2O, energy drinks, athletics drinks, soft drinks, enhanced Waterss, milk and others. The Coca-Cola Company produced four of the top drinks trade name in the universe, which are Coca-Cola, Sprite, Diet Cola and Fanta.

Now, there are more than 200 states and parts sale the merchandises of this company and The Cola-Cola Company have more than 146,200 of worldwide employees. The company besides sell 1.8 billion functioning per twenty-four hours. The company increased their dividends consecutive in the last 50 old ages.

The planetary nature of concern of The Coca-Cola Company produces their merchandises by utilizing highest standard the Coca-Cola System. The Coca-Cola System can bring forth good quality and standard size merchandises from production to bottling and the procedure of bringing merchandise.

Furthermore, The Coca-Cola Company show the local and concern environment in the community investing and planetary pillars. The planetary pillars of The Coca-Cola Company shows they want to do difference in H2O stewardship, active healthy active life, community recycling, instruction and locally-designated precedences.

The Mission, Vision & A ; Objective Of The Company

Mission of The Coca-Cola Company

“ A mission identifies what the company is in concern to make and how it is traveling to make it. ” ( The Open Learning Foundaton, 1998 ) The mission of The Coca-Cola Company is “ At The Coca-Cola Company we strive to review the universe, inspire minutes of optimism and felicity, make value and do a different. ” The company starts their mission in a long term and declares their intent of the company. This mission besides helps to encapsulate the value of The Coca-Cola Company.

Vision of The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company had set up the 2020 vision in the beginning of 2010 to go on to accomplish sustainable and they besides determined to accomplish the 2020 vision in the twelvemonth 2011. This 2020 vision are step by the 6Ps constructs, which are Profit, People, Portfolio, Partner, Planet and Productivity to do certain the Coca-Cola System success.

Net income means that The Coca-Cola Company want to maximize their net income and doing the highest net income in the following few old ages for their stockholder. The net income can let a concern to last.

Peoples in the 6Ps constructs is The Coca-Cola Company will supply a big and suited topographic point for people to work so the employee can set more attempt and do good in their occupation. The employees are motivated to work smartly in a good working environment.

The Portfolio in mission agencies portfolio their trade name and brings the trade name to the universe. The Coca-Cola Company ever looks for their consumer to understand their client demand.

Next, the Partner in the mission shows that they want a good relationship with their clients and providers. The Coca-Cola Company besides trust the drink spouse and together to go valuable.

Furthermore, another mission is Planet. The Cola-Cola Company wants to be a responsible citizen and the planetary leader in drink and packaging.

Last, the Productivity means that The Coca-Cola Company want to “ Be a extremely effectual, thin and fast-moving administration. ” The company needs to guarantee their productiveness by utilizing the flow production system that can bring forth a big sum of merchandise in the short clip.

Aim of The Coca-Cola Company

The strategic aim is fundamentally what the company would wish to make and accomplish in the long-run or over the following few old ages. The Coca-Cola wants to make more than 3 billion functioning per twenty-four hours in twelvemonth 2020 and go No. 1 drink trade name on the universe. The company besides want to increase the net income 50 % for the following 8 old ages.

To guarantee that the strategic aims reach, the company besides will put a tactical aim which is more item and in the signifier of short-run. The strategic aim of The Coca-Cola Company is increasing their market by5 % and the figure of client by 10 % in following twelvemonth.

Furthermore, The Coca-Cola Company besides set direction by aim. This nonsubjective involves puting activity for each section or Systematic mark of employee to mensurate their public presentation and quality. The aim that had set up by The Coca-Cola Company is the employees of marketing section to enlarge their market look for new client to do certain the company can sell 3 billion functioning per twenty-four hours in twelvemonth 2020.

Management or Administration Structure

The Coca-Cola Company divided their direction into 3 chief parts which are operation, senior leading and frailty presidents to assist the company command the planetary concern. The operations of the company include Eurasia and Africa Group, Europe group, Latin America Group, Pacific Group, Coca-Cola America, Coca-Cola Refreshments and Bottling Investments Group.

The direction of The Coca-Cola Company in each company can be divided into eight parts. There are general direction, supply concatenation general direction, planetary selling, nutrient service direction, information engineering general direction, strategic direction, trade name direction and scheme and concern development. This type of direction can do the company run become more stable.

Administration construction of The Coca-Cola Company is decentralised. The authorization is dispersed throughout in the decentralized administration construction. The Atlanta central offices let the decentralized administration construction cutting into half. The Coca-Cola Company besides move their local director nearer to the states. The determinations doing is moves farther down in India. The determination devising besides will be more motivate by utilizing the local information. The decentralized administration construction will do some communicating job and different criterion of the employee.

The Respective Departments or Divisions and Their Roles or Schemes

There are many several sections in The Coca-Cola Company to guarantee the operational of the company.

The human resource section in The Coca-Cola Company is wanted to do certain the quality of their employee. The company ever want the best employees who can do different. The Human Resource section is a service section and supply support to the employee transportations and publicity, developing the employee, salary construction and others.

The employees of marketing section of The Coca-Cola Company need to foretell what the clients need. They need to seek the new client and advance the merchandise to the client. The selling section should sell the merchandises actively to pull the clients to increase the merchandising.

Over than that, the concern or administrative Service section besides know that operational section. This section demand to supply support to others section in this company. The information processing, response, filing, secretarial services and others are supplying by this section.

The Coca-Cola Company needs a finance section aid to command the billion of money. This section is to assist The Coca-Cola Company to cognize their fiscal place to find the type economic activity that can make or can non make. Employees in this section demand to enter all the fiscal dealing and hard currency flow of the company.

Furthermore, The Coca-Cola Company ever need new thoughts in their concern so they set up invention section. Employee in this section should ever do different and seeking the following. For case, the employees in this section ever need to crate new things such as a new packaging system, new design for the bottle, new drinks merchandises and new things that haven seen in the universe. The Coca-Cola Company besides provide New Product or Service Development, Laboratory and others to help the employee create new things.

Internal Environment

All of the concerns will confront concern environment even though the little and simple or big and complex concern. The Coca-Cola Company besides will coerce internal environment, which is a governable environment such as money, stuffs, equipment and labor.

First of wholly, the money or capital of a company is one of the internal environments that largely affect in a company. There are many resources for the money of the company can come from. For case, the money can come from the net income, stockholder, investor, concern proprietor and others. A concern needs to place where and when to accomplish the funding. There are many use of the money of the company. A company can utilize their net incomes to go the beginning of finance in the signifier of budget for their hereafter investing and concern activities. For illustration, The Coca-Cola Company ever continues to enlarge their company by utilizing remain net incomes. The Coca-Cola Company had unfastened two new bottling installations in cardinal and western China with its bottling spouse, COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd. The company besides need to utilize the money to purchase the stuffs, equipment, machines and pay the rent or wage to the employee.

Besides, the stuffs to bring forth the merchandise besides will potentially impact in The Coca-Cola Company. The company utilize a big sum of stuff for their production everyday. The types, measure and quality of the stuffs that require by The Coca-Cola Company are really of import and chiefly impact the quality of the merchandises. So, the company has the chance to take the types, sum and quality of the stuffs they require. The Coca-Cola Company besides need to utilize new stuffs to bring forth new or difference types of merchandise to enlarge their selling and market portion.

Equipment is indispensable and required to piece the stuffs and aid rush up the procedure of production in the company. The company can non bring forth any merchandises without the equipment or machines. The usage of equipment of The Coca-Cola Company is to cut down the utilizations of human resource and clip in the procedure of production. By the manner of illustration, The Coca-Cola Company in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam use different types of equipment in the flow production systems to bring forth a standard size of soft drink.

In add-on, labor is besides indispensable in The Coca-Cola Company. The human intercession is extremely relevant when the determination devising of a company. Besides, a company usage the human labor to manage the production. The Coca-Cola Company has more than 146,200 of worldwide employees around the universe. The productiveness of The Coca-Cola Company besides will impact by quality of the human labor. Without the labor, this company can non treat any merchandises every bit good as the company will non hold adequate merchandises to sale or market around the universe. The employees who have a good attitude, moral value and moralss besides can better the productiveness and efficiency of the company and the company will go more success. The Coca-Cola Company besides need originative employee or employee who can do difference.

External Environment

MICRO Force of Environment

Harmonizing to Hill and Jones, “ The micro environment of a company consists of elements that straight affect the company such as rivals, clients and providers. ”

The clients are really of import and necessary for every concern. The higher the demographics, the higher the figure of client The Coca-Cola Company has. The Coca-Cola Company will non last without any people to their merchandise. The clients of The Coca-Cola Company are in a big sum so that the company let selling 1.8 billion functioning a twenty-four hours. The Coca-Cola Company ever provide the best quality and adequate measure of merchandise to sell to their client at the right monetary value. So, the figure of client and the trueness of client will increase. The Coca-Cola Company besides has a good relationship with their chief client, McDonald by providing the merchandises for McDonald everyday.

Additionally, The Coca-Cola Company besides needs the providers to provide the stuffs at the right clip, measure and measure to let the company to bring forth billion merchandises everyday. The Coca-Cola Company besides need to happen dependability provider and multiple providers to keep the supply of the stuffs and equipment to guarantee their production. So, the relationship between The Coca-Cola Company and the providers need to maintain healthy to let the concern run swimmingly. For illustration, The Coca-Cola Company has a good relationship with their 275 worldwide bottling spouses.

The populace is of import in the concern environment. The Coca-Cola Company ever portion their information to the populace. They besides want the populace know their trade name and merchandises. The company had portion their advantages and information in their web site, magazine, newspaper and advertizements to advance their trade name. The company besides show their fiscal information to public, stockholder and investor.

Over than that, the competitory environment can impact the ability of the concern to do net income or increase their clients. The chief rival of The Coca-Cola Company is Pepsi. The rivals ever look for the advantages over each other. They will derive and take the thoughts and advantages from other merchandise or services to bring forth better merchandise to derive the money. The Coca-Cola Company besides provides assorted types of drinks to avoid their competitory environment and protect their selling. Besides, the Innovation Department ever create new merchandise to avoid competitory environment.

MARCO Force of Environment

Harmonizing to Hill and Jones, “ The macro environment consists of the broader economic, societal, political, legal, demographic and technological scene within which the industry and the concern units are placed. ”

The MARCO environment that can be force and impact the determination devising of The Coca-Cola Company is political-legal, economic, societal and technological environment force.

The political environment can impact the concern by the alterations of the authorities policy of the state. The politic of a state can impact The Coca-Cola Company to open their mills or increase their market portion in the state. If the politic of the state is unstable, The Coca-Cola Company will non sell their merchandise and open a company or mill at the state.

Besides, the legal environment means the alterations of statute law in a state. The Coca-Cola Company need to grok clearly about the employment Torahs before engaging the employee in other state. The Torahs and regulations to put up companies and mills are different in every state.

There are besides many effectual types of economical environments forces that can impact The Coca-Cola Company such as revenue enhancement, exchanges rates, involvement rate and planetary economic factor. If the planetary economic system is good, the income of people will increase and every bit good as addition the merchandise merchandising of The Coca-Cola Company. The exchange rate of the money can ever impact the net income or finance of The Coca-Cola Company. Besides, the economical environment can impact by the authorities. If the revenue enhancement of import and export additions therefore the net income of the company will diminish.

Furthermore, the societal environment such as the population of states, economic activity, consumer, family, communities behave and beliefs will impact the concern environment. The alterations of consumer in attitude towards wellness besides will impact the figure of people purchasing soft drink will diminish. The population of working and type of work carried out can impact by the demographics of a state. So, The Coca-Cola Company needs to make a elaborate probe before set up mill in another state. The selling section besides need to look into the population of states to calculate the why, where and when the people will purchase their merchandise.

The technological alteration go more rapidly presents and technological changing can impact in the concern environments. The technological environment can demo when the rapid gait of alteration in the production procedure and communicating. The merchandise invention besides can impact the concern environment. Improve of the technological environment can assist The Coca-Cola company to increase their production so that the company can bring forth billion of merchandise in one twenty-four hours to cover with the market demand. Employees of The Coca-Cola Company utilize the cyberspace to portion their information and thoughts in different states or topographic points. The CEO besides can hold a meeting between the presidents of different operation at the same clip without going from one topographic point to another topographic point. This can assist the determination doing become more easy and faster every bit good as allow to work out the employee let to work out the job in shorter clip.


On the whole, it is non easy to put up a company like The Cola-Cola Company. A company will put the mission, vision and nonsubjective to motive the manager, director and employee to work harder to accomplish the ends. The company need to understand the concern environment that can coerce clearly to allow the determination doing become easier.

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