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The Events of 9/11 Affected Many People

I don’t think any American can forget where they were when 9/11 happened. I was going into my history class when I learned about it. My teacher had the T. V. on even though the administration asked the teachers to turn the TV’s off. We watched it and discussed what was going on for the entire hour and a half that we were in the class. My teacher was very emotional and crying and so were some of the students. Some of the students were in shock and others were oblivious to what this meant for our country. I was emotional myself. This was such a tragic event and I didn’t think it would be an event that would affect my life the way that it did.

I think I was too young at the time to truly understand the seriousness that would come out of the attacks of 9/11. This tragic event changed America in so many ways. This event in history affected me in many different ways. For the next few year of my life things were very hectic and chaotic and I was still in high school for part of it. When we declared that we were going to invade on the Middle East I was terrified. My boyfriend and high school sweet heart who I later married was in the United States Air Force and he was stationed at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida where we reside.

I had the fear that since MacDill was where Central Command is that there was a possibility that that would be somewhere that terrorist would want to strike next. I also live 25 minutes away from the base and knowing my boyfriend had to work on the base everyday was terrifying. The war that was declared affected me personally because at the age of 21 I got news right after my boyfriend proposed that he would be going to Afghanistan. I wasn’t shocked because I had a feeling that it was going to happen sooner or later, I just wasn’t fully prepared to accept that he was going to be going into the war.

I had already had many friends that I went to school with and grown up with go to war when it first began. I had an idea of what to expect from the situation but hearing the horror stories from the people I knew that went to war and lead the soldiers into Iraq is something you cannot fathom someone you love so much doing. I cannot thin of anything scarier except for having to be the person that is going into war. The look in his eyes when he told me he was leaving to Afghanistan was heart breaking and it is something I will never forget. It was scary thought thinking at the age of 21 I could become a widow.

The events of 9/11 affected many people but our country has taken the biggest hit as a whole by it. The economy being the biggest thing crashing. Many people have loss their jobs and are unable to support their families leading to more homeless people than ever before. The rise in the price of oil causing an increase of gasoline making it harder for people who are getting pay cuts to pay all their bills and gas to make it to work so they can keep their families fed and under a secure roof. I have seen so many homeless people on the streets begging for money to feed their families and to help cloth them.

It is a sad reality in our country at this time. National Security and Immigrations laws have been affect by the events of 9/11. Americans have a fear of letting immigrants into the country because of the attack. I think Americans judge all Muslim’s to be the same at times and we treat them all as if they are terrorist when they are not. If you go to the airport and you see a group of Muslim people you can see all the tension from American people about them being there and the continuous whispering and starring that makes thing really awkward.

It is not fair for us as the melting pot to put one group of people into categories and call them all terrorist. This is blastomy and it’s unfair because we cannot judge everyone because of one event that changed history. They are going to battle this for a very long time because I feel the American people will not be at ease with the people from the Middle East, for some time to come because of the individuals who created the attack on America. This event changed many things and how other countries supported America. We gained more allies in this event.

There were many countries who were willing to help America in the war against terrorism. This showed that America had many supporters in the terrorist attacks that started the war against terrorism. I believe 9/11 brought many people together. There were natives from Afghanistan and in Iraq who helped us when the war was going on in their country. The capture of Saddam Hussein showed the support that we had from the country and also the relief they felt knowing that Hussein was not torturing and killing innocent people anymore. This day in history changed thousands of people’s lives.

It is still till this day affecting people. We still have troops over seas loosing their lives and our economy has also taken a huge hit. Although, the economy has a chance to get better. We can not bring back the fallen soldiers that lost their lives defending our country and our freedom. The families will continue to suffer because of their losses. This is a tragic event that changed so many peoples lives not just mine. We endured this as a country and I think everyone feels sympathy this event that took place and changed so many things in a split second.

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