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The Extent Of High Performance Work Practices Business Essay

The growing of an organisation is closely related to the development of its human resources.A Thus, the apprehension of issues related to direction and its function in heightening public presentation in an organisation is really of import peculiarly during the modern-day period where it can be noted that the concern environment is dynamic and it is invariably altering hence the demand for direction to maintain gait with these alterations in order to guarantee that the workers are efficaciously executing for the improvement of the organisation. Against this background, this essay seeks to critically discourse the extent to which high public presentation work patterns ( HPWPs ) may be successfully implemented in any organisation. The essay starts by explicating the construct of HPWP and the organic structure will develop through designation of the steps that can be implemented in order to guarantee the betterment of the public presentation of the employees in line with accomplishing the overall strategic aims of the organisation.

Basically, it can be noted that there is no universally agreed definition of HPWP but there are three cardinal features that are shared by many advocators of this theoretical account. The cardinal properties of this theoretical account are as follows: HPWP seeks to bring forth public presentation through the use of patterns which secure common additions for both the employees and employers, employees are treated as valuable assets and this theoretical account involves bundlingA of patterns which yield combined benefits that are greater than the amount of their single parts ( McDuffie 1995 ) . A

In order to efficaciously implement HPWP in the workplace, Huselid ( 1995 ) identifies three patterns that are cardinal properties and these include the undermentioned: comprehensive enlisting and choice processs, incentive compensation every bit good as extended employee engagement and preparation. EmployeesA form the back boneA of every organisation therefore effectual enlisting every bit good as bettering their public presentation are the major factors that determine success of concern during the modern-day period. In most instances, employee enlisting chiefly depends on the available human resources tools and their ability to get by with the environment they will be runing in. Thus, enlisting of skilled and qualified employees is a critical scheme for an organisation to work successfullyA with respects to high public presentation work practices.A A

For any organisation to run viably, there is demand to enroll the best endowment in the first topographic point as these people would be capable of being developed to go valuable assets to the organisation. The success of an organisation operating in a competitory market is chiefly determined by its ability to enroll skilled people and this is a procedure which requires careful consideration. Recruitment involves seeking for and obtaining qualified occupation campaigners and it gives the organisation the chance to choose the most appropriate individuals to make full its occupation demands ( Carrell, R. et al 1995 ) . Effective enlisting frequently attracts persons to the organisation and besides increases the opportunities of retaining the persons one time they have been hired. Recruitment attempts seek to fulfill the demands of occupation appliers every bit good as the demands of directors. Agility is an MNC that operates in 120 states and enrolling the right people with the needed set of accomplishments, experience and behaviour is an on-going challenge, where in add-on to guaranting that the campaigner has what it takes to execute in a occupation, we do stress on the motivational tantrum in order to guarantee that the selected person is comfy with his environment and has what he/she demand to execute in the new environment.

RecruitingA the right staff is cardinal to implementing a public presentation related scheme which encompasses keeping of those skilled employees. In most instances, A such specializer and skilled workers may be in short supply and a company may happen it hard to replace the experient workers and preparation of single employees with more accomplishments in peculiar occupations. A Equally far as these steps are put in topographic point, theA public presentation of the employees is likely to better greatly given that there will be more inducements to make a sense of belongingness to the organisation by the employees.

In most instances, it can be noted that organisations are run on the footing of assorted determinations thatA are made within any peculiar organization.A In pattern, determination devising is chiefly concerned with the class of action to be taken in chase of certain ends to be achieved and is chiefly practiced at the top direction degree within big organisations ( Kleynhans et al 2007 ) .A Strategic aims of the organizationA are clearly mapped and determination devising is chiefly influenced by the leading manner which is the manner directors ought to take people in that particularA organization.A With respects to work organisation, employee engagement is a virtuousness in every bit far as HPWPs are concerned. Thus, doing determinations in the organisation requires the attempt of the top direction but it besides has to be borne in head that the thoughts of the other interested stakeholders ought to be taken into consideration. Harmonizing to Kleynhans et Al ( 2006 ) , direction is defined as the procedure of working with people and resources to accomplish organisational ends. In this peculiar instance, directors ought to be good at planning, forming and doing determinations and they should be able to suit the positions and thoughts of theA employees so as to be better positioned to implement HPWPs in an organisation so that there would be common apprehension of the ends and aims set. At Agility Logistics, and after the amalgamation of 4 major companies back in 2006, we started to pass on the one-year scheme through Strategy Maps, where we use graphical illustrations to breakdown the large image into simple mileposts that everyone in the organisation can understand. This is an illustration of being crystalline and sharing the vision and organisational programs with the people


The organisational ends should be clearly spelled out and each person ‘s function should be clearly defined every bit good. The people entitled with authorization should take by example.A The chief advantage of puting out function outlooks is that each individual would to the full cognize what he is supposed to make and they would collaborate as manner of trying to accomplish the organisational ends and aims. In a apparatus where the line of authorization is clearly defined, there would be less opportunities of struggle or deliberate efforts to sabotage the people with authorization since everyone would be expected to follow the guidelines of the regulations and ordinances of the organization.A This can greatly heighten the execution of HPWPs at work.


In order to to the full implement HPWPs in a work organisation, it is imperative to set steps in topographic point that are meant to guarantee that the employees get appropriate training.A Basically, employee preparation is occupation related acquisition that is provided by the employers for their employees and the purpose is betterment of the employees ‘ accomplishments, cognition and attitude so that they can execute their responsibilities harmonizing to the set criterions ( Swanepoel et al 1998 ) . More frequently than non, successful preparation begins with the demands appraisal to find which employees need to be trained and what they need to be trained to make. This preparation needs analysis frequently leads to the preparation of a set of aims which clearly province the intent of the preparation and the competences required of the trainees one time they have completed the preparation plan. Swanepoel et Al ( 1998 ) postulate to the consequence that needs analysis of developing requires clip, money and expertness and it can be noted that developing that undertaken without a careful analysis of the demands is likely to be uneffective and to cut down the motive of the employees.A Thus, in order to to the full implement HPWPs at work topographic point, there is a demand to take into consideration these factors.

On the other manus, employee development is a wide term which relates to preparation, instruction and other knowing or unwilled acquisition which refers to general growing through acquisition ( Kleynhans et al 2007 ) . Employee development can take topographic point through preparation and the chief intent of offering development enterprises to the employees is to better their public presentation which can besides take to the growing of the organisation. One advantage of offering preparation and development accomplishments to the employees is that they would hold custodies on experience with the operations of the organisation. It is expected that through acquisition and development, both the organisation and the employees will vastly profit given that the employees ‘ accomplishments in peculiar will be improved which in bend means an betterment of their public presentation which is good to the organisation as a whole. A

It can be noted that preparation and development are chiefly concerned with human resources development ( HRD ) for the improvement of the organisation every bit good as the employees every bit good. Basically, “ HRD can be defined as a learning experience organized chiefly by the employer, normally within a specified period of clip, to convey about the possibility of public presentation betterment and or personal growing ( Nadler & A ; Nadler 1989: as cited in Swanepoel et al 1998 ) .A Thus, organisations must comprehend and react to alterations in their environments and learn from their experiences to come up with effectual schemes that can guarantee that human resources development is in conformity with changeA which is really effectual with respects to the execution of HPWPs at workplace.

The importance of HRD as the agencies of guaranting that organisations maintain their fight in the of all time altering environment can non be overemphasized. Therefore, the chief focal point of HRD is larning and its chief purpose is to achieve the aims of both the organisation and the person and this frequently takes topographic point over a certain period of clip. As celebrated above, the chief purpose of HRD is the possibility of public presentation betterment or personal growing which is good to the organisation every bit good as the single employees within the organisation. A HRD specifically focuses on fulfilling the demands of the employer and the employee so as to guarantee that there is personal growing every bit good as organisational growing.

It is imperative that HRD should be tailored in such a mode that it fits the organisation ‘s scheme and construction with the purpose of bettering the public presentation of the employees who do non run into the needed criterions of public presentation. HRD is besides meant to fix the employees for future places. This will be meant to assist the employee to do better determinations and additions occupation satisfaction which in bend is expected to profit the organisation. HRD is besides concerned with bettering interpersonal accomplishments and to do the organisation a better topographic point to work. All these factors are really of import constituents ofA implementing high public presentation work related patterns for the benefit of both the employees and the organisation as a whole.

On the occupation preparation and development can be in the signifier of coaching and mentoring which are all really of import in actuating the employees to hold a positive feeling towards their work.A MentoringA is an of import support tool that an organisation can utilize to assist immature inexperienced employees to develop a better apprehension of the work through the counsel of an older, more experient employee or wise man ( Jackson and Schuler 2000 ) . On the other manus, Kay and Hinds ( 2005 ) define mentoring as “ a relationship between two parties who are non connected within a line direction construction, in which one party ( a wise man ) guides the other ( the mentee ) through a period of alteration towards an in agreement aim. ” It is about giving aid and support in a non-threatening manner, in a mode that the receiver will appreciate and value and that will authorise them to travel frontward with assurance towards what they want to accomplish in the workplace. This procedure is besides concerned with making an informal environment in which one individual can experience encouraged to discourse their demands and fortunes openly and in assurance with another individual who is in a place to be of positive aid to them.

Effective execution of HPWPs can besides be attributed to knowledge creative activity every bit good as sharing.A Basically, “ organizationalA cognition creative activity is the procedure of doing available and magnifying cognition created by persons every bit good as crystallization and linking it with an organisation ‘s cognition system, ” ( A Nonaka, Krogh and Voelpel 2006 ) . Research has shown that cognition creative activity, keeping, sharing and direction is an indispensable tool for an organisation as we bit by bit move towards a cognition economic system ( Nonaka 2007 ) . The planetary acquisition squad at Agility implemented a cognition direction system based on an internal web, where anyone can portion lessons learned, best patterns, success narratives in add-on to hold a specific web log country for the direction squad. This enterprise allowed us to come closer and have a better focal point on our deliverables, as this system maintains consistent and updated information, holding said that categorising the information for easy entree is a must. During the current period, it can be noted that the concern environment is invariably altering and knowledge creative activity is a virtuousness whereby the human resources direction in peculiar will take a prima function in spearheading the enterprise to act upon the persons in the organisation to come up with new thoughts that can be crystallized every bit good as connected with the organisation ‘s cognition system.


Having created the needed cognition, so the procedure of cognition managementA will try to keep the same cognition to run into the demands of the organization.A For case, Nonaka 2001 argues that doing personal cognition available to others is the basic dogma of the cognition making company. This will let others to larn which promotes direction of cognition that has been created with a peculiar organization.A Knowledge creative activity is a beginning of long term solution for organisations to derive competitory advantage in an economic system that is characterized by uncertainness and of all time altering environmentA ( Nonaka and Takeuchi 1995 ; von Krogh et Al. 2000 ) .

The companies which are speedy to make new cognition in response to the alterations obtaining on the land have a competitory advantage over those which are slow to react to these alterations. In kernel, making new cognition is about re-creating the company and the persons to run into a peculiar vision or ideal. Knowledge creative activity is non a specialised event but it is treated as a preserve for every worker. This is non limited to a peculiar section since the impression of the cognition making company posits to the consequence that every employee has a function to play every bit far as this construct is concerned in an organizationA which enhances the execution of HPWPs at workplace.

There are certain organisational and HRM issues involvedA in implementing high public presentation work related patterns and these includeA motivational and cultural dimensions.A It can be noted that alteration in an organisation is inevitable and is frequently necessitated by assorted internal and external factors and this inaugural frequently affects the operations of the company in many ways. A Therefore, organizationsA haveA to guarantee their endurance and growing within the of all time altering environmentA through public presentation enhancementA in order for them to last and turn in this dynamic environment, a purposeful direction is needed which is normally known as strategic direction ( Rossouw 2003 ) . This is seen as a spread that an organisation wants to bridge and this spread is located between the current state of affairs and the envisaged state of affairs in an organisation. Organizations exist to carry through certain demands in society hence the demand for top direction to explicate strategic ends and aims which the entire organisation would seek toA achieve with the purpose of bettering the public presentation of their employees.

Focus in an organisation would be on resources, capablenesss, and typical competences of the organisation as a whole and on the ways of accomplishing success as a entire organisation over the long term within the context of altering and competitory environments ( Johnson and Scholes 2002 ) . Basically, in aA workingA organisation, there is need to equilibrate and incorporate the organisations external environment and its internal competences and resources so as to be better positioned to carry through the outlooks of the employees. Virtually, A bettering employee public presentation in an organisation is concerned with maneuvering the organisation in peculiar a way utilizing chiefly two methods which are scheme preparation and execution.

Formulation is concerned with scanning the environment every bit good as specifying the mission and vision while the execution phase is concerned with making the necessary architecture including the constructions and set uping a civilization in which all function participants really work towards the overall mission achievement ( Swanepoel et al 2003 ) . Motivation of theA employees involved is really of import in order to act upon the attempt of the workers towards the mobilisation of resources to carry through the mission. Throughout the procedure, it is of import to continuously supervise and measure the extent to which the strategic determinations match or fit the altering state of affairss every bit good as the extent to which they are being implemented. It can be noted that any of these schemes related to theA workingA organisation have different HRM related deductions.

From theA above statement, A it can therefore be noted that strategic human resource managementA ( SHRM ) A is concerned with the human resources, HRM systems and maps ( Swanapoel 2003 ) . Aspects related to human resource direction affect all aspects of the organisational scheme preparation. Be it concern or corporate scheme, it can non be formulated without integrating the relevant human resource related issues. It is common cognition that the human resources form the anchor of every organisation since they are responsible for finding its effectivity. In order for them to be effectual in their public presentation, they must be given inducements which will actuate them to set maximal attempt in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations. If the employees are non happy, it can be hard for them to back up it.A Thus, a public presentation based strategyA that does non hold the support of the people who are intended to play major functions is likely to confront challenges in its execution which can ensue in hapless public presentation reverse to what would be anticipated in the first topographic point. Motivation is really of import in this instance.

Motivation is the enthusiasm employees have for their occupations and the factors which influence how difficult they may seek to make the occupation. An employee must be encouraged, persuaded or inspired to make the occupation ( Kleynhans et al 2006 ) . There are assorted factors which can actuate the employees to make their best in their work and the most noteworthy incentive to the employee is fiscal wages. On the other manus, a wages can be merely defined as a item of grasp which is in the signifier of a fiscal wages for outstanding public presentation in peculiar fortunes by the employees. With mention to motive of persons, content theories of motive are more applicable which focal point on both the internal and external factors which motivate an person. They are typically concerned with finding the specific needs that motivate people ( Carell 1995 ) . The strength of content theories of motive is each single knows what he wants therefore, he is likely to be motivated if those demands have been satisfied. One advantage of giving inducements to the persons is that they are likely to be motivated one time they get what they need hence they will set optimal public presentation in their operations at work.


Teamwork in an organisation is really of import in every bit far as execution of HPWPs is concerned at work topographic point. Harmonizing to Carrell, R. et Al ( 1995 ) , a squad is a group of people working together towards the attainment of one end. In any organisation, there are employees who are supposed to work together towards the attainment of one end. In a squad, all the members are expected to to the full collaborate as a manner of maximising their attempt towards the attainment of the ends of the organisation. In most instances, the overall success of the squad depends on maps of each member where there are likely opportunities of achieving great consequences if there is proper cooperation and there are less likely opportunities of struggle when people in an organisation are working as a squad.

Harmonizing to Stamatis ( 2001 ) , the construct of squad is based on the doctrine of engagement. The engagement doctrine is based on the impression that, “ the huge bulk of people can do important parts to concern and both human and societal enterprises if they are provided the chance, cognition, support and support T do so, ” Stamatis ( 2001:199 ) . In an organisation, members of a squad are expected to take part in their undertakings so as to increase the opportunities of success.A This is a needed in every bit far as successful execution of HPWPs is concerned at workplace.

The issue of civilization is besides really of import in aA workingA organization.A It is besides really of import to take into consideration the construction of the civilization of allA employeesA involved in the operations ofA the organizationA as a manner of seeking non to go against the values of those people involved. A The scheme to be employed ought to be accommodating to a diverse scope of civilizations since this is one really of import facet that determines the success of an organisation in position of the demand to detect and esteem the cultural values of different employees who hail from different areas.A There are specific values and norms that define how some people in the society behave hence the demand to carefully take into consideration these as a manner of making a common relationship between the organisation and the stakeholders involved in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations of the organisation.

There is besides need for public presentation direction so as to efficaciously implement HPWs in any given organization.A Harmonizing to Carrel et Al ( 1995 ) , research has shown that the figure one desire of HR executives is to plan public presentation direction systems to accomplish concern ends. Having outlined the coveted aims and ends of the organisation, it so becomes the function of the direction to make up one’s mind what the organisation wants to accomplish and so they besides need to organize the resources of the organisation in such a manner that it will be better positioned to accomplish the set ends. This is where schemes play an of import function. In order to supervise public presentation of an organisation, there would be need for that organisation ‘s direction to closely supervise the on-going procedure. At PWC Logistics ( Currently Agility Logistics ) public presentation direction was a affair of formalities where it was portion of the one-year fillip allotment pattern and there was no structured procedure, when the company started to spread out and turn by acquisitions, there was an immediate demand to implement a system that captures the ends and validates them terminal of the twelvemonth against the accomplishment. The greatest challenge in public presentation direction systems is non establishing the package or planing the signifiers, it is chiefly educating everyone of the importance of puting specific, mensurable and clip edge ends and guaranting an alliance with the person, departmental and strategic ends.

Performance direction therefore, is the procedure of entire quality direction ( TQM ) plans utilizing all of the tools including public presentation assessment to guarantee accomplishment of public presentation ends ( Carrell, R. et al 1995 ) .A Thus, A tools such asA occupation design, leading and preparation should all be regarded as portion of a comprehensive attack to public presentation.

Over and above, it can be noted that the growing of an organisation is closely related to the development of its human resources. Therefore, the apprehension of issues related to direction and its function in heightening public presentation in an organisation is really of import peculiarly during the modern-day period where it can be noted that the concern environment is dynamic and it is invariably altering hence the demand for direction to maintain gait with these alterations in order to guarantee that the workers are efficaciously executing for the improvement of the organization.A However, it can be noted that there is no universally agreed definition of HPWP but a closer analysis of the theoretical account shows thatA the above discussed factors can take to successful execution ofA high public presentation work patterns at workplace.

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