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The Fisher Organisation


This study examines The Fisher Organisation. It begins with an debut to the administration and follows with three typical functions held within the administration. It so goes on to discourse the properties needed for one of these functions and coatings with why I would be suited for this function.

“ The Fisher Organisation is a multi-faceted group dedicated to the proviso of a broad scope of professional services ” ( The Fisher Organisation, 2010 ) .

The Fisher Organisations mission is to function its clients with creativeness, enthusiasm, energy and vision. This principal is at the bosom of their work ( The fisher Organisation, 2010 ) .



The Fisher Organisation is divided into 8 single companies as follow:

  • H W Fisher & A ; Company
  • Fisher Forensic
  • Fisher Partners
  • Fisher Corporate Plc
  • Fisher Technology Plc
  • Fisher Family Office LLP
  • Fisher Property Services Limited
  • FisherE @ Se Limited

These eight combined companies provide a full scope of concern and fiscal services these are:

  • Audited account
  • Business advice
  • Business recovery and Reconstruction
  • Company secretarial
  • Corporate finance
  • Forensic accounting
  • Information engineering ( provided by Fisher Technology Plc )
  • Internal auditing
  • Licensing
  • Online accounting and back office services ( provided by FisherE @ se Limited )
  • Property services ( provided by Fisher Property Services Limited )
  • Sarbanes-Oxley work
  • Tax
  • Trusts
  • Vat
  • Wealth direction and fiscal services ( provided by Fisher Family Office LLP )

At the Centre of The Fisher Organisation lies HW Fisher & A ; Company a moderate-sized house of Chartered Accountants. ( The Fisher Organisation, 2010 ) . HW Fisher & A ; Company was founded in 1933 ; today it is one of the UK ‘S top 50 accounting houses ( AccountacyAge, 2009 ) . It is managed by 28 spouses and over 260 staff.

HW Fisher & A ; Company works for a wide scope of clients of all types and sizes and offers a full scope of accounting services.

FisherE @ Se Limited trade with all facets of book-keeping including but non limited to:

  • Annual clerking assignments
  • Monthly direction histories
  • Value-added tax
  • Payroll services
  • Histories receivable
  • Histories collectible

Fisher Forensic covers the complete scope of forensic work which includes:

  • Professional carelessness
  • Breach of trust
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of guarantee
  • Business and portion ratings
  • Commercial fraud
  • Business break
  • Divorce
  • Partnership advice
  • Personal hurt
  • Licensing and royalty audits

Typical functions held within The Fisher Organisation

Three typical functions held within The Fisher Organisation are as follow:


A Book-keeper is a critical member of any administration as the recording of fiscal informations is required by jurisprudence for every individual concern regardless of size.

The function of a Book-keeper can be highly diverse. It can run from basic informations entry as either an histories receivable or histories collectible clerk to the completion of the full scope of fiscal records.

Typically a Book-keeper will be responsible for pull offing gross revenues, purchase and nominal legers and keeping the cashbook.

The cardinal undertakings of a Book-keeper are apportioning payments to the gross revenues leger, bring forthing gross revenues bills, trailing delinquent payments, inputting purchase bills to the purchase leger, raising provider payments, accommodating nominal histories, bank histories and the cashbook. These are merely a little sample of the assortment of undertakings associated with the function of a Book-keeper.

A competent and experienced Book-keeper could be required to finish fiscal statements such as test balances, net income and loss histories and balance sheets.

Chartered Accountant

A Chartered Accountant works in assorted countries of concern including public-practice houses, industry and commercialism and the non for net income and public sectors. Their function can cover many facets of finance work.

The cardinal undertakings of a Chartered Accountant are fixing fiscal direction studies including fiscal planning and prediction, fixing fiscal statements including monthly and one-year histories, reding on revenue enhancement and exchequer issues, reding clients on concern minutess such as amalgamations and acquisitions, forensic accounting, reding clients who are in fiscal trouble to assist them turn the concern about or to manage the disposal of the concern, ciphering revenue enhancement liabilities for clients and interceding with the Inland Revenue on their behalf. These are merely a choice of undertakings associated with the function of a Chartered Accountant.

Forensic Accountant

A Forensic Accountant investigates offenses related to finance ; these include but are non limited to embezzlement, securities fraud, money laundering and bankruptcies. More frequently than non a Forensic Accountant will be a Chartered Accountant who specialises in the field of Forensic Accountancy.

The cardinal undertakings of a Forensic Accountant are analyzing and analyzing grounds from different internal and external information beginnings, patching together information and coverage relevant discoveries, analyzing paper and electronic paperss, fixing adept studies for tribunal proceedings, giving grounds in tribunal as an expert informant and supplying judicial proceeding support and aid in world-wide legal arbitrations.

Forensic accounting occupations are going progressively more popular and an of all time turning figure of top accounting houses now have a dedicated forensics section.

Required properties to go a Chartered Accountant

The properties required for the function of a Chartered Accountant alongside the academic demands are the ability to pass on good both verbally and in written signifier, to be self-motivated, analytical, good with Numberss, able to pull off others efficaciously and a good squad participant. You will besides necessitate to hold strong commercial consciousness and be up to day of the month with current personal businesss.

There are a figure of developing paths available to go a Chartered Accountant the chief two being ICAEW ( ACA ) and ACCA. Entry demands to ACA are high ; you will be expected to keep at least two A2 degrees and three GCSE base on ballss including Maths and English at grade A or B and 220 UCAS points covering both AS and A2 degree.

If taking to go to university foremost most employers will necessitate a 2:1 or First and a lower limit of 280/300 UCAS duty mark.

The ACA course of study covers fiscal direction, fiscal accounting, fiscal coverage, audit and confidence, revenue enhancement, concern scheme, direction information, accounting, jurisprudence confidences principals of revenue enhancements and concern and finance. Study and scrutinies can be highly demanding and necessitate campaigners to be particularly focused in order to win.

You will be required to analyze for at least three old ages to derive a recognized making and keep a full clip occupation at the same clip.

The ACCA making offers more flexibleness at entry degree and a longer period in which to measure up ( up to 10 old ages ) . Graduates from accredited establishments may be eligible to claim freedom from all parts of the ACCA foundation phase. These are merely a figure of grounds why many administrations prefer to offer this making.

Suitability for chosen function

I would be a suited campaigner for the function of Chartered Accountant due to holding experience and wide cognition of book-keeping, finance and office disposal. This experience and cognition would enable me to come in the workplace as a trainee Chartered Accountant and supply me with a suited foundation to get down my surveies at this higher degree.

I have already proved my ability to analyze and accomplish good through my old successes and my degree making will give me the background cognition of concern and the assurance to win.

I have good organisational, planning and analytical accomplishments, attributes that would function me good in my chosen career way. I am both flexible and adaptable yet 100 % committed to the undertaking in manus. I am besides proficient in a assortment of MS office applications.

I am a confident and frequent user of the Internet where I like to maintain up to day of the month with current personal businesss.

My ability to work every bit good on my ain enterprise or as portion of a squad will be good to my success as these are two qualities any person in the field of accounting should possess.

My passion for larning and the field of Forensic Accountancy will be my driving force, enabling me to make any ends that I set myself.

Whilst working as a Chartered Accountant in a company of my pick I would be able to derive the needed experience needed to specialize in my chosen field of Forensic Accountancy.

Julie Scott

52 Durrants Road




Tel No: 01442 865312

Mobile No: 07854277568

Electronic mail: julie @

A ego motivated, hardworking and painstaking person. Having experience and wide cognition of all facets of book-keeping, finance and office disposal. Equally capable of working on ain enterprise or as portion of a squad. An effectual communicator at all degrees. Seeking a new challenge in which bing abilities can be utilised. Eager to larn new accomplishments and derive farther makings in Finance or Accountancy.

& gt ; Career History

Feb 2009 – Jun 2009 The Accounting Bureau ( UK ) Ltd – Book-Keeper

ABUK is a company supplying a scope of accounting and administrative services throughout the UK and to UK revenue enhancement remunerators overseas.

  • Covered the full scope of fiscal records for a broad assortment of clients including Exclusive bargainers, Partnerships, Limited Companies and Charities
  • Liaised with clients at their concern premises and at the ABUK offices
  • Assisted clients with their questions by telephone, written correspondence and face to confront meetings with them, their representatives and outside bureaus
  • Communicated with outside bureaus including HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House
  • Performed ad hoc administrative responsibilities – Filing, publishing bills, banking
  • Conversant with Sage and KashFlow accounting package and excel spreadsheets

Interests and Activities

Acute involvement in Kosovan history, listening to Kosovan loyal and historical music, figure and scheme mystifiers.

52 Durrants Road Berkhamsted



5th March 2010

The Fisher Organisation

Acre House

3-5 Hyde Road



WD17 4WP

Dear Sir/Madam

I am presently analyzing for a Foundation Degree in Business with Finance at West Herts College. Part of my surveies involves a Work Based Learning Project and with this in head I am composing to you to show my involvement in your company. The undertaking will affect looking into a concern job you may hold to which I can happen a solution.

With a new found passion for larning I returned to analyze as a mature pupil merely under three old ages ago. I decided to analyze Book-keeping as this was a topic that particularly interested me. I had ever had good organizational, planning and analytical accomplishments, all of which, proved to be good in my success.

After completion of my surveies I held a portion clip place as a Book-keeper. I covered the full scope of fiscal records for a assortment of clients including Exclusive Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies and Charities. I liaised with clients at their concern premises and at the ABUK office. I assisted clients with questions by telephone, written correspondence and face-to-face meetings with them, their representatives and outside bureaus. I besides communicated with HMRC and Companies House. I am familiar with Sage and KashFlow accounting package and Excel spreadsheets.

I am every bit capable of working on my ain enterprise or as portion of a squad and am hence, lament to understand what undertaking I may be able to assist you with as portion of my Work Based Learning Project which lasts from October 2010 to April 2011.

I shall reach you in a hebdomad ‘s clip to discourse this chance farther. Please happen enclosed a transcript of my CV.

Yours unfeignedly

Julie Scott


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