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The Importance of Character Essay

Harmonizing to Booker T. Washington. American pedagogue and civil rights militant ( 1856-1915 ) “Character. non circumstance. makes the person” – it is the things you choose to make that determine your personality and develop good character. Your character is the make up one’s minding factor of what you choose to make in any circumstance. Character is built throughout a person’s life-time and frequently what you learn as a adolescent is what is used to put the foundation of your grownup ego. Self-control physiques character. As human existences. each of us has desires – some of them innocent ; others morally incorrect.

Worlds are the lone animate beings who are really able to do single picks. Making the right pick is a characteristic of self-denial. You may non ever acquire what you want when you want it but the presence of self-denial agencies you are able to wait patiently. Citizenship is a manner for a individual to give back to their community. It is of import non merely for the good of the community. but for the good of the person. It teaches cooperation and altruism in that giving back to those who support you is a manner to construct your ain character.

Patriotism goes manus in manus with citizenship except that it involves non merely the good of the community. but of the state that we are fortunate plenty to populate in. The state must be protected so that the rights of its people are besides protected. Bing involved with the community and the state is a great manner to maintain a adolescent involved in worthwhile activities. Honesty is a trait found in those of strong character. At times it is difficult to be honest but the development of character agencies making the right thing. no affair the cost or hurting to yourself.

To to the full bask relationships with others. you must care adequate about them to assure nil less than honestness. Liing is easy ; confronting the truth and saying it without fright is frequently the harder. less traveled route to take. The construct of equity agencies that you need to handle all people as peers. Give others the benefit of the uncertainty and assume they are being honest. It shows your ain good character to handle others the same as you expect to be treated. Courage is a constituent of all the facets of a person’s character.

Merely with bravery can you talk the truth. make what is morally right and live up to your ain high outlooks of the type of individual you should be. There is no one thing that makes a person’s character. Strong character is a assorted bag of admirable traits. any of which can be pulled up and relied upon when necessary. It is character that will see a individual through the toughest of times cognizing that he is able to trust on his ain self-denial. honestness. bravery and sense of equity to make what is right. non merely for himself but in service of his community. and state.

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