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The Learning And Teaching Of English Education Essay


English is a “ cardinal to science, engineering and commercialism ” , and besides in the political sphere ; English is the domineering linguistic communication used. By 1989, English has become the most non native linguistic communication used in Vietnam ; it has besides been incorporation as one of the compulsory topics that is learned from the primary degree to Universities. ( Hang, ( 2011 ) , Khamkhien ( 2010 ) As a consequence of the importance attached to English linguistic communication, the authorities worked out modes through which this immature topic would be taught so that it would profit its citizens to finally go incorporate in the universe economic system and political activities. Hang, ( 2011 ) . Hang ; explained that, the Vietnam authorities, to hammer in front on it stand, issued decree No. 1/2001 TC-TTg which would do it possible to over draw Vietnam Education system which for over two decennaries has non merely been foreign but grossly unequal. Hang, ( 2008 ) , Phuong & A ; Thang, ( no day of the month ) . By the beginning of 2002, the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training ( MOET ) set up assorted commissions and charged it with the duties of redesigning the course of study and authorship of new text books for all schools. Hang, ( 2008 ) explained that the contents, aims and methods of teaching method are to reflect on its current demands: human resources: for her jutting industrialisation and modernisation period. The result of this assignment was a commendable course of study and freshly designed books intended for usage in Vietnam schools. However this course of study has many issues that are crippled it: stiff opposition by the pick of the society, deficiency of expertness to put to death, inappropriate content and uneffective instruction methods among others. This paper will concentrate on these issues as factor that affects the instruction and acquisition of English Language in Vietnam.

The course of study REFORM: a factor impacting the Learning and instruction of English linguistic communication in Vietnam

2.1. the curricullum

Phuong & A ; Thang ( no day of the month ) explained that one of the grounds for the reforms of the course of study, provinces, that it was fashioned to divert from the old acquisition method and attacks, which, were chiefly characterized by “ ennui ” and “ adversity ” . Pham, ( 2000 ) . He farther added that in this traditional method, larning English linguistic communication was based merely on larning grammar and vocabulary. Grammar points were taught in expressions, i.e. to learn the present uninterrupted tense a regulation to steer a scholar is “ I be + verb + ing ” . He added that memorisation and rote acquisition was the order of the twenty-four hours, but with the new course of study, larning would be under the counsel of the instructor, autonomous, discovery manner of larning. All of these are to infiltrate the traditional teacher-centered attack which makes scholars as mere witnesss and inactive hearers. This attack is: communicative linguistic communication instruction ( CLT )

In the CLT attack, schoolroom ends are focused, and aimed at communicative competency. Learning becomes more learner-centered ; because they are meaningfully engaged in linguistic communication usage, while schoolroom undertakings are geared towards fiting the scholars with accomplishments for communicating. Students have chances to research their acquisition by following larning scheme that sooths them. The function of the instructor in the schoolroom is chiefly to ease and steer the scholars, and non to move as a apprehender and be tyrannizing. Brown, D.H. ( 1994 ) . This is the sort of schoolroom which the reform agitated for. The epoch for attachment to grammar-translation method instruction is over, – out dated. Pham, T.T. ( 2000 ) . Sadly this commendable attempt was made with stiff opposition from the decision makers, instructors and politicians who were non willing to follow any signifier of alteration

2.2. Unwillingness to accommodate to alter

In a study conducted by Tomlinson and Bao, ( 2004 ) in Canh & A ; Barnard, ( 2009 ) , it revealed that a significant figure of instructors were non willing to prosecute in anything that would convey about a alteration ; some of the instructors in Vietnam are non willing to follow the CLT attack to linguistic communication acquisition and instruction, instead they prefer to cleaving to their old methods merely because they are stiff and dogmatic ; while others felt the scholars would non be capable to larn English and even show themselves fluently. This impression is farther revealed in a research conducted by Utsumi & A ; Doan, ( 2009 ) on the tendencies in learning English in Vietnam. Both instructors and pupils responded that traditional patterns of learning are in topographic point and besides largely used in schoolrooms across some universities, even when the call is for all pedagogical procedures is to be communicative based and Learner centered.

2.3. LACK of experts to put to death

While developing States are experts in theoretical statements, executing is ever a powerful undertakings. Those to put to death to new course of study are merely novice, they are non experts in the field of course of study development hence new point of views have been applied inefficaciously because they lacked the cognition and accomplishments to utilize the right attack for maximal consequences.

Most of the instructors to learn this new course of study lack the cognition to learn it. Utsumi and Doan, ( 2009 ) besides pointed out that on the issue of challenges to learning, most instructors reported that they had trouble in making student-centered lessons and which will take to student liberty. With mention to their ain acquisition challenges, or professional challenges, they explained that it includes deficiency of exposure to the English linguistic communication civilizations, Confidence in eloquence, communicative competency and ability to learn their pupils. Hoang, ( 2008 ) , explained that there are besides a “ disproportional demand-supply ” , that the figure of those wanting to larn English out- numbered the work force. Pham, H. H. ( 2001 ) , explained that by 1986 when Vietnam adopted an unfastened door policy so as to be portion of the economic roar with her adjacent states, this act created a desperate demand for English Language to fit this tendency, but so the few available proved extremely deficient. Hence, the demand for a immense thrust for instructors, who were hurriedly trained, hence lacked the accomplishments and ability. Neither are they equipped with methodological analysis of learning. Sadly as the course of study spelt out CLT as the pedagogical methodological analysis, it does non hold these qualities of forces to put to death it.

Most of these immature instructors had parttime or off-campus preparation which lasted for merely two old ages and were finally turned into university lectors. The qualities of these instructors are those who may hold failed their university entryway test. Canh, ( 2007 ) , explained in Canh & A ; Bernard ( 2009 ) . As a consequence of this hasty and ill taught programme, ill equipped instructors are sent out to schools to besides bring forth ill equipt pupils.

The older instructors were non even better ; Canh said that they were a spill-over from the Russian linguistic communication instructors, after Vietnam determination of 1986. These instructors were n’t laid off but instead, most of them were co-opted to learn English linguistic communication after ad-hoc preparation on them. Therefore the course of study which is expected to tout communicative competency in scholars deficiencies instructors with communicative competency, allow entirely the methodological analysis to implement it, Canh & A ; Bernard, ( 2009 ) .

2.4. Inadequate instructor development

“ No educational system can lift above its instructors ; and no state can see singular development without quality instructors ” . This is a statement that is really much over looked, the point is, “ instruction ; and doing the instructor the centre of reform in educational sector will heighten productiveness ” , Emeh, J.U. ( 2001 ) . For every state, the instructor should be treated with regard because he owes the replies to the state ‘s jobs. Education is non inactive, it is dynamic, new theories, and methodological analysiss are discovered in this dynamic field. This new occurrences in educational sectors are shared in conferences, seminars and workshops and without an chance to go to such so such a instructor is certainly lagging behind. A portion from go toing seminars abroad, the school or the section can form in-house seminars whereby co-workers would profit from each other. Pham, ( 2001 ) . Much senior instructors in the section can function as the resource individual. This can be done at the beginning of every academic twelvemonth. Teachers need to maintain a brace with the latest occurrences in the instruction sector through which he would himself.

2.5. Course books

Even though the new course of study ordered for developing new text books that would assist scholars to achieve communicative competency, many instructors complain that this end is non executable. Most complain that the books may be suited for pupils in the urban centres, who are able to augment what they are taught in category in linguistic communication centres, this is non the instance with kids in cragged schools. The books are hard and would non carry through the intent which is intended- communicative competency. Most activities are for grammar and vocabulary, with a few on listening and talking which is the nucleus of communicating.

2.6. Time periods

The 135 proceedingss spread into three periods a hebdomad makes it extremely unequal to go to communicative competency. The manner the lessons are structured in the text books makes it hard to learn in 45 proceedingss in most of the primary schools. This is extremely unequal for interaction Lashkar-e-Taiba entirely pattern to give a touchable consequence, Canh, & A ; Bernard, ( 2009 ) . As such, most of the scholars may bury what they were taught in category before the following lesson. Furthermore, most instructors focus on carry throughing what is prescribed for each lesson instead than working towards recognizing the end of the lesson so that they do n’t confront the wrath of the organic structure concern with monitoring.

2.7. Class Size

The big category size is another militating factor, Canh, & A ; Bernard, ( 2009 ) , Hoang, ( 2008 ) . Mention that most of the schoolrooms are congested ; once more these schools are situated along high ways which is characterized by distractions from horns and noise from passerby. This extremely engorged nature of the schoolrooms makes it so uncomfortable for effectual acquisition to take topographic point. The state of affairs is worse in rural schools.

2.8. Poor wages

The instructor has a heavy work load, Utsumi & A ; Doan, ( 2009 ) , Pham, H. H. ( 2001 ) . Pham besides added that the heavy work load is non commensurate with the “ modest province wage ” . Therefore, everyone does an aside or excess occupation to augment what is earned from the chief occupation. Nguyen, the Executive Director of Vietnam ‘s National Foreign Language 2020 Projects attested to this in her words she said, “ We are covering with everythingaˆ¦.salariesaˆ¦ promotionaˆ¦.. ” VNS, ( 2011 ) . A attendant factor of this modest wage is the outgrowth of assorted linguistic communication centres, where there is more wage and hence more commitment. Pham, H.H. ( 2001 ) , adds that some instructors even work for 10 to 15 hours a twenty-four hours making one signifier of tutoring from one house to another, and which has earned them the name “ backpacker instructors ” as an individuality to them by the local community. This busy life manner has besides robbed many instructors of the chance to be developed so that they are better equipped for the course of study.

Instructional resources

Instructional resources are helpful in recognizing the purposes and aims in a lesson. Most instructors use their text books as an instructional resource. The text book entirely is non plenty. There are state of affairss that the instructor needs some images or realia to utilize in the schoolroom because this goes a long manner in assisting the scholars to understand the lesson. No admiration, the expression, “ a image speaks a 1000 words ” . Hoang, ( 2008 ) observed that the state of affairs is better in metropolis schools but it is an oculus sore in rural countries. Some sit on the land or rocks in the schoolrooms and under leaking roofs, ( Bui, T, T, H. ( 2009 ) . Others travel long distances and under rough conditions conditions to acquire to school already really dog-tired and worn out. How much will such a kid bash for the twenty-four hours? Some of the schools do non hold libraries or cyberspace. These comfortss are so utile in educational set ups.

2. I0. Assessment and Feedback

The issue of appraisal remains a challenge in the course of study. The chief focal point of a linguistic communication is communicative competency which can merely be realized through the CLT attack, Hoang, ( 2008 ) , and even though MOET has accent that larning result be based on the four lingual accomplishments viz. , listening, speech production, reading and composing. Yet, MOET has adopted the multiple pick types of trial as the lone method for linguistic communication testing in schools. This scrutiny tests merely the cognitive facet of instruction, which based on grammar and vocabulary, with hearing, speech production and authorship left out. Hoang, ( 2008 ) , Canh & A ; Bernard, ( 2009 ) . The type of feedback sent to parents is non comprehensive ; it reflects either Pass or Fail. Education is non about proving cognition entirely. That is why the Bloom ‘s taxonomy of educational aims negotiations of the cognitive sphere, affectional sphere and psycho-motor sphere.


It is a measure in the right way that after 20 old ages a foreign based course of study, it decided to make away with it, but so plan a new one which will run into the demands and aspirations of the citizens. However, the chief operators, implementers and facilitators were left out the planing commission. That is why Canh & A ; Bernard, ( 2009 ) refer to it as a “ course of study invention behind closed doors ” . Teachers on land, those presently making the occupation of learning should be portion of it. The voice of the instructor should be heard.

Another solution is to deconcentrate the instruction organic structure, i.e. put up a committee for universities, a board for High school instruction and a board for the Junior and Primary instruction. Put up these organic structures independent and expansive them liberty. Since they are independent, it may do information flow good.

Equip the instructors ; give them more and regular instructor development coders and fit them to get by with the altering tendency in larning schoolrooms. Give them occupation satisfaction to restrict their busy life manners and be focus on one occupation entirely and thereby give maximal consequences.

Decongest the schoolrooms so that it can be a manageable size of scholars at a clip for effectual schoolroom direction and effectual acquisition and instruction to take topographic point. Otherwise the instructor will utilize the greater per centum of instructional clip to maintain the category composure.

For effectual English Language instruction and acquisition in Vietnam, there must be a passionate instructor, a willing scholar, a committed community and full authorities support. Having a passion for instruction makes the teacher work himself out to recognize his ends irrespective of all odds. The authorities must therefore, employ people who have a naming for the occupation non merely anybody.

The authorities must guarantee that “ round nogs are put in unit of ammunition holes Often, Large resources are used for preparation and at the terminal of the twenty-four hours the incorrect people are given the office to keep, give undertaking to those that are competent


By puting in the educational system and giving the occupation to the right quality of people, we would hold half work out some of the jobs that militate against the instruction and acquisition of English Language in Vietnam and this would hold lightened the work of research workers. This paper has examined the booby traps in the new course of study which perchance the were non envisage hence no equal stairss were taken guard against them. These small yet important issues marred the vision of the establishing male parents. One of the major thoughts worth giving attending is how we can assist to fit instructors and do them love this profession. Besides those mentioned above, other inducements would be regular publicities, and particular wage bundle that is different from other sectors and loan installations for minibikes or bikes for instructors in the rural countries.

Despite the assorted concerns raised above, I see hope, in the hereafter, the New-breed English Language learning in Vietnam will inspire to go to the highs of its initiation male parents.

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