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The Reasons For Studying A Access Course Education Essay

I have joyned the Access Course because I believe it will give me a opportunity to gain my aspirations and fullfill my dreams about analyzing at University.I ‘ve been away from instruction for many old ages and I feel strong demand of developing my survey accomplishments by deriving more pattern in survey methods and Access Course provides this chance. Qualification which I have gained in Poland were non run intoing the entry requitments for Psychology class every bit good, wich was halting me from using to higher education.I believe an Access Course will fit me with qualifations needed to analyze at University and it will give me immense encouragement to my self-confidence.I have chosen Humanities way chiefly because as a portion of it I have a opportunity to analyze Psychology which will give me a immense foundation to analyze this topic at higher degree.English Language and English Literature will deffinitely better my linguistic communication abilities which I think is required to come on for a individual talking English as a 2nd linguistic communication.

I want to analyze Psychology because of my strong involvement in detecting and analyzing the complexness of the human head. I am intrigued how Psychology is utilizing scientific methods to research the ways in which our feelings and ideas are act uponing the manner we act and how we behave with others. Occupational Psychology is one of the countries which have particularly captured my attending. I am really interested in how administrations and workplaces map and how people as persons and in groups behave in work environments. It would be really honoring for me to spread out the cognition of utilizing psychological rules and research methods and use them to the workplace in the affair of bettering the quality of worklife.

Merely before I moved to England I had a opportunity to analyze Psychology as a portion of my Economicss class at University in Poland and there chiefly I studied the psychological facets of the economic system and how they affect people & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s behavior. I left the state after finishing first twelvemonth due to fiscal fortunes, but my desire to analyze was forcing me frontward since so and for the last few old ages I have chiefly concentrated on analyzing the English linguistic communication. I have gained tonss of assurance in pass oning with other people and it was great experience to larn with pupils from different cultural backgrounds and to larn about their civilizations, faiths and different positions on many facets of their lives.

Presently I am analyzing Psychology, English Language and English Literature on Access Course to Higher Education at Bury College. In Psychology I found really interesting analyzing societal perceptual experience and how attitudes and stereotypes can develop towards another individual or group. In English Language it was interesting to look into how idioms work and persist and to discourse attitudes to linguistic communication and how these affect the media and instruction. In English Literature I have truly enjoyed reading and analyzing short narratives.

I work portion clip as a Shift Manager in a Restaurant and I enjoy being a member of a squad and covering with different clients everyday which has unusually improved my interpersonal accomplishments. As a Manager I need to take by illustration and act as a function theoretical account so I demonstrate a positive attitude and I am ever seeking to construct squad spirit by actuating and encouraging staff. My place requires from me to be really organized and originative and prioritize my work efficaciously. I am flexible and unfastened minded and have the ability to work out jobs and do determinations really rapidly. I have taken many classs, including a Time Management Course and First Aid.

I have ever had a passion for reading books. For the past twosome of old ages I have been largely reading in English which improves my vocabulary and grammar and is a perfect manner to loosen up at the same clip. I peculiarly enjoy reading psychological novels and psychological thrillers. I admire them for the construct of holding an penetration into characters feelings, ideas and motives.

I believe analyzing Psychology at degree degree will be disputing for me but I am really passionate about the topic and I believe it will be exciting and inspiring experience. I have an ability of suiting in with groups and I enjoy team work every bit good as I can work on my ain enterprise. I am really good clip keeper and I am ever finishing undertakings on clip and ever meeting deadlines. I have direction abilities so I am really dependable and I can manage jobs and issues really good. It will be a pleasance for me to larn and widen my experiences at degree lever and I believe that with my mature attitude, accomplishments and experiences I will be an plus to your University.

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Psychology is the way which I would wish to prosecute and I believe I ain accomplishments and qualities to be succesfull in this field.I am peculiarly interested in Occupational Psychology which concentrates on people behaviour in administrations and workplaces.I trust my work experience as a Shift Manager has thought me a batch of accomplishments which will be suited for future carrer as a Occupational Psychologists.I have great communicating and persuasion skills.I am able to pass on efficaciously and work good with different groups of people and I found easily to derive their trust in order to carry and act upon them.Another of import accomplishment for this carrer way is problem-solving accomplishment, ability to place and work out troubles effectivelly which I have gained by running displacements at work.One of the accomplishments which I believe I will derive by analyzing Psychology on Access Course is critical believing which psychologist demand to posses in order to acquire right decisions from research and do right diagnoses.I will derive this accomplishment by placing types of grounds in literature reviewes and by analyzing psychological researches and statements.

I besides believe I am suited campaigner for Psychology calling because of my qualities.I am tollerant and open- minded for any sort of sytuations and different types of people which will assist me to construct their assurance and will do them experience comfy in showing their jobs and issues.I am really trusty which once more will assist me to animate trust in people.Being patient, my another qualitie, is really of import in this carrer way because of the long therapy procedure and long period before the actuall consequences of this therapy are being seen.I am really compassionate towards people as good which helps me to set myself in their place and better understand their sytuation.

I have chosen four different Universities which offer Psychology class and they are Manchester Metropolitan, Manchester, Salford and Bolton.My pick is chiefly based on location of those Universitys because I ‘m be aftering to remain at place during set abouting this degree.Another ground for taking them are entry reqruitments as all of them are welcoming applications from mature pupils who has completed an Access Course.After finishing this grade at chosen Universities I will be eligible for graduate rank of the British Psychological Society which is the first measure to go professional Psychologist.They all are offering that analyzing Psychology grade at their establishment will give footing for working in a broad scope of proffesions like instruction, the wellness professions, human resources, selling, direction and societal services.As good as Psychology class which I have applied I have chosen Combined Degree class at Manchester Metropolitan University which is Psychology combined with Sociology.I believe uniting these two topic opens up a batch of extra calling chances.

But my first pick is Psychology on it ‘s ain at Manchester Metropolitan University.Mainly because this istitution is extremely known as a UK leader in the wellness, psychological science and societal work proffesions and 90 % of alumnus goes into employment or farther surveies which has atraccted me to the course.This University provides first-class up-to-date installations like scientific discipline labs, talk theatres and wonderfully equipped learning rooms.It has extended library with 800.000 books available including e-books which pupils can entree from their ain computers.This class have great links with outside bureaus and administrations and provides pattern arrangements for students.The purpose of this class is to give pupils an chance to accomplish their aspiration by assisting them to develop the cognition, accomplishments and values that they will necessitate for their future professional lives.And this is what this class contains.On the first twelvemonth University explains that pupils will acquire introduced to the chief units of this class including: cognitive psychological science ; lifespan development ; research methods and informations analysis ; societal psychological science ; single differences ; biopsychology ; practical probes ; and personal development planning. Besides pupils explore research methods, informations analysis and statistics on the first twelvemonth of Psychology degree.In twelvemonth two pupils are looking at the nucleus countries in greater deepness such as cognitive psychological science, physiological psychology, developmental psychological science ECT. Besides in this twelvemonth pupils are introduced to more advanced research designs and methods and qualitative informations analysis techniques. On the last twelvemonth University gives an oppurtunity to prosecute in a supervised reaserch thesis in signifier of the journal study and opportunity to specialize further in country which involvements pupils the most.In my instance it will be a ocuppational psychological science. Bing able to specialise as this type of psychological science atraccts me about this class the most because it gives me greater chance to work in this field in future which is my aspiration.

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I found finishing UCAS application easy and really consecutive forward.Website ushers pupils really good through the whole process.Throughout the system pupils are able to utilize aid boxes when they unsure about the inquiry and how to reply. Registration procedure is really speedy and generates your username and you are able to make your ain watchword which you use to log in.In personal inside informations subdivision you need to give such informations like your name, adress, day of the month of birth and contact details.UCAS gives you an chance to use for five different classs in different Universities.And once more even if you non certain about establishment codifications website provides you with a list which you can take from.The merely trouble I found was finishing instruction and making section.The ground is that some of the schools and insttutions are non listed in UCAS system and drop down menu.It was particularly hard for me because I have taken formal makings in Poland and it was difficult to interpret the rubrics of those makings and the single constituents into English.I believe this would be the lone thing I would better in finishing UCAS application for future students.In next subdivision which is employment you need to give inside informations of your work history and employers and if you do n’t hold any you can go forth this subdivision blank.Personal statement subdivision I believe is the most hard for all appliers because it requires from you to finish your personal statement which is a long process.Once as all subdivisions are marked as completed you need to hold to the declaration and you can direct your application to your refferee so the mention can be added.

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59 Hurst Street, Bury BL9 7ES, Lancashire

Telephone: 07988519855 Electronic mail: justynakozlowska @

Date of birth: 04/08/1983 Nationality: Polish


2010- present Entree to HE Diploma ( Bury College ) : Core Surveies, English Language and Literature, Psychology

2006 – 2008 Bury Adult Education Centre: Adult Literacy Level 2, Adult Numeracy Level 1, ESOL Skills For Life Level 2 ( authorship, speech production, listening )

1998 – 2003 Secondary School of General Education: Graduation Certificate Of Secondary Education ( topics: Polish Language, English Language, Geography )

Work Experience

2004- present Shift Manager: Norman Murray T/A McDonald ‘s, Woodfields Retail, Park, Bury, BL9 5BY

Responsibilietes: responsible for bisness public presentation of the eating house ; maitaining high criterions of nutrient quality, service an wellness and satefy ; analyzing and be aftering gross revenues degrees ; managing, preparation and motivative staff and responding to client ailments ; look intoing stock degrees and telling stock.

Skill gained: good clip direction accomplishments, interpersonal accomplishments, squad edifice accomplishment, organizational accomplishment, problem-solving and decision-making accomplishments.


Psychology, Music, Reading books, Film, Sport ( hoops )


Languages- Polish ( native linguistic communication ) , English ( excellent )

Training Courses: Time Management, First Aid, Shift Management

Knowledge of: Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint


Alan Astin, Student Quality Manager, Woodbury, Bury College, Market Street, BURY, BL9 0BG

Section 5

1. Why did you take this topic?

I have chosen this topic because of my strong involvement in detecting and analyzing the complexness of the human head. I am intrigued how Psychology is utilizing scientific methods to research the ways in which our feelings and ideas are act uponing the manner we act and how we behave with others.

2. Describe a state of affairs in which you solved a job.

Solving jobs it ‘s a immense portion of my job.My duty as a Shift Manager is to hold an abilility to place, prioritise and work out troubles effectivelly every day.One of the sytuations when I needed to work out a job was for illustration a client complaint.In this sytuation I needed to remain calm, listen to client carefully and decide an issue by offering compensation.

3. Describe a state of affairs where you had to be after or organize something.

Again planning and orginising plays a immense function in my mundane life at work and college.At work in order to run effectual displacement I ever need to be after it.Also to run into deadlines in college I need to orginise my work efficaciously.

4. What involvements you most about your class?

What involvement me about the class the most is a opportunity to specialise in Occupational Psychology which is my aspiration for the future calling.

5. What are your strenghts?

I believe I have great communicating accomplishments which helps me in pass oning efficaciously with other people and I ‘m really unfastened minded.I have great ability of work outing jobs which helps in apprehension, placing and work outing jobs in mundane life.

6. What is your greatest accomplishment?

I think my greates achivement was that I have moved to England from a different state and I ‘ve managed to acquire a good occupation, get down class to better my English and now being able to analyze on Access Course and using for University.

Questions for University:

– How many hours of learning are involved each hebdomad?

– How is the class assessed?

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