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The Sociology Of Education Education Essay

The theory of functionalism assumes that establishments and society are made up of interdependent parts all working together. Each portion of the society and establishment are lending some necessary activity to the operation of the whole society. The authorities provides instruction for the kids of the household ; the household pays revenue enhancements to authorities to maintain the society running (, n.d. ) . By and large, functionalism does non promote altering of societal environment, even when such alteration may profit them. Alternatively, they believed alterations are unwanted and society may counterbalance of course when jobs arise (, n.d. ) . This functionalist position, or so called functionalism was found by Emile Durkheim ( 1858-1917 ) . Harmonizing to Durkheim, instruction system is a meritocracy. The chief intent of instruction is to screen people to specific occupation on the footing of their abilities. Those of import occupations in society are filled by the most gifted pupil.

The micro degree is the smallest degrees of society (, 1990 ) . It chiefly focuses on persons and their relationship (, 2013 ) . It examines the societal functions of an person and how an single react to society and understand it. Micro degree besides focuses on how people think within society opposed to their behaviour. The illustrations of micro degree society include households, schools and church group (, 1990 ) .

On the other side, macro degree focal points on how the establishments within a big population affect the multitudes. This is the largest degree of the society grouping. It chiefly focuses on societal construction, societal procedures and jobs and besides their relationships among each and other. Sociologists believe that society ‘s jobs begin on macro degree. Therefore, many sociologists are involvement on this degree (, 1990 ) .


In Malaysia school system, pupils spend over a one-fourth of their clip in school. Schools are responsible in surrogate integrity. Students from a scope of socio economic, cultural background and spiritual learn to understand, accept and encompass differences ( Blueprint ) . Schools are competitory in Malaysia. As stated in the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, there are important fluctuation in results in Malaysia across provinces, rural and urban school, National and National-type schools, gender and socio-economic. Among these fluctuations, socio-economic position continues to hold a immense impact on pupils ‘ public presentation. Students from a low-income family perform poorer than those from a better household background. From the functionalist theoreticians ‘ position, pupils with poorer and weaker public presentation will hold to take low wage and low position work in their hereafter.

Harmonizing to Durkheim ( 1858-1917 ) , instruction is of import to keep societal functions and societal regulations. Students learn that some people have more power than others in school. For case, the school prefects have the power to continue the school regulations. Students besides learn mode from school. They learn the right mode and behaviour which will so assist them to last in the hereafter.

Functionalism mentioned that there is division of labour in a modern society. An person does non hold all accomplishments that needed to last. Therefore, society demands pipe fitters, seamsters, comptrollers and applied scientists. Peoples must specialise in their ain occupation. Therefore, pupils in our state sit for scrutinies. Examinations sorted pupils out and encouraged them to take up occupation that they are capable in. During primary instruction, pupils ‘ aptitude is step through the Primary School Achievement Test ( Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah, UPSR ) . After their 3rd twelvemonth studied in secondary school, pupils sit for the Lower Secondary Assessment ( Penilaian Menengah Rendah, PMR ) scrutiny. And eventually, they take the Malaysia Certificate of Education ( Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, SPM ) in their 5th twelvemonth during secondary instruction. Those national scrutinies in primary instruction and secondary instruction in Malaysia are held under equal conditions where pupils have the equal chance to the high classs. From this, pupils learn to accept the equality of chance. The competitory school life Teachs pupils to be competitory and accept that it is just to hold different wagess.

Malayan school system passes on pupils are achievement and equality of chance. Students who can accomplish better of success will acquire rewarded. This phenomenon encourages pupils to work hard. Malaysia Public Service offered JPA Scholarship to the Malayan nationality who is go oning their surveies at locally or abroad universities or colleges. There are besides others corporate or university scholarship offered to promote talented and outstanding pupils to foster their surveies. Beside scholarship, the National Higher Education Fun Corporation ( PTPTN ) is supplying study loans to pupils prosecuting third instruction in Malaysia. PTPTN is unfastened to pupils prosecuting surveies at the sheepskin, foremost grade, maestro, doctor’s degree and professional classs degrees in local establishments of higher acquisition.

During secondary instruction, pupils study about the history. The survey of history provides links between the person and society. It is besides of import to give pupils a sense of the continuity of Malayan civilization. Furthermore, the enforcement of co-curricular, athleticss activities and competitions in school make pupils experience that they are portion of the society. It reinforces pupils ‘ sense of societal solidarity and belonging which is besides consistent with the functionalism position.

Other than that, accomplishments proviso is besides of import for a functionalist ‘s position on instruction. Education in Malaysia encompasses instruction from pre-school to university. Harmonizing to the National Philosophy of Education, the vision of instruction is means to develop a kid holistically from rational, religious, emotional and physical. Education in our state aims to bring forth Malayan citizens who are knowing and competent. To pattern the accomplishments proviso, the state benchmarks the acquisition of linguistic communications, Mathematicss and Science to international criterions. Every pupil will have foundational accomplishments in literacy, numeracy and Science, which believed as the cardinal growing country for the Malaysia economic system. The equity in instruction will besides guarantee pupils are being equipped with the cognition and accomplishments required for success in life.

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