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The Topic Enterprise Strategy Commerce Essay

First of all, allow us take a speedy glance on the subject endeavor scheme and other related words. When specifying the word, Strategy is a set of determinations and actions aimed at deriving aA sustainable competitory advantage. When people display enterprise, it means they are utilizing the accomplishments, cognition and personal properties which are needed to use originative thoughts and invention to possible state of affairss. Furthermore, Enterprise scheme emphases on an organisation ‘s tactic towards the natural environment and it function on the society, stakeholders, turn toing the alleged soft issues encountered. Its focal point is the achievement of an organisation ‘s ends. Enterprise scheme can outdo be termed as the duty of the top direction and the board for the organisation ‘s political, environmental and societal public presentation.

Now, when specifying an enterpriser, we can state this is a individual who acts in an enterprising manner and who identifies or creates and Acts of the Apostless on chance. An illustration is by get downing a new concern Venture. Entrepreneurship is a topic of endeavor and enterprisers, and it encompasses both practical, recognition of accomplishments and techniques used in being an enterpriser. Last, we take a expression at ‘opportunity ‘ and this can be defined as a spread in the market, where the possible exists to make something better and thereby to make value. Another definition can be that, it is the possible for alteration, betterment or advantage originating from our actions in the fortunes.

The enterpriser

Wealth magazine publication has a well-known motto “ do your million. Its clip ” . It was founded by Mr Adam Jones. In 1999, Adam Jones was a pimple-faced small 15-year-old merely like many adolescents. What made him different from other school childs was that, he was concern minded at a really tender age. He had a glow in his oculus and decided to do some excess money and it turned out that he was reasonably good at doing excess hard currency.

Adam ‘s narrative continues ; while he was at school, he started the easiest, most profitable concern he of all time thought of by that clip. At that clip, selling around the school premises was non allowed was an offense punishable by the schoolmaster. He did non give up ; he started an clandestine operation selling ice lollies at his school. It was so close that neither of the instructors or schoolmaster knew about the concern. All twenty-four hours long, he sold ice lollies on the abject. During category, in corridors, on the athleticss field or wherever he could travel with a few chumps in his pocket, he went. Adam was good in mathematics and so he applied his cognition to his concern. He kept a punctilious record of how much money he made in a twenty-four hours and so re-invested every cent into turning my concern. His thought was to turn his concern into a shop that would run in forepart of his school gate and so do some little concatenation shops selling Sweets and dainties. There came a point in clip where he was forcing so many chumps that he stopped conveying books to school. This was a hazardous move ; the infinite for his books was occupied by the ice lollies that he sold.

One twenty-four hours, erstwhile manner back in 2007, this immature and ambitious adult male decided to lodge his cervix out and do some moving ridges in Botswana ‘s publication industry. He regards this as the biggest move he had of all time made in his life. Wealth magazine is under the publication company with the name Kgotla communications.

As we can see, Adam was and is still a large mind who knew how to get down little. Harmonizing to him, his inherent aptitudes told him that the safest manner to win was to make something risky. What he kept in head is that, if you do n’t woolgather large or hazards much ( but do n’t put on the line excessively much for less ) , you become dead. Adam so decided to throw out the old rule-book ; he smashed the position quo with the biggest cock that he could happen. When everyone else zigged, he zagged. And he made up a whole new set of regulations.

That ‘s how WealthA Magazine was born. It was financed by the money from his personal nest eggs that started from the ice lolly concern. It came into the universe as a modern, straight-talking, no-apology, tough-love comrade for enterprisers in this state. Wealth magazine has a really rich content. This monthly publication is an enterpriser ‘s usher to get downing and turning a successful concern here in Botswana. The trade name enjoys a considerable followers, particularly among in-between to high income purchasers – and has, over clip, established itself as Botswana ‘s figure one selling local magazine.

The market went wild for Wealth ‘s fresh new return on concern in Botswana. Word rapidly spread about the small magazine that could assist you do large things and gross revenues took off.

And today, after five old ages in the industry, it ‘s still known as the state ‘s # 1 selling local magazine.

The importance of entrepreneurship

As stated by Rob Moon and Simon Gee ( 2012 ) , entrepreneurship encourages competition by increasing the figure of endeavors. Whilst this increases growing in itself, it is a cumulative phenomenon because competition is more conductive to knowledge outwardnesss – new thoughts – than is local monopoly. And so, entrepreneurship encourages entrepreneurship. Second, it is a mechanism for ‘knowledge spill overs ‘ – transmittal of cognition from its point of beginning to other persons or administration. Knowledge spill over is an of import mechanism underlying endogenous growing, and start-ups – enterprisers – are seen as being peculiarly adept at allowing cognition from other beginnings. In other words, enterprisers topographic point and innovate.

Entrepreneurship as unlocking value: Making originative connexions between needs/opportunities and capabilities/resources.


Customers, markets, wants and demands, possibilities and benefits


Money, people, Knowledge, engineering



Entrepreneurship can be the activity of placing or making market chances by conveying together resources in a venture and moving to work chances. This consequences in the creative activity of new value ; financially every bit good as socially, originative, technological and environmental value.

Entrepreneurship increases value of invention, engineering and cognition. It reduces the costs & A ; timescales for reassigning informations & A ; stuffs – addition competitory chances. Entrepreneurship is seen as vital for economic regeneration because it create inventions, demand, wealth, and employment. Entrepreneurs have to make chances, gaining control resources & A ; grow concern ventures.

Entrepreneurial traits

Burns ( 2011 ) have proposed that entrepreneurs portion the features of proprietor directors. However, they have certain extra traits.

Opportunist: Adam feats alteration for net income. In other words, he seeks out chances in order to do money. When other ordinary people sees a job, Adam looks at a different position, he sees an chance. He said that he has a major job, and to my position, many enterprisers suffer from this sort of job. In a hebdomads ‘ clip, he can descry a twosome of chances and the job he faces is that he can non set his focal point on one chance because he gets attracted to the new 1s that he spots. Just like Duncan Bannatyne of UK, I believe Adam is a consecutive enterpriser. Even though Mr Jones has sold about four concerns that were runing to the full, he has ne’er thought of selling Wealth magazine. The ground for non selling being that, he wants to present words of wisdom and bravery to the enterprisers, leaders, directors and everyone whose purpose is to run a successful concern.

Advanced: Moon and Gee ( 2012 ) believes that invention is the premier tool enterprisers use to make or work an chance. Adam is advanced because he is able to descry new thoughts of making things or chances. This will be farther clarified under a header ‘Creativity and Innovation ‘ .

Self-assured: Adam, merely like many enterprisers, needs assurance copiously to turn their concern because they face uncertainness that is utmost. The ground why his concern is a success he believes in the hereafter of the concern. However, as we know that excessively much of everything is non good, so does this use to assurance? Decidedly, excessively much assurance will blind an enterpriser. He may see the success of the concern and ne’er come to believe about the bumpy route and how to undertake difficult state of affairss.

Self-motivated and proactive: Adam does non merely believe on fortune and this make him proactive when he seeks chances. He works many hours in a twenty-four hours and his ground for making that is merely because he loves working and working hard is his life. Working many hours enables him to descry and move on chances really rapidly before person does. Adam is extremely self-motivated. He has the strong inner thrust, the ardor, the enthusiasm, the passion to accomplish his ends. Just like Burns ( 2011 ) said, it ‘s non similar enterprisers are non motivated by money, to them ; money is merely a badge of their success that allows them to mensurate their accomplishment.

Other character traits that can be seen from Adam are that, he has a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish in life and he is a hazard taker. Last, he is a great networtker.

Enterprise Culture

The term Enterprise civilization is a term that many authors have trouble in specifying with any common preciseness. In a layperson ‘s term, a concern or administration with enterprise civilization is the one where people are originative and inventive instead than being loath to take hazards. Adam encourages his subsidiaries to ever believe outside the box so as to make the content that is interesting and alone to the clients.

The concern is a usher, that delivers entrepreneurial thoughts and penetrations that help directors to beef up their leading power, gross revenues executives enhance their merchandising power etc. What has worked for them more than anything is commitment along with consistence. Their dedication is in supplying as many people as they can with priceless, relevant information that is non clip edge and has led Wealth to bask this considerable followers among concern partisans in Botswana and the rubric of ‘Botswana ‘s figure one selling local magazine ‘ .

Every month the concern has to do certain to make full their pages with relevant dependable content. Wealth ‘s biggest and most prized slogan is ‘respect the reader ‘ . Every Issue is loaded with universe category articles which are laser-guided to the modern concern demands of Batswana.

The manner of Management

Entrepreneurship is focused on placing new chances, introducing and moving to work the market chances. When looking at direction, it is concerned with the way, control, resourcing and disposal of the concern administration. Both are needed to accomplish long term success of the concern. This manner of direction imposed by Adam Jones is entrepreneurial. As we recognise enterprisers by the undertakings that they do, in this instance, Adam is the proprietor of the concern and has found a new administration. He has brought inventions to the market and continues to make so by supplying something new in each publication. He has the ability to place new market chances and is able to apportion scarce resources. He besides provides leading to his subsidiaries. Adam is aimed at making alteration that adds value to the economic system.

When looking at the entrepreneurial direction, Adams ‘ focal point is on alteration and on chance. Under focal point on alteration he is involved in pull offing alteration. He brought together people, money, thoughts, and resources in order to construct a new administration. He employs about 20 people including the editors, authors and sales/distribution agents. Under focal point on chance, he is ever seeking to make something otherwise and even better. His invention creates new value and he is good at prosecuting new chances instead than conserving the resources and this shows that he sees resources as agencies to an terminal but non an terminal in them.

The organizational construction that can be seen from his concern is entrepreneurial. This type of construction is built about him as the enterpriser and he has specialist cognition of the merchandise.

Refer to calculate 1 ( appendix )

The good side of this construction is that, the determination are made faster because he is one devising determinations. The construction is more antiphonal to the market, that is to state, every bit shortly as the component of the market alters, he is able to recognize it and move in a flash. Now, the bad side of the construction is that, the administration is dependent on the capablenesss of the enterpriser and once more, it can non get by with variegation or growing. This is merely because when the concern grows, one individual will non be able to get by with the increased volume of determinations. This sort of construction does advance entrepreneurial results as they are no calling way for the employees.


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An Intrapreneur is person who acts like an enterpriser within a larger administration. We can state that they are action oriented and proactive. They are besides risk takers and they are able to believe outside the box. Adam is an enterpriser and with all this qualities mentioned, he can be an intrapreneur in any large concern. On the other manus, he can non be an intrapreneur because Mr Jones does n’t wish working for person else. What he envies is to make little administrations that will go really large in the hereafter.

Scheme and Entrepreneurship

Adam says his magazine has a niche market. Alternatively of being doodly-squat of all trades, he is a maestro of one. He has a particular manner of crushing his rivals. For illustration, if his rivals sell a full-page coloring material advertizement for less than his traditional rate, he offers a significant price reduction in order to court the advertizers. He said that while this may non do as much money on the advertizement, over clip this will construct a loyal advertisement pool. “ As a magazine publishing house, you have to travel after the large advertizers, because for your concern to be successful, it has to happen solid gross watercourses from advertisement which is the largest per centum of the net income border ” , said Mr. Jones. He takes the clients ‘ feedback to bosom. In this instance, his clients are the readers and the advertizers. He does n’t sabotage the sort of feedback he gets and he makes certain that he acts upon their petitions and suggestions. In a nutshell, Adam and his squad strives to make the contents that the readers want and non what the editors or author thinks has to be written.

Creativity and Invention

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Adam Jones stated that networking is a accomplishment that can do person to go really near to the top leaders in the industry. He has his ain scheme of networking. He said when an single webs, he/she has to be conspicuous, he/she has to travel out and link with many people, construct the relationships that are existent and strong and besides, the care has to be active. One last thing to make when networking is to give every bit much as you get. He is one individual that many people go to when they need something and assists them whole heartedly.

However, networking for magazines come in many different signifiers and sizes. Wealth magazine is targeted towards ambitious, like minded persons with an grim hungriness for cognition and thrust for Business, whether that is Business ownership or Business Management. This includes current pupils, recent alumnuss, employers, and employees of different types. Basically, this means today ‘s Business proprietors and tomorrows enterprisers. This makes networking really wide and dynamic. This includes, young person exhibition, seminars or trade shows that encourage entrepreneurship and economic variegation enterprises in Botswana. Wealth Magazine squad is ever eager to learn those less informed every bit good as learn from many others around us who are successful in their industries. Adam says they learn about their readers ‘ demands, who and where their advertizers want to make, and if they are carry throughing both of their demands in the ways in which we promised. Attending and being a portion of certain cardinal events such as jamboree dinners besides help in meeting key, influential people.


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In their line of Business advertizements depend mostly on visibleness of Wealth to their prospective Clients every bit good as their advertisement budgets. You tend to happen that during hard fiscal times companies tend to hurriedly cut down their advertisement budgets foremost. The squad has to work twice every bit difficult and fast during such times in order to last.

Another Challenge we tend to face is Distribution. Wealth is still really much a little company in our earlier old ages we had distributers ; unluckily our current re-structuring has made our range in mercantile establishments outside of Gaborone a bit smaller than we would wish it to be. The concern does n’t hold distribution channels to readers in distant countries and this leads to information non making the whole literate state. However with the aid of Wealth Agents, the concern is now administering to topographic points like Kasane and Jwaneng once more. Distribution is Key in the Success of any Magazine.

As an enterpriser, Adam Jones has faced many challenges. Before embarking into magazine publication concern, he heard many critics on his new thought. Many of his friends thought it was n’t possible and he should put in something else. To his surprise, his parents did non back up the thought as they thought it was excessively hazardous and ne’er thought of what it could convey to the state. Some of the grounds he was told by many that Wealth magazine will ne’er be are as follows ;

‘who cares what you have to state? ‘

‘There ‘s no money in the magazine concerns ‘

‘you ‘re far excessively immature to venture into that industry ‘

‘It is excessively difficult to get down a undertaking like this on your ain ‘

‘Nobody cares about entrepreneurship in Botswana ‘

When analysing most the immature want to – be enterprisers, when this sort of inquiries hit them, they let travel of their dreams excessively early. Many of Batswana can non stand this type of critics. In short, they do non hold mental stamina. Adam Jones has mental stamina and is able to defy the critics and that is why his concern excels.

Market Schemes

Harmonizing to Adam Jones, modern selling requires organisations to be committed to a market or client orientation. All parts of their organisation organize their activities to guarantee that client demands are met efficaciously, expeditiously and productively.

Wealth Magazine is still a little organisation and they believe extremely in viral selling promotional techniques. “ We frequently use bing communicating webs such as word of oral cavity ( W.O.M ) , public dealingss ( PR ) , making ‘BUZZ ‘ and a batch others to distribute the word exponentially. ”

For Wealth, a assorted media attack has been really effectual. They presently run wireless advertizements on DUMA FM. Additionally, they still promote the magazine utilizing traditional media such as print advertisement and advancing a free service. Cold naming has besides proven to be effectual in non merely making trade name consciousness but turning leads to gross revenues every bit good.

The employees at Wealth magazine are continuously and systematically involved in enterprises promoting economic variegation and entrepreneurship in our state.

“ This is the age of the practical consumer. We are in a universe dominated by digital and societal media. In this following decennary of societal media laterality ; to last alteration, one has to expect it, and to be successful… … .you must encompass it. ” Adam added.

Since their operation, their chief focal point has been their Facebook group ‘Building Wealth in Botswana ‘ every bit good as our web log hypertext transfer protocol: // . The group so far has more than 8800 members and their mark is to hold ten 1000 members by the terminal of twelvemonth 2012. The group is a warm, safe topographic point where immature concern minded Batswana can sharpen our slayer entrepreneurial accomplishments, Share thoughts by get downing treatments, Air their grudges, Do market research, Post occupation chances, Find strategic spouses who will assist us to run into our goals.A

Thankfully, because of online marketing the company can cheaply drive much targeted clients to the company web site, Facebook group and web log.


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