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The various roles within the HR Department

Recruitment and choice do non necessitate to be portion or HR ‘s duty ; these can be devolved to line direction or even outsourced wholly. Discourse


Recruitment is the procedure of pulling the pool of possible campaigners for a vacancy in an organisation. From this pool the organisation selects the campaigner who matches the organisation ‘s needed makings and all several necessities. Recruitment is a base for the public presentation and degree of efficiency of an organisation in the long tally. Tasks of human resource planning and the demands of the specific occupation place if designed decently and expeditiously can give good and easy consequences of the enlisting procedure. Most of the medium and big organisations have separate section for the enlisting intents settled as portion of the Human Resource section in order to execute this responsibility in the singular manner, avoiding any hazard in choosing the most valuable resource of an organisation ( Byars and Rue, 2007 )

Choice is the procedure of picking the right individual from the pool of possible campaigners that have been recruited for a certain occupation place. The recruitment procedure provides the company with the suited group of people but choice is the procedure of proving all of them against different criterions and necessities to acquire the best lucifer for the advertised occupation. This procedure is long and elaborate and needs corporate work from all the concerned sections, particularly that of human resource section. Many of the undertakings are performed by HR section like the preliminary interviews, detailed interviews and many more. Human Resource section remains with the employee from really first twenty-four hours of sketch aggregation to the terminal that is till retirement or after that even.

Recruitment Procedure

The procedure of enlisting in any organisation starts one time any employee resigns is terminated or a new place for any section is created. As the hiring or concerned manger gets any such presentment to make full the vacant place, he should reach the HR section of the company to make and update the occupation descriptions of the vacant place and originate the occupation requisition on the employment applier tracking system and develop a enlisting program. The first stairss required in initialising the enlisting procedure is to Create, update or modify the occupation description for the vacant place

A occupation description should include the undermentioned:

Position Summary: This should explicate the place overview of the occupation that good identifies the intent and aims of the occupation

Essential Functions: This should explicate about the needed undertaking, responsibilities and duties of the occupation

Minimal Qualifications: What Minimum Knowledge, accomplishments, and abilities are needed by the applicant/candidate to come in the occupation?

Success Factors: Personal features that contribute to a individual ‘s ability to execute the occupation should besides be mentioned.

Working Conditionss: An of import factor of Environment in which the occupation is performed should besides be mentioned.

Role of HR Department in Recruitment:

The initial and traditional function of HR had been the advertisement and conducting and disposal of the enlisting and the choice procedure that is helping the other sections merely. With the transition of clip the function of HR section in the companies changed and started going the cardinal participant in the maps of the organisations. The companies, hence, had to alter the HR scheme universe broad, accepting HR as the key participant in enlisting and choice of the employees and managing all their related issues. ( http: // )

The HR Role in Recruitment changed and it now decides:

The design of enlisting and segregates the functions of the Human resource and the hiring director

The right profile of the campaigner as required

The beginnings to garner the possible pool of the campaigners

Designs the methods to mensurate the truth and effects of the enlisting and the choice processes ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

There has been no individual best method for enlisting yet. Every organisation has to orient the procedure that suits its environment and the demands. This is an on traveling procedure in which a separate squad is needed to supervise station enlisting and choice consequences of an organisation ‘s work force. It is done in different dimensions out of which the most critical are occupation public presentation, absenteeism, and turnover and employee satisfaction. The squad that performs these undertakings is the portion of HR sphere of the organisation.

In the past the occupations and the companies had been shown merely attractive to the campaigners, overlooking the facts and the worlds in the stations offered. This created a batch of station choice jobs when the selected forces were exposed to the existent face of the occupation and that of the organisation.

The employment office has a group of little squads who perform enlisting, questioning and the clerical maps for the organisation ( Byars and Rue, 2007 )

The markets are acquiring competitory in the present times ; the function of HR is non carry oning and helping the enlisting processes simply but doing them more attractive and competitory for both campaigners and the organisation ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Competitive and effectual enlisting now a twenty-four hours is a large challenge for the organisations. The possible campaigners non merely necessitate the attractive starting wages but much more like ; growing chances, different periphery benefits and others of these types.

Role of HR Department in Selection:

Choice of the employees for an organisation is a long procedure, affecting many of the sections. The sections test the campaigner from different dimensions before showing the concluding occupation contract or the offer.

Entering the item of this procedure we get the undermentioned stairss ;

The choice starts from the preliminary interview of the campaigners in order to look into the inside informations provided in the sketch by the campaigner. This is non a elaborate interview and can be easy conducted by the HR forces.

Some companies may carry on the written trial of the campaigners before the elaborate interview. The HR people get the trial paper designed from the concerned governments and set up the trial.

After the trial the qualifiers have to look in a elaborate interview. This interview is largely conducted by a panel of interviewers, proving the campaigner from different angles. The panel may include lower limit of two and up to fifteen members carry oning the interview including one individual from HR section.

The campaigners who qualify the interview are so listed for so medical look into up and physical scrutiny.

The medical trials are followed by the concluding virtue choice and listing.

The selected campaigners have to subscribe a contract with the organisation.

Finally the campaigners are offered the occupation after the contract has been designed.

In above procedure all the concerned sections have to be good coordinated with one another in order to do the procedure smooth. There is demand of a party that can complect the services of these sections easing the campaigners in the whole procedure. This 3rd party can be none else than the Human Resource Department of an organisation.

Harmonizing to the study study of Sheila M. Rioux, Ph.D. , and Paul Bernthal, Ph.D. Recruitment and Selection Practices

The undermentioned figure distinguishes the companies offering the extremely attractive enlisting offers from those offering moderate or low offerings

The figure shows that wage is non merely the attractive force for most of the possible campaigners. HR acknowledges that there are other things that attract the campaigners to sty loyal in the long term with the organisation. So the organisation must supply an environment and the civilization that best fits the incoming employee to boom and win

Line direction and enlisting and choice procedure:

Line directors are the front line direction force of an organisation. These are the people who are responsible for the execution of any schemes or the policies of the top direction. Line directors straight contact with the employees ( Cantrell & A ; Miele, 2007 ) .

Line directors are the people who straight work with the labour and the work squad of an organisation and are hence responsible for their work and the end products. They besides know about the jobs and the grounds behind the issues like absenteeism, turnover or the occupation public presentation. The HR people are hence needed to reach the line directors in order to acquire the right information about what is required.

The first secret of effectivity, harmonizing to Peter Drucker, is to understand the people one works with in order to acquire maximal usage of their abilities, strengths and the accomplishments ( Cantrell & A ; Miele, 2007:2 )

Human Resource performs the choice procedure chiefly and handles every facet of the procedure. The chief coaction of HR section is with the line directors as they are really near to the work force.

Out sourcing the Recruitment and choice procedure:

Outsourcing agencies giving some of the undertakings of an organisation to the 3rd party to execute in exchange that party is paid for the undertaking performed. Outsourcing is the fast turning tendency in these yearss and is acquiring gait along with other alterations in the organisations universe broad.

The parties hired as the 3rd party perform different undertakings for the companies and give the consequences harmonizing to the pre settled criterions. The parent company that is the 1 that hires the 3rd party provides the hired party with criterions and the demands for executing the specific undertakings ; for illustration: enlisting or choice.

The companies hire the people who best fit the organisations. The advantages of this fast turning tendency can be viewed as under:

Outsourcing cuts down the cost of fixed and lasting enlisting section I the parent organisation

It saves the resources being utilized in pull offing the enlisting section

The squad engaged in enlisting or choice in the parent company can be switched to more utile and valuable undertakings like planing the schemes to retain the hired employees and other such issues.

The companies do n’t necessitate to develop the squad individually for the enlisting intents

The chief advantage is the cost economy when the companies do non necessitate to keep the soft wares and the infra structures for the enlisting and the choice processes as the soft wares and plans become disused really shortly in the present universe

( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Largely the companies are utilizing the outsourcing for enlisting of higher degree direction even. The caput huntsmans are specialized in enlisting and are some times given the undertakings of executing the last phase procedures of the employees sometimes may be like testing and medical scrutinies. The nucleus operation of the choice procedure is done by the organisations themselves.


As discussed above the enlisting and choice procedures have to be monitored in a uninterrupted manner. The demand of HR section is at that place to manage these activities in order to link all the concerned sections in the procedure connected and to ease the sections and the campaigners from enlisting to retirement and even after that.

These activities can be outsourced to an extent in order to salvage money and use the HR possible some where else in the utile activities to do the organisation work smooth and increasingly.

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