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Vodafone Group Plc And Associated British Foods As Ftse100 Companies Business Essay

FTSE stands for The Financial Times Stock Exchange and 100 average figure of portions Index. The hundred largest companies and its portions are listed on London Stock Exchange ( LSE ) who has immense Market Capitalization. FTSE100 is ever calculated in existent clip with monetary values which are updated every 15 seconds.

Let us discourse the two FTSE100 companies.

VODAFONE GROUP PLC: – Mobile communicating industry.


Vodafone is the most prima nomadic telecom company Globally. In 1982 the company was founded as a joint venture company. It works in the competitory market. As per research its illustrates that in 1984 it was known by Racal Telecom limited as an subordinate of Racal Electronic Plc and 20 per centum of Rascal Telecom Plc capital was offered to public in 1988. It has grown quickly. And so it ‘s been demerged in 1991 and once more name as its former name as VODAFONE GROUPS PLC. In UK it has more than 14 million users. Vodafone operates globally more than 25 states. As its a public company which is listed on London Stock Exchange & A ; New York Stock Exchange. In UK Vodafone operates around 300 shops of its ain.

Vodafone name was derived through VOICE DATA FONE.

The company operates more than 25 states worldwide and therefore trade name image of Vodafone is really strong. Every client know about vodafone because of his strong image in market

In UK, Vodafone operates more than 300 shops of its ain.


Sir John Bond: – As a Chairman.

Michel Combes: – As a Chief Executive Officer.

Vittorio Colao: – As a Chief Executive.

Partnership with






Partnership understanding with taking company such as Google, Samsung, RIM

WHAT IS BUSINESS Environments:

Business environment are of two types. They are internal environment which within in the house and are under control of the house and external environment are which are unmanageable as they are external factors.

Microenvironment: Microenvironment is an internal environment of an organisation. Microenvironment can be governable as it ‘s within organisation. It ‘s chiefly included of: Staff, Supplier, Corporate civilization, Intermediates, Channel of distribution, Shareholders etc.

Macro-environment: Macro-environment is an external environment of an organisation. Macro-environment is unmanageable as it ‘s an outer component. It ‘s chiefly included of: Political facets, Religion, Economical alterations, Change in gustatory sensation and penchant of customer/consumer, Change in engineerings etc.

Statistical ANALYSE:

MARKET Capitalization: Market capitalisation means the size of the company. Entire Market capitalisation of vodafone, which is more than ?69.0 billion. ( 2010 )

FTSE100: Vodafone is the 3rd largest listing in the FTSE100.

38th Largest universe based company in Market capitalisation.

Gross: Vodafone gross is more than ?44000 million. ( 31 March 2010 )

ISSUED SHARES: The Company issued portions around ?58000 million, which are listed in NASDAQ

NO OF EMPLOYEES: More than 83000 ( 2010 ) , which increased in, comparison to 2009.

UK CORPORATION TAX: Corporation revenue enhancement paid by the company in 2010 was around ?40 million.

Tax Rate: The revenue enhancement rate was 28 % in 2010 and 30 % in 2008. Hence the monetary value of portions was quoted in sterling.

In 2008, the announce the completion of there acquisition of more than 68 % interest in Ghana Telecom

In 2007, vodafone declare the completion of there acquisition of HUTCH ESSAR for $ 11 billion USD.

UK company portion of vodafone is about 48.8 % in 2010.

70 % of nomadic incursion, globally.

Vodafone foundation Programme has invested more than ?40 million for amendss by natural catastrophes.

Free CASH Flow: ?7.2 billion.

Adjustable operating disbursals were ?11.5 billion, which decreased by 2.5 %

TAX 2009-2010: – Vodafone has paid revenue enhancement around ?2.7 billion globally

To understand more in item, we will make SWOT & A ; PEST analysis of Vodafone Group Plc.

SWOT Analysis:

Swot analysis includes of internal environment and external environment. Strength and failing are internal factor and chances and Menaces are external factors.


Global Trade name: First strength of the company is that it ‘s an international company and its trade name known as globally.

BRAND Image: The trade name image of company is really strong

MARKET LEADER: As company has good gross and good will of company is besides really good, Vodafone can be a market leader if they do more and more advancement.

Good Repute: The company has good repute in the market & A ; it ‘s really good known by the consumer in the market worldwide, Hence It ‘s the good will of the organisations is really strong.

TRAINNED STAFF: As the biggest strengths of the organisations are trained staffs. If staffs are good trained so company can accomplish its end easy and can collaborate easy with client.

Good Experience: Vodafone company has really good experience and good cognition related to communicating sector.

FOCUSE ON CUSTOMER: They chiefly focus on clients to fulfill their demands and wants. Harmonizing to them clients are the Black Marias of the concern.


LESS MARKET Research: The first failing is that the organisation is non making market research. While making market research, organisation comes to cognize where our organisation stands. What is the place of our organisation in the market? Market research methodological analysis besides gives thought about the customer/consumer gustatory sensation and penchant and human demands and wants

GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE: As it ‘s a public limited, there will tonss of intervention of authorities that affects our concern straight or indirectly.

Low PENETRATION IN RURAL AREA: As company is running good globally but still there is less nomadic incursion in rural country and there is besides really low web coverage country.


Advanced Merchandise: As the company ‘s fiscal place is truly good so they have good chances to introduce new merchandises with new characteristics, which are different than there rivals.

Coup d’etat: The company good will is so strong and its an taking market, the company had an chance to coup d’etat his rival such as T-mobile, O2 etc.

DIVERSIFY IN NEW MARKET: As they company market capitalisation is really good, they can diversify in new market.



Rivals such as T-mobile, O2, Docomo, Airtel, Virgin mobile etc.

Duties: alteration in duties is another menace for telecom industry.

Menaces from French telephone makers. Other Internet based companies.

Menaces from other rival such as package suppliers.

PRICE STABILITY OF THE COMPETITORS: The house has no thought what the monetary value scheme of there rival rivals. As it ‘s a confidential affair.

Technological CHANGES: As in every organisation there are ever certain alterations in the engineering. As new invention of engineering besides consequence the organisation as engineering supports on altering. For illustration, Computers replaced typewriter. Sometimes its menace for company because employee can non accept it instantly

CHANGE IN LAW, CUSTOMS & A ; DUTIES: The regulations and ordinance supports on altering which consequence the organisation indirectly and in same manner different imposts, responsibilities and beliefs besides affect organisation.

PESTEL Analysis:

1 ) POLITICAL Factor: The organisations are ever effected due to political and legal affair as Rules & A ; Regulations are ever maintaining on altering. Due to alter in authorities policies, the organisation has to confront many hurdlings and hazard

It ‘s chiefly include of:

Raising Interest Rate: Due to lift in involvement rate, organisations have to confront unsure state of affairs. As the involvement rate maintain on altering. For blink of an eye, Tax on National Insurance, If its addition by one per centum. It will straight impact on employee every bit good as employer of theorganization.

REGULATORY BODIES/PROCESS: We should besides take into consideration that Regulatory organic structures affect concern indirectly.

Wars, TERRORISMS & A ; CONFLICTS: Due to adult male catastrophes like wars, Terrorisms etc besides affect organisation whether its broad range or narrow.

CHANGE IN FOREIGN POLICIES etc: Another chief ground is alteration in foreign policies as the policies are ever keeps on altering.

2 ) ECONOMIC Factor: The concern besides effects due to economic factor. We should ever take into consideration of economic environment because it ‘s besides had bad impact on organisation.

Its chiefly includes of:

Tax: As per economic point of position, Government revenue enhancement has played a critical function, which ever affect organisation, as revenue enhancements are ne’er be certain. And due to rapid alterations in revenue enhancement, organisation has to endure from heavy loss.

Interest Rate: Interest rate is rates, which are paid by the borrower for the use of money. Borrower has to pay involvement rate to the person or to the fiscal establishment. ( Lender ) . Interest rate are those factor, which are unmanageable, as they are non in the manus of organisation, Hence they had to confront unsure hazard. Today Interest rate in UK is 3.2 % . Rate released in June 2010.

Basal Rate: Base rate is the rate, which has been rated by the Central Bank. Base rate in UK is 0.5 per centum. If Base rate additions than loaning rate, commercial rate and loan rate will diminish.

Inflation Rate: Inflation rate agencies there is an addition of per centum in the monetary value of goods and services in twelvemonth or yearly. Interest rate in UK is 3.2 per centum in June 2010. In other words there is an addition or lessening in monetary value of merchandises or services.

Unemployment Rate: In UK unemployment rate is 7.8 per centum in March 2010.

Therefore, there are many other economic factors, which are as follows:

Exchange rate.

General demand.

International trade & A ; pecuniary issue etc.

Buying power of customer/consumer.

3 ) SOCIAL FACTORS: We should besides take into consideration the societal impact on the organisation. We should look into out that how Households, consumer, communities behave and their beliefs.

Its chiefly includes of:

LIFESTYLE & A ; TRENDS: As there is ever alteration in human life style & A ; tendencies, which are unsure, and therefore besides change in human wants and demands.

4 ) TECHNOLOGICAL Factor: As there is rapid alteration in engineering, due to rapid alteration in engineering, the company had to endure from heavy loss because its affect the fabrication procedure straight and production invention affect a concern.

5 ) ENVIRONMENTAL Factor: Environmental factors includes of Global heating and environmental issues such as alteration in clime and conditions, alteration in temperature etc have great impact on the organisation as they are non in control of any organisation.

Legal Factor: legal factors are those factors, which are related to the statute law. It ‘s including of competition jurisprudence, wellness and safety, employment jurisprudence etc.


Monetary value




Trade clip

August 6 2010







Net alteration






1.13 %

Net incomes








P/E Ratio


Today ‘s low




Today ‘s high


Termination day of the month

2 June 2010

Year depression


Wage day of the month

6 August 2010

Year high




Last updated

12:33 Aug 8 2010

Beginning: Thomson Reuters


1 ) Vodafone group plc is holding planetary image but still they had non reached to rural country in developing state. For illustration, India is an underdeveloped state but still rural people do n’t acquire advantages because there is less web coverage country.

2 ) The administration has really good income so they should follow new promotional activities and engineerings.

3 ) To be a taking market leader, the administration should make market research every bit much as possible. By making market research we can come to what are tendencies and issues in the market, what are needs and wants of the clients and yhen how to fulfill them.

4 ) To prolong in the market the organisation should keep client relationship after gross revenues every bit good. They should besides give particular offer, gifts or voucher on purchases.

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