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Why Do Scams Occur in India?

India is growing well, growing well in all terms, like strong economy, great infrastructure, top businessmen, more number of Indians in forbes richest people list, technology, education, strong media, politics on the positive side and when we looking into the worrying part comes big scams, curruption, etc. We are hearing about new scams almost every week these days and interestingly most of these scams are picked up by the media rather than any of our proud investigating agencies or people who are responsible to monitor our financial activities. Billions of dollars are deposited by many Indians in the Swiss banks which are illegal.

Do we have any idea of what is volume of Indian economy inside these Swiss banks. Are we trying to find it out and book the responsible people for this. This money is the money from the tax payers which should be used for the development of the country rather than to boost the economy of the countries where these money are hidden. When a common person fails to pay his income tax or file his income return, he is taken for a ride. Why is our system so easy to break and people are able to get away with tons of tax payers money. Political parties proudly say, we had only 10 scams during our tenure but the opposition party had 20. . ISRO Spectrum Scam 2. 2G Scam 3. Commonwealth Games Scam 4. Adarsh Society Scam 5. Reddy brothers 6. Satyam scam Just imagine, if we are able to use these funds which are figured out in these scams for the development of India, how far we would have reached. Most of the politicians are into politics to make money rather than to serve the country. It is high time for the citizens of India who have the power to elect their representatives to select the right candidate. Our system needs to be revamped and made fool proof with more accountability to avoid such scams and build a strong India.

Why does these scams happen? Are we giving the decision making power to people who are not loyal to the country? Why are the scammers getting away? Why are our competent authorities not able to monitor our financial system? 1. We still follow some archaic laws, some of which were formed decaded back, that entertain corruption in society or deny/delay justice with no transparency or accountability. The current law keeps the cases dragging for years and years till people forget all about the case or the scamster dies and the case is closed.

Even those who do get booked, get a simple jail term of few years, which is not a big detterent for many scamsters. 2. The English system was implemented in our constitution, govt and education sectors without giving much thought about the needs of the local Indian population. We did not even care for our own anna-tola system, blindly choosing to go with the metric system being followed in UK. 3. We have continued to chose our leaders on the basis of caste and religion. However, we forget that the caste and religion issue is raised only for political purposes and that these visionless leaders end up making money for only themselves. . India being surrounded by developing countries does not have the competition for quality and relies too much on developed countries. 5. Attempting to unite various cultures, regions, castes and religions as a single nation through coercion rather than good governance and social justice. 6. Religious fanatics who create an apartheid society or instill religious differences to prevent rationalism and attempt to keep the majority of citizens under a limited number of people for good. 7. Historically Indians were being suppressed, which instilled slavery tendencies. This does not allow them to come out of the mess.

Most Indians accept corruption and bribing as part of their custom and think of it as part and parcel of their life. 8. Citizens learn more than one language i. e. English, mother tongue and the national language. This renders them not having a firm command in any language. Majority of the Indians are taught the English language in academics, which pushes the non-English speaking minority backward and more prone to corruption. 9. Some of the bureaucratic and administrative procedures are redundant. This coupled with less automation and transparency provides employment through corruption. 0. Use of electronic voting machines, with no clue/acknowledgement of whom the citizen has voted. This makes it easy for the politicians to manipulate votes. The government instead projects India as a software giant, but sadly all we are doing is demanding outsourcing of public sector department/governance work of the developed countries. 11. Intentional Collapse of democratic and civil institutions by policy makers, which entertains corruption to be associated to power by placing corrupted or subservient persons at important decision making points in the system. 12.

The absence of autonomous institutions with responsibility, accountability and transparency combined with way too many people in positions with discretionary powers and no recall option of people in power is a sticking point in containing corruption. 13. Clear cut separation of the three divisions of the constitution i. e. executive, judiciary and the legislature, which would minimize corruption and improve quality of service and performance. 14. There are far too many criminals and thugs in the system that has converted the police, political and judicial systems into legalized criminal networks.

These systems have become criminal networks rather than citizen friendly networks that assist in providing good governance. These systems are used to encourage illegal businesses. 15. Capitalism when implemented incorrectly can lead to kleptocracy and plutocracy. This leads to a situation where development of business or infrastructure is dependent on bribing the thugs intentionally placed by the ruling governments. This in turn hampers the action taken by fraud investigation units on perpetrators.

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