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Zamil industrial investment in Saudi Arabia


Zamil Industrial Investment is a good known building company that was founded in Saudi Arabia in 1998. Zamil has been fabricating merchandises, technology systems and a figure of different services for the building industry. As it will be analyzed farther we know that over 30 % of the gross generated by Zamil occurs from investings in other states where there is a high demand for building. This can be seen from the fact that Zamil operates in over 90 states and has fabrication installations in UAE, Egypt, Austria, India, Vietnam and Italy.

The premier ground behind the success of any concern including Zamil Industrial is the vision which is:

`A Wining Industrial Leader Creating Superior Values for Business and Community `


When Zamil Industrial was founded in 1998, it was ab initio classified as a Closed Joint Stock Company but went public in 2002 when it was listed on the Saudi Stock Market. Over the old ages Zamil Industrial has acquired a figure of companies around the universe that have helped them in making the place they are in now. Some of the major acquisitions include:

1999: Clima Tech – Oesterreich: Largest manufacturer of engineering based air managing systems in Europe.

2000: Geoclima Srl – Italian maker of Hair-raisers

2006: Zamil Industrial acquired a 51 % commanding interest in Arabian Fiberglass Insulation Company from the Saudi Amiantit Group

These acquisitions and the fact that Zamil Industrial has increased its capital from SAR 350 million in 2004 to SAR 450 million in 2006 to over SAR 600 million in 2010 shows that Zamil Industrial is traveling in the right way and based on our fiscal analysis we will see that they have a profitableness besides


Zamil Industrial is the umbrella of five sectors, Steel, HVAC, Glass, Insulation, and Concrete. The company exports its merchandise to more than 90 states worldwide. There are assorted companies under each sector which are either entirely owned by Zamil Industrial, or are joint ventures with assorted international companies from USA and Canada. For case, Zamil Steel Industries and Zamil Air Conditioners are soley owned under Zamil. While Zamil is in joint venture with Canam Asia Ltd. ( CAL ) from Canada and Petro-Chem from USA.

Core Valuess

It is really of import to hold a set of nucleus values for any organisation as these values are the nucleus of the house and lay a foundation based on which the work needs to be performed. Zamil Industrial Investment besides has a set of nucleus values that need to be followed by every employee and due to the strong accent put on these values ; Zamil has been successful over the old ages.

Honesty and Integrity: Zamil Industrial has put a strong accent on being honest and the importance of following a certain degree of concern moralss when carry oning concern. Zamil tends to follow a degree of professionalism and unity when it comes to covering with clients.

Customer and Excellence: Zamil tends to provide to the demands of their clients in any manner possible and in respect to this are willing to work every bit hard as possible in order to supply their clients with merchandises that signify high quality and excellence.

Invention and Change: Invention is really of import in any organisation. Zamil Industrial focuses on invention and alterations by continuously larning from experiences and based on this seeking to make merchandises through invention that will convey approximately great success to the concern.

Leadership and Prudence: In order to carry through the demands of clients, Zamil creates solutions that are based on endowment and leading. In order to come in more markets and increase the value to shareholder`s, Zamil adopts a cost effectivity and leading civilization by concentrating on the clients and supplying them with the needed benefits.

Community and Prosperity: A batch of accent is put on non making a high value for the people that Zamil works with but besides with the environment in which the concern is runing. Zamil tends to convey prosperity to everyone as their chief focal point on common prosperity mentioning to everyone being involved gustatory sensations some signifier of success.

Organizational Structure

In order to savor success, it is imperative that you have a successful work force that will take you towards the end that you have set. It besides depends on the model of the organisation that is followed by the company. Zamil has an organisation construction where the Chairman has authorization over every sector, nevertheless as we see in the organisational construction that each of the 5 sectors have either a GM or a President, we see that there is decentalisation intending that despite the orders coming from the Chairman, the line directors for each sector have the authorization to act upon the employees in the work that needs to be done and how.


Looking at the economic system of Saudi Arabia, we see that bulk of the gross that is generated is from oil. Oil is the premier trade good in Saudi Arabia and has led to economic development over the old ages. Due to Saudi Arabia possessing over 20 % of the world`s oil, the crude oil and building industries have been greatly affected by this astonishing statistic. There has been a immense addition in the building undertakings being awarded to many different building companies such as Zamil Industrial Investment and Saudi Industrial Development Co. In 2011, the Saudi Arabian economic system is expected to increase by 4.5 % , this with the increasing oil monetary values and an addition in demand is demoing marks that the hereafter for the Saudi Business community every bit good as the building industry looks optimistic.

There has been a crisp lessening in the rising prices rate in Saudi Arabia from 9.9 % in 2009 to 5.7 % in 2011. This has helped Saudi Arabia trade with the planetary crisis that resulted in slower growing and a lessening in the figure of building undertakings being offered to companies.

Looking at the unemployment rate in Saudi Arabia, it has gone down to 10.8 % in 2011 compared with 13 % in 2008. This shows that there has been an addition in the degree of employment which related to a turning economic system.

Analyzing the hazard degree in Saudi Arabia, we see that there is a low economic system hazard due to an addition in the oil monetary values and the high degree of authorities disbursement has helped the economic system of Saudi Arabia to retrieve over the past 2 old ages.

Political Environment

The political construction of Saudi Arabia is similar to that of other states in the Middle East where the constitutional monarchy is followed. King Fahd is the swayer of Saudi Arabia, nevertheless after he suffered a shot in 1995, the Crown Prince Abdulla is the de facto swayer. The fundamental law of Saudi Arabia follows the Koran and the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad and based on these patterns and learning the Basic Law was set out saying the rights of authoritiess, citizens and the assorted powers held by the province.

Saudi Arabia is one of those states that is portion of the Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC ) . The premier ground behind organizing this council was to beef up ties and relationships between the people, to invent similar ordinances in different Fieldss such as finance, economic system and trade and besides to set up a common currency in the close hereafter.

Analyzing the political hazard diagram, Saudi Arabia is making an astonishing occupation in the legal system, international minutess policy, pecuniary policy, concern environment, labour flexibleness, authorities stableness, and societal stableness. However the concern rises as Saudi Arabia is non being able to keep regional stableness


Competitiveness of the market depends on easiness of new companies come ining the industry or whether the entry barrier is really high due to intensive competition. Competition is limited as the building undertakings are allotted based on the discretion of the Saudi authorities. As of now there are a few companies that have a fastness on the Saudi Arabia building market such as Zamil Industrial Investment and Bin Laden building. However, new companies do hold the chance to come in the Saudi building industry as there is a immense spread in the market. The degree of merchandise invention is really low and clients are willing to accept a low degree of service which shows that companies can come in the industry. Companies such as Sika feel that if they offer a high scope of advanced merchandises and full proficient support they can acquire a high market portion therefore increasing competition in the Saudi Arabia building industry.

Market Tendencies

In the Middle East, there is a high market portion in Saudi Arabia and UAE for the building industry. Over the past 10 old ages, we see that UAE has dominated the building industry with a high market portion. Saudi Arabia presently has a market portion of 38 % in the part with building undertakings deserving $ 624 billion either planned or underway. Saudi Arabia in 2011 programs to present building undertakings deserving $ 86 billion which shows that the building industry is traveling in a positive way significance that demand for building companies is on the rise.

Harmonizing to a study published in 2010 by the Arabian concern, it states that the Saudi Arabia building industry is traveling to take over from the UAE as the largest building and substructure market in the Middle East with planned undertakings deserving $ 322.9billion compared to $ 252 billion in the UAE.

This shows that building market is traveling in an upward way and demand for building companies due to the high degree of building undertakings is lifting. Construction companies can take advantage of this by come ining the industry every bit shortly as possible. The building sector has great possible to spread out particularly the edifice of houses as the population of Saudi Arabia is increasing at an mean rate of 2.5 % per twelvemonth. Apart from that in order for Saudi Arabia to be portion of the National Industrial Cluster Development, the building industry will be an built-in portion in making so. Zamil Industrial Investment can take advantage of their presence in the market by geting as many undertakings in order to achieve a higher market portion.

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